Universal Structure of DNA Nucleotides; The Number 3 and 33

This supports all of my work on here. I originally posted this in May, 2021.

Note the part at 1:47. I had never seen this video before. Today’s Hidden Wisdom is Tone 3 as well; Yellow 3 Sun. I noted in HF33 that Kin 132 was the Holy Trinity five years ago. I’ll confirm that later. Starting with patients right now.

This is Very Much in line with Red 11 Spectral Dragon-Shocking!

The Catholic Church stole babies and gave them to wealthy families. They lied to the birth mothers and told them the baby was dead or stillborn when it was not. Shocking. But the State and the Church have always cooperated to abuse and subjugate humans, using Christ as a cover. Major karma.

See the NY Times article below. So, this is the embodiment of the Time Thieves. Time is DNA. Stealing children is stealing Time. They stole children and through our societal programming, religion, and media, they have tried to steal our minds, our QI for thousands of years. The Draco. I am shaking my head…

She is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. The article gives her birthday.

According to the birth mothers, nuns who worked in maternity wards took the infants shortly after they were delivered and told the women, who were often unwed or poor, that their children were stillborn. But the babies were not dead: They had been sold, discreetly, to well-off Catholic parents, many of whom could not have families of their own. Under a pile of forged papers, the adoptive families buried the secret of the crime they committed.

The article

Here they use genetic propaganda, completely false to enact these evils. IMO, modern geneticists are still foisting garbage on to people in the name of science, in 2022. There IS NO GENETIC DETERMINISM. Our lives are epigenetic.

But one of the most lasting abuses of the era was borne by children. In the late 1930s and 1940s, Antonio Vallejo-Nájera, a leading psychiatrist in the regime who was trained in Nazi Germany, promoted the idea of a Marxist “red gene” carried by the children of Franco’s left-wing opponents. The gene, he said, might be suppressed by removing children from their mothers and placing them with conservative families. Franco’s men soon began the abductions on a large scale. They targeted children orphaned by Franco’s firing squads and took newborns belonging to women who had given birth in jail as political prisoners. All were sent to be raised by regime loyalists. The era of the “stolen babies” had begun.

The article

Quantum Manifestation in the New Testament?

I’ve known this verse my entire life but re-reading it now, being given instruction to look at it as I lay down to meditate, I’m floored.

Paul wrote;

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hebrews 11:1

This is a New Testament passage that could be straight out of a physics book, written in 100 A.D.? Quantum physics teaches that something is made from nothing and that every cell of the apparent world is 99% empty space. In modern speak it could say,

Visualizing something you need or desire, putting true feeling into it manifests it in detail in time. It proves you have to believe in it before you see it. By doing this, the ancients understood magic which is simply a focused mind in meditation. Through creative visualization we understand that Source, The Logos, J.C. created the world by the power of his Mind and Heart, because he could, and because he felt like it. He wanted company. He needed friends.

Lisa’s take on Hebrew 11:1 (synchronous numbers there)

We are asked to be his friend, to be co-creators with the Creator to add to time as art.🎨 This ability is in every cell of our bodies through DNA.

We are God’s children, J.C.’s children and millions of people on this planet that HE visited and found us “worth it” , agree. The GFW and E.T. need to Back Off

I guess I need to give my book to them and see if they approve it for humanity. Reply, “Humans aren’t ready yet.” LOL.

In my opinion, every last one of them need to back off and leave us to ourselves. I need a meeting with these people. We didn’t ASK them for help. We need to do this ourselves or…that’s it.

They say in here that we are their children. No we’re not. They are our family, more our equals or just friends. We are God’s children, J.C.’s children and millions of people on this planet that HE visited and found us “worth it” , agree.

The E.T., our Stellar Ancestors and Their Christ Consciousness.

Have they Met Him or Heard of Him? YES!!

Upon listening to Dr. Salla today incorrectly assume that the E.T. need to be proselytized by the Vatican, (appalling!!) I had to open my Urantia Book and correct his mistake. I hope he sees this post. Granted, maybe he has not heard of the Urantia Book or read this section but nevertheless, it is a profound book of Universe import and was channeled to one man over thirty years by specific Universe Personalities.

Also, I don’t think anyone in our movement is racist which is what Dr. Salla is bristling at. If Dr. Greer was suggesting that, he’s probably projecting because he was raised in the south. God knows what he saw. People do that. Any unsolved events from our youth all of a sudden come into our conscious mind. I was very surprised to hear that piece of it come from the video if Dr. Salla is resenting it. However, he didn’t mention Dr. Salla by name.

The information about Christ Michael’s bestowals can be found in Paper 119, page 1308. This particular paper was written under Mantutia Melchizedek and authorized by his commission to be put into English in 1935. You can read it online if you don’t have the book at https://www.urantia.org. I do recommend getting the book as it’s quite fabulous reading it in print. The book is 2, 1/2 inches thick, 8 x 10 in small print on thin paper and quite heavy. I love it. I’ve had mine since 5/9/99, twenty-two years and have pretty much read the whole thing. This will be a short synopsis of his bestowals with details. I used the Hebrew Bible for excellent historical details. It’s very good for that.

Bestowal 1; One billion years ago from today’s Earth solar time. I’m not sure that it’s understood how far back human civilization goes. It may be before humans were third density because in the Old Testament Methuselah was 900 years old. Sounds like fourth or fifth density to me. These are the Pre-adamites.

The record of his Melchizedek bestowal is to be found in a simple temple which now occupies the foreground of the home of the Father Melchizedek. It comprises the narration of the service of this transitory Melchizedek Son in connection with his assignment to twenty-four missions of universe emergency. “…this visitor lived as a Melchizedek, in the likeness of a Melchizedek he worked as a Melchizedek. He became the chief of the Melchizedek’s.

He is first mentioned in Genesis 14:18–20 where he brings out bread and wine and then blesses Abram and El Elyon. In Christianity, according to the Epistle to the Hebrews, Jesus Christ is identified as “High priest forever in the order of Melchizedek“, and so Jesus assumes the role of High Priest once and for all. I looked this up in my Bible and it’s right there as proof.

“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine; and he was the priest of the most high God. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed by Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth; And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into they hand. And he gave his tithes of all.” -Genesis 18

The references I see are Acts 16:17 and Hebrew 7:4. There is an entire genealogy and geographical location of where he was as a Melchizedek son. The vale of Siddim is by the salt sea or the Dead Sea as they call it now. I was there in 1988. I looked it up. That is what Siddim is so… Salem, the ancient name for JERUSALEM, is referenced in the following biblical passages:

“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God.” (Genesis 14:18)

“In Salem also is his tabernacle, and his dwelling place in Zion.” (Psalm 76:2)

The name refers to the royal city of Melchizedek and is traditionally identified with Jerusalem. It is also mentioned in Hebrews 7.

Salem is Jerusalem. I was there as well. It’s just down the road from the Dead Sea. That was the location of J.C.’s first bestowal. In the Urantia book, earth’s Jerusalem is mirrored by the universe location Jerusem.

Bestowal 2– 150 million years after bestowal 1. There was trouble in System 11 of Constellation 37. The Constellation details are in Paper 43 on page 485 of the Book. Earth is commonly referred to as Satania in constellation Norlatiadek of Nebadon meaning the six hundred sixth inhabited world in the local system of Satania, situated in the constellation of Norlatiadek, one of the one hundred constellations of the local universe of Nebadon. Constellations are the primary division of a local universe, their rulers link the local systems of inhabited worlds to the central administration of the local universe on Salvington and by reflectivity to the super-administration of the Ancients of Days on Uversa. This is the place of the Lanonandek Sons. Maybe Elena Danaan knows where it is exactly. The name of the problem child was Lutentia. J.C. became his successor to straighten things out and Lutentia did not resist. The system was call Palonia.

Bestowal 3-Planet 217 in System 87 in Constellation 61. Another system sovereign was causing chaos. This was a quarantined world on the Universal Circuits as Earth has been. We’re not anymore and thus being visited a lot, trying to work out our relationship with our neighbors. Now he was a Material Son on this planet and his narrative here is highly regarded in the local universe.

Bestowal 4-During his leave from Salvington he embarked on a seraphic bestowal to experience what angelic beings had to endure. He was dispatched to twenty-six different master teachers, functioning on twenty-two different worlds. His last or terminal assignment was as counselor and helper attached to a bestowal mission of a Trinity Teacher Son on world 462 in system 84 of constellation 3 in the Universe of Nebadon (our local universe). He was in cognito this time and did not want to be treated any differently than any other. Seraphic personalities are tried and tested also. It’s not easy to be any angel dealing with mere mortals.

Bestowal 5-This took place only three hundred million years ago reckoned by Earth time. His destination was Uversa, headquarters of the Super-universe of Orvonton. He arrived at the Courts of the Ancients of Days. His name then was Eventod, an unknown pilgrim of time and space being known on Uversa by that name. He was an ascending mortal for eleven years, as an adult on Uversa. Gabriel was with him so the universe personalities were able to follow him and knew it was him.

Bestowal 6-He went to the headquarters planet of the fifth constellation. It was before he started this lifetime that he announced he’d be finishing up his bestowals on Earth (Urantia) He appeared a s full-fledged morontia mortal of ascending status, even though in the end he was a descended Son of God who descended to us on earth. This was an extraordinary and amazing epoch about which we have not been given details. We know he lived on Endantum. After this one it was clear that our Creator had BECOME and fellow creature knowing everything about us. At the end of this, there were millions upon millions of beings assembled from the constellation headquarters worlds of Nebadon and a majority of the sojourners on the worlds adjacent to Salvington were gathered together to welcome him back to the rulership of his universe. When he was questioned about this lifetime had said, “I have simply been about my Father’s business. I am only doing the pleasure of the Paradise Sons who love and crave to understand their creatures.”

Ok, well, if you ask me, that is all Dr. Greer is asking us to do. We need to get to know our E.T. neighbors and craftspeople who helped us evolve into what we are!! In no way are they are our saviors. J.C. isn’t even really our savior. He is our Creator who has gone to great, great lengths to show us and teach HOW TO SAVE OURSELVES by realizing God ins IN US and is ONE WITH US. We are children of God, literally and he bothered to come to this ERROR-FILLED planet to teach us the right and correct way to live well, be well, and do well. He didn’t say to change our personalities and mimic him. He never said that.

Be yourself, and see God in you. Why then do we think it’s so fun to rebel and cause ourselves and others more pain? Because or minds are programmed by none other than MSM and government controlled evil. We can turn it off and turn our minds to meditation and the Universe.

Bestowal 7-He came here. To us. As a baby. The Urantia book says he was conceived and born of human parents just like all babies on earth are born. It’s the most horrific and indefensible LIE from the Catholic Church that Mary was a virgin and his conception was immaculate devoid of Joseph’s sperm. It’s an affront to nature and to the nature of females and males. I want to know which E.T. group was behind that editing.

The truth is, Jesus had a close relationship with his father Joseph who died in an accident when he was young. He missed him terribly and it helped form his earth personality to be without a father and have to be the oldest in a family of about 8 children. And Mary…his mother…was aggressive. She was not meek. He was happy to leave home and go on the teaching tour with the TWENTY FOUR disciples composed of women and men. The Catholics edited the women out as they have for 2000 years. In fact, the Book says that it’s the main reason he came here, to empower women in this sector. I’m all over it.

You have to read Part IV of the Book. Mary has been completely lied about by The Church. Almost everything about J.C. has been lied about by the Church. They are in no position whatsoever to have any say to other species on other worlds about who Christ was. No way, no how, over my potent body.

The seventh bestowal was announced after the screw-up of Adam and Eve. There were no secrets withheld this time because his time here was super important, on this planet, for the entire universe.

This is the first time he would appear as a helpless infant. This precarious step would forever enthrone him as the undisputed and supreme sovereign of the universe of Nebadon. For thirty-three years all Universe eyes were on us. They knew long ago of the war in heaven called the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia disaffection. But there was nothing supernatural about his incarnation here. Mary and Joseph were average Jewish people in Nazareth. I spent a month in his neighborhood in 1988 and stayed in the Safouri house right next to the hill where he and apostle John played as cousins. Elizabeth was Mary’s sister so John the Baptist was his cousin. They grew up together although later Jesus dissed John when he started to teach because he did not agree with the extremes of the Essene teachings. His mother Mary was Essene Jew and as I said, he didn’t care for it. Much of that later turned into the Baptist religion which is what I was raised in. They’re nuts basically and Jesus was very cool and normal except he was totally beautiful and loved everyone no matter what. He was like his father Joseph. And he liked to fish.

The last part of this paper, page 1318 and 19 is so moving. You need to read it for yourself. Our little planet is chief among ten million inhabited worlds in this sector. Everyone knows who we are and what happened here even if some humans don’t. J.C. is a rock star and we tortured and murdered him for being God. Wow. We are now known as The World of The Cross. At some point I hope to get over being embarrassed by this planet. I’m here to help, not to become attached to any of it.

DNA and Time Merge With Each Other Because They Are the Same

Reclaimed by nature in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Photo: Bear Creek Custom Timber LLC

So it is with every event that happens in time. Time is DNA. They merge with each other because they’re one. The tree, stone and human are all composed of DNA. As time evolves DNA evolves and eventually it’s gone.

The memory goes into the akashic record. But memory is an apparition, unmanifested.

Prose; Sex as Source Energy


Authority, document, Testament, creed

Usurps my Love and all Earth deeds

Nurture, Earth, yearning passion, lust

absent fondness, potent throbs concuss.

Strength, virility, manly vigor, force,

potent beat, vacant blow, profuse throbbing course

Pound THE BOOK? It’s the loudest?

Leave my heart on the floor.

You are absent, your soul knows no swell or full core of

my love or your love, the book just ignores.

Woman’s body is feared, she makes life on her own

once man’s seed is deeply sown.

Yet her body creates the greatest of gifts,

a child, not great thoughts that cause a great rift.







“The Family”-On Netflix

I recommend this very wild documentary on Netflix. It’s about the enmeshment of church and state and how this right-wing, Republican Christian cult called The Fellowship has an invisible, powerful influence on Washington and undermines democracy internationally at this present time.

It’s unconstitutional and abridges the 1st amendment. Its leader was Doug Coe. They’ve spread evangelism to Russia which is why Putin is an ally to Republicans. Russia has a Christian prayer breakfast too to keep white men on top which they are trying to spread internationally.

They’re called “The Family” and believe they are chosen by God to lead the government…until they fall in love with a woman and have an affair. 😀 It’s unbelievably adolescent. They can do anything they want like an untouchable until the media gets on it. The territorial wagons of marriage and monogamy in the name of Jesus secure nothing. They are free to be polyamorous. This is white male patriarchy upheld by religion and it feeds on women and children to this day.

Our fledgling democracy is still unconstitutional. Our tax dollars are given to these people. A Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. They are the sponsor of the National Prayer Breakfast annually. It privileges Christianity and it’s illegal. Their motto is “Jesus Christ. Nothing else.” The truth is they are nothing, phony, foolish, and certainly not a correct representation of Jesus and…they build relationships with violent dictators and terrorists. In addition, they support killing LGBT. Go to this link to read about the 1st amendment to the Constitution on the separation of church and state and do check out this great documentary. It’s about three hours long. I was glued to the screen.

Re-Program; Twin Flame Experience


The New Twin Flame

I am in a completely different personal space today because I’m going to meet my twin flame in person soon. We’ve been talking for a year and a half but weren’t ready to meet. We’re working on our connection and it’s all fine. The energy is very intense and different from anyone else I know. Twin flames are telepathic and two sides of one coin. It is a freely associated relationship, open, loving, and usually, it’s purpose is for spiritual work. There is no traditional possession with twin flames because you possess yourselves. The only way twin flames can unify is if they both sit in Self-Love so that the energy and bonding they exchange is unconditional. That’s how it works and is not for the faint of heart. When you’re finally attuned with your Higher Self, your love for others is unconditional. It is truly God in you and it’s real. This is what Spirituality, past religion, is about. Mind, Body, Spirit is ONE.

Twin Flame connection is not about our traditional view of individuals coming together in a love relationship.  A twin flame is not about love or relationship. It’s about cosmic unity because the two of you are the same soul. Your lives have mirrored each other and your synchronicity continues to mirror.

You are unifying a part of yourself with the other part to bring a FULL perspective to spiritual work that needs to be done. So the normal wishes, dreams, feelings, boundaries, struggles, ceremonies and rules do not apply in any way. This is not earthly stuff, it’s universal. The universe doesn’t care about sex, human rituals, mores, and taboos. It does care about cooperation and getting a job done for humanity. It does care about true unity.

Self-Love is on a spectrum. Everyone is at a different place but the fact remains, all humans want to feel better. Some do it through suffering and some through joy. It doesn’t matter. All humans will go to the end of the earth to feel connected, once they’re really touched by it. It has a drawing power that is beyond words, art, everything. It’s actually OUR BODIES. It’s LIFE itself all around us. All of the aliveness is one big loving fuck! Sex is prayer with the beloved and is full of grace and light.

Our societies view of sex is so far from grace it’s awful. Religion has separated itself from the earth and they haven’t fixed it. Being politically correct about environmental issues doesn’t fix that awful denial of the body and its rhythm. I will never deny it again. If you hope to find your Twin Flame, unite your own mind and feelings to your beautiful body, take care of it with fresh air, water, and food, but mostly, watch your vibration, your thoughts, and feelings and practice mindfulness. Life is sacred. Every breath is sacred. Humans and the Earth are beautiful. Don’t put toxic music, TV, people, or substances into your body! No toxic family either! Love Yourself and love others no matter what. The Universe has your back and eventually, so does your Twin Flame.


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