Time Thieves Update; Poles march to defend Pope John Paul II against abuse cover-up accusations | Reuters


The man is in 5D and up. He’s not here in spacetime. This pulses exactly on my post about the Netflix documentary called “Vatican Girl,” which occurred during J.Paul II.

So, the Polish people are defending their own current entrenched body dysfunction and superstition because they don’t want to be found wrong. They don’t want to be found child abusers because they follow the Catholic way.

The very last people to help with functional and loving sex education is the Catholic Church and many Christian churches too no matter what denomination. As long as there is gender inequity, the abuses of patriarchy time thieves on males and females and their children is epidemic on Earth. That’s why we need DISCLOSURE.

What are the stats on children and families in Poland?



Migrant and refugee children and youth trying to reach Europe face appalling levels of human rights abuses, with 77 per cent of those traveling along the Central Mediterranean route reporting direct experiences of abuse, exploitation, and practices which may amount to human trafficking

43% of young people in Poland aged between 11 and 18 have contact with pornography (28% of them aged between 11 and 14).”-canee.net/Poland

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IOM, the UN Migration Agency and UNICEF, say in a new report, “Harrowing Journeys” (September 2017).

And of course, the U.S. government keeps printing money to send to Ukraine to keep the war going. The CIA has been suspected or proven to support human trafficking.

Time Thieves “Time is Money” Update; What’s Going on With the Banks?

Sergio Ermotti returns as UBS CEO to steer Credit Suisse takeover | Reuters


UBS is United Bank of Switzerland. They have ties to the Vatican Bank (C%^&$) and most everyone really.

The Vatican
United Bank of Switzerland

Notice how similar their logo is to the Vatican. Both logos feature keys crossing each other, no coincidence. Symbols and archetypes are powerful.

I think Mr. Ermotti is reluctant or is being strong-armed to do it; the godfather of banking, no doubt able to deal with people in government money systems, the Vatican Bank, and the mafia with a deft hand. That’s where all the money is. This link illuminates their ties to each other as recent as 2021. A Vatican official was on UBS payroll.


The real obstacle to reform isn’t structural or legal. It’s cultural. Until you fix the culture, changing laws and structures is like tossing buckets of water off the deck of the Titanic.

The link above

Ascension is Just Evolution Which is Nature

I just watched The Cosmic Secret again. There were pieces I missed.

We need to chill with the end of the cycle. Apocalypse means the great revealing. We are all children of God. Any secrets that have been withheld will come forward.

I feel we need to REMAIN in our community of choice where we feel safe and loved. Be ethical in your community. Be a Lightworker wherever you are. Get training if you need to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, honor yourself, and see each person as a child of God.

I know I post on gender inequity a lot and I believe there are a few men out there who can deal with their feelings and be connected to their soul, I just haven’t met one yet. But I do believe they are out there.

In my holistic practice, I can’t help the fact that the women who come in have suffered, been punched, been disrespected and used, and more, and my work and example as an independent single woman give them hope. I don’t need a man…for anything. It’s up to each woman to stand on her own feet and refuse to be victimized by the patriarchal system. Same for the men. It’s the same system oppressing all of humanity. I see that.

I’ve also had male patients who were vets or hurt in work accidents or were hurt in prison! This is a rough planet and my patients all have stories. I minister to each one of them equally, for 23 years now. Everyone gets Reiki. Everyone can feel it. It’s real.

Do take a look at this movie again. It’s fascinating how our perception can change in 4 years. I think it’s dated 2019!

This is Very Much in line with Red 11 Spectral Dragon-Shocking!

The Catholic Church stole babies and gave them to wealthy families. They lied to the birth mothers and told them the baby was dead or stillborn when it was not. Shocking. But the State and the Church have always cooperated to abuse and subjugate humans, using Christ as a cover. Major karma.

See the NY Times article below. So, this is the embodiment of the Time Thieves. Time is DNA. Stealing children is stealing Time. They stole children and through our societal programming, religion, and media, they have tried to steal our minds, our QI for thousands of years. The Draco. I am shaking my head…

She is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. The article gives her birthday.

According to the birth mothers, nuns who worked in maternity wards took the infants shortly after they were delivered and told the women, who were often unwed or poor, that their children were stillborn. But the babies were not dead: They had been sold, discreetly, to well-off Catholic parents, many of whom could not have families of their own. Under a pile of forged papers, the adoptive families buried the secret of the crime they committed.

The article

Here they use genetic propaganda, completely false to enact these evils. IMO, modern geneticists are still foisting garbage on to people in the name of science, in 2022. There IS NO GENETIC DETERMINISM. Our lives are epigenetic.

But one of the most lasting abuses of the era was borne by children. In the late 1930s and 1940s, Antonio Vallejo-Nájera, a leading psychiatrist in the regime who was trained in Nazi Germany, promoted the idea of a Marxist “red gene” carried by the children of Franco’s left-wing opponents. The gene, he said, might be suppressed by removing children from their mothers and placing them with conservative families. Franco’s men soon began the abductions on a large scale. They targeted children orphaned by Franco’s firing squads and took newborns belonging to women who had given birth in jail as political prisoners. All were sent to be raised by regime loyalists. The era of the “stolen babies” had begun.

The article

Quantum Manifestation in the New Testament?

I’ve known this verse my entire life but re-reading it now, being given instruction to look at it as I lay down to meditate, I’m floored.

Paul wrote;

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hebrews 11:1

This is a New Testament passage that could be straight out of a physics book, written in 100 A.D.? Quantum physics teaches that something is made from nothing and that every cell of the apparent world is 99% empty space. In modern speak it could say,

Visualizing something you need or desire, putting true feeling into it manifests it in detail in time. It proves you have to believe in it before you see it. By doing this, the ancients understood magic which is simply a focused mind in meditation. Through creative visualization we understand that Source, The Logos, J.C. created the world by the power of his Mind and Heart, because he could, and because he felt like it. He wanted company. He needed friends.

Lisa’s take on Hebrew 11:1 (synchronous numbers there)

We are asked to be his friend, to be co-creators with the Creator to add to time as art.🎨 This ability is in every cell of our bodies through DNA.

DNA and Time Merge With Each Other Because They Are the Same

Reclaimed by nature in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Photo: Bear Creek Custom Timber LLC

So it is with every event that happens in time. Time is DNA. They merge with each other because they’re one. The tree, stone and human are all composed of DNA. As time evolves DNA evolves and eventually it’s gone.

The memory goes into the akashic record. But memory is an apparition, unmanifested.

Prose; Sex as Source Energy


Authority, document, Testament, creed

Usurps my Love and all Earth deeds

Nurture, Earth, yearning passion, lust

absent fondness, potent throbs concuss.

Strength, virility, manly vigor, force,

potent beat, vacant blow, profuse throbbing course

Pound THE BOOK? It’s the loudest?

Leave my heart on the floor.

You are absent, your soul knows no swell or full core of

my love or your love, the book just ignores.

Woman’s body is feared, she makes life on her own

once man’s seed is deeply sown.

Yet her body creates the greatest of gifts,

a child, not great thoughts that cause a great rift.







“The Family”-On Netflix

I recommend this very wild documentary on Netflix. It’s about the enmeshment of church and state and how this right-wing, Republican Christian cult called The Fellowship has an invisible, powerful influence on Washington and undermines democracy internationally at this present time.

It’s unconstitutional and abridges the 1st amendment. Its leader was Doug Coe. They’ve spread evangelism to Russia which is why Putin is an ally to Republicans. Russia has a Christian prayer breakfast too to keep white men on top which they are trying to spread internationally.

They’re called “The Family” and believe they are chosen by God to lead the government…until they fall in love with a woman and have an affair. 😀 It’s unbelievably adolescent. They can do anything they want like an untouchable until the media gets on it. The territorial wagons of marriage and monogamy in the name of Jesus secure nothing. They are free to be polyamorous. This is white male patriarchy upheld by religion and it feeds on women and children to this day.

Our fledgling democracy is still unconstitutional. Our tax dollars are given to these people. A Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. They are the sponsor of the National Prayer Breakfast annually. It privileges Christianity and it’s illegal. Their motto is “Jesus Christ. Nothing else.” The truth is they are nothing, phony, foolish, and certainly not a correct representation of Jesus and…they build relationships with violent dictators and terrorists. In addition, they support killing LGBT. Go to this link to read about the 1st amendment to the Constitution on the separation of church and state and do check out this great documentary. It’s about three hours long. I was glued to the screen.

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