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Time is Art

For the people of Turkey and Syria in the midst of unprecedented devastation. Prayers for everyone. 🙏

This is her birth kin. The Yellow kin are SO great at truly being a star that shines bright in performance. She is a Sagittarius ♐️ Sun, sun that can not be controlled by a man.

Concert Pianist Yuja Wang

Is she ever! A Spectral star dissolving biases and ideas about what a concert Pianist should be or is. She is an Aquarius ruled by Uranus but mediated in time by Venus. An unconventional beauty.

She can dress or be whatever she wants because she’s about THE PIANO 🎹 and music. Yellow Star will always shine bright and BE a star.

It looks to me like she works out her antipode, the difficult White 11 Mirror, a chaotic, dissolving mind by playing as hard and crazy as she does. Many musicians HAVE to play music. They are driven to express their passion and magic or they’ll burst. She is that way.

The New Speaker of The House of Reps., Federal Level

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy 4D birth gateway. Born January 26, 1955. He is a Pisces ♓️ ruled by Neptune in 3D. Blue Night is mediated by Saturn. He will be strict AND Equivocate OR be fair and conciliatory.

He said on a video that he never gives up. That’s cosmic tone 13. We endure but complain about it.

It is the height of justice and irony that the conservatives finally get to lead the House on January 6, 2023 after wrongfully being accused of Trump-led anarchy which belonged to the Left on January 6, 2021. You never see any conservative wanting to shred the constitution, burn the flag, or being dramatic activists. Most yard signs belong to Dems. That violence belongs to the Left and always has. They offload.

If Trump gets in we have A Gemini Sun also equivocating with those Gemini Twins and liberal, not strict, ruled by Earth since he is Blue 3 Hand. But because they are both blue tribes we will definitely have TRANSFORMATION and change happening. The media will hate them and go for the jugular the Left being entrenched in getting their way. Give them enough rope with which to hang themselves.

Have at it. The narrative needs to be laid out and decimated. Blue 13 Night is my antipode and quite magical. Let’s hope McCarthy is not in shadow. We’ll see.

Albert Einstein, His Letter Hipping the President to the Axis Powers Possible Intention to Build the Atomic Bomb

I posted this about a year ago because I put it in my book, “The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method”. This is extremely cool and something to ponder and discuss with current students if you are a teacher of History.

No, the axis powers were not doing that. This story seems unfinished to me.

Albert Einstein was very synchronistically Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun, kin260. His analog was Blue 13 Storm, as high on the dharmic prophetic side as he could be. The allies then jumped ahead and built the bomb themselves. The competition for uranium seemed to be on. The allies were the US, UK, and the Soviet Union. The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

His Antipode was kin 130 in HF33 which keeps coming up in my daily posts. White 13 Cosmic Dog was his challenge and his gift. It is The Trinity and again, synchronistically, Trinity was the cod name for The Manhattan Project. How unreal.

His Hidden Wisdom was Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. Just ponder the role he played in trying to bring balance during WWII where balance was nye on impossible. Millions of people died of course on both sides. The last paragraph of this letter seems to be prescient with regard to Operation Paperclip. And now here we are on the verge of Disclosure.

The date on this letter is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon, an attempt to even the score or find a balance of power. It birthed the Atomic Age. I just watched a documentary on The Manhattan Project and there is no evidence that Germany was pursuing building an atomic bomb. So who was Einstein working for? It seems he was making up the threat. Wow. Maybe he was seeding Operation Paperclip. Lovely.

Einsteins Letter To President Roosevelt, page 1
Letter Page 2
James VanAllen, the namesake for the VanAllen Belts around the Earth that we call the Psi Bank, the Earth’s Mind.

11/11/22 is Coming up Next Week. It is Four Elevens, not just Two. HF33 Will Become Unhacked! Implicate Order Will Come Through

It is unbelievable synchronicity that the governing 3D I Ching hexagram for this 5D Tzolkin harmonic is 22; Grace. It is a week from today on Friday. You heard it here first. Please share this with your friends and send them to this site. Look at the link below. This Hx is also about Love seeded by the White Dog Wavespell. More synchronicity. Please read all the info. in the link about the trigram.

Also, be mindful of the fact that while the trigram pulses on a section of Earth for 4 days it also controls one amino acid nucleotide in our DNA. It’s not like the Tzolkin day that evolves 5 pieces of tRNA each day in 5D to total 20 evolutionary pulses at the end of the harmonic…in your light body. It controls your ELM energy, your natural electrons/protons that make you visible because you intended to manifest for this adventure. Your mother wove you in her womb. It’s sacred. The Loom of Maya is magic.

11/11 and the 5th Dimension

The number 11 also grants us access to the 5th dimension, where time and space are constraints that don’t exist. On 11/11, we experience 5D energy in the form of synchronicity, alignment, and acceleration. You might experience that “right place at the right time” kind of feeling – the reassurance from realms beyond (but they are right here-Lisa T.) that you’re on the right path and everything you’re seeking is seeking you in return. When 11/11 comes around, pay attention and actively tap into the 5th dimension.

The article

11/11/22 will bring 11:11 11:11, quadruple 11:11 manifestation and magic. Note that in the Tzolkin we have 3:11:11:11 in HF3 as Blue 11 Monkey 🐒, our visionary Jose’s gateway. But this day coming up is more.

11/11 is a day that’s incredibly potent for manifestation – one of the most powerful of the year. It’s a day when we’re reminded that our guides are always near, supporting us on the path to our deepest desires and dreams.

The article
Red 8 Galactic Earth phenylalanine on 11/11/22. RED EARTH IS SYNCHRONICITY AND 8 IS DOUBLE MANIFESTATION.

In the tarot, the number 1 corresponds with The Magician, a card representing creation, beginnings, willpower, and leadership. The Magician uses all of his tools – both physical and spiritual – to manifest his dreams. He corresponds with Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and makes things happen in divine timing. The number 11 is The Magician’s power doubled, and it symbolizes manifestation – our dreams coming into physical reality.

The article

Next week it’s going to be quadrupled! Use it wisely, in light, truth, and integrity.

Elon Musk Reveals Why He Bought Twitter.

He is White 3 Electric World Bridger. He is an A.I. prophet and is going to act altruistic like he always does, about face, and use his power and platform to shove A.I. into people’s trusting, vulnerable, easily programmed psyches. Don’t trust him. He works with the ICC; International Corporate Conglomerate.

I wish he’d reform himself since he’s the richest man in the world. He could use his energy for GOOD. No doubt he is contracted with nefarious E.T. under pain of death to push A.I. on us. If he stood in the light the entire local universe would have his back. Come on Elon!!

Next thing we’ll see are meetings of “Content groups” to please advertisers. THAT’S CENSORSHIP. Twitter will likely be more unconstitutional than ever. Here we go…content moderation council. See the link below.

Elon Musk Starts Putting His Imprint on Twitter

In This Halloween Season…A Mother’s Love

Harry Potter…

Lily Potter is murdered by Lord Voldemort while standing in his way to Harry. Sacrificial protection (but it’s not a sacrificial LOSS. It is a change in TIME or a timeline by moving from 4D physical to 5D Light Body thus giving the protectee more 3D time in physical) is an ancient, powerful and long-lasting counter-charm that is endowed when one person ultimately gives his or her own life (Time) willingly and out of deep and pure love to strongly save the life of one or more people.

Note that Harry’s scar is a lightning bolt, an archetype of Blue Storm Tribe which is true to Harry’s destiny. He has to self-generate from being raised by ignorant muggles into a conscious wizard.

Daniel Ratcliffes Birth oracle. Remember the first scene of the first movie The Sorcerer’s Stone with the snake? Red Serpent tribe comes after Red Dragon. Harry can speak to snakes because of his tribe. And Hagrid has a discussion with Harry on the bus that Dragons are vastly misunderstood creatures.

Yellow 7 Sun is a super powerful gateway to be in the subconscious mother position. Look at the zig zag mirror as his analog and the mirroring he had with Voldemort. And what was his challenge? Resonant magic with his friends. Harry was ultimately guided by the Skywalkers but he hails from Red Dragon, where ALL humans began.

Remember the Mirror of Arisett scene that shows Harry what he wants, desperate desires of your heart. It is one thing to have a dream but the only way it can be manifested is if you live. Anyway, Harry’s analog is White Mirror in line with his destiny oracle.

Harry’s vault 687 at Gringotts adds up to 11! After that is vault 713 which is the second 11 so it’s 11:11. Lol

Platform 9 and 3/4 is 9.75. 9.75 x 2 = 19.5 which is the latitude on all of our local system planets where evolutionary events take place to change the planet body such as volcano and storms.

The Hogwarts train # is 5972=23. 1: 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers – a number that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits. Primes have been described as the “atoms” of mathematics – the building blocks of matter.

The quidditch snitch is an archetype for the subatomic nucleus of our DNA cells. Harry is a seeker for the game of control over time which is our body. Notice that after the quidditch game the snitch comes OUT OF his body and they win.

There are Tzolkin archetypes around every corner in all of the Harry Potter movies.

Prime Minister Liz Truss’s Birth Gateway

See her Mayan Oracle Birth Gateway below.

#1, her birthday is the Mayan New Year. #2 She is a Solar Maldekian of the priest class guided by White 9 Dog. She is too good of a person to be a politician.

She was in there to sow some seeds and that is all. Her Hidden Wisdom is Blue 5 Radiant Hand ✋️. Her analog is Red 9 Serpent so she felt right at home in the Reptilian U.K. government. Anyone with Blue Hand tribe mediated by Earth in their birth oracle is being thrown to the curb right now. The Blue Hand tribe helped seed life on earth along with Yellow Human. You can see the anti-human sentiment there by the elite Reptilian run …crap.

Public Figure Birth Oracle for Steve Bannon. Biden Regime is Trying to Upend the Republic. 35 FBI Raids Yesterday

Steve Bannon-Venus mediated but I have never seen a snowflake Yellow Star kin. They hit hard and don’t take crap. Note Red 7 Skywalker as his Hidden Wisdom. Who did we just see is 7SW? Queen Elizabeth just died on 9SW yesterday. That’s why he felt spiritual clarity. This crap is getting RESOLVED in the upper densities having to do with Mars/Maldek and the Reptilians.

I Want You To See the Polarity of the Harmonic We Currently Reside in; HF27

Chemical Polarity

I Ching Hx55-CAT nucleotide-His; This is our inverse hexagram.

HF39 (-), 10Q (Glutamine)(-), 11K (Lysine)(-), 12R(Arginine)(-),13H(Histidine (+)


HF27)+), 1S (Serine) (-), 2T (Threonine) (+), 3I (Isoleucine)(+), 4Leucine (+)

I Ching Hx59-GTA nucleotide-Valine. This is our CURRENT Harmonic

I highlighted the amino acids spinning for Trump and Biden, their theme, and their inverse. Trump’s inverse, 11Lysine which is 11 Wizard is an attack on the priest class on Maldek and the difference of opinion on how things should go. Biden’s inverse being 12 Eagle means he was at the mercy of the majority opinion on Jupiter, the Time Thieves that currently hold our institutions.

Biden is ruled by Mars in his theme so he is aggression based. Trump is ruled by Earth so he is Peace based. That’s a fact. MSM is not showing any truth. However, their polarities match so that is why they are existing right next to each other in the Tzolkin and moving through this karma right next to each other. As I said though, your hidden wisdom is the opposite polarity of your theme to challenge you to achieve harmony.

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