McCarthy Says Biden Might Have a ‘Secret Plan’ on Debt Ceiling

I predicted this this morning. It’s totally a Blue 12 Crystal Night vibration. Blue 12 Night is secret,mysterious, behind the doors, abundance, money, power, mediated by Saturn limits, discipline. Tone 12 is communal and cooperative, which is happening with McCarthy.

There ya have it. The Tzolkin is always right.

Ahead of Potential Trump Indictment, Manhattan DA Faces Questions Over ‘Tenuous and Untested’ Legal Theory

Trump is Blue 3 Hand, and today is Blue 8 Hand mediated by Earth. I just got done with a very cool Reiki session, so my radar is on.

I’m picking up anger from a judge who hates using legal proceedings for political action. Trump has wrongfully encouraged loyal GOP to sue the crap out of whoever is in his way, which he’s done all of his life, and the judge is pissed. I can psychically hear it. This case has no business going this far.

I watched the Netflix special on Trump last night, which is really good. Do watch it, and I’m done with this guy. His political ambitions are not altruistic they are narcissistic. I couldn’t believe how people allowed him to speak to them. He was so rude and dominating in his way with others. I would have had his head on a platter and stepped over him so quickly if he had treated me the way he treated most people. He reminds me of Harry, who I hung up on five times because of his bragging about predator behavior with women who let him! That’s just like Trump. He admitted he hurt women. Well, THE WOMEN LET HIM! I don’t understand women with men like this. Reign them in girlfriend!

I’m done with both parties. How the Pubs could back anyone like Trump is beyond me, and the same goes for Biden. Our government is done.

I’m done tolerating all of it.

Contaminated Wuhan Rice Sample Proves Wuhan Lab Was Carrying Out Secret Coronavirus Experiments | Truth Over News

Artificial mRNA has been proven, which Dr. Chavez knew in 2020. He wrote them letters. Just search on “Dr. Chavez” and see my posts on it. He was ignored, lost his job, and then mysteriously had a stroke and lost his eyesight. ?

So this was conveniently swept under the rug by Trump and Biden to fulfill their CORRUPT AGREEMENTS WITH BIG PHARMA to make these crappy vaccines and haul in the dough at the expense of people.

In addition, now they can try to set up China as being at fault for everything even though it’s the U.S.’s fault for getting into so much debt and thus selling the debt to China.

The U.S. government, both parties, love to scapegoat so they can keep their very profitable relationship going with the ICC, the off-world International Corporate Conglomerate which has not made it into the mainstream yet. Corey Goode is all up in it.

Yesterday 9:30am NPR posted this, BEFORE the violence started

I originally posted this on January 7, 2021, the day after the left tried to frame Trump and his supports for the rioting on the capitol.

FACT: At noon, Trump began an over one-hour speech encouraging protesters to PEACEFULLY march to the U.S. Capitol. At 12:49 p.m.

Biden’s Message Shifts From Compromise to Combat Ahead of Midterms

Here is the tone he sets on his Mayan birth gateway; White 2 World Bridger.

My podcast yesterday extolled the natural unity of the universe and the natural world. The Reptilian way is a projection of what you, yourself are doing wrong and saying the other person is doing it when they are not. You are. It’s crazy hypocrisy. It is a victim mentality so that you feel the need to defend, justify, and initiate violence yourself. The next 12 days will be a study in psychology.

You need to watch Corey’s video I just posted and read his report about the war on the LOC, our Moon, as I type this on Biden’s gateway. I’m just going to say it Biden and his rhetoric and attack on American law and patriotism are DIRECTLY related to his alignment with the Reptilians and the Orion group. These are not isolated events. And as Corey just said today, it’s gotten worse. My information is that Trump works with the GGLN, the Galactic League of Nations. Neither Trump nor the GGLN is righteous by any means, but they are working for peace and cooperation in our local system.

But with just two months until the midterm elections, Mr. Biden is purposely spending less time hailing the virtues of compromise and more time calling out dangers to democracy — using some of the sharpest and most combative language of his presidency.
He has accused Republicans of embracing “semi-fascism” by paying fealty to former President Donald J. Trump. He has blasted the party for being “full of anger, violence, hate and division.” And he has warned that the danger from Republicans loyal to Mr. Trump went far beyond differences in policy.
“They’re a threat to our very democracy,” he said of a party that he has spent a half-century working with to find common ground. “They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace political violence.”

It would help to remember that all White tribes hail from White Wind Tribe on Uranus. White Wind is spiritual communication and heavily solar based on our ancient past. Sol Invictus was Sun worship and Maldekians did that. All Red tribes hail from Red Dragon or the Draco on Neptune; the primordial mother, the giver of life. She’s fire, not daisies. All the priest classes through time hail from White Wind and White Worldbridger is in the priest class.

Well, we know what the problems can be with priests, especially if they believe in denying the body and separating it from the spirit over epic time. Dysfunction. You can only deny the needs of the flesh for so long without going crazy.

Synchronicity; On Joe Biden’s Gateway, on the Karmic Strand, We Have This.

Joe Biden is White 2 World-Bridger and TODAY is White 2 World-Bridger. The hologram is very much spot on and completely…out of their control.🥳


OCTOBER 13, 2016: Vice President Joe Biden campaigns for Nevada Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Culinary Union, Las Vegas, NV
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Federal Judge Blocks Biden COVID Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers


  • The Facts:Some of the largest U.S. hospital systems have dropped Covid-19 vaccine mandates for staff after a federal judge temporarily halted a Biden administration mandate that healthcare workers get the shots.
  • Reflect On:Why has the science that calls into question vaccine mandates been completely ignored? Why has the mainstream failed to have appropriate discussions around science and evidence that raises legitimate concerns about COVID vaccines?

Pause – set your Pulse…

Take a breath. Release the tension in your body. Place attention on your physical heart. Breathe slowly into the area for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Click here to learn why we suggest this.

Vaccine mandates around the world have been met with fierce opposition, but the mandates continue to intensify. Austria recently announced that vaccines will be required for every single citizen starting on the first of February.

In the United States, vaccines have been mandated for all federal employees, federal contractors, and healthcare workers – but there’s been a harsh resistance to these mandates. The latest example comes from Ohio, as well as 10 other states in the US where the mandate has been temporarily blocked.

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The Biden administration is currently in the process of appealing.

For example, The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Aultman Hospitals are pausing their requirements for employees to be vaccinated against COVID. These decisions were made after a federal judge temporarily blocked President Biden’s mandate for healthcare workers from going into effect in Ohio.

Furthermore according to Fortune,

At least four states, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee, have recently passed laws to allow employees to sign up for unemployment insurance if they are fired for their refusal to comply with vaccine mandates. A number of state lawmakers in Arkansas, New York, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have introduced legislation to do the same, and legal scholars expect more to come in 2022. 

Biden had imposed a Dec. 6, 2021 deadline for health care workers to get the first dose of the vaccine and a Jan. 4, 2022 deadline to be fully vaccinated. 

U.S. District Court Judge Terry A. Doughty said the federal executive branch does not have the constitutional authority to implement the vaccine requirement. 

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has challenged and sued over other aspects of Biden’s vaccine requirements, too, including a mandate that businesses with more than 100 employees must require COVID-19 vaccines. 

Some healthcare facilities are choosing to keep vaccine mandates in place. In light of the new ruling, Akron Children’s Hospital is extending its deadline for employees to be vaccinated until Jan. 11, 2022 but will not drop requirements for employees to be vaccinated.

Ontario and Quebec Canada also dropped vaccine requirements for healthcare workers due to a labour shortage, but individual hospitals still have the option of requiring their employees to get vaccinated.

Vaccine mandates have caused issues for healthcare systems around the world despite the fact that the majority of healthcare workers in various regions are fully vaccinated. For example, in November, more than 4,000 healthcare workers in British Columbia, Canada that had not received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine were placed on unpaid leave. This resulted in many surgeries being postponed.

Because of staff shortages, companies like Spectrum Health, a provider and network of hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Southwest and West Michigan, is allowing healthcare workers who have acquired natural immunity to continue to work.

In New York state there were approximately 70,000 healthcare workers that were not vaccinated, which represented 16% of the total amount of healthcare workers. All of these people were set to lose their jobs unless they agreed to get fully vaccinated.

Lewis County General Hospital in New York had to stop delivering babies in September due to a shortage of staff. At that time, approximately 26 percent of workers at that hospital were refusing to get vaccinated.

There are many examples, even early on in the pandemic many healthcare workers were quite hesitant at the thought of being forced to comply. For example, Riverside County, California has a population of approximately 2.4 million, and about 50 percent of healthcare workers in the county were refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine despite the fact that they had top priority and access to it early in the pandemic.

With mandates being put in place and people fearing job loss, many have been coerced into taking the vaccines. But the number of people and healthcare workers specifically that refuse to be jabbed is still significant enough to cause a shortage of labour in healthcare facilities across the country.

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