Simon Parkes. Watch “9th May Update Current News” on YouTube

Shakeup at the Pentagon and other military sectors in the face of election fraud. I said before it wasn't over and it's not.

I Found Another Piece Related to TODAY and OldJoe’s Destiny Kin

I was staring at the Tzolkin some more after lunch and started looking at the next 3 wavespells which will take us up to December 16, 2020, the very last day of the Galactic Spin which is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun. Ok, but see if you can wrap your head around this. The antipode or …

The Day Old Wobbly Joe Declares Himself King. The Trump Card Has Yet to be Played

Let's take a look at this inauspicious day in light of the Universal Tzolkin Harmonic Oracle that is never wrong; not the for the thirty years I've been working it. Also, this was the themeplex on 1-1-2018, 11:11 gateway and Full Super moon so everything happening is part to the ascension plan. Nothing is official. …

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