Watch “‘This Week You’re Going To See Something That Hasn’t Happened In Congress In More Than 7 Years'” on YouTube

The House Speaker on the changes to the Intelligence Committee. Let’s see if they get DISCLOSURE going at the federal level. Or do they love all the secrets as well?

The New Speaker of The House of Reps., Federal Level

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy 4D birth gateway. Born January 26, 1955. He is a Pisces ♓️ ruled by Neptune in 3D. Blue Night is mediated by Saturn. He will be strict AND Equivocate OR be fair and conciliatory.

He said on a video that he never gives up. That’s cosmic tone 13. We endure but complain about it.

It is the height of justice and irony that the conservatives finally get to lead the House on January 6, 2023 after wrongfully being accused of Trump-led anarchy which belonged to the Left on January 6, 2021. You never see any conservative wanting to shred the constitution, burn the flag, or being dramatic activists. Most yard signs belong to Dems. That violence belongs to the Left and always has. They offload.

If Trump gets in we have A Gemini Sun also equivocating with those Gemini Twins and liberal, not strict, ruled by Earth since he is Blue 3 Hand. But because they are both blue tribes we will definitely have TRANSFORMATION and change happening. The media will hate them and go for the jugular the Left being entrenched in getting their way. Give them enough rope with which to hang themselves.

Have at it. The narrative needs to be laid out and decimated. Blue 13 Night is my antipode and quite magical. Let’s hope McCarthy is not in shadow. We’ll see.

Libertarian Former Rep. Justin Amash Willing to Serve as House Speaker

I am 100% on board with this upset. Justin is from my neighborhood. I’ve chatted with him. Man is he in no-mans-land politically.

Back at ya. Ear to the ground. What is the mood of this country now???

The Plunge Protection Team Wags the Dog with Futures to Manipulate Stock Markets and Bitcoin

This is good.👍 I thought I was long-winded and then along comes a very talkative man who trumps me. Ah, writers.

Gee, who is he referring to? Lol

Ironically, many, if not the vast majority of people in the US who openly favor totalitarianism are good-hearted, smart people whose sincere desire is to elevate the poor. But thinking critically about complex human systems while trying to see both sides of a political argument was not part of their education because US public schools and universities don’t allow it on campus.

Morrill Talmage Moorehead

Mysterious Government Agencies Participated in Suppressing Twitter Content: Twitter Files

We have OGA’s now; Other Government Agencies, sort of like the Mystery Date Game. You never know what you’re going to get. It’s a mystery.

If You Recall, Trump Administration Was in Charge of All of This and Trump Touted the Deadly Vaccine. War on our DNA at the Behest of Who?

I trust no one. Trump had hired Kadac, a former G.W. Bush CIA guy as head of DHS. The Report at the bottom, marked “Do Not Distribute” is from March 2019 or close to it, long before anyone knew about CV2.

Jaw Drop…Must Read. Infringement of Civil Rights and Unconstitutional

Now I have to think about what I would say if they tried to pull me over and start wasting my time asking me ILLEGAL questions.

  • 1-How to hold my temper and plead the Fifth. Not tell him anything.
  • 2-I need to have a lawyers phone number ready to sue the pants off of the airport and HSA or both.
  • 3-have the phone numbers ready to call local media and make a huge stink about it so Americans know this could happen to them at the airport.

My info. is easily found on the internet as well and I don’t hide much as my readers know. I have a clean record. It’s not illegal to be a mouthy, smart woman…or is it? Tough. BUT, if they dared to waste my time harassing me in public that is another issue, especially in the name of a Federal Government Agency.

“Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified” on Netflix

I highly recommend you watch this disclosure series. Just go to your Netflix app. This title will come up. There are about 8 episodes in the series.

I’m watching “Project Blue Book Unknown“. So far so good. Michael Salla and Nick Pope have already been on. I would say that this is some basic disclosure.

Kathleen Marden, UFO Researcher is the only woman, in any capacity, that I’ve seen so far.

A man, George Adamski met and talked with a Venusian about the imminent threat of nuclear war.

A other woman, Mary Rodwell was just on. JJ and Desiree Hurtak were also included.

MJ12 documents were leaked in 1980. 1947 document signed by Truman Confirmed the existence of MJ12. Nick Pope thinks they existed even before that. They didn’t want it to destroy The Church (aka The Time Thieves).

Dr. Greer recieved leaked documents from Project Aquarius that dated back to Roswell.

Caroline Corey gets to speak. Emery Smith was just on too in the context of abducted Travis Walton. He said the U.S. intelligence agencies didn’t want it to appear serious.

Uvonne Smith speaks. Terry Lovelace was chipped in his leg by the E.T. and became vocal in 2016.

They are admitting that the aerospace corporations control earth, not the governments. My input is that it is actually the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate which is not located on Earth. I’m pretty sure that some of the 320 earth corporations are in the ICC and its agenda is to force A.I. this planet. According g to Corey it’s already been decided that it’s not going to happen.

Judge Orders Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs to Appear at Emergency Court Hearing Over Election Lawsuit

I’ll say!!

Gov. Elect Hobbs is Blue 2 Polar Storm Democrat. Big Trouble. Kari is Yellow 7 Human Conservative, just what AZ needs. We’ll see if destiny takes a hand for AZ.

If Hobbs gets in the state is done for. So be it. If Kari is kicked out she will go on to something bigger and really burn it up. So be it. She will have to accept what comes unless AZ citizens rumble. They may!

Elon Musk’s Latest ‘Twitter Files’ Detail Exactly How Trump Was Banned

You’re probably lying sick of these but the read is interesting.

While some Twitter staffers disagreed with claims that Trump was trying to incite violence with the Twitter posts, according to company Slack message screenshots that were published in her thread, …”

“The biggest thing to come out of the Twitter Targeting Hoax is that the Presidential Election was RIGGED – And that’s as big as it can get!!!” he wrote on Truth Social on Dec. 9.”

The article

Two riggings; that Trump started Jan. 6 violence and that Biden won the 2020 election. Lame.

Never…did Trump do or say anything to incite violence. Conservatives don’t roll that way. The Democrats do and in fact, burned downtown Grand Rapids and vandalized stores. Shall I post the pictures again? I think I will. And who cleaned it up? Co-dependent kind conservative Grand Rapids volunteers. This town is full of them. They should have made them clean it up themselves. But that’s not how G.R. rolls much to my chagrin.

It’s called “projection” from the left. They indulge in immature emotional anger, not conservatives and then offload onto everyone else. And Dem leaders indulge it. Dems always have to “express themselves”. Who puts up all the yard signs and are activist? The left. I should know. I used to be one.

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