Manhattan DA: Trump created false expectation of arrest, Republicans interfered | Reuters

If you watch the Trump special, you see that’s what he does. He just uses people and manipulates situations to get his way. He is a cult of personality for people who worship big money.

But the Dems are cultish, too. The U.S. government is on big Masonic cult full of lies and secrets… and DEBT. They just keep printing money.

Ahead of Potential Trump Indictment, Manhattan DA Faces Questions Over ‘Tenuous and Untested’ Legal Theory

Trump is Blue 3 Hand, and today is Blue 8 Hand mediated by Earth. I just got done with a very cool Reiki session, so my radar is on.

I’m picking up anger from a judge who hates using legal proceedings for political action. Trump has wrongfully encouraged loyal GOP to sue the crap out of whoever is in his way, which he’s done all of his life, and the judge is pissed. I can psychically hear it. This case has no business going this far.

I watched the Netflix special on Trump last night, which is really good. Do watch it, and I’m done with this guy. His political ambitions are not altruistic they are narcissistic. I couldn’t believe how people allowed him to speak to them. He was so rude and dominating in his way with others. I would have had his head on a platter and stepped over him so quickly if he had treated me the way he treated most people. He reminds me of Harry, who I hung up on five times because of his bragging about predator behavior with women who let him! That’s just like Trump. He admitted he hurt women. Well, THE WOMEN LET HIM! I don’t understand women with men like this. Reign them in girlfriend!

I’m done with both parties. How the Pubs could back anyone like Trump is beyond me, and the same goes for Biden. Our government is done.

I’m done tolerating all of it.

Contaminated Wuhan Rice Sample Proves Wuhan Lab Was Carrying Out Secret Coronavirus Experiments | Truth Over News

Artificial mRNA has been proven, which Dr. Chavez knew in 2020. He wrote them letters. Just search on “Dr. Chavez” and see my posts on it. He was ignored, lost his job, and then mysteriously had a stroke and lost his eyesight. ?

So this was conveniently swept under the rug by Trump and Biden to fulfill their CORRUPT AGREEMENTS WITH BIG PHARMA to make these crappy vaccines and haul in the dough at the expense of people.

In addition, now they can try to set up China as being at fault for everything even though it’s the U.S.’s fault for getting into so much debt and thus selling the debt to China.

The U.S. government, both parties, love to scapegoat so they can keep their very profitable relationship going with the ICC, the off-world International Corporate Conglomerate which has not made it into the mainstream yet. Corey Goode is all up in it.

The New Speaker of The House of Reps., Federal Level

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy 4D birth gateway. Born January 26, 1955. He is a Pisces ♓️ ruled by Neptune in 3D. Blue Night is mediated by Saturn. He will be strict AND Equivocate OR be fair and conciliatory.

He said on a video that he never gives up. That’s cosmic tone 13. We endure but complain about it.

It is the height of justice and irony that the conservatives finally get to lead the House on January 6, 2023 after wrongfully being accused of Trump-led anarchy which belonged to the Left on January 6, 2021. You never see any conservative wanting to shred the constitution, burn the flag, or being dramatic activists. Most yard signs belong to Dems. That violence belongs to the Left and always has. They offload.

If Trump gets in we have A Gemini Sun also equivocating with those Gemini Twins and liberal, not strict, ruled by Earth since he is Blue 3 Hand. But because they are both blue tribes we will definitely have TRANSFORMATION and change happening. The media will hate them and go for the jugular the Left being entrenched in getting their way. Give them enough rope with which to hang themselves.

Have at it. The narrative needs to be laid out and decimated. Blue 13 Night is my antipode and quite magical. Let’s hope McCarthy is not in shadow. We’ll see.

If You Recall, Trump Administration Was in Charge of All of This and Trump Touted the Deadly Vaccine. War on our DNA at the Behest of Who?

I trust no one. Trump had hired Kadac, a former G.W. Bush CIA guy as head of DHS. The Report at the bottom, marked “Do Not Distribute” is from March 2019 or close to it, long before anyone knew about CV2.

Trump Responds to Question on If He Will Rejoin Twitter

He sees NO REASON to rejoin. HA!!! Victory. I didn’t think he would. Smart man.

Trump Responds to Question on If He Will Rejoin Twitter

‘Playtime Is Over’: Judge Dearie Impresses Experts as Hearing Set in Trump Case

I wasn’t sure if MSM was Sharing this good and fair news so I’m sharing it here. Nothing destructive or slanderous of either party. This is a good lineup for Monday.

9/22/22-I Predict Mara-Lago Circus Will Be Finished Bc They Can’t Win. Nor can They Assassinate Him as They’d Like Without Drawing Attention to Themselves

I wrote this 5 days ago because I had a premonition. You can’t fight time nor can you win against destiny. It’s fabulous. Your own choices, heart, and mind create your own time and destiny. Choose well.

Trump is Blue Hand. Blue Hand people are healers on many levels. They care about people and are very, very accomplished and cause tremendous jealousy. They aren’t perfect, just smart and tuned in.

I do not see us having a normal election in 2024. The world is going to be a different place soon as the secrets come up, the main energy sources are changed and equity naturally comes to the earth. Partisan politics will not be necessary anymore. But this shift will happen in society over the next 2 years. I don’t think there will be a president anymore, but I’m not positive. Again, the future is based on collective choice.

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