Biden Days in Office are Numbered.

Here is the Status. Watch. It’s D-Day

Mainstream Media no way no how is going to show you the truth. They are going down also.

There is a narrative playing out and they are keeping the Trumps out of it. From here on out it’s simply a military and legal operation.

Red Earth is mediated by URANUS which rules AQUARIUS which is in synchronicity with The Age of Aquarius. The sun is in Aquarius right now so, HERE WE GO!! Use your inner radar or you will go off course.

Today is Red 11 Spectral Earth which is dissolving navigation, evolution and synchronicity. We’re governing the Earth force, shielding and confident.

The analog support is White 11 Wind or chaotic communication. That is MSM who is slowly dissolving. I’m sorry if T.V. is the Voice of God to you but it’s the opposite. They are the voice of Lucifer. The voice of God IS IN YOU. That’s is why all of this is happening. It’s a spiritual battle not a political one.

The Guide Power which we are almost done with is ITSELF

The Antipode Challenge and gift is Blue 11 Spectral Hand; the liberation of knowing, healing and accomplishment. This has TRUMP all over it since he is Blue Hand. He is the opener of a new gateway, a manifester, competent, inspiring, and skillful.

The Hidden Wisdom is TONE 3 Electric, same as POTUS but Yellow 3 Electric Seed. And potent seed is being planted today. It’s targeting AWARENES OF THE TRUTH, DNA in this Seed that will expand the perceptions of the human race. This is an extremely active dynamic today.

The 5GFORCE is Blue 3 Night; Abundance, mystery, intuition, dreams, LOGICAL, CONSERVATIVE.

I hope you’re learning something about theatre, fiction, narratives that manipulate and your own intuition. Critical thinking is something the public dearly needs to learn so that our Republic remains in one piece.

Returning to the Gold Standard. Why is it a big deal? Tzolkin Values

Simon Parkes videos can now be found at if they let you register. They are blocking me. And I’m censored on HERE when I tag and categorize. Word Press is abridging free speech as well. I guess they won’t last long either if they keep it up.

JFK was going to return us to the gold standard. Simon Parkes says that is the reason he was killed. ? FDR took us OFF the gold standard and then Nixon took us completely off as well as opening up China to a relationship with us. China now owns our debt which may make them think they OWN US which is the motivation for RETURNING to the gold standard. Now that we have space force and Disclosure we know there are mountains of gold in our solar aystem which we can mine, pay our debt, and be free of foreign interference from Saudi Arabia and China who want to own our ass. Do we want to own theirs? No. We don’t really like them bc we don’t share the same values…at all

It was supposed to remain that way because of natural inenquities between the U.S. and other countries. The IMF was a burden to the U.S. We were paying more than everyone else as was Saudi Arabia (oil) ??

This creates a conundrum for me as I consider MINDSET AND TIME on the planet to be far more valuable than gold and blood and certainly not worth a war. Most humans are still fixated on blood and treasure. That is Red Serpent; Tiamat karma which camnot repeat here.

Hand and Human. Eagle and Seed. Night and Warrior are the money focused tribe pulses. Blue-Yellow. Storm and Sun take it UP to its SPIRITUAL ESSENCE. Gold is believed to be a MANIFESTATION of the power of the Sun. It’s not; We are.

This is just the 3D clenching again and God knows what Trump is all about; Gold and money. He would admit it.

So that’s why he’s doing this? To get us back on the gold standard which would make the planet super rich bc now we know that our solar sytem is ABSOLUTELY FULL OF GOLD. Corey Goode told us that. Maybe that’s what Trump is about with all of this.

Oil is black gold. There is some B.S. at play here. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

The fact is, we don’t need med beds from the E.T.’s. We can heal our own DNA and have always been able to. It’s in the Tzolkin. That is the empowerment of the Tzolkin. We control our time and our DNA. That is TRUE WEALTH and no longer need greedy human institutions (Church and State) that can’t see the forest through the trees.

Updated Vision for the days leading up to Jan. 20

The Next 13 Days. I’m using Prophetic Vision and my Knowledge of the Destiny Patterns.

We’re looking at destiny patterns on this timeline up to January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day although during this Constitutional Crisis is not set in stone.

January 7; Thursday, Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; TODAY. Hammer Day. The public narrative is played, rather poorly, that it’s some kind of big deal that Biden is certified. Pence DID have the legal power to stop the certification with precedent set by Thomas Jefferson beating John Adams, and did not, but he was being tested by the Patriots and Trump and was handed a sucker after he betrayed the cause. The whole scenario yesterday was a paid setup by far left winger billionaire George Soros. Sullivan, the picture of the painted face viking is an operative for Antifa/BLM and was no doubt paid handsomely to lead the Left wing insurrection. 5 people died.

Trump has spent 4 years getting legal, international and military lined up to CLEAN OUT DEEP STATE, Vatican and Big Tech, you name it who sponsor human trafficking, pedophilia, child torture and kidnapping and the deepest evil anyone can think of. It’s bi-partisan. It’s not just the Dems. Pelosi and Pence I believe are both in on it with Biden.

January 8; Friday, Red 12 SerpentBill Barr, traitor AG is Red 11 Serpent. Bad guy. Pence is 9 Serpent. June 7, 1959. You can dial it up yourself. Kamala is 6 Serpent. Maldek Karma. They will be finished soon. Some reports of understanding who really led the Capital riots on the 6th. Things are not adding up even for sleepers.

January 9; Saturday, White 13 World-Bridger: Biden is 2 Worldbridger. Maybe a health issue here. The dimensions are unstable. I see some military action that the public can see. Much military action has gone on for 4 years that the MSM never report because it’s bad for them. This occurred today as I predicted. The ARMED National Guard is now in D.C. I predicted this when I posted this blog originally on Jan. 7th.

Nearly 1,000 Virginia National Guard troops in Washington, another 1,000 expected in coming days

January 10; Sunday, Blue 1 Magnetic Hand; Trump is Blue 3 Hand. This is my 5G Force. There may be some more BIG E.T. Disclosure on this day.

Some kind of communication from Trump through his wife’s, or son’s social media. He’s got lots of options even though Twitter has blocked him out. Fulfillment: he did get a significant tweet through someone else’s govt. account but no one we know.

He is on Parler but Apple is threatening to pull the plug on them. Trump has major dirt on Big Tech and they are retaliating. Nothing is going to stop it and he’s going to make that clear today. Fulfillment: He did

This is a positive support day for Trump as White 13 Cosmic Wizard is in the Hidden Wisdom position. Big meditation o line with David Wilcock through YouTube at 8pm EST

January 11; Monday, Yellow 2 Polar Star; Sidney Powell may be front and center with some great evidence about the fraud that the public can see. She is Yellow Star. The lawsuit against her from Dominion will be brought up. Dominion is being sued by Trump possibly for enabling the fraudulent election.

January 12; Tuesday, Red 3 Electric Moon; “The taming power of the small.” “Restriction” from the IChing. There will be arrests for the next 3 days. We have Yellow 11 Human as the Hidden Wisdom. That is chaotic humans so there ya have it.

January 13; Wednesday, White 4 Self-Existing Dog;

January 14; Thursday, Blue 5 Overtone Monkey; Big . Blue 5 Overtone Storm is the Guide Power.

January 15; Friday, Yellow 6 Rhythmic Human; 

January 16; Red 7 Resonant Skywalker; Queen Elizabeth disappearing which will be easy to make happen with comms down

January 17; White 8 Galactic Wizard; 

January 18; Blue 9 Solar Eagle; Some military struggle, civil disturbance. Trump letting everyone know he is still in charge. Troops increased

January 19; Yellow 10 Planetary WarriorYellow 10 Planetary Sun. Troops are beefed up.

January 20; Red 11 Spectral EarthInauguration Day. This is the fulfillment of what began on January 6, 2021 with the Capital Insurrection by Left wing Antifa and Pelosi, Red 9 Earth. Red 3 Earth was the 5GForce that day which was Yellow 11 Seed. So Yellow 11 Seed seeded today, Red 11 Earth for FREEDOM, dissolving of the corrupt Deep State and Synchronicity with Liberation.

Please note that Pelosi is Red 9 Solar Earth and I’ve ruminated on that. If she was in Light she would be correctly navigating the Congress as Speaker, especially with White 9 Wind as her support. That gateway is all about speaking with solar awareness.

Instead she’s in shadow and abusing her position of power to cover up her and her family wrong doing and worse. So, she has to be dissolved by Tone 11 and then maybe she’ll evolve.

I Dissolve in order to Evolve.

Releasing Synchroncity I seal the Matrix of Navigation with the Spectral tone of Liberation.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Tzolkin

Thursday. It’s Thor’s Hammer Day. Q. In the Tzolkin Matrix we are on Yellow 11 Spectral Chaos SEED.

Biden is C=/_<. Trump IS NOT C+×÷=. Verified by Corey Goode.

That’s why the C%^&* Dems and MSM want to hang Teump on the White House lawn. Not gonna happen.

Thor’s hammer is THE SEED packet of DNA, time and karma that cannot be stopped. One little seed began the GIANT SEQOUIA trees out west.

It’s not over yet peeps. Today is Thor’s hammer day and the military will be brought in to clean house at some point. I don’t have absolute intel on that but the military has been active under the direction of POTUS all along. He has had the goods for 4 years and had to spin the web before he goes in with… the hammer.

The synchronicity here is the SEED is the hammer that targets the truth.

I dissolve in order to TARGET.

Releasing AWARENESS I seal the input of Flowering with the Spectral tone of LIBERATION.

I am guided by my own power doubled.

The Dreamspell Kin#24

What is THE SEED full of? DNA. There is nothing stronger in the Universe to set a destiny path than DNA. It controls time and karma for each individual. There is no escaping it. People can say whatever they want but what they have seeded in their lives bears either a good fruit or a bad fruit.

Congress is BAD FRUIT and worse. STAY TUNED.

Destiny is in TIME and time is DNA.

Spectral Tone;

Releasing, Liberation, Dissolve

The spectral tone knows the refined art of letting go and being present. You may lose track of time which is not a bad thing because you are so present in your situation. The Yellow Seed Targets Awareness and Flowering. It’s an active Dynamic, spiritual creator, potentiality, leader, performer, and influence.

The analog is Blue 11 Chaotic EAGLE! What is the U.S. emblem? The Eagle which is the case for many countries around the world who are also in trouble. The vision of the TRUTH about what these people and governments around the world are doing with human trafficking and children is the deepest evil you can imagine. POTUS was given all the file in 2016. That’s why he’s in office.

The Guide Power is Itself.

The antipode challenge is White 11 Spectral Chaotic Wizard. The end of the Maldek karma for Red Serpent and White Wizard. MIKE PENCE IS Red 9 Solar SERPENT. He’s done for Maldekian Karma as are Biden (W. WB) and Harris (Red Serpent).

The Hidden Wisdom points to Nancy Pelosi today who is Red 9 Solar Earth whose analog is SPEAKING White 9 Solar Wind. The SUN is the solar informer and she is finished. The Hidden Wisdom is Red 3 ELECTRIC Earth. There is plenty of electricity coming from Thors’ hammer. POTUS is Tone 3.

The 5GForce is Yellow 3 Warrior. That presages an electrifying war based on INTEL or Intelligence.

Tweet from John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher)

Panic in DC?

John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) Tweeted: #PanicInDC

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