Extraordinary, mind-blowing interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Possibly classified. Elon allows the truth on Twitter. Lots of dirt in here.

He confirms so many things we’ve wondered and has incredible stories of what he experienced in the 60’s. A MUST listen and share before MSM tries to shut it down. He has an encyclopedic mind. Just brilliant.

Election Group With Ties to Soros, Zuckerberg Meets in Washington for Conference Closed to Public

The left can mess with voting by changing the computer code.

Moving binary code to ternary code? 🤑🙈🤷‍♀️

“We use the ternary operator in C to run one code when the condition is true and another code when the condition is false. For example, (age >= 18) ?printf(“Can Vote”) : printf(“Cannot Vote”)”

Ternary search on Google


They can change the computer code in the voting machines to program it to allow anyone from anywhere and any age TO VOTE. I just found this. They call this “Open Democracy in a Soros Open Society” when actually it illegal anarchy. The left love lawlessness.

The Shadow State | Documentary


Environmental, Social, Governance

This is good. ESG is the far left MANDATE to corporate and private entities that you follow their rules of engagement. As you watch this, you will see they are 12:60, “Time is Money” rules by which most people on the planet are mind – and heart-programmed.

These people censor empowerment teachers and lightworkers on the planet through media, social media, and weaponized left-wing government. To.a.great extent this is garbage.

What’s funny to me is their indolence. They actually believe and practice that momey is the most powerful THING on earth. It’s not. Only a few of them know how to practice shadow magic, but they do.

All it takes to beat them is for each individual to silently focus your mind in the present through meditation, loving and taking care of yourself, boycotting the larger society and media and everything I talk about on here. You just need to do it.

Watch out for CCP inspired PSCS, your Personal Social Credit Score brought to you by the far left. They call this tolerance of diversity? Friends and family are free to say you have a screw loose if you believe in free will, loving and taking care of your body holistically?

Manhattan DA: Trump created false expectation of arrest, Republicans interfered | Reuters


If you watch the Trump special, you see that’s what he does. He just uses people and manipulates situations to get his way. He is a cult of personality for people who worship big money.

But the Dems are cultish, too. The U.S. government is on big Masonic cult full of lies and secrets… and DEBT. They just keep printing money.

Kari Lake Says ‘Powerful People’ Recently Tried to Bribe Her to Leave Politics

No intelligent, articulate, high-integrity, authentic females are allowed to lead or speak in politics or science.

Now, what will they do to get rid of her?


She EMPOWERS people and seals FREEWILL. The c%^&* can’t have that. Today is Yellow 6 Human and we are in the BLUE HAND 13-day cycle, her analog.

August 23, 1969. Check it yourself. Google Kari Lake birthday

She is in good with Trump and it’s been suggested that she would run as his V.P. She will tell him who these people were and he’ll be all over it. Clear as day. He is her analog; Blue Hand ✋️

Senate Votes Unanimously to Declassify COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Intelligence

Great! They can be bipartisan on this for political expediency. Both parties will benefit at this juncture so they timed this right for themselves.

Have you searched on Dr. Chavez or covid 19 yet in my search box? The fact that the virus was artificial is old news and the fact that the U.S. government was NOTIFIED that it was, according to lab observation, is old news. They sat on it on purpose.

The political profit agenda has been achieved for Big Pharma, thanks to Congress, with mRNA vax, and scapegoating and punishing China for stepping in and buying our debt when we needed them to. How dare they be in a position to HELP the lame U.S. IN DEBT economy to the tune of trillions of dollars. They must be punished.🫣 China must be seen as weaker than us.

God bless America 🇺🇸 No integrity in our government, bought and sold by corporations and the ICC. No disclosure.

The E.T. are shutting down nukes. So…take the WWIII propaganda card off the table and get busy with full military disclosure.


A Manifesto of Attack on Corey Goode from Michael Salla and Lawyer Duke Brickhouse


This thing is whack and a dagger in Corey’s back. I disdain it and have read it.

Traitors all. I had stopped supporting Salla because my gut told me he was 2 White Dog in shadow focused on power politics, takes no prisoners. He is a traitor from way back in our deep past, and he has turned on Corey. Not the first time.

Damn. It’s long. AND THEY SUPPORT A.I. and think we’re over-reacting.

This is the height of ignorance regarding who we are as humans. And not enough people are reading and understanding my book. I have to change this up.

This last comment from Corey that we’re all going to die is Ben talking from Suspicious Observers. Corey is more empathic than he is rational, and when it comes to assessing Ben, that’s not a good thing. They live in the same town, which is suspect.

Corey has been manipulated by these alpha clever men, IMO. You can see he has been trying to understand their psychology by looking at his posts. What gives these alpha men their voice are the strong women in their lives who let the men blather to the rooftops! Corey doesn’t have that. Stacey has her hands full being a mother to their two kids.

This is where your own rational higher mind needs to kick in with your intuitive higher mind to keep you safe. This is spiritual warfare from our deep past, and maybe it’s time for women to lead on this issue. That said, I believe Corey. Yellow 7 Resonant Sun. It’s the most resonant kin in the Tzolkin.

Yesterday 9:30am NPR posted this, BEFORE the violence started

I originally posted this on January 7, 2021, the day after the left tried to frame Trump and his supports for the rioting on the capitol.

FACT: At noon, Trump began an over one-hour speech encouraging protesters to PEACEFULLY march to the U.S. Capitol. At 12:49 p.m.

MSM Reporting on Midterms…??

Millions of absentee ballots have already been mailed in and counted and MSM hasn’t posted any numbers. That’s a red flag right there.

We have to remember that no matter which way this goes, politics and elections are completely corrupt now because of the D.S. Americans are in denial. I’m not.

Change is up to each of us individually, not the politicians or D.C. We have to keep our power. There is no other way. Faith in any government is never going to work and we just don’t want to accept it even though it’s been obvious for years.

Also ScR has dropped to 5 at 3:30 EST

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