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The harmonic never stops and keeps me hopping. When I sense synchronicity, I dial it up, and there it is.

RFK Jr. Birthday 1/17/54, Capricorn ♑️ ruled by Saturn and mediated by Pluto. He means business and is very capable. 6~8 pulse.

His ANALOG IS TODAY, and he made this announcement.!! You could also frame it as he is today’s analog. AND, Tulsi Gabbard, his probable running mate is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm and an Aries. I love her. She kicks butt and is a really good, smart person. She would make a great president.

Here is Tulsi Gabbard’s gateway. Total synchronicity

Tulsi Gabbard birth. 4/12/81. ♈️ Aries ruled by Mars and mediated by Pluto. 1~13 pulse.

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers: Analysis

I hear a lot of people in the Disclosure movement who believe David Grusch is a disinfo agent. He and the approximate 40 other whistleblowers are telling the truth as they know and experience it. Their disclosures are the beginning of what will unfold through 2027/28, according to my briefings. There is an incredible amount of pushback against Grusch and his team…

Corey Goode on ascensiontv.net

Bill Wood, Navy Asset to Top Secret White Hats-Project Looking Glass

February 25, 2021, is the date on this.

Bob is Red 7 Resonant Skywalker

As you get further into the video he talks about convergence of timelines on Mayan predicted date Dec. 21, 2012. That’s us folks. We know all about it. I was working on this project.

It doesn’t sound to me like they understand the Harmonic Index movement at all because they follow current science. They use no intuition. Just listen for yourself. Bill starts at 12:30

The link works at bitcbute no matter what it says on the tab.

Extraordinary, mind-blowing interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

Possibly classified. Elon allows the truth on Twitter. Lots of dirt in here.

He confirms so many things we’ve wondered and has incredible stories of what he experienced in the 60’s. A MUST listen and share before MSM tries to shut it down. He has an encyclopedic mind. Just brilliant.

2,000 Children Sexually Abused by Illinois Catholic Clergy, Report Finds

The U.N. needs to shut down the Vatican for crimes against humanity. The Church will be adjudicated in justice in the higher universe courts. “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also to me.”

The church is not a representative of J.C. at all but his betrayer.


McCarthy Says Biden Might Have a ‘Secret Plan’ on Debt Ceiling


I predicted this this morning. It’s totally a Blue 12 Crystal Night vibration. Blue 12 Night is secret,mysterious, behind the doors, abundance, money, power, mediated by Saturn limits, discipline. Tone 12 is communal and cooperative, which is happening with McCarthy.

There ya have it. The Tzolkin is always right.

Election Group With Ties to Soros, Zuckerberg Meets in Washington for Conference Closed to Public

The left can mess with voting by changing the computer code.

Moving binary code to ternary code? 🤑🙈🤷‍♀️

“We use the ternary operator in C to run one code when the condition is true and another code when the condition is false. For example, (age >= 18) ?printf(“Can Vote”) : printf(“Cannot Vote”)”

Ternary search on Google


They can change the computer code in the voting machines to program it to allow anyone from anywhere and any age TO VOTE. I just found this. They call this “Open Democracy in a Soros Open Society” when actually it illegal anarchy. The left love lawlessness.

True Time Update-11Night


This is from the IMF or International Monetary Fund


Shareholders Say JPMorgan Chase Has ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Political Bias

More spectral chaotic abundance in shadow; Chase Bank is a parana. I’ve boycotted them for 20 years.


I’ve read these and found the vibration to be in shadow, false, and manipulative. Check it out for yourself. Create your own frequency in Light.

Today is Blue 11 Spectral Night which is dissolving, chaotic abundance IN TIME. So, these people know how to spin up and create a problem where there is none. They have an agenda. So we/you have to counter it with your focused mind and intention.


This oracle begs for using your intuition about your own money picture to capture abundance for yourself. Go into meditation from the pineal gland down to the center of your body.

Conjure up every positive emotion you have about enough money in the bank to live, great healthy food, pretty much anything you need and feel yourself having it. Be careful with creating a greedy vibration. Gratitude and plenty is best.

My happy feelings always come during a dance workout and my body shrinking. I feel like I can manifest anything I need once I feel good and look good so that is a good place to start. That’s because abundance starts in THE FLESH, The 4D etheric body and astral body.

The Shadow State | Documentary


Environmental, Social, Governance

This is good. ESG is the far left MANDATE to corporate and private entities that you follow their rules of engagement. As you watch this, you will see they are 12:60, “Time is Money” rules by which most people on the planet are mind – and heart-programmed.

These people censor empowerment teachers and lightworkers on the planet through media, social media, and weaponized left-wing government. To.a.great extent this is garbage.

What’s funny to me is their indolence. They actually believe and practice that momey is the most powerful THING on earth. It’s not. Only a few of them know how to practice shadow magic, but they do.

All it takes to beat them is for each individual to silently focus your mind in the present through meditation, loving and taking care of yourself, boycotting the larger society and media and everything I talk about on here. You just need to do it.

Watch out for CCP inspired PSCS, your Personal Social Credit Score brought to you by the far left. They call this tolerance of diversity? Friends and family are free to say you have a screw loose if you believe in free will, loving and taking care of your body holistically?

U.S. Space Force General Warns Space, the Final Frontier, Is First Theater of 21st Century Combat

I posted this 2 weeks ago. Trump is not a saint at all, but he started the U.S. Space Force in 2019 because he is on board with disclosure and an inhabited universe. That makes him a prime target for assassination which wouldn’t help anything. However, they succeeded rubbing out JFK who was going to do disclosure, they tried with Reagan who was enthusiastic about disclosure, and it’s obvious they want to be rid of Trump who supports disclosure.

Take a look at this again.


This is disclosure on Red 2 Polar Dragon. Synchronicity. There aren’t just satellites out there and everyone knows it. The Orion Groups still bother.

We’re guided by the power of Space; Red Skywalker.

The 18,000-member United States Space Command, a unified all-service command under the Department of Defense (DOD), and the 8,600-member United States Space Force, the eighth U.S. military branch established in December 2019, are the nation’s space-keepers.

Space Command and Space Force are charged with ensuring the security of global satellite communications, “space domain awareness,” offensive and defensive “space control effects,” and digital positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services that are all critical for military command-and-control operations in outer space and on Earth.

The link

The United States is spearheading a global attempt “to establish norms of responsible behavior” to guide how nations conduct business in space, he said, noting the DOD has published a proposed ‘Tenets of Space Behavior’ and the United States has signed onto the seven-nation Coalition Space Operations Initiative that recognizes “we have to behave a certain way if we want a safe, sustainable space domain.”

The link

They conduct business in space! That’s the ICC supposedly based on Jupiter in the interior. You never hear Biden or Dems talking about Space Force because he is c@$%^ and in league with the ICC against Earth Alliance.

This also sounds like a delineation of the Earth Alliance, which includes all countries EXCEPT Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t have allies in those countries. Trump made nice with Putin and N. Korea and broke tradition because the TRUE enemy is the ICC, The International Corporate Conglomerate overseen by the GGLN. The U.S. c×÷=/ are in their pocket. Unless you are an insider, it’s hard to know friends from enemies.

Trump Lawyer Predicts Motion to Dismiss Charges in Grand Jury Indictment


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