As I Thought. The Power Is Up to 45

Solar cycle flip; magnetic north and south flip every 22 years on the sun! We just entered solar cycle 25 which means the last one was 2001. Nobody was freaking out on narratives then except for the whole millenial thing. Y2K? Omg. Fear,fear, fear. Someone was selling books.

I just posted Map 30 on the Sunspot cycle. I included the Hx-HF alignments for the dates of solar cycle change. I just calculated the last one. It’s was December 9, 2022, Red 10 Planetary Serpent, HF52-Hx12 WHICH WAS AN OMEGA POINT which means ending of a cycle which is an equatorial hexagram on the American Plate. Jose put the word “Mayans” next to it. It’s a TROPIC Hexagram.

Ok. Flipping the page, that means HF53 began the new solar cycle, Hx21 which says TIAHUANACO on the image. It’s just beneath Hx12.

On December 13, 2022 we hit Red 1 Magnetic Moon in HF53 and began a new HF, a new 13 day cycle and new 52 day castle, the Green Castle of Enchantment; Court of the Matrix, Synchronize Human. By 12/22/23 we were getting blizzard warnings here and the weather turned big time, and there was no sun from the 12/22 blizzard until today.

Now the solar flares are hitting and the sun is out so we began a new solar cycle IMO.

The amplitude power is 45
More amplitude than we’ve seen in 6 months. IMO, it’s because we’ve ended a 11.3 year solar cycle. It’s the crossover node either positive or negative in the binary crossover polarity. We are entering solar cycle 25. It’s nature.

ScR is up 11%

I’m so dizzy I can barely stand. The time on that rise is 1 am EST but we’re getting hit with something now. Probably the X class solar flare from yesterday per

No sun in Michigan for 3 weeks. I hope by now you have your consciousness attuned so you can feel the truth about earth changes in your body. You can rely on your own knowing.

The X-class solar flare today facing Earth DID affect us per the Schumann Resonance today. The scientists and talking heads continue to ignore the changes in the Psi Bank and the larger Cosmic Cycles. Follow the male hoarde with a cute face and a low, authoritative voice at your own risk. It’s mesmerizing isn’t it?

Frequency is 8
The Amplitude is 6 right now but going up to 18 on all 4 earth layers tonight.

We are still in the FULL MOON Cycle. Take care of brain, eyes, water, light. They also ignore the lunar cycles and astrology.

CHANCE OF FLARES TODAY: NOAA forecasters say there is a 20% chance of X-class solar flares today. If it happens, it will probably come from sunspot AR3182, now turning to tace Earth:

AR3182 has already produced X-class events on Jan. 3rd and Jan 6th, so another one would be in character. Of equal interest is sunspot AR3181, which has doubled in size in the past 24 hours and is now directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

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FULL WOLF MOON: There was a full Moon last night, and according to folklore it has a special name: The Wolf Moon. Dr. Tony Phillips watched it rise from the back of a dog sled in California’s Eastern Sierra:

“I forgot my headlamp at home,” he says. “No problem. The Wolf Moon provided all the illumination we needed. Watching the huskies’s moon shadows race across the snow was a magical experience.”

Multidimensional Understanding of How the Sun’s Changes are Affecting Earth and Our DNA Through the Tzolkin

I posted this in 2021. It bears taking another look again. I know you have to put on your thinking cap but the Sun is not causing these changes. The evolution of our DNA is causing these changes and then the Sun and earth respond.

The Sun IS Sentient and Has It’s Own Type of DNA. The Sun is our Mother…and Father. Everything in the Universe is Gender Balanced. Earth needs to Copy That.

I’m not saying the sun is any less sentient than the 10 planets, or that it’s not evolving also in its own way. But it’s not in charge of the local system cycles. The Tzolkin Harmonic is in charge of the local system cycles for Earth (the moon), Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Sun ( a star), the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Kuiper Belt.

They’re going to have to read my book, “Time is DNA” “Earth Ascending” and many other great books on the power of the Tzolkin Harmonic and its exponential cycles. It’s been ignored and denigrated by the Science narrative for too long, probably because its coordinate is 13:20 instead of 12:60. Our bodies don’t follow a mechanistic clock or a B.S. Gregorian Calendar put in place to confuse our mind, body, and spirit. We evolve according to a 26,000-year cycle.

I’m sorry so many people are superstitious about the number thirteen that brings BALANCE of power to females and males but that is the way of the universe. Human tradition’s way is not the Universe’s way, the evil and error that reigns supreme in science and government on Earth are trying to mandate to all humans that it’s their way or the highway. It’s not going to work. Take to the highway please with your lack of understanding of what earth wills and needs and Universal Law that accords empowerment to EVERYONE no matter what gender or culture. Human insecurity and ego are going to have to submit to the larger universal cycles and what’s good for the collective survival of those on the planet that want to stay during our ascension. What the scientists surmise from past cycles and their own fears will not dictate or usurp the will of individuals in a region.

If someone (or a large group) sits in fear, hates the human race, thinks we are slave insects, and wants to leave the planet they will be free to do that. They are not free to take others with them who love life, love their bodies, want to be here, and are going to stay.

So, I heard Ben’s little sarcastic whisper at the end of his post today about the sun. I know very well that guys have a psychological preference for anything that is BIG and Blows up because of their male physiology in the Blue Monkey, Yellow Star region, but what is big and can micronova or supernova doesn’t mean it’s the RULER of the LOCAL Universe. Most of the time the sun isn’t blowing up. It’s just nurturing all Life.

One-half of the body pulses the male energy and one-half pulses the female energy. The Yellow sun tribe initiates KARMA on the right and the Blue Storm tribe receives the crowning DHARMA on the left. The yellow sun tribe is in charge of initiating the male principle and WHITE DOG from the LEFT FOOT going up initiates the female receptive energy coalescing in the sub-stop codon that balances our brain, TRYPTOPHAN or Blue storm. The whole time they are weaving bilateral or binary ∞∞∞∞∞∞

The measurement of what is finished on the karmic side; Stop Codon, Cysteine, Glycine, Alanine, Valine, Serine, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, and Methionine, moves to refinement to teach a lesson as;

Aspartic Acid (the female teaches love and loyalty), Asparagine, Glutamic Acid (we birth humans), Glutamine (big muscles), Lysine, Arginine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, and Tryptophan.

Go ahead with your various Novas on the karmic side. On the dharmic side, we sit in love and loyalty, make humans and all good things, and go to sleep during a rainstorm. But what use is that if humans are just going to be blown up by a Supernova? Life and death. The two exist next to each other, don’t they? Is it ironic that the female receptive left side is SOLAR-prophetic? No, because the Sun is our mother. She birthed ALL LIFE and all of the planets. The right male side is GALACTIC-KARMIC. Karma comes through the male from Galactic Center and goes directly to the sun for the planets to parse out and teach via the kin.

Just Before Our Sun Dies, Its Light Will Shatter The Asteroid Belt to Dust,Just%20Before%20Our%20Sun%20Dies%2C%20Its%20Light%20Will,The%20Asteroid%20Belt%20to%20Dust

After the last post, a few minutes ago, I walked downstairs and I thought, “I bet the sun can turn the asteroid belt to dust.” It was just on my radar and I picked it up. I came upstairs and googled, “Can the sun turn the asteroid belt to dust?” Holy crap. Geez, my radar is freaky. Just to be clear, the coming solar flash is not our sun DYING. It is our Sun changing. It isn’t going to die for billions of years. However, my intuition says that the ELM energy from just the flash could turn our asteroid belt to dust. I could be wrong but a solar flash is super, super strong.


13 FEBRUARY 2020

The light of a dying star is so intense it can reduce asteroids to dust. A new study indicates this will happen to most of the stars currently burning in the Universe, including the Sun, which will shatter its asteroid belt down to boulders in about 5 to 6 billion years.

The sole agent of this mass destruction is electromagnetic radiation, according to modelling, and it has to do with the Yarkovsky-O’Keefe-Radzievskii-Paddack (YORP) effect, named after the four scientists who contributed to understanding it.

The YORP effect occurs when the heat of a star changes the rotation of a small Solar System object – an asteroid, for example.

Light energy from the Sun is absorbed by the asteroid, warming it up. The heat makes its way through the rock until it is emitted again in different directions as thermal radiation. This emission generates a tiny amount of thrust; over short time periods, this doesn’t really change much, but over longer periods, it can cause an asteroid to spin or wobble off-axis.

The phenomenon of tumbling asteroids is one way we can already observe this process today. But as the Sun evolves, the effect is going to become more pronounced.

When main sequence stars like the Sun reach their elderly stages, they enter something called the giant branch stage as they expand out, getting very big and very bright. That stage lasts just a few million years before – whoosh! – they eject their outer material and collapse down into a dense dead star called a white dwarf.

For the Sun, that process will take place in about 5 or 6 billion years (mark it in your calendar).

“When a typical star reaches the giant branch stage, its luminosity reaches a maximum of between 1,000 and 10,000 times the luminosity of our Sun,” explained astrophysicist Dimitri Veras of the University of Warwick.

“Then the star contracts down into an Earth-sized white dwarf very quickly, where its luminosity drops to levels below our Sun’s. Hence, the YORP effect is very important during the giant branch phase, but almost non-existent after the star has become a white dwarf.”

Because of the initially increased luminosity, the YORP effect would also increase. And most asteroids are not dense chunks of rocks; they’re more loosey-goosey, low-density conglomerations riddled with cavities, known as “rubble piles“.

According to the team’s computer modelling, the YORP effect would spin most asteroids larger than 200 metres across (about 660 feet) enough to cause them to fracture and disintegrate.

This disintegration wouldn’t happen to objects with higher structural integrity, such as dwarf planets (so Pluto is safe!). But an asteroid belt has a different fate.

“For one solar-mass giant branch stars – like what our Sun will become – even exo-asteroid belt analogues will be effectively destroyed,” Veras said.

“The YORP effect in these systems is very violent and acts quickly, on the order of a million years. Not only will our own asteroid belt be destroyed, but it will be done quickly and violently. And due solely to the light from our Sun.”

It’s not just computer modelling that shows evidence of this. Our observations of white dwarfs suggest this, too.

Over a quarter of white dwarf stars have evidence of metals from asteroid guts in their spectra. These asteroid signatures in white dwarf spectra are something of a mystery and are still debated.

The YORP effect could explain how the asteroid metals got there. As the asteroids crumble, they form a disc of asteroid dust around the white dwarf, some of which gets slurped down into the dead star.

“These results help locate debris fields in giant branch and white dwarf planetary systems, which is crucial to determining how white dwarfs are polluted,” Veras said.

“We need to know where the debris is by the time the star becomes a white dwarf to understand how discs are formed. So the YORP effect provides important context for determining where that debris would originate.”

The research has been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The Fountain of Youth. Alan Watts On The Eternal Now” on YouTube

I am the one saying that the CNS, the axis of the eternal present is the fountain of youth. It literally is. The link below is Alan Watts

I have a comment on what Alan Watts said about J.C. He made the universe and all sentience in it but he is not “in charge” of it. He is a loving administrator but all sentience is in charge of it. We have free will. We are all co-creating creation with Christ. I wish people would get busy making sure they are doing their part instead of waiting for J.C. to do everything.

This follows on the heels of my post on meditation for the CNS, the brain, and spinal cord. Our soul sits in the dan tien below the navel and its source is T10, the lower thoracic spine.

Your brain and spinal cord are not flailing around on the planet like the fleshy ego body. Your brain and spinal cord are still. When you meditate and feel your eternal spirit in your head and spine you are accessing timelessness, who you are in God and there is no death; HF33. This body doesn’t have to die and you can transition from this planet when your work is done here.

Meditation to Raise the Frequency of the CNS-The Fountain of Youth

This one way to position your body. There are many.

The Central Nervous System of humans, the brain, and the spinal column, are The Axis of the Eternal Present according to the Mayan Harmonic System that illuminates the transcendence of our DNA as an inner healing method. DNA is in the nucleus of every one of our trillion cells in our bodies. It is rigid and only 2% of the genome. The other 98% is the ever-moving, ever jelly-like, ever uncontrollable to the geneticists, RNA or ribonucleic acid. That’s where YOU come in. We can program our RNA ourselves which then can solidify into DNA in the nucleus of our cells. When you meditate, tell your body to focus in on molding your RNA the way you want it. Pick a specific area of your body that you wish to heal if it’s been traumatized or just bothers you.

This is not minor folks. It’s literal in our manifestation, tone 10 that perfects, then dissolves and liberates with tone 11, merges and folds with collective tone 12, and rockets to cosmic tone 13 for our ascension.

There are 7 base chakras or energy centers in the center of the body but because we know we are evolving, there are now 12, maybe 13. We see 12 here; I’m wondering if the 13 Tones of creation pulsing through the joints are where the axis of the chakras are?

  1. Earth Star and Root Chakra might pulse Tones 1 and 13 at the ankles and Tones 2 and 12 at the knees. Tone 1 is right, tone 13 is left.
  2. Sacral Chakra might pulse Tones 3 and 11 at both hip joints. Tone 3 is right, tone 11 is left.
  3. The Navel Chakra is the Dan Tien or seat of the soul. It’s pulse comes from T10, thoracic vertebrae 10 (vertebrae are diarthrotic joints) whose nerve root enters at the Dan Tien below the navel. This is your ancestral QI or connection to your mother “issues”. It’s the subconscious mind expressed in your Hidden Wisdom position in your Mayan Oracle Gateway. Tones 4 and 10 pulse through both wrists. Tone 4 is right, tone 10 is left. If you stand up and let your arms hang straight down, the wrists are at the level of the Dan Tien.
  4. The solar plexus chakra may pulse to tones 5 and 9 or the elbows. Tone 5 is right, tone 10 is left. If you stand and let your arms hang straight, the elbows are at the level of the solar plexus chakra.
  5. The heart chakra is already known by healers to have pathways to both shoulders, down the arms and into the palm of the hands. The shoulder joints pulse to tones 6 and 8. Tone 6 is right, tone 8 is left.
  6. The throat chakra or voice/creative expression center may pulse to Tone 7 which pulses to C7 or cervical vertebrae 7 at the base of the neck. Tone 7 is right in the center of your throat, where your vocal folds vibrate! That covers all 13 tones.
  7. The 3rd eye or the pineal gland, which is the source of TRUE SIGHT, pulses to Crown, Causal, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway chakras, to the Upper Densities that allow remote viewing. Your skull and all pieces attached to it are the only bone in your head and it vibrates according to the pineal gland, not a bony joint. Just above C7 or Tone 7 which is the resonant tone, is the cranial nerve plexus of 12 cranial nerves that go into your skull so that speaks volumes about how our entire QI body resonates through our vocal apparatus and our creative selves. That all comes through the crown chakra and the upper etheric bodies and creates art and music. Time is art. All that vibration was certainly not meant for a green piece of paper that means nothing in Time, ultimately. You can’t take it with you. I’ve actually had a few patients say they wish they could. Now that is shadow folks. Time is Money is pure, 100% shadow.
  8. The 12 cranial nerves that any bodyworker who has any skill at all can work on are seen below. Don’t let a doctor mess with AXIS or C1. They are affecting the cranial nerves.
Cranial nerves

It is highly important to meditate daily on the activation of the CNS to a dynamic level. If your pineal gland isn’t spinning yet due to the virus or your own activation it needs to be now. We are lowering the dependence on the physical eyes and seeing more with the 3rd eye in the mid-brain which is the pineal gland.

The pineal gland makes its own natural melatonin so if you take synthetic or non-natural melatonin it’s blocking your pineal gland from functioning properly and can cause dementia. So the first item on the agenda is to get off of all synthetic brain or eye herbs, meds, hormones, etc. They are changing your brain otherwise.

The pineal gland is a stargate and allows your mind to go into a delta or deep sleep state. It’s the unconscious mind and is responsible for dreaming. You have to sleep and dream or you will die. It’s essential for your brain that the pineal gland is functioning normally. Use THC gummies or Herb Pharm “Passionflower” tincture to help you sleep. There is also Herb Pharm tincture “Relaxing Sleep”. Also, nix the caffeine. It causes inflammation and dehydration in the body, both detrimental.

  1. Create a quiet area undisturbed where you can focus and breathe for 20 minutes.
  2. Observe how your head feels right now. If it hurts, press in on the two bony notches right up the bridge of your nose at the top, under the edges of your eyebrows and press with both index fingers. Then press across under the ridge of your brow until you get to your temples. If you have lower limbic pain at the base of your skull find your still point at the indentation at the back bottom of your skull and press up. Hold it and breathe. Don’t ever hold your breath. If you are, it means you don’t want to let something go. Tell yourself to let it go!
  3. Observe your breathing rate right now. Is it shallow and fast or slow and deep, into abdomen expansion caused by the lungs? You want the latter if you’ve been stressed so slow your breathing gradually.
  4. Close your eyes and check your brain movement. Does it feel like the midbrain is spinning? Fast or slow? I just checked mine while I stopped typing and it has completely changed now that I’m off of melatonin. It’s oval, rotating slowly, more toward the frontal lobe and is light blue. It’s working on cleaning up the energy connections in my brain and I feel like my old self again. I was on melatonin for far too long. If you’ve been a brain med or are on one, or using a toxin like alcohol, cigs, or other drugs, you have to go off of all of it to meditate and tune up spiritually. Do whatever you have to do to clean it up. Work with a holistic therapist. It will mean your life.
  5. Once you’ve got the pineal gland spinning as you wish, focus up with your mind and open the crown chakra. This is the stargate. Keep your boundaries and don’t just blast out into the universe not caring where you’re going. Have a sincere request if you wish to travel, but ideally, right now, you will be guided down into your body to examine what’s going on there through the chakras and Mayan Tones of Creation on the joints.

Study: Loving-Kindness Meditation Slows Biological Aging & Protects DNA Strands

The Pulse from Conscious Evolution



  • The Facts:
    • Scientists have shown that loving-kindness meditation has a positive impact at the cellular level.
    • The study examined how different types of meditation influenced telomere length, an indicator of physiological aging.
    • Cultivating compassion and friendly feelings towards others slowed the decline of telomeres.
  • Reflect On:Should mindfulness interventions be taught to us from a young age? Should they be included in school curriculums and perhaps implemented in the workplace? Should they be prescribed by doctors in certain circumstances?

In today’s world, where there’s no money there’s no attention. This is especially true when it comes to the medical-industrial complex, and it’s why the science behind health interventions that can be quite beneficial, is not at the forefront of mainstream medicine.

The mind-body connection is one of these health interventions. A study published in 2019 is one of many that has provided proof of just how impactful mindfulness interventions can be on human biology. It’s titled “Loving-kindness meditation slows biological aging in novices: Evidence from a 12-week randomized controlled trial” and was published in the Journal  Psychoneuroendocrinology.

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The study suggests that loving-kindness meditation has a measurable positive impact at the cellular level. The study examined how different types of meditation influenced telomere length, which is an indicator of physiological aging.

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes. With time they get shorter. For the most part, the more we age the shorter they get. Other environmental toxins, like smoking and unhealthy habits, also contribute to the shortening of our telomeres. There are also a number of habits and substances that have been shown to slow down this process & even lengthen our telomeres, like fasting for example, which in essence means one is reversing the aging process.

“Chronological age and biological age are not identical. The former is measured in years, whereas the latter is often indexed by telomere length,” the authors explained. “Telomeres progressively shorten with cell division (i.e., aging) in general but may also be replenished or lengthened by the enzyme telomerase.”

The study was 12 weeks long and comprised of 176 participants between the ages of 35-64 years old. All of the participants had little to no meditation experience and were assigned to a 6-week long loving-kindness meditation workshop, a 6-week mindfulness meditation workshop, or a waitlist control group.

Researchers collected blood samples at the beginning and end of the study in order to measure telomere length before and after the meditation intervention.

The mindfulness meditation workshop helped the participants focus on the present moment and develop a non-judgmental attitude. It was simply used to help bring one’s awareness into the present moment, while the loving-kindness meditation workshop focused on helping participants cultivate warm and friendly feelings towards others.

The researchers found that telomere length shortened for everybody, which is normal, but the daily practice of the loving-kindness meditation created a buffer against the decline. The researchers explained that in the loving-kindness group, there was “no significant telomere shortening over time.”

These results correlate with other studies that have looked at meditation and telomere length. Research published in the journal Cancer in 2014 found that telomeres maintained their length in breast cancer survivors who practiced mindfulness meditation. Additionally, a 2018 study in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity found that telomere length actually increased in meditation retreat participants after three weeks.

Feeling gratitude, which can be part of a loving-kindness meditation also changes the molecular structure of the brain. Neuroimaging studies have shown this to be true.

Having an attitude of gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps gray matter functioning, and makes us healthier and happier. When you feel happiness, the central nervous system is affected. You are more peaceful, less reactive and less resistant. Now that’s a really cool way of taking care of your well-being.

UCLA Newsroom, Joan Moran.

You can read more about that here.

Other fascinating research in this area has come from the scientists at the HeartMath Institute. Their research has also shown the importance of emotions not just on our own biology, but on others as well.

According to Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., and Director of Research at Heartmath,

Research findings have shown that as we practice heart coherence and radiate love and compassion, our heart generates a coherent electromagnetic wave into the local field environment that facilitates social coherence, whether in the home, workplace, classroom or sitting around a table. As more individuals radiate heart coherence, it builds an energetic field that makes it easier for others to connect with their heart. So, theoretically it is possible that enough people building individual and social coherence could actually contribute to an unfolding global coherence.

You can read more about that here.

Peace, compassion, service to others and positive emotions are often overlooked when it comes to being game-changers for the world and changing our human experience. Despite being so overlooked, they may be the dominant and most important factors for humanity to cultivate if we are going to progress, move forward, and thrive as a human collective.

A portion of our membership, which is what helps to sustain us and keep us going in this world of censorship, is committed to helping people cultivate these feelings. If you’d wish to explore and start a free trial, you can do so here.

Researchers Have Achieved Sustained Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation

Lisa’s Comment on This

Notice the highlighted portions. This new information shores up the section in my research on CROSSOVER POLARITY in our DNA. It is also an illustration of how the theme and analog relate to one another in the theme-plex. They are entangled.

It goes against nature, which is in our DNA. Our DNA is not just 4D, it’s multi-density frequency. We just have to program our minds so our cells REMEMBER. DNA creates gravity and gravity creates space-time. (4D). What creates DNA, the beginning piece? Our mothers and fathers; our ancestors. We are quantum co-creators with Source…naturally. We are Real Intelligence from a Real Source.

The thing is, humans have never been any different. Our evolution and genetic ancestry has set us up to be entangled with one another psychically, telepathically, physically, emotionally on every level. We’ve just been brainwashed by the elite money-mongers to be divisive and we keep focusing on them instead of ourselves.

Here is the link;

The breakthrough, made by researchers at Caltech, Fermilab and NASA, among others, is a step towards a practical quantum internet.

By Becky Ferreira and Jason KoeblerDec 17 2020, 2:00pmShareTweetSnap from VICE.COM

In a major breakthrough for the quest toward quantum internet, a technology that would revolutionize computing in myriad ways, a consortium of well-regarded institutions have announced the first demonstration of sustained, high-fidelity quantum teleportation over long distances. 

Led by Caltech, a collaboration between Fermilab, AT&T, Harvard University, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of Calgary reports the successful teleportation of qubits, basic units of quantum information, across 22 kilometers of fiber in two testbeds: the Caltech Quantum Network and the Fermilab Quantum Network. 

“The team has been working persistently and keeping our heads down in the past few years,” said Maria Spiropulu, a particle physicist at Caltech who directs the INQNET research program and co-authored the new paper, in an email.

Though the collaboration knew it had “achieved significant results” by the spring of 2020, Spiropulu added, they refrained from sharing the news, even informally on social media, until the publication of the full study this week.

“We wanted to push the envelope for this type of research and take important steps on a path to realize both real-life applications for quantum communications and networks and test fundamental physics ideas,” said Panagiotis Spentzouris, head of the Quantum Science Program at Fermilab, in an email.

“So, when we finally did it, the team was elated, very proud for achieving these high-quality, record-breaking results,” he continued. “And we are very excited that we can move to the next phase, utilizing the know-how and the technologies from this work towards the deployment of quantum networks.”

The researchers say their experiment used “off-the-shelf” equipment that is compatible with both existing telecommunications infrastructure and emerging quantum technologies. The results “provide a realistic foundation for a high-fidelity quantum Internet with practical devices,” according to a study released on Tuesday in the journal PRX Quantum report. 

Quantum teleportation does not involve the actual transfer of matter. (but 4D is not seperate from density frequencies. The fields are unifiied. They don’t want us to remember our power for their profit) Rather, quantum particles are entangled (dependent on each other, even over long distances) and somehow know the property of their other half. From our explainer earlier this year: 

In a way, entangled particles behave as if they are aware of how the other particle is behaving. Quantum particles, at any point, are in a quantum state of probabilities, where properties like position, momentum, and spin of the particle are not precisely determined until there is some measurement. For entangled particles, the quantum state of each depends on the quantum state of the other; if one particle is measured and changes state, for example, the other particle’s state will change accordingly.

The study aimed to teleport the state of quantum qubits, or “quantum bits,” which are the basic units of quantum computing. According to the study, the researchers set up what is basically a compact network with three nodes: Alice, Charlie, and Bob. In this experiment, Alice sends a qubit to Charlie. Bob has an entangled pair of qubits, and also sends one qubit to Charlie, where it interferes with Alice’s qubit. Charlie projects Alice’s qubit onto an entangled quantum Bell State that transfers the state of Alice’s original qubit to Bob’s remaining qubit. 

The breakthrough is notable for a few reasons. Many previous demonstrations of quantum teleportation have proven to be unstable over long distances. For example, in 2016, researchers at the University of Calgary were able to perform quantum teleportation at a distance of six kilometers. This was the world record at the time and was seen as a major achievement.

The ultimate goal is to create quantum networks that would use entanglement and superposition to vastly increase computing speed, power, and security, relative to classical computers. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy has an ambitious plan to build a quantum network between its National Laboratories. 

Any field that relies on computers would be affected by the realization of this technology, though much of the focus of the future potential of quantum networks revolves around cryptography, search algorithms, financial services, and quantum simulations that could model complex phenomena.

Quantum computing has been on the horizon for years, and this study takes us one step closer to realizing it on a practical scale. But don’t expect to surf a quantum internet anytime soon.

“People on social media are asking if they should sign up for a quantum internet provider (jokingly of course),” Spiropulu said. “We need (a lot) more R&D work.”

Now that Fermilab, Caltech, and its partners have demonstrated this key step toward these networks, the team plans to further develop quantum information technology by building a metropolitan-scale network, called the Illinois Express Quantum Network, around Chicago.

I think it’s A.I. and don’t trust it.-November 2022 

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