Gray Day

The sky is much grayer lack of light and still prayer.

Tree bark darker wet mud dragged up stairs.

No grayer will be in that Michigan sky, mournful woes sad goodbyes.

Sad goodbyes to bright sun that shocks eyes now in May…

Appears a huge orb high in the sky,

We say “What’s that big orange disc by day?”

Who hides behind clouds that we hate.

Oh please dear sun, we beg for your warmth,

We can’t take one more grate of this fate.

My son says, “I don’t know what is better, gray sky or the snow?”,

His smug face looks at me with a smirk.

He’s eighteen and he’s jibbing his mother so low

But he’s serious, he prefers this to hurt,

The hurt of the sun burning down on his face shining wonderful light in his eyes

He was born in a snowbank at the end of this month

Eighteen short years as I rank.

I’ll forgive him this time as there won’t be much more

Of his smart alec ways to imbibe

He’s going away, out my front door

And that’s when my heart may just die.



My Only Child Turns Eighteen Today

He went from twenty inches long to 70 inches long.  Something, or someone pulled him into this big, strapping, broad shouldered, sweet, brilliant man.

Well, legally he’s a man, but now he needs to launch out into this crazy mess of humans bumping around, unaware of how their thoughts and feelings create their life.  He is a calm, kind soul so he won’t be skinning anyone alive, but he does tend to be honest in a very charitable manner so most people won’t get off scot free from his observations.


The day of your birth, a crisp, cold, crystal day

In my memory, eighteen years ago holds sway

Who do I value most of all?

It’s you my son so big and tall

May your life have adventures that take your breath

May you jump in feet first, unafraid of death

I know that’s odd for a mother to say

But my son has seen death like it’s yesterday

His father is gone, a year ago now

He loved our son dearly at his final bow

I’ve held the ship level as best I can

Mostly alone with some helping hand

The men do die, often you know

The woman on her own in the ice and snow

Remember that sometimes people need help

A hand or two is all when they yelp

Just as we have done in these last two years

Keep your friends close as you move through the tears

But there’s fun to be had, plenty of that

As you move around life from the last place you sat

Run the race strong, keep your head up son

And be a good friend ’til your Earth life is done

Alex was ten in this picture

The Children

The Children

In our quest for power, money, equal status, and safety as women and men, we need to remember our basic instinct and job as adults is to properly feed, care for, and love the children. If you’re not doing that, what else matters? It’s our greatest joy and the way we learn bonding and love.

How do my breasts look? Not.

Grand Rapids just held a fund-raiser to fight breast cancer.  “Bra’s Across the Grand” raised $23,000.  That’s fabulous!  With this action in the picture, I’m wondering if they were making a statement about the fact that tight fitting or wrong fitting bras are one of the known causes of breast cancer?  In other words, “hang your bra out to dry and leave it there!”


When I first saw this I thought, “I guess they’re just trying to bring attention to women’s breasts.  You can’t exactly hang pictures of women’s breasts in photos across the Grand River” Although there are plethora of them on the porn sights 24/7 I’m sure.  Men sure spend an inordinate amount of time staring through the 2 layers of shirt and bra or shirt and camisole to figure out the details of what a woman’s breasts look like.  Don’t ya just love that?  Oh, here, let me stare at your crotch to figure out the details of your “stuff”.  Guys might not admit it, but some might mind that.  The women I know do mind having their breasts stared at in public.

I love my breasts.  I fed my son with them…very adequately!  But I don’t want a man to decide whether he’s going to spend time with me SOLELY on the details of my breasts or whether he’s going to have unlimited access to them like a suckling child.  And lately, on the dating scene, it kind of seems that way whether they admit it or not.  To be fair to the men, I will say this.  There is a difference between how a guy looks at them if he’s emotionally attaching to you and how a guy looks at them if he wants to use you.  The one fellow I’m “a bit fond of” here in town looked at them like they were Thanksgiving dinner and he hadn’t eaten in a month.  It was endearing actually and sort of cute.  Other guys I want to deck when they “grab a peek” but couldn’t care less and don’t know me at all.

I didn’t know until about a year ago that bra wearing had been studied and it was found that that choice is a cause of breast cancer.  It is well known that it restricts the LYMPH flow in and around the armpit.  Even if the bra fits well, it is form fitting and is “holding you in”.  This is not unlike the men wearing briefs!

Remember the whole boxers vs. briefs debate that came up in the 90’s?  I remember a Seinfeld episode making light of it.  LOL.  This WebMD article elucidates what I’m referring to.  Doctors recommend that men never wear briefs because it lowers the sperm count in the testes.  They suggest boxers or nothing.  It takes 10-11 weeks for men to produce sperm.  It goes on to say men should wear nothing, often, when they are at home.

Mercola is a fairly well known health site.  In this article, it does indeed say that physicians and researchers agree that the very “pretty”, hip, mod, under wire, tight fitting bras are one of the causes of breast cancer, as is aluminum in anti-perspirant.  I never buy that stuff.  That’s like anti-biotics.  Who is against perspiring/anti-perspiring?  And who is against all bacteria and life in the body?/anti/biotic (Bio means LIFE).  There are a couple brands that are just deodorant.  It’s worth hunting for.  And of course your diet affects your body smell and your cancer risk.  Eat across the color spectrum with fruits and veggies, low saturated fat, and low or no processed foods.

Women’s bodies are not less important than men’s.  Women’s healthy breasts are just as important as men’s healthy testes. The way a woman’s breasts LOOK is no more important than how a man’s “stuff” looks in shorts or pants hanging loose or in boxers.  The equivalent of a woman wearing boxers would be a camisole under a blouse.  Women should not wear tight fitting bras!  Just like men should not wear briefs.

Bras vs. Briefs-Not.

Camisoles vs. Boxers-Yes

Blowing in the wind vs. Blowing in the Wind-Yes!!!!!!   It’s all pretty.    Hehehehehehe.

“The thinking child…

“The thinking child is not antisocial (he is, in fact, the only type of child fit for social relationships). When he develops his first values and conscious convictions, particularly as he approaches adolescence, he feels an intense desire to share them with a friend who would understand him; if frustrated, he feels an acute sense of loneliness. (Loneliness is specifically the experience of this type of child—or adult; it is the experience of those who have something to offer. The emotion that drives conformists to “belong,” is not loneliness, but fear—the fear of intellectual independence and responsibility. The thinking child seeks equals; the conformist seeks protectors.)” | Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

Something to Hide Behind?

Empty Ball Jar

It looks empty.

It could be filled with jam, buttons, pins or ribbons…

Grandma is gone.  It’s empty.

It could be filled with hugs, tears, love, and family joy.

But Grandma is gone.  It’s empty.

Gone are the days when life was simple and family was right next to you.

We sat under the pear tree, picked strawberries, made grape jam and told stories.

Her grandson loves video games more than grass or jam now.  And they say it’s a good thing.  His brain is getting bigger.  What about his heart???

That Ball jar is empty.Image

End of the play.

Tear down the set.  Roll up the costumes

Put away the make-up.  My family is ended.

It wasn’t a very good play.  I didn’t pay enough attention to the script when I was writing it, before the play beganImage.

My fun and adventure was interrupted by the family play.  I hadn’t planned on seeing it.  I hadn’t planned on seeing it at all!

Characters in and out but 3 of them including me seem to keep coming back onstage.

Enough dialogue. 

Curtain Down.  No curtain call.  Lights off.