Only 20 of the Amino acids Make Proteins, From Which We are Mostly Made.

The other 150 A.A.’s are still in us. For instance, the main thing our bodies need are not glycoproteins but Hydrogen and Oxygen…WATER. So obviously there are molecules we need other than amino acid proteins. However, they are the ones evolving the most and the quickest.

There are 170 types of Amino acids in human bodies. 20 of them make proteins, what is the purpose of the remaining 150? by Sai Janani Ganesan

Wednesday-8Aspartic Acid or White 8 Galactic Dog; Love, Loyalty, Helpful Companion

The vibe of this animal is at the top of the heap

I harmonize in order to love. Modeling loyalty I seal the process of heart with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Kin 190 of The Tzolkin-The Dreamspell

What is the role of aspartic acid in the body?

Aspartic acid is one of the building-block amino acids that are responsible for synthesizing proteins and regulating hormones in the human body.

Aspartic acid comes in two forms: L-aspartic acid and D-aspartic acid. L-aspartic acid becomes part of proteins synthesized in the body and is responsible for encouraging the production of antibodies that support the function of the body’s immune system. (that is destroyed by the vaccines.) D-aspartic acid is not used to synthesize proteins. It is typically found in the pituitary gland and the testes, and is involved in the regulation, release, and synthesis of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH).

LH is responsible for regulating when a woman’s ovaries release an egg during her menstrual cycle and encouraging sperm production in men.

Aspartic acid is involved in the synthesis of four essential amino acids in humans: methionine, threonine, isoleucine (BLUE HAND), and lysine (WHITE WIZARD). Methionine (RED MOON) is used in the metabolism; threonine (WHITE WB) is used in the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system; isoleucine is used in energy regulation; lysine is used in growth and muscle turnover.

Cantaloupe is full of Amino Acids

I’m eating cantaloupe for lunch and it’s so satisfying and delicious so I looked it up. Almost all the PROTEINS are in it.

How many people would laugh at you if you told them that there are 18 amino acid proteins in cantaloupe? Time to get over believing that meat is so superior. It’s not. I eat some meat but barely.

Eighteen amino acids were identified in fresh cantaloupe: aspartic acid, glutamic acid, asparagine, serine, glutamine, glycine, histidine, arginine, threonine, alanine, proline, tyrosine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, phenyl alanine, and lysine.

Are There Amino Acids in Space?

This question hit my mind today because I keep questioning food and our need to eat and eliminate. I find it a bother and humans get all emotionally addicted to food. That’s not helping. What about oxygenarians? They live on air.

We’re always told we have to kill plants (picking them) and animals to get our nutrients but where do plants get their nutrients? Soil. What is the source of the amino acids in the soil? Air and water.

Then why can’t we absorb all the amino acids we need directly from the air and water as plants do? Our roots are our feet and our lungs breathe like a tree. Our skin absorbs everything around us through our pores.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is why we can breathe. We rely on the trees for that process. Humans do the opposite. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide so it’s a symbiotic process.

Recent discoveries include compounds called nucleobases and sugars that are key components of DNA and RNA. The amino acid glycine even has been spotted in outer space in the atmosphere of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Such findings bolster the idea that life could exist elsewhere in the universe.Dec 4, 2020

That’s pretty interesting. What else is flying around out there bioavailable?

I think we make food too big of an issue. The water and air we take in should take precedence. Next time your stomach says “I’m hungry”, drink a 20 oz glass of cold water and do a deep breathing meditation first and see how full you feel.

Where are the Amino Acids in the Body?

They’re everywhere, in every cell of our bodies.

Can you look at these and name THE ORACLE ARCHETYPE for it? Memorize them.
  • Glycine-White Wind, White refining kin
  • Alanine-Blue Night, Blue transforming kin
  • Valine-Yellow Seed, Yellow ripening kin
  • Proline-lesser Stop Codon
  • Serine-Red Serpent, Red Initiating kin from The Dragon (The Draco)
  • Asparagine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Phenylalanine-Red Earth, Red initiating kin from The Dragon
  • Tyrosine-White Mirror, White refining kin
  • Histidine-Yellow Warrior, Yellow Ripening kin
  • Cysteine-Red Dragon, Red initiating kin, THE DRAGON ITSELF, blood memory, primordial mother, our oldest ancestor whose DNA is IN US
  • Threonine-White World Bridger, White refining kin
  • Methionine the START CODON of all DNA sequencing-Red Moon, Red initiating kin from THE DRAGON. They began initiating the Human DNA sequence
  • Leucine-Yellow Star, Yellow refining kin
  • Tryptophan-BLUE STORM-Blue transforming kin, #19 at the end of our ascension we need to be self-generating. That’s the goal. Listen to the Blue Storm kin message!
  • Glutamine-Red Skywalker, Red initiating kin from Red Dragon
  • Aspartic Acid-White Dog, White refining kin
  • Isoleucine-Blue Hand, Blue Transforming kin
  • Glutamic Acid-Yellow ripening kin
  • Arginine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Lysine-White Wizard, White refining kin

Resting skeletal muscle normally releases –

  • glutamine (Red Skywalker) and
  • alanine (Blue Night, its antipode) in large quantities; they can represent from 50–100% of the amino acid efflux in the fasted and fed states, respectively, whereas
  • glutamate (Yellow Human) is the dominant amino acid that is taken up by skeletal muscle (8, 9, 11).

There are five dominant amino acid in  bone including;

  • glycine (White Wind) (21.2-36.7%),
  • proline (lesser stop codon) (8.7-11.7%), hydroxyproline (5.3-9.6%),
  • alanine (Blue Night) given to bones BY the muscle (8.48-12.9%), and
  • glutamic acid (Yellow Human)activated by the muscles (7.23-10.15%).

The data at this link is fascinating but long. The short of it is, with regard to the BRAIN and Central Nervous System, it is once again Red Skywalker, Blue Night, Yellow Human, White Dog, and Red Serpent!,and%20postsynaptic%20neurons%20%5B132%5D.

Mayan Binary-Vigesimal Code (mathematics)

The upper left table are the Mayan numbers 1-100. The dot is 1, the dash is 5 until you hit 20. Then the dot continues to represent 20. The dash continues to represent 5. Very elegant. This a Mayan binary system representing numbers.

The long table on the right still uses the Mayan binary system but these represent the Tones of Creation. They are still mysterious but they exand the 20 amino acids or the tribes of time by 13. 20 x 13 = 260.

The smaller table to the left of that is still in binary but they present the 20 amino acids according to the 0-19 code which are the 20 tribes of time. Every single person on earth is in one of the 20 tribes and every single living, evolving thing on earth is composed of the 20 amino acids that compose our DNA/RNA.

  • Cysteine is Red Dragon, tribe 1
  • Glycine is White Wind, tribe 2
  • Alanine is Blue Night, tribe 3
  • Valine is Yellow Seed, tribe 4
  • Serine is Red Serpent, tribe 5
  • Threonine is White Worldbridger, tribe 6
  • Isoleucine is Blue Hand, tribe 7
  • Leucine is Yellow Star, tribe 8
  • Methionine, the START codon in sequencing is Red Moon, Tribe 9
  • Aspartic Acid is White Dog, Tribe 10
  • Asparagine is Blue Monkey, Tribe 11
  • Glutamic Acid is Yellow Human, Tribe 12
  • Glutamine is Red Skywalker, Tribe 13 (me)
  • Lysine is White Wizard, Tribe 14
  • Arginine is Blue Eagle, Tribe 15
  • Histidine is Yellow Warrior, Tribe 16
  • Phenylalanine is Red Earth, Tribe 17
  • Tyrosine is White Mirror, Tribe 18
  • Tryptophan is Blue Storm, Tribe 19
  • Stop Codon is Yellow Sun, Tribe 20 along with Proline

These last three are the stop codons in the genetic code and stop sequencing on an mRNA strand.

Wednesday. Self-create or React? Act or RE Act?

RE-acting is mimicry. Monkeys and parrots mimic. Humans also mimic unless they are mentally mature. Babies learn by mimicking but adults learn by creating. Humans are addicted to mimicry because of a lazy streak usually due to unresolved childhood issues. They’re still grieving parenting they didn’t get. That ship has sailed. You can parent yourself with the help of the universe and rival your parents. Don’t you want to win? I want my son to win over any mistakes his father and I made. Self-Creating, self-generating (Blue Storm tribe), Acting is all ART and comes from your Magic Nation or imagination.

Think of these two as a teeter tooter where you are deciding whether to go one route or another. In this case, are you going to DIY and send up a plan in your mind or are you going to continue your normal REACTIVE route where first you have to pull in something from outside of you such as another’s idea, T.V. , Twitter or Instagram and react to it, or are you going to sit quiet or workout, meditate, listen to your body and intuition and create your own plan from within yourself?

We are each at the precipice right now. Tone 2 is stabilizing by polarizing. It’s a simple choice; Self create, or React? Self create or React? The first one is INtegrity the second one is wash, rinse, repeat for your entire life and wastes everyone’s time and resources and nothing original is added to the planet.

Self-creating and acting involves:

  • Body care-organizing fresh food
  • Physical Activity
  • T.V. OFF
  • Water intake
  • Hand held device-limited
  • Organizing your money and bills
  • Meditation up to an hour a day
  • Boundaries with people who vampire your energy
  • No large group activities right now. Stay away

All of that is stabilizing. Stabilize yourself and don’t look outside of yourself to get someone or something to do it for you. Your MIND, your BRAIN is a magnet that turns your body into a magnet. It’s literal. The media is trying to program your mind to give your authority and magnetism over to them. Don’t let them in. Our immune systems, bodies, and minds are the province of US and the Universe has our backs. Freedom and balance are universal law. We are supposed to be evolving in freedom and balance otherwise we’ll be programmed to go over the cliff. That gets rid of the weak-minded ones. They obey.

5GForce: Yellow 12 Sun; I dedicate in order to enlighten. Universalizing Life, I seal the matrix of universal fire with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of free will.


Yellow 2 Sun Themeplex

  • THEME; Yellow 2 Sun is the Stop Codon
  • ANALOG: Blue 2 Storm or Tryptophan
  • GUIDE POWER; Yellow 2 Human or Glutamic Acid has the extra carbon-hydrogen molecule which humans needed to evolve once we were on the planet
  • HIDDEN WISDOM: Red 12 Cysteine or Red Dragon. Notice the Sulfur molecule in Red Dragon. The Earth began in sulfur and Red Dragon is the first tribe.

Saturday; White 10 Planetary Wind; Glycine

The image above are Amino Acid proteins, the building blocks of all life in 3D. They are multidimensional and compose our DNA. White Wind is Glycine, Red Earth is Phenylalanine, White Dog is Aspartic Acid, Yellow Human is Glutamic Acid and Blue Storm is Tryptophan. That is the 5 archetype themeplex today. The attributes are Planetary focused (Tone 10) communication that is in full synchronicity in the Matrix.

The chaos is quelled guided by planetary Love and Loyalty. The challenge and the gift are humans who have free-will and influence. We are the holders of the chalice or the Holy Grail of wisdom if only we’ll drink from it. It is the vessel of Higher Power or God In Us. We can be responsible for ourselves and to some extent each other, straightforward, abundant and good workers. We see that played out in Minneapolis; shadow and light.

The Hidden Wisdom is Self-existing self-generation. Holy Pete! This is a mega liberator of the light body and according to Pars Kutay, we have big, big light and sound energies flowing onto earth today. Your frontal lobe may be buzzing. Just meditate. This is ALL ABOUT ASCENSION.


This is some info. on the correspondence between Glycine and Phenylalanine which are analogs in the Tzolkin harmonic. Molecular biologists may find interest in this.

The selective barrier-gate in nuclear pore complexes:

“The barrier confers distinct properties to the transport process that allow selective transport. First, it allows diffusion-controlled transport of molecules up to 40 kDa in size, equivalent to ∼ 5 nm. Second, larger cargo are known to traverse the NPC in a nuclear transport receptor (NTR)-mediated manner.Mar 10, 2017

“Natively unfolded phenylalanine-glycine (FG)-repeat domains are alleged to form the physical constituents of the selective barrier-gate in nuclear pore complexes during nucleocytoplasmic transport.” Read the full article here:

5GForce today is 4 Tyrosine of White 4 Mirror. This is Self-Existing Reflection from the fifth dimension.

Today’s 5Gforce.

Today’s Sound Groove.