Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Lovely. Continuance of the controlled narrative as though the left and big tech have a corner on the truth. They do not. Use your common sense.

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Facebook Confirms Ties to US Military and Military-Linked Propaganda Campaigns – Military Accounts Also Found on Google-YouTube and Twitter

Shucks. How surprising. 🙃😆

Watch “Facebook COLLAPSING right in front of our eyes. The End of an Era.” on YouTube

Posted by Corey on Telegram. Note that it happened on 11/11/22.

Zuckerberg WANTS to destroy FB. His creation was taken and used against him by the Very powerful c/_<> to data mine, invade privacy and censor. Their agenda being to get A.I. and nanotech into humans, especially the kids. Zuckerberg didn’t sign up for that. They used him.

This fall is PLANNED so Musk can take over. That guy is over the cliff bought and sold to the ICC. Anyone in denial about our inhabited local system needs to wake up. The International Corporate Conglomerate is multi-species folks. For profit. Not good people.

According to my dream where Zuckerberg was talking with me, the company was hijacked from him years ago to push their narrative and he was prisoner to these c%^&* people and afraid for his life.

So, ciao FB. They kicked me off 2 years ago because I’m holistic and vocally against the vaxx and covid narrative. That and I am allied with the Lightworkers and J.C. in our local system. It’s not a joke. Pick your side folks. No fence sitting.

Zuckerberg is White 10 World Bridger. That tribe has a remnant in trouble. Musk, Biden, and Hillary are also World Bridger.

Here is the link to my post on White 10 WB. I had the dream, checked the gateway, then dialed his birthday into the oracle. They were the same. Synchronicity…all the time.

Saturday-YouTube Video on Entering HF33. Synchronicities with the Las Vegas Massacre in 2017 Noted Below.

Here is the link to the Las Vegas Massacre which occurred in HF33 on Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey on October 1, 2017. This year it lands down the center a bit on Yellow 6 Rhythmic Warrior on October 1, 2022.

The synchronicity here is that the Mystic Column that contains HF31-35 is synchronous with his hotel room floor 32, Rooms 132-134. Tzolkin KIN 131-143 are in HF33 as Blue 1 Monkey, Yellow 3 Human, Red 3 Skywalker, and White 4 Wizard!! But specifically kin 131-143 are right there in the Mystic Column. It was a conscious HACK of the energy by someone who understands this energy. Who might that be?…

The killer was Stephen Paddock. From his 32nd-floor suites in the Mandalay Bay hotel, he fired more than 1,000 bullets, killing 60 people and wounding at least 413. The ensuing panic brought the total number of injured to approximately 867. About an hour later, he was found dead in his room from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The motive for the mass shooting is officially undetermined.

His birthday was April 9, 1953, so he was a Yellow 9 Solar Warrior. That’s synchronicity with this coming October 1, 2022, which is Yellow 6 Warrior. Humans can give in to war and violence and suicide or we can resolve things peaceably by discussing them. We have to be intelligent and mentally cogent to do that which obviously he was not. The end of this turnabout between Hx48 and 49 ends on October 5, 2022, on Yellow 10 Planetary Sun.

We live in a dualistic world of Light and Shadow. Raise…your… frequency. Let go of negative emotions and resentments. forgive those who have seriously wronged you but never apologized. That doesn’t mean they need to be in your life if they are toxic. The universe metes out justice. Remedy your hindrances and appetites and identify your own distortions.

Watch “Chiron Retrograde Aries 15: Important Transits Today” on YouTube

Our bodies are cloaked in a robe of light. This is a function of the DNA. It is specifically generated by the the binary triplet configuration pulsed into the GAP kin and the SPINE.

The wounds are in your antipode and hidden wisdom molecules.

This fellow reminds me of Harry Potter.😊

Tuesday-New YouTube Video by Me on HF32; Synchronicities

We are on both sides of HF33 about to spiral in on itself come this Saturday with Red 12 Crystal Moon Methionine starting that RNA sequence to evolve our light bodies forward. If you are in resistance or ignoring your Destiny Oracle it’s a crap shoot folks as to what might occur for you in the Matrix. It’s a risk I’m not willing to take anymore. I was taking that risk before I understood Time from birth to 27 years old. I’ve been spinning up synchronicities for that long and I’m 59 now. This oracle is never wrong but you have to work it and be willing to face the hard truth. But the truth will set you free!

It reminds me of prisoners expressing anxiety over being back out in society because everything was controlled for them in prison, like a child I suppose. In society, we’re asked to be adults and take care of ourselves but as we know, many people don’t. So some people would rather remain children I guess, which is imprisonment in institutions like family, school, church, state, and prison and do as they’re told. We just saw two years of that. The powers that be are controlling your Time for you which means they are controlling your mind and body for you via MSM programming and religion. They know you’re afraid of your own power. They SO know it and know exactly how to manipulate humans to fit into their agenda.

Watch “Ep2 SOS THEY’RE TAKING US!” on YouTube from Corey Goode

This is good documentation of what people have been telling their therapists for many years now. My mom, who was an LMFT said she and her peers take it very seriously.

The remedy is for the military to make this public and show the proof they have.

Watch “Magnetic Pole Shift | When It’s Time, It’s Time” on YouTube

Ok…I agree that the poles are going to flip Magnetic north eventually. There is no dispute. The spiritual community has listened to ancient Geomancy which rivals modern science, since 1990 so for 32 years we’ve been batting it around. I’ve been working with the 13:20 Tzolkin that long also.

But the cycles are not 12,000 years long, they are 13,000 and 26,000 years long and Mayan math proves it. I have multiple blog posts showing 260/364 coordinate.

The other issue is the solar year isn’t exactly 364 days yet. It will be bc the days are speeding up and thus shortening the year but until that sprocket LOCKS IN with 260-day galactic cycle, nada!

He knows nothing about galactic time cycles. His prognostication on timing of the pole flip could be off by 1000 years!

Our society and bodies are changing radically but I’m not sure the earth is going to change radically yet. It’s true about the animals and ELM field but this may be gradual and…they aren’t being tricked and neither are we.

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