Watch “What Your DNA Actually Does Is Mind Blowing!” on YouTube

This is A.I. propaganda. He takes a truth, like the Matrix Hollywood movies and perverts it. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We need to get rational about our bodies and DNA and not need our minds blown all the time to pay attention to facts. It’s about getting past emotions and not needing to be titillated all the time, especially men.

NYTimes: Voters See Democracy in Peril, but Saving It Isn’t a Priority

This MINDSET is going to create the solar flash. Human apathy about free will and self-existing action with integrity is self-destructive. That is if this poll is correct. It could be propaganda.

U.S. coastlines are most likely going to be gone. It won’t be the Sun’s fault. It just follows our evolutionary orders, which for now are set by MSM.

NASA issues imminent solar storm warning


Oh, it’s so cool!🤩😎🥳 Sarcasm. Just tap the screen. Don’t swipe.

I think this is Hollywood cheese ball. They’re using really simple animation and basic facts to hold a shiny object in front of people.

The solar Storm wasn’t that big. They’re trying to steal thunder from the various astronomy YouTube videos that teach real Information. But go ahead. I was going to delete it.

Watch “”I Tried To Warn You” – Elon Musk LAST WARNING (2021)” on YouTube

This A.I. issue is being put right in front of me this morning. Notice his mention of narrow A.I. Very interesting.

We have past lives where we saw the detriment of A.I. and the desire it created for more domineering power as opposed to EMPATHY, balance and justice. Human DNA /mind has evolved empathy and compassion. That attribute is far, far more powerful than intelligence and militarism which is essentially missing female DNA. Notice that it’s the men again who lead this. It’s all out of balance without the contributions of women. And women who are in the field have to act like men to exist. That’s patriarchy.

Women know this, but a woman’s heart turned to defense mode for those she loves holds the highest power in the universe; especially in defense of having, raising, and bearing children.

Don’t think for a second that it’s all emotional, soft, and pink. Women have testosterone too and en masse, 5 billion of us on the planet, you might not want to test it by taking bullshit A.I. too far.

All it would take is for women to take their mindset focus away from sexually objectifying themselves for men’s pleasure in order to use them for their own purposes and actually cooperate with one another and coalesce our power to be used for empowerment, not just sex and marriage. That’s a choice women need to make and soon.

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