The Tzolkin and Synchronicity and the Letter from Einstein. Podcast from Time is DNA by Lisa K. Townsend

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Note on the Letter from Einstein. Yellow Sun Kin come right before Red Dragon kin or the Draco who were still in our system in 1939…very much so. Albert Einstein was Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun so there is a connection, a time influence here for him. I believe his decision to pursue this was unconsciously put there by the Draco.

Also, James Van Allen was in charge of the Manhattan Project and Nicholas Smith worked with him. But obviously, Dr. Smith felt that Intuition was left out of the picture and wrote the paper that became my book. The conclusion of his paper says,

Knowledge depends as much upon intuition as it does upon extrospection and logic. and that these aspects are interdependent. I have hoped to make you aware of the implication that the nature of the rational act is much more complicated than heretofore supposed and that the simplistic views of cognition must irrevocably be discarded.”-Nicholas M. Smith

His Paper, The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method

(And for that, his family probably dissed him and I cannot find his picture on the internet. That’s what happens to PhD’s who are CORRECT and vocal about balancing the intuitive and rational mind. So be it.)

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