THEIR Days are Numbered, Not Ours

Keep your wits about you. And remember their weather satellites can block sunlight on purpose. They can change the weather to manipulate our brains. Buy a happy light online to overstep.

More narrative programming to get us to accept THEIR destructive actions against us and the earth. The only clocks on this planet are incorrect ones. More Monkey business from the 🐒 doing negative time magic.

They are the ones that are doomed with that mindset. Stay on apositive track FOR YOURSELF and use your intuition.

THE PULSE-Conscious Evolution

Loss of Faith in Societal INSTITUTIONS

Our world is in a chaotic moment of sorts. In some way, all of us believe that things are ‘falling apart.’ As I read The Atlantic, I have to say that I can’t help but feel these people are so stuck in ideological thinking that it’s painful. Weekly, I read the sentence “a threat to our democracy” many times over, as if most Western countries aren’t oligarchy’s. “What world do they see?” I ask myself. “What facts do they operate from, and what facts do they avoid?”
I’m not going to suggest I’m bias free, but I feel The Atlantic is a prime example of people who have a naive level of faith in our institutions and are ignoring every bit of evidence that exposes the level of corruption within them.

The article

I hope you’ve been here for awhile, able to rationally assess things instead of believing MSM News is true.

Elon Musk Releases Twitter Files Exposing Secret Blacklists

This is horrific but I knew it was going on. I’ve been shadow banned on Twitter every time I’ve been on.

I’m guessing I’m being minorly stalked or blocked by WordPress as well. I’ll get 70 views but only 10 visitors often.

It could just be sexism too. People really have no tolerance for smart women posting or talking about science. If I was a guy my blog would be through the roof and called groundbreaking. But because I’m female it’s just freakish and obnoxious. Well good. I’m fully aware of that. Karma for that mindset. I’m not stopping.

Elon Musk Exposes Real Reason Twitter’s Censored Former President Donald Trump

Man, is it ever White 11 World Bridger. 11~3 pulse. Musk and Trump are both tone 3 making the 11 occult or hidden wisdom coming forward.

These two men also have in common the adoration of money. Time is money to them. Trust the universe and your body. They are not saviors.

The C$%^& theme song

The latest disclosure revealed that Twitter executives used the platform’s formidable “visibility filtering” powers against Trump ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and that engagement with the FBI intensified before Trump was permanently suspended.

The article

The executive said the “decision on whether to pull that particular tweet” or use it “as a last straw” for Trump depends on “the overall context and narrative in which that tweet lives.”

Before Trump was banned, Twitter also created a new tool to censor the then-sitting president after the election when he was vocal with his claims of election fraud. Internally, executives referred to the tool as “L3 deamplication.”

The article

If you’re an Independent, conservative, something else or just not a Dem, be sure to show this article to an ex friend or family member that drank the MSM Kool Aid, called you names and cut you off because they were weak and wrong. They can repent to the Universe or stay in the dark with their mask on. Just don’t expect an apology.

I don’t even really trust Trump but I knew MSM was doing this to him. It doesn’t matter who it is! They can’t do this to anybody. Better yet, stay off of all social media and MSM. I do. But I was banned from most of them so it doesn’t matter. They don’t exist.

The point is, an official agency of our government, the FBI, which our taxes support, meddled in FREE SPEECH and has been for 100 years. There are a pile of stories of media manipulation in the U.S. for control and money.

Are we just going to wait another 180 years until the cycle ends at 13,000 years or run these nefarious actors out of our system for good?

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Lovely. Continuance of the controlled narrative as though the left and big tech have a corner on the truth. They do not. Use your common sense.

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Facebook Confirms Ties to US Military and Military-Linked Propaganda Campaigns – Military Accounts Also Found on Google-YouTube and Twitter

Shucks. How surprising. 🙃😆

My Page; News From the Conservative Middle

I will continue to post this week on the blog listed above which you can find on the home page menu. It’s accurate news that is banned by CNN, NYTimes, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of MSM corporate narrative controlled media that Americans are.addicted to and view as the voice of God. It’s not. But what would your neighbors think? You watch it to fit in, and over the cliff you go, with our country.

The ICC is behind it. They may even be behind Trump. I don’t really trust anyone right now who is big money. Nevertheless, they counter the left and give you news that is banned.

I will also be launching another new seperate blog page on Gender Balance.

The Effort to Be Free is Politics

There is no freedom without the truth. That’s why political activism doesn’t work. It spins people’s wheels so they never really find empowerment which is in their body mind.

Politics and journalism are based on lies for the gain of money and power and that is not a conspiracy theory. It’s based on untold human graves, suffering and abuse at the hands of state governments all over the world. Any politician who supports the status quo is in shadow. Same for the media who are 100% bought and paid for biased.

There is a great price to pay for seeing what you want to see instead of the truth and the politicians and the media know exactly how to tell you just what you want to hear.

4:30am on Saturday. Elon Will Swoop In

Just as I predicted. Elon will be picking up a bargain. Buy low, sell high.

Musk is going to buy FB. You heard it here first. It hasn’t happened yet but I see it. World Bridgers stick together. And when the SEC starts chirping MONOPOLY at Musk, guess who will manipulate the law for Musk? Grandpa Joe Biden White 2 Worldbriger so they can use cheesy social media to cram A.I. down people’s throats. Tik Tok will be next.

THEY WILL FAIL. Yes, I am helping to create that. REAL Intelligence will prevail. Bless humanity.🙏

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