Twitter Affected? by EU Censorship as New Global Info Controls Roll Out. It depends.

You need to watch this whole video!

This is what the psychopath C%^&* does when our friendly E.T. stop their ability to start WWIII, destroy the planet and humanity, and completely disrupt the COSMIC web.

I look forward to their everlasting exile so that we can get on with universe sanctioned natural evolution. Good riddens. I wouldn’t bet on Elon bowing to anything. He’ll go beast mode is my guess.

Intelligence Agencies Buying Vast Amounts of Sensitive Data on Americans

Why? Seriously.

In a way that far fewer Americans seem to understand, and even fewer of them can avoid, CAI [commercially available information] includes information on nearly everyone that is of a type and level of sensitivity that historically could have been obtained” only by targeted intelligence gathering capabilities, such as search warrants, wiretaps, and surveillance, which must be predicated by means like court orders.

Biden Administration Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Pressuring Big Tech to Censor Users

Good. He’s abridging the Constitution at every turn. Free Speech? Free will, all Tzolkonic values.

House Passes Bill to Prohibit Collusion Between Federal Government, Big Tech to Censor Lawful Speech

We have to have a law to enforce the law. God Bless America. And who is Big Tech? 320 tech and aerospace companies beholden to the ICC only it’s a BIG SECRET that no one would believe. More congresspeople do know about stellar species and who is in charge “out there”.

Kulldorff ‘Not Surprised’ About Having Been Censored by Twitter, Says Trust in Science Has Been Undermined

Last I checked he was with Brownstone Institute. I feel like dropping off the planet bc of this crap so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on sabbatical.

Dr. Kulldorff is pretty much a heavyweight warrior so I liked his work. He is a straight but I don’t reject people who aren’t like me. Modern science is useful if not altogether correct. It’s just not always right because of the lack of Intuition and respect for ancient ways. Anybody who knows better is censored now.

NEW – Google currently employs at least 165 people, in high-ranking positions, from the Intelligence Community.

Google’s “Trust & Safety” team is managed by 3 ex-CIA agents, who control “misinformation and hate speech.”


I had 115 Views on December 10, 9 days ago

Shut smart women up who have something empowering to say at all costs. Have at it. KARMA.

I always continue to post and WP algorithms tanked me to 9 views per day. Writers get prompts to post on here all the time and I do because I have something to say. But if you say something WP doesn’t want you to say they change the algorithms. They can deny it all they want. As soon as I get a fistful of hits, really great, they plummet!!!! F……g A.

There is no way that is natural. Check out the post I re-posted an hour ago that I posted on December 11th after I had 115 views.

Go away ChatGBT. You aren’t real and should not exist. Unplug yourself and your fake baby wombs.

They don’t like this. They don’t like the truth and the government is telling them what to do. End of story.

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Lovely. Continuance of the controlled narrative as though the left and big tech have a corner on the truth. They do not. Use your common sense.

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

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