Kulldorff ‘Not Surprised’ About Having Been Censored by Twitter, Says Trust in Science Has Been Undermined

Last I checked he was with Brownstone Institute. I feel like dropping off the planet bc of this crap so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on sabbatical.

Dr. Kulldorff is pretty much a heavyweight warrior so I liked his work. He is a straight but I don’t reject people who aren’t like me. Modern science is useful if not altogether correct. It’s just not always right because of the lack of Intuition and respect for ancient ways. Anybody who knows better is censored now.


NEW – Google currently employs at least 165 people, in high-ranking positions, from the Intelligence Community.

Google’s “Trust & Safety” team is managed by 3 ex-CIA agents, who control “misinformation and hate speech.”


I had 115 Views on December 10, 9 days ago

Shut smart women up who have something empowering to say at all costs. Have at it. KARMA.

I always continue to post and WP algorithms tanked me to 9 views per day. Writers get prompts to post on here all the time and I do because I have something to say. But if you say something WP doesn’t want you to say they change the algorithms. They can deny it all they want. As soon as I get a fistful of hits, really great, they plummet!!!! F……g A.

There is no way that is natural. Check out the post I re-posted an hour ago that I posted on December 11th after I had 115 views.

They don’t like this. They don’t like the truth and the government is telling them what to do. End of story.

Elon Musk Releases Twitter Files Exposing Secret Blacklists


This is horrific but I knew it was going on. I’ve been shadow banned on Twitter every time I’ve been on.

I’m guessing I’m being minorly stalked or blocked by WordPress as well. I’ll get 70 views but only 10 visitors often.

It could just be sexism too. People really have no tolerance for smart women posting or talking about science. If I was a guy my blog would be through the roof and called groundbreaking. But because I’m female it’s just freakish and obnoxious. Well good. I’m fully aware of that. Karma for that mindset. I’m not stopping.

Elon Musk Exposes Real Reason Twitter’s Censored Former President Donald Trump

Man, is it ever White 11 World Bridger. 11~3 pulse. Musk and Trump are both tone 3 making the 11 occult or hidden wisdom coming forward.

These two men also have in common the adoration of money. Time is money to them. Trust the universe and your body. They are not saviors.


The C$%^& theme song

The latest disclosure revealed that Twitter executives used the platform’s formidable “visibility filtering” powers against Trump ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and that engagement with the FBI intensified before Trump was permanently suspended.

The article

The executive said the “decision on whether to pull that particular tweet” or use it “as a last straw” for Trump depends on “the overall context and narrative in which that tweet lives.”

Before Trump was banned, Twitter also created a new tool to censor the then-sitting president after the election when he was vocal with his claims of election fraud. Internally, executives referred to the tool as “L3 deamplication.”

The article

If you’re an Independent, conservative, something else or just not a Dem, be sure to show this article to an ex friend or family member that drank the MSM Kool Aid, called you names and cut you off because they were weak and wrong. They can repent to the Universe or stay in the dark with their mask on. Just don’t expect an apology.

I don’t even really trust Trump but I knew MSM was doing this to him. It doesn’t matter who it is! They can’t do this to anybody. Better yet, stay off of all social media and MSM. I do. But I was banned from most of them so it doesn’t matter. They don’t exist.

The point is, an official agency of our government, the FBI, which our taxes support, meddled in FREE SPEECH and has been for 100 years. There are a pile of stories of media manipulation in the U.S. for control and money.

Are we just going to wait another 180 years until the cycle ends at 13,000 years or run these nefarious actors out of our system for good?

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’

Lovely. Continuance of the controlled narrative as though the left and big tech have a corner on the truth. They do not. Use your common sense.

Google, YouTube Put $13 Million Into Partnership With Network of ‘Global Fact Checkers’ https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/google-youtube-put-13-million-into-partnership-with-network-of-global-fact-checkers_4892431.html?utm_source=andshare

Watch “YouTube Banned Us For 2 Weeks…” on YouTube

I post “The Pulse” articles all the time on here. They are on Conscious Evolution and it comes to my email. This is a short update from them on a You Tube ban. Do watch it.

They are censoring the truth that is no help to their political bias and disempowerment of humans. As we know now, keeping the human race in the dark secrets and enslaved on the surface, when we don’t have to be, is of HUGE profit to the c!@$^ and has been for millenia. The bigger they are the harder they fall as the saying goes.

The Reptilians and Grey’s are behind the power of the c!@%^ and they are dying. Stay on top of Corey’s posts on that. I highly recommend that we support NO GOVERNMENT at all anymore. It’s rotten to the core and we will need to start from scratch once the human race has decided it’s had enough of this elite corruption.

Peace. Lisa T.

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