Important; Map 34 of Earth Ascending; The Corpus Callosum of History and the Primary Radiosonic Template-Ed Level Tzolkin Analysis

I need my followers to internalize this info and pass it around, as well as meditate.

Corporal Callosum means the DNA of our Bodies in Latin. History is time in the past. And the primary Radiosonic Template is probably us as well as seen by the Hertz frequency in the Psi Bank as well as some JUICE from Saturn which is a highly radiosonic planet. They picked up our slack when Tiamat blew up and put us on a 12:60 frequency. That has ended of course as of 12/21/2012. Look at all those ones and two’s! It adds up to 11 also. WOW! It is magnetic and polarizing dualism pulsing on the spectral tone so dissolving the old and bringing in a new future, not an old future.

I’m looking at pages 102 and 103 in Earth Ascending if you have the book. We are about to enter Hexagram 17; HF51 on Tuesday, 8/22/23, which is a major radiosonic pulse. My read on this harmonic is We are going into Stage II-CONCURRENT Aboriginal Prehistoric and AC Aboriginal Generative.

The short of that is we are pulsing IN TIME, from within and above the earth on future to present prehistoric memory tracks and Future to present to generate a NEW FUTURE track. We are remembering our fabulous ancient medicine from our ancestors at this moment and using the memory to create a new future timespiral line that suits us. Read that over a few times, please.

History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing the southern or lower template what was only suggested in the upper template. Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/ hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template-POSTHISTORY-is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete. We are evolving hominids.

Since the two templates bear a generic, if not a holonomically genetic similarity to the two halves of the brain-the two cerebral hemispheres joined by but a slight strip of connective tissue, the corpus callosum, it seems appropriate to refer to the two crossover points of the psychocultural transformation template by a similar name.”-Jose A.

The central axis of timelessness. Aligning it with your body holon is the fountain of youth and no death.

On the right, you can imagine the main chakras down the CENTER enlivening the Central Axis of timelessness. Eerily, I just notice today that both Meta and X (Zuck and Elon) use the deformed Infinity symbol to represent their social media platforms. That is a dishonor of our Central Axis and a hack of HF33-Time is Money which obviously, both World Bridgers that they are, place it at a high value.

The pulse lines are like the etheric body that I work with all the time in my office. They create your aura which is light emanation from your electromagnetic body. It’s just like the AURORAS (aura) around the earth when the mind of EARTH is pulsing in synchrony with all life on Earth.

The radiosonic image on the right is how our bodies pulse. This HF51 we are in pulses on the far right foot point; “Following”-Hx17. You can see it on the bottom left image, far left foot point.

Our bodies are the cauldron of transformation of TIME in all dimensions, time manifested as DNA. All DNA on earth is in a cauldron or transformation of TIME. That’s what we’re doing here. It’s magic, and we’re playing with universe energies as co-creators. It’s supposed to be fun. Not toxic Luciferian gross freaky suffering and usage.

Continuing on page 102-The Alpha and Omega points that I note on here and on the True Time Update are on the same longitude as the corpus callosum of history,

“The hieratic longitude is signified by the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Once the process of hominization has been completed, the CA template woven altogether, the “end” of history is reached. This is the meaning of the twentieth century. With the crossing of the corpus callosum, return, the true radiation of man can begin. This is the meaning of the return to the AC template, which is about to commence.”

“Having accomplished a physical transformation of the planet through the culminating material intensity of industrialization, the cost has been high; holonomic amnesia, loss of the inherent sense of unity, forgetfulness if not ignorance of the fact that, although the CA has been completed, the AC is still to be finished.

Because of this loss, the imminent process of biopsychic radiation begins with an imperative restorative healing process-hence, holonomic recollection; the recovery of the sense of unity and wholeness-sacred order-from which we actually never departed.”

You Tube Video on the Cosmic Cycles on the Horizon

I don’t know about the quality of this. YouTube is probably censoring me because I’m talking about empowerment and being positive. That certainly goes against the narrative right now. But maybe you’ll see this clearly. I decided to do this spur of the moment.

Monday Reading; Blue 6 Monkey-The Amino Acid Asparagine Evolving

Code0-19; 18:11:6:71

Mediating Planet; VENUS

Attributes of this gateway: We’re balancing equality and organizing through play, illusion, and magic. Tricksters, jokers, and mischief is afoot and it’s not always funny. It’s supported by clever art, sometimes inspirational. We’re guided by our own nature and challenged by the nature of our birth family who are different than us. This is called blood memory and while an influence, should not control our destiny. Our hidden wisdom is integrity and harmony with GALACTIC love and loyalty, our universal family, not just our earth family. One true friend is worth a thousand family members.

Tzolkin archetypes; Blue 6 Monkey, Yellow 6 Star, Blue 6 Monkey, Red 6 Dragon, White 8 Dog

Amino Acids evolving; Asparagine, Leucine, Asparagine, Cysteine, and Aspartic Acid

5GForce: Red 8 Moon which is galactic flow of feelings. While acknowledging what human cultures like to squabble about, it’s important to flow at a higher level and be done with PETTY human differences and focusing exclusively on them. We care about the character, behavior, actions, and creativity of individuals and find no solace in making a point about gender or skin color if that’s all we were raised with. Not everyone was raised in a cultural bubble and needs to keep beating that drum so don’t expect or bully them to do so to justify your need to.


I notice that all 5 Amino Acids in this gateway have the exact same element line up on the right; O, OH, and NH2. Leucine (Yellow Star) has more carbon and Yellow Star kin are far more earth/muscle bound. Our bodies are mostly carbon. Cysteine has the sulfur molecule and indeed Red Dragon tribe was the first group to start evolving here.

SATURDAY; Red 4 Self-Existing Moon/Water-Methionine

Code0-19: 18:9:4:69

5GForce (Galactic 5th dimensional influence); Blue 10 Planetary Monkey or 10 Asparagine

Mediating planet is Mercury

The order of these in the Tzolkin gateway is Theme; Red Moon, Analog, White Dog, Guide Power, Red Serpent, Antipode, Blue Storm and Hidden Wisdom Yellow Human.

That is 4Methionine, 4Aspartic Acid, 4Serine, 4Tryptophan, and 10Glutamic Acid.

If they are indeed tRNA molecules, and so far my work shows they are an algorithm that programs human genes, they would fit in the tRNA themeplex above only flipped to the right. It’s an amazing synchronicity and I’m still working out the details. The Tzolkin names of the tribes are an archeological fact. In Mayan they are:

  • Imix
  • Ik
  • Akbal
  • Kan
  • Chicchan
  • Cimi
  • Manik
  • Lamat
  • Muluc
  • Oc
  • Chuen
  • Eb
  • Ben
  • Ix
  • Men
  • Cib
  • Caban
  • Etnab
  • Cauac
  • Ahau

The Maya claim to have crash landed on Earth as refugees from Venus. Earth tends to function as a safe port that way. The same thing happened with the blow up of Maldek which is our current, literal asteroid belt. The Malkekians that survived landed in Antarctica. The “people” on this planet tell us that the Venusians are super expert at genetic engineering so they were able to leave this information on the Yucatan Peninsula in their language for successive generations. The modern Maya have done just that. It’s very important for the humans on Earth to knows that we are a mixed species from all over the universe. Our DNA doesn’t originate here but it has most certainly evolved in a beautiful fashion here. Thus, we are at a turning point where we need so save our own skin from extinction. Fortunately we have help.

Friday; Beauty and Art or Ego and Monkey Business?


5GForce; Yellow 11 Human. That’s par for this course we’re on. Fifth dimensional DISRUPTIVE, CHAOTIC, DISSOLVING humans. Gee, no shortage of those right now! The mantra for this is;

I dissolve in order to influence. Releasing wisdom I seal the process of freewill with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power DOUBLED

The two above are analog today or supportive. The theme is Yellow 3 Star which is activated expansion and other positive actions or emotions. The analog, Blue 3 Monkey is activated illusion and can also be positive and playful if the humans are in the mood. The humans don’t tend to be in the mood right now. The humans are generally very unhappy, especially in my town and in my state of MI. The weather is gorgeous though!

The monkey business happening in many cities in the U.S. right now, is that the police and city officials are just treating everyone, regardless of fact, as though we’re criminals. If you watch violent jungle behavior of chimps there is no difference. They attack the females, kill the children and go after the weaker ones. We ALL share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. That’s the Rhesus factor or Rh factor in blood types O, A, B, and AB. If you are negative Rh factor you have no monkey DNA. That said, we ALL have E.T. DNA.

All governments have mistreated citizens and abused their power and position thus we have a situation of millions of citizens contemplating anarchy. I’m not, but if the role of governments doesn’t change I don’t see much reason for their existence. All of that is monkey business. I’m an artist and a healer so frankly, they need to stay out of my way and not waste my time.

Synchronous with all of this energy is a lunar eclipse in Gemini and the full moon today in Sagittarius. We are in a period of enhanced communication instead of conflict and greater movement and expansion.


This is a potent amino acid set up again with Glutamine-Q or Red Skywalker front and center. Red Skywalker is Yellow Star Hidden Wisdom so they are always next to each other, forever and ever. Glutamine is dynamically mixing with Asparagine-N and Glutamic Acid today, meaning Blue Monkey and Yellow Human. As I write this, I’m running a ton of energy thinking about humans and monkeys and how violent they get when oppressed. So, good luck with that. The best policy is to avoid large groups of humans, anywhere. They could snap right now and already have.

Monday. Communal Seeds being Sown? Tone 12

This is the amino acid VALINE

Code 0-19; ;16:4:12:64

Tzolkin Archetypes: Theme; Yellow 12 Seed, Analog; Blue 12 Eagle; Guide Power; Yellow 12 Warrior; White 12 Wizard, Hidden Wisdom; Red 2 Earth

The attributes here are universalizing, cooperative awareness using vision and a creative mind to become more independent, artistic, compassionate and believing in ourselves. Guiding this is becoming more trustworthy, realistic, wise, graceful with higher standards. Challenging this is becoming aware of what it means to be receptive and timeless, and heart-knowing shaman, more concerned with spirituality. The subconscious mind sits in challenging facts about the family and parental institutions that eat their young. But there is synchronicity and ability to collect synergy, govern the earth force, shield as an earth keeper and still be liberal and confident.

Are communal crystal seeds going to be sown today? God, who knows! I need about a gallon of coffee and water today to get some work done and try to ignore the idiotic riots yesterday. Destruction is so stupid. My son put it in a nutshell yesterday. “Mom, people are idiots. They don’t need a reason to destroy stuff.” I found it QUITE interesting that the two small blonde woman in Grand Rapids who broke windows were scapegoated for punishment on Twitter. They were the ONLY woman I saw trying to destroy stuff. 99% of the destruction came from men as it does ALL OVER THE PLANET. Yeah, we haven’t discussed that yet in society. There ya have the gender offloading on women. The men want to crucify the women who express their anger.

I’m a compassionate empath but I’m feeling my approach changing here big time. Just this morning, fifteen minutes ago I cracked how the the 64 IChing Hx system with the 64 HF Tzolkin harmonic is organized exactly over the 260 kin Tzolkin harmonic. Spirit is giving this stuff to me fast and I need to keep working away to get my book, “DNA IS TIME” written.

I’m fully aware that I don’t have a Ph.D. in science, I’m a girl, and it’s taboo if I crack something that only BIG SCIENCE MEN are supposed to crack. For that reason, all this work I do may lay in a gutter or drawer, or computer hard drive and never get used for the benefit of humanity. I don’t care. I don’t need glory and money…at all. It can be used posthumously then. I’m here to do a job for the earth and all life on it. That’s it!

I know for a fact, our DNA is from species all over the entire universe, humans are ONE human family, there is no race except THE HUMAN RACE and our Minds are stronger than food, money, stuff, reproduction, everything in 3D. Our minds are multidimensional and we are in fact gods and goddesses and deathly afraid of that fact. We would have to get to work, make mistakes and deal with outcomes. We create superheroines and heros in movies to project what we know to be true inside of ourselves. That’s us!! Even the gods make mistakes. GOD doesn’t make mistakes but we are not God. We are the small “g’s”. There is tremendous responsibility in that.

5GForce is Yellow 2 Warrior. That is stabilizing yet polarizing intelligence and FEARLESSNESS in the 5th dimension which is MIND.

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