Thursday; We Have Two New I Ching Hx’s that say Conflict and the Inverse Darkening of the Light

Suzuki is Red Skywalker

Harmonic 19 is expressing the intelligence of LIBERATION. The inverse harmonic 36 is remembering the elegance of EQUALITY. Think of this with regard to what is going on right now on the planet. We need to run these realities. This applies to the next 4 days.

Today is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker ∞White 8 Galactic World Bridger.

Guide Power this morning is Red 8 Galactic Earth or Galactic Synchronicity

Antipode this afternoon is Blue 8 Galactic Night which is harmonizing intuition from the unconscious or meditative state. Logic, thoughtful and organized. It’s deep and full of possibility.

Hidden Wisdom tonight is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star. Equality sets in that is elegant and inspiring

The 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand. We have a higher dimensional sense of what we can accomplish and heal. This could involve channeling.

We could put a realistic face on it and say RESISTANCE. I talk about that a lot with regard to the antipode. Light and Dark are dependent on one another. Nothing can always stand in the light or there would be no balance. You must affirm this in your own mind. Dark is the fullness of the unconscious, fertile darkness that brings forth the Dreamtime and the AC strand of the DNA; Aboriginal Continuity. Without the Unconscious dreamtime in our sleep we would die. It’s a fertile, dark land when our body rests.

Think of Blue Night, Blue Storm, Blue Eagle, Blue Hand, and Blue Monkey. They are fertile, creative, mysterious, restful and not easy to ground. They skew toward the unconscious mind. Think of the 52 year Blue Castle of Burning, court of magic, power of turning around in the Dreamspell when it was around. The castles are exponential. They can be 52, 520, 5200, 52, 000, etc. By the power of 5 x 4 = 20 which in Mayan math is 0 or the conch shell we live by cycles of 52. The Native American say that when you reach the age of 52 your end your first life and start your second one. That’s why my plan is to live to be 104. I’m only 5 years old as an adult. Your first 52 years you are a child. Your second 52 years you are an adult.

Rest and darkness are not evil they are FERTILE with ideas and bringing forward a future that was created before. It’s another timeline. A motivation of the time thieves in our institutions to portray the fertile womb, women, and darkness as evil is to steal the energy from the AC or the other timeline full of information from our future. They’ve managed to take some of it but we can reclaim with our minds and choices as we each become conscious.

We have a brilliant, vital immune system. It’s helped the human race reach 8 billion population on the planet and has defeated an endless list of microbes. Most microbes in the body are beneficial; not dangerous. Trust your body and take care of it. The institutions don’t want you to do that because they make less money off of empowered, happy people.

Wednesday Daily Reading; Look at your Birth Antipode and Occult Partner. It Reveals Your Lessons

Resistance seems to be the operating word on Earth. Even little seeds in their pod have to struggle to sprout and push up through whatever they happen to be under; cement, rock, blacktop, hard soil or normal soil. They have to find a way to breathe and get some sun and they do! They overwhelmingly do.

In the Mayan Tzolkin, your antipode is the pressure against you. It’s your challenge but also your gift because it leads directly to your hidden wisdom which is the occult partner. It turns out the occult partner is the operating dynamic in our DNA and thus evolution.

As I put my book together and study the tables and sequences from the oracles, it appears our Mothers DNA; our subconscious mind controls it until we become conscious in Fifth Density. Our sense of the past (CA Civilizational Advance) and our possible future (AC-Aboriginal Continuity; The Dreamtime) are in both strands of her DNA and then ours. Ours changes as we make decisions for ourselves and become more conscious of free will in the universe.

Our parents aren’t God. God is God and doesn’t boss us around or control us. Free Will and Love are Universal Law. They have our backs. We just have to receive it and stop staring at humans as though they are God. It’s fairly obvious they are not but we obey them like their opinion is the end of the world. Consider the source then consider SOURCE.

Today is Yellow 7 Resonant Human whose analog is Blue 7 Resonant Hand. Humans are supported by Healing and Accomplishment. The Guide Power is Yellow 7 Resonant Seed all morning so I’m hoping to set a seed here so you’ll look at your birth themeplex with new eyes.

The antipode today is White 7 Resonant Wind and the Hidden Wisdom is Red 7 Resonant Moon. This means Yellow 7 Human is challenged by communication, agility, being inspiring and on top of things. Yet they have the gift to be that way if they can push through their challenges. The person I know with this birth themeplex was not raised in a home environment where he was supported to have normal human development. He was taken from home and school by special forces secret military. But he is gifted as an I.E., and intuitive empath.

That speaks directly to his hidden wisdom; Red 7 Moon which is resonant, universal flow of emotions and intuition. If he had not had those pressures growing up he would not have the knowledge now to help humans purify their feelings, do self-remembering and become aware. In addition, his travels in the Universe and meeting E.T.’s has made him a source of crucial information that has been corroborated in this time of DISCLOSURE.

Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, Valine, Glycine, and Methionine

Tuesday; Monkey See, Monkey Play

Robert is in Blue 6 Rhythmic Monkey and has the exact same birth themeplex as Kaley Cuoco

I was working on the book all morning. It’s almost done. The dominance of the hidden wisdom, occult partner, subconscious mind which is our mother’s DNA rules the roost when it comes to DNA evolution; our evolution. Our parents programmed us to go one way or another. If we don’t want to go their way we’ve got our work cut out for us. We WIN by creating the CONSCIOUS MIND which oversteps all other aspects of mind. It’s the adult choice mind that no longer needs to be told what to do, to be held like a baby, to whine or cry like a baby but gets to work as a co-creator on what is fun for you as an adult. Emotions are in check.

We are already into the afternoon antipode; Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon; Private Being, creative and supportive and goes well with the Cancer Moon. This afternoon is not outgoing or talkative. We’re probably mulling over deeper issues of nurturing and intimacy.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 8 Galactic Dog. This is galactic level love and loyalty; not earth level. You need to reach higher past all of the drama. It’s right there for us.

The 5GForce is Red 8 Galactic Moon which alludes to what I said about emotions above. Galactic Moon is CREATIVE, ARTISTIC, TRUTH, EXPRESSIVE emotion kept together by the conscious mind. There is nothing child-like about it.

Full Blood Moon suits this themeplex perfectly

Empowerment and Love Doesn’t Mean Easy or Nice

Empowerment is usually pretty rough actually. I love all of my patients and so I empower them with the truth. I don’t lie to them like a politician and tell them what they want to hear. That’s why I’m not making six figures. I just make a living and keep my integrity. That’s priceless to me.

The doctors and the media do plenty of lying so I assume my patients get their fill. Still, I am loyal to the people who stick with holism. It is the most empowering way to treat the body and hence not terribly popular. There are no muzzles and crates for the dogs that need to feel secure with a master in control. That’s why people keep wearing the masks. They like the control because they won’t, or are too lazy to control themselves.

Not all dogs are in need of that control though. Some dogs are radiant, brilliant, loving and loyal. They don’t need to be controlled all the time on a leash.

Today is White 5 Radiant Dog ∞ Red 5 Radiant Moon. The Sun has just entered Pisces along with the Cancer Moon today so it’s a beautiful vibe if you can get centered in it.

The Guide power right now, this morning is White 5 Radiant Mirror. We get to reflect and refract under the Tone 5 influence; Order and Endlessness. We face the shadow (I’ll say), discriminate, use our sword of wisdom, get clarity, practical and meditative.

The antipode this afternoon is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun. Maybe the Sun will come out and it will stop snowing where you are. We can get our mood back up and become more loving with the White Dog influence. This is Christ Consciousness so no doubt we’ll get schooled.

The Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Blue 9 Solar Monkey. MORE SUN with the solar tone but Monkey is light hearted so it looks to me like it’s early in the day and we can improve the vibe ourselves. No media is safe anymore. I’ve limited mine almost completely and B.S. still manages to creep in. Nothing is perfect.

The 5GForce is White 9 Solar Dog; This merges well with the antipode; Yellow 5 Radiant Sun and sort of fulfills it.

Keep doing the work you love and taking care of the BODY YOU LOVE; Your own. You can never go wrong doing that and don’t do it for anyone else so they’ll “want you”; do it for you so that no matter where you go or show up you are at your most radiant; like the Sun.

Radiant light. Radiant means radial or shooting off in every direction circular.

Saturday Reading; Mercury Goes Direct!! Communication in Relationships Current or Past are Unblocked

I Activate in order to Beautify. Bonding Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Free Will.

It’s a push and pull day, back and forth as Mercury turns around and goes direct. Be careful because it’s a confusing energy mentally.

Theme and analog today are Yellow 3 Electric Star ∞ Blue 3 Electric Monkey so we’re trying to move out of work mode and into creative mode today.

The Guide Power all morning has been Yellow 3 Electric Human so some of us have a fire under our butt to get our chores done but I don’t particularly, being distracted by both highly desirable men I like coming into my space literally at the same time this morning via text and email. It was weird. Ah, not complaining.

This afternoon our antipode is White 3 Electric Mirror so that’s not helpful. LOL. Reflecting on three people on a Tone 3 day? I’m going to try to just work and stay focused on working out. Take care of yourself this afternoon and reflect on your own intentions and needs as Mercury goes direct because nothing coming through now is clear.

Tonight the Hidden Wisdom at dusk is Red 11 Spectral Skywalker. That’s no help either. Sheesh. This is the kind of vibe we have to be careful around when Mercury turns. I’m going to keep my mouth shut and head down. Being a Red SW this is energy reminding me that I am FREE to EXPLORE but will be socially principled. That said, I’m not a prude even though I have Venus in Pisces. Of all the Venus placements that one ls unconditional love. Your Venus placement tells you HOW you love so it’s important to know what it is in your chart. Just google, “What is my Venus placement?” You will enter your birthday and there will be a read out. It’s pretty interesting!

Speaking of Venus, it’s the mediating planet today for Yellow Star ∞ Blue Monkey. Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. It also rules art, beauty, music and love in its purest form. Being the ruler of Taurus it is concerned with acquiring art objects, jewelry and luxurious indulgence. As the ruler of Libra, it governs the art world, fashion.

The 5GForce is Yellow 11 Human. Hmm, that’s literally a ghost of a person. Spectral means ghostly. Are we always haunted by our past or past loves? Or can we ride the AC double helix strand and move aboriginal continuity from future to present? That is bringing in, through meditation, an intention for a future life timeline to help us make choices in the present, especially with regard to relationships.

I will try.

Friday Reading; A Challenging Day to Balance Being Pleasant but Honest

Isoleucine, Glutamic Acid, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine and Lysine. These are BRAIN amino acids and humans are trying to get a grip for ascension.

Being aware of your tone of voice can be helpful today. It is possible to be civil while you speak your truth. As an Aries I have to do it constantly. People still don’t like hearing how you really feel or what you really think. But if you’re in a close relationship or friendship you have to or it won’t last. Nothing like lying or being fake to rip people apart. Use love. Get your heart centered before you open your mouth.

We have a very rough Venus-Mars SQUARE today challenging us to learn and grow regarding how we deal with humans (Yellow 2 Human Analog) and their challenges to Self-Generate (Blue 2 Storm Guide Power).

The Theme is Blue 2 Polar Hand; balancing knowing, healing and accomplishment.

” I Polarize in order to Know.

Stabilizing Healing, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the polar tone of challenge.

I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.”

The Tzolkin #67

The Antipode this afternoon is Red 2 Polar Earth so there is some nice Synchronicity around that can feel like a pie in the face. But…when you have facts you can navigate your choices about relationships better. Red Earth tracks clues so you’re likely to hear some tidbits or see something that the MATRIX is handing to you that humans would not so you know what the real deal is. Uh huh…. I love it when that happens. The Universe has our backs despite mischief. That is ALWAYS the case but you have to pay attention and not just “see what you want to see”.

The Hidden Wisdom is a very kind White 12 Crystal Wizard. Tonight, this could be a great talk with a good friend who listens and understands; a shamanic type person who gets it. White Wizard is psychic, aligned with divine will, sensitive, and heart knowing. Maybe you have your own inner shaman. I do. I know how to counsel myself and don’t really need to offload my events on to a friend but it’s fine and normal if you need someone to listen.

The 5th Density Support

The 5GForce is Red 12 Crystal Skywalker. I have a friend who has that birth signature. Hmmm. I dissed him because he was getting too physical-emotional and all I want is friendship with him. Maybe I should ring him up and see if he has a grip yet. LOL.

Thursday; We Begin the Wavespell of Change and Equalization

We are evolving Threonine, Glutamine, Threonine, Histidine and Arginine.

I have espresso, Chai tea and extra sleep so my brain is humming. And I’m very hydrated and working out 2 hours a day. T’aint no crazy here.

Theme: White 1 Magnetic WB-Past to Present**

Analog: Red 1 Magnetic Skywalker-Future to Present

Guide Power: Itself-Past to Present**

Antipode Challenge; Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior-Future to Present

Hidden Wisdom; Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle-Past to Present**

5GForce; White 13 Cosmic Wizard/Jaguar-Past to Present**

That line-up is something with this new perspective on DNA as Time in the Double Helix. First, Warrior, Eagle and Wizard and Skywalker are right next to each other as Archetypes; 13, 14, 15, and 16 so today we are heavily working the Prophetic Present or CA; Civilizational Advance. Our TIME PERSPECTIVE is from the Past to the Present. That is Karma. Karma can be changed to Dharma if you work the Future into the Present. That is the Dreamtime, Intuition, Prophecy, Meditation and Intention and ReVISIONING the past. (Blue Eagle). That’s why if you keep talking about the past you are recreating it. Do you really want to do that? Sometimes, but not all the time. Be careful talking about or observing HISTORY too much. Many are doing that right now in a negative way. It’s miscreating or creating karma. Same thing.

I hit the ground running and this presented itself to me.

Everything that we’ve been in the past we are bringing forward with us into the Present, UNLESS, more aspect of AC, the other side of the double helix, comes into the present through the dreamtime, intuition, prophecy and Mass Intention. One person at a time has to revision their own life and then wishes for humanity. Be as specific as possible.

I glanced over at the Interplanetary Holon this morning and saw what I’d been studying about the two strands of the Double Helix in Earth Ascending.

Obviously, the double helix is DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid which manifests us into 3rd density through our mother’s DNA in her body. No brainer. The oracle for that organization is the I Ching. The 3D nucleotides line up EXACTLY, horizontally and vertically on the pulse of 8 to 260 linking it’s function directly to The Tzolkin of Galactic time merged with Solar Time.

According the the Interplanetary Holon which links our little solar system planets to the Tzolkin archetypes (astrology to holonomy), 10 amino acids work on one strand and 10 amino acids work on the other strand. Meaning, 10 amino acids work Past to Present and 10 amino acids work Future to Present.

Past to Present are; Yellow Sun, Red Dragon, White Wind, Blue Night, Yellow Seed, Red Serpent, White World Bridger, Blue Hand, Yell ow Star, and Red Moon. Please note that both the STOP CODON and the START CODON of the Amino Acid Sequence are in Past to Present. These kin make it happen, manifest and follow the yellow brick road to OZ. We see it happen in the holographic illusion because of their vision.

Future to Present are; White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human, Red Skywalker, White Wizard, Blue Eagle, Yellow Warrior, Red Earth, and Blue Storm. These kin have it rough on this planet because we are visionary, prophetic, aware of our unconscious dreamtime, and intuitive. We see what has played out before and how it might play out again. We hear it, see it, feel it, know it. We are psychic, artists and muses who see it before it happens. That’s been my whole life.

Good luck pondering this. If you think about it long enough it will make you dizzy.

DNA is Time; 13:20 and 12:60. We balance the two with our bodies. All dimensions are IN US.

Earth’s Inbreath and Out-breath

As seen in the Interplanetary Holon; The galactic inbreath and solar outbreath causes all the seasonal changes and Tzolkonic DNA changes on the planet and in animal species/humans.

The connection between the 10 solar system planets, 20 tribes of time with analogs and 13 Tones of Creation move life along from Galactic Center through our Sun to the earth.

Wednesday, Red 13 Cosmic Serpent-Cysteine is Winding up the 13-Day Wavespell with a Saturn-Uranus Square.

Saturn mediates Blue Night-Yellow Warrior (Alanine and Histidine) and Uranus mediates Red Earth-White Wind (Phenylalanine and Glycine)

13Serine, 13Lysine, 13Methionine, 13Arginine, and 1Histidine.
Let’s change the way we resist and fight.

We are also in a new Tzolkin Harmonic 17 vibrating at 97.2Hz. It’s overarched by IChing Hx 46; Pushing Upward/Advancement. Saturn forms a square to Uranus generating some friction. Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior is the Hidden Wisdom today mediated by Saturn. At the root of tension is a clash between our need for freedom and spontaneity and our need for structure and stability. These were issues on Maldek as well which is the mediating planet for Red Serpent∞White Wizard. They are the THEME and ANALOG. Ideally, we can find creative ways to satisfy these diverging needs, perhaps by giving form to our ideals and quest for progress. Still, rules and limitations are harder to tolerate, but life feels too chaotic without some lines drawn.

Attempts to assert our individuality, freedom, and originality tend to undermine our feeling of being grounded and having security. Yet, we are not satisfied when we conform. There may be sudden and unexpected twists that force us to do something different or free ourselves from old habits during this period. Adjusting our plans may be in order, and striking a balance between convention and innovation is the challenge. These are Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle, THE ANTIPODE issues of manifesting our own vision into the Ether where everyone’s visions are swimming. Setbacks tend to be temporary and could very well lead to new, more creative paths or solutions.

While this aspect is active, however, we can feel some real frustration. In particular, differences in opinion can feel more problematic than usual, blocking progress or leading to delays. Use the Guide Power of Red 13 Cosmic Moon to lift your feelings to a more spiritual level rather than petty if you can.

People we relied on to date may seem less reliable at this time. We have an unusual situation where Saturn, the conservative planet, is in a progressive sign, Aquarius, while Uranus, the progressive planet, is in a conservative sign, Taurus. At times, these energies can feel oppressive, and we might all too often find ourselves at cross-purposes, even when the end game is similar.

This morning, Mars forms a semi-square to Chiron and standing up for what we believe in may not be comfortable just for now. There can be difficulties expressing our anger or desires in a direct manner, which can lead to some challenges but possibly also some interesting detours.

The Moon spends the day in the sign of stable Taurus, although with the Moon’s alignment with Uranus, we’re not content with the same routine.

(Astrology parts by

This is the POSITIVE remedy. While astrology points out the negative challenges which is ALWAYS the case on Earth, the TZOLKIN has the answer to ASCENSION. You just have to DO IT.

The Fifth Density 5GForce is Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle. The high road is to transcend the earth astrological alignments and FOCUS ON OUR OWN VISION.

Saturday; Seeing Synchronicity Between the Past and the Present

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and the Stop Codon.

Blood memory as primodial mother, reflection and refraction, finding synchronicity between the present and the past, being challenged to lighten up and be creative, and Christ Consciousness providing wisdom.
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