Matrescence and the Maya

Have you heard of matrescence? My new patient just hipped me to it because it’s her job is to know all about it and to be of service to new mothers.

In short, just as adolescence describes a teenager’s passage into adulthood, matrescence describes a woman’s transition into motherhood and all the psychological and physical change that comes with it. It begins during pregnancy and continues after the baby is born.

Check out the link above.

This ideology merges with Maya, the mother birthing the child through the DNA matrix into the illusion of time as time itself. Our families literally EMBODY the future and the past as our own bodies do from side to side. Then, the timelessness is down the center.

I asked her if she thought the impact of the father on the baby in utero was equal to the mother, and she said yes, the studies show that. This is a disconnect in our culture. My husband was definitely equal to me as far as impression on Alex, and he wanted to be and was. And I wanted him to be. I was so grateful for that after he died when Alex was 16.

What about the guys?

There is also patrescence. Children have as much of the father’s DNA as the mother, but of course, her body makes the baby. Still, if the father stays next to her, his vibe is picked up by the mother the whole time, so his frequency also makes the baby.

I was just texting with my patient and she had never heard of patrescense. I hadn’t either. I just thought of the word because I know most men are as bonded and interested in their children as the mother’s are, and googled it, just now. Some maybe more if the mother is mentally ill, and there are plenty of mentally ill women just as there are men.

It’s too easy in our patriarchal society to leave men out of the nurturing circle or push them out because they need to “man up” and make the money per TRADITION? Patriarchal doesn’t mean dominant men. It means that ELITE MEN, and a couple elite women, USE men and women for profit and worse for POWER to enslave humanity. They do it by creating a stressful planet that pits people against each other based on gender, perceived racial and cultural differences, false time and on and on.

I’m going to be frank as usual. This is absolute B.S. and creates a tremendous imbalance for the child and for the household. Nor did it occur in my household because I valued school and intelligence as a woman. I had an identity, ambition, and an ego of my own that needed support, and my husband did support it. My mother raised me that way. I know that’s not the case for many married couples, but it was for us, and I believe, or hope, our son benefitted.

It is still taboo for a woman not to need or want objectification for power over a man’s lust and use him to get money and babies but not really love him at all. I believe this is still lost on most people and we are still in the aftereffects of a tremendous evil that has been foisted on humanity by world governments that are secretly controlled by…The ICC and other nefarious E.T. groups. But that’s a big secret and not in the GOD MEDIA narrative yet.

My question is, to what extent do the Red Serpent and White Wizard tribes have a story to tell here about how this imbalance between the genders came about? Because father’s are equal to the mothers in creating a sacred family that is being ripped apart in our society as we speak with piles of gender confusion. My Red 9 Serpent patient is looking for that needle in a haystack. These women just walk into my office to help with our time travelling quest here. Where is the FATHER in Maya?

It’s a good thing the E.T. shut down the nukes. I’m grateful for that at this point.

True Time Update for Blue 1 Monkey in HF33. We Are Half Way through the Time Bubble of HF33

This is 5 days before 6/18/23 when the amps went to 190!!

The Axis of the Eternal Present, but this is Implicate Order so no 3 or 4D. Just 5D.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Earth, Mars, The asteroid belt (blown up Tiamat), Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Our little neighborhood that is home. Be a good cosmic neighbor to other stellar species. Don’t blow stuff up.

4DTime Evolution

Today we have Tone 1 Monkey Asparagine, 1Star Leucine, 1Monkey Asparagine, 1Dragon Cysteine, and 13Dog Aspartic Acid evolving in us. This amounts to a clear vibe of MAYA or ILLUSION. Really, folks, to a high degree, what we experience and feel in 3D is just an Earth Movie in the holographic matrix. Monkey teaches us that we need to PLAY and let go of ego and frustration, competition, greed, all the vices that put us in a bad mood and cause us to treat ourselves and others badly and be less serious. Lighten up. Earth is an experimental zone and our bodies and physical awareness can be a JOY, not a problem if we just realize that it will all pass. This too shall pass has been true for 4 billion years on earth. Humans are only 1 million years old. We’re little babies here so don’t clench too tightly to what goes on here. It is of epic importance that you are kind to yourself and others, love, breathe, be happy, play, and share.

3D Astrology

We hit Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey today mediated by Venus in 4D and in total synchronicity with 3D astronomy. Astrology is just an ancient interpretation of astronomical facts. I suppose, like spirituality, some of astrology is up for interpretation.

All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Gemini
  • Some minor discontent on social levels can be in store today with Venus in minor challenging aspect to Saturn and the Sun.
  • Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn this morning, and we can feel torn between different desires, situations, or viewpoints. The dilemma could be between pleasure and responsibility, and perhaps not able to fully appreciate or deal with either.
  • With this afternoon’s Venus-Sun semi-square, we might watch for a tendency to go overboard in seeking others’ appreciation. We can be especially sensitive to imbalances in our environment and relationships. What we want to do and think we should do can be at odds now, and we may not be very productive or decisive with this kind of discontent. Ideally, we look for creative solutions for dissatisfaction. It’s best to get in touch with our needs and watch for overindulging or procrastinating.
  • Mercury’s semi-square to Chiron (tonight at dusk, The Hidden Wisdom, White 13 Dog mediated by Mercury!) points to further hesitation in making decisions. This transit challenges us to communicate with more sensitivity.
  • The Moon continues its transit of straightforward Aries until 2:31 PM EDT, when it heads into steady Taurus. The Moon is void from 2:26 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus at 2:31 PM EDT.


True Time Update for 6/11/23-We are in HF33, 11 years past 2012 which was the beginning of a new 26,000 year cycle of evolution

12Methionine, 12Aspartic Acid,12Cystine, 12Trytophan, 2Human

The gist of the evolutionary frequency today is communal, universal feelings supported by communal love. It’s guided by our ROOTS, Crystal Red Dragon, blood memory and the primordial Mother. It’s challenged by our brains which are ignited by tryptophan, electrolytes, and hormones, specifically adrenaline and testosterone that make us lash out and act out in our homes, on the streets, and on social media. Humans are primate animals mixed with ET starseed, upleveled by the 4D DNA of JC while he was here.

To a great degree, the sacred calendar illuminates the masters of Christ consciousness who have come here to help us. I know how controversial J.C. is, but he did exist, and millions of people on earth honor his heart. He is the Great Healer of Love and Service, an example for us on those points.

The Hidden Wisdom is a balanced, grounded, earth based human, a yellow ripener that speaks directly to our evolution as children of the stars and GAIA.

The 5GForce

I polarize in order to play. Stabilizing ILLUSION, I seal the process of magic with the polar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of abundance.

Kin171, Blue 2 Polar Monkey

Will the World Bridger Cult Never End? George Lucas!

George Lucas is a White 9 Solar World Bridger. May 14, 1944, a Taurus. ♉️

Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Steven Greer, Bruce Lipton, George Lucas, Hayden Christianson, Carrie Fisher, and 10 of my friends are World Bridgers. Now Sophie Scholl is also.

This a NEW Version of the Crystal Skulls. IDK.

We need to use our intuition on this. I think they are archetype for US, our own skulls, our brains, the power in our bodies/brains. When a majority of us get OUR MINDS on the 13:20 coordinate, the Psi Bank will shift.

We ALWAYS get attached to talismans and project that THE THING has power. They are reminders that it IS US.

Synchronicity; Ascension is Just Evolution Which is Nature

I just watched The Cosmic Secret again. There were pieces I missed.

We need to chill with the end of the cycle. Apocalypse means the great revealing. We are all children of God. Any secrets that have been withheld will come forward.

I feel we need to REMAIN in our community of choice where we feel safe and loved. Be ethical in your community. Be a Lightworker wherever you are. Get training if you need to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, honor yourself, and see each person as a child of God.

I know I post on gender inequity a lot and I believe there are a few men out there who can deal with their feelings and be connected to their soul, I just haven’t met one yet. But I do believe they are out there.

In my holistic practice, I can’t help the fact that the women who come in have suffered, been punched, been disrespected and used, and more, and my work and example as an independent single woman give them hope. I don’t need a man…for anything. It’s up to each woman to stand on her own feet and refuse to be victimized by the patriarchal system. Same for the men. It’s the same system oppressing all of humanity. I see that.

I’ve also had male patients who were vets or hurt in work accidents or were hurt in prison! This is a rough planet and my patients all have stories. I minister to each one of them equally, for 23 years now. Everyone gets Reiki. Everyone can feel it. It’s real.

Do take a look at this movie again. It’s fascinating how our perception can change in 4 years. I think it’s dated 2019! The Cosmic Secret.

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