Friday Reading; White 3 Electric Mirror to See Part of Ourselves That’s Hidden

Blue 11 Spectral Night in the Hidden Wisdom subconscious position will help us do that.

In 3D it’s 12/2/2022. 5, 2’s = 10 + 1 = 11 which is Tone 11. Good synchronicity there with the Hidden Wisdom.

3~11pulse today, electric to spectral, activating to dissolve whatever is still blocking us. Dissolving adhesions is what my acupuncture pen does. I use it in my office on patient’s stone-like muscles. The electric zap 1-9 activates the BLOOD via ELM energy and it’s directed electrons. They like it and it works.

People need zapping, including me. The earth signs, especially, Taurus, ♉️, Virgo♍️ , and Capricorn♑️ pride themselves on a dense body, strong muscles, strong body and stubborn demeanor. Well guess what that does to your emotional human body? Water, blood, what we ARE, needs to flow. It hooks us into our Higher mind intuition. Uranus zaps our consciousness and makes us flow. We see that as our Guide power today; White 3 Wind. Gosh, good thing or we’d be dead. Dissolving and letting go is the key to life.

Be sure to look at the Uranus transit in Taurus Sun at the bottom. Aquarius attributes are doing a song and dance on our Taurus kin.

Body Frequency

Tone 3 Neptune, Uranus, and Venus, and Tone 11 Saturn

5gforce is White 11 Spectral Wind pulsing with the Guide Power; White 3 Electric Wind. It creates a vital electric storm or lightning. We may see some sharper communication that is karmic more than truth. It’s hard to say on this planet because there is NO transparency. On Earth, all that is good and true is shrouded by a curtain of error. The feeling is, that curtain is about to go up and all will be revealed. It’s called Disclosure.

Now I see looking at the Dreamspell that tomorrow is Blue 4 Storm so that is what we are prepping for. The ScR will likely rise. And there is White 10 Wind in the subconscious position during the Uranus transit! Uranus mediates White Wind.

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power is 13

3D hexagram; 15-Equator–165 degrees East near Micronesia

4D time portal; White Mirror; 30 degrees S–30 degrees E on the Southeast Coast of South Africa

The earth does whatever WE do. That’s how that rolls. And we are in tune with the earth automatically and listen to what she needs as well. It’s deep stuff and I and My son are all over it. Every day we vibe on the weather and note the mood change and body changes that come with it. 8 billion humans cannot escape the symbiosis with the planet and the planet can’t escape us.

Then all 10 planets give cues to the Sun and the sun acts.

Solar System Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in direct Aries, aligning with Chiron and harmonizing with the Sagittarius Sun. The desire to initiate and move on is strong today. We’re bold and ready to take action but sometimes impatient. We seek a fresh start now, and we’re quick to let go of the past–we want to come first.
  • We can feel particularly hopeful and enthusiastic in the hours surrounding the Moon’s trine to the Sagittarius Sun this evening.
  • The Moon’s alignment with Chiron can pull up the need to deal with unresolved emotional matters. It’s a good time to explore our feelings about what it means to us to win or come first.


Sabian Transit

Thursday Reading; Stabilizing Both Strands of DNA Stabilizes Synchronicity

We are in a new HF50, Overtone Matrix to self regulate the universal fire of radiance as we move to Yellow 5 Sun over 4 days. This is IChing Hx15; Modesty. Overarch nucleotide is TCT Serine or Red Serpent. Inverse HF is 16 which contains the Hidden Wisdom; Yellow 12 Seed

Body Frequency

2phenylalanine, 2glycine, 2methionine, 2isoleucine, 12valine. Roger Federer and Hugh Jackman are this birth gateway. Tennis anyone? Tone 2.

Red 2 Polar Earth Phenylalanine today; navigate with synchronicity.

One strand is CA or past to present and one strand is AC or future to present. I’ve blogged on this quite a bit. You can search on synchronicity or Tzolkin matrix analysis on the home page.

The past and the future, yours in particular, are in every one of your billions of cells in your BODY. When you balance the time you spend thinking and FEELING about your past and your future, synchronistic events increase! It’s freaking magic folks! I’ve lived it for 30 years+.

The thing now is we are strongly pulsing on a future timeline so do be quick about releasing your past and making amends. If you’ve been a jerk you have to fix it with others. That doesn’t mean they have to forgive you or be your friend but you will say sorry and mean it and you’re fixing your karma. You have to be sincere though or it won’t stick.

Use today’s guide power, Red 2 Polar Moon to balance your feelings. Search on Red 2 Moon Methionine to see what it means and then do it. I did it with my sister last week. We talked for 2 hours.

5Gforce to balance 4D is Blue 12 Crystal Night, kin103

I dedicate in order to dream. Universalizing intuition I seal the input of abundance with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of vision”

Earth Frequency 🌎

ScR is 9

4D Time Portal for Red Earth is the Equator–15 degrees West in the mid Atlantic off the coast of Liberia

3D Hx is 15 pretty much pulsing to the Blue Hand portal area which which covers 4 Hexagrams., a vast area. The time portal areas are much bigger than the hexagram area because there are only 20 of them on the planet.These kin will be pulsing there for 4 days, covering Micronesia off of the island of Nauru. This the Equator–165 degrees East. The 4, 3D hexagrams in the Blue Hand portal are 49, 15, 48 and 18.

Solar System Frequency

All Zodiac Signs

Be sure to check out the blog post on Pisces ♓️ stationing direct.

  • The Moon continues its transit of gentle Pisces most of the day.
  • With Mercury’s square to Neptune, we can find it challenging to follow or clearly communicate facts, directions, and instructions. Perceptions may be confused or overly idealistic, influenced heavily by wishful thinking and imagination. We might deal with deception or self-deception, and it can be difficult to be discriminating. On the plus side, our minds are open to many different possibilities and options.
  • On the other hand, a Venus-Saturn sextile tonight encourages a considered, practical approach, particularly in our social lives. It’s a grounding influence that helps stabilize our affections. We place a higher value on security, steadiness, and loyalty. This transit boosts the appeal of the ordinary and reliable–we appreciate longstanding alliances or tried-and-true pleasures. We are more responsible with others and with our own feelings and affections. Our judgment is sound, and we’re a little more conservative with money under this influence. We can enjoy planning and organizing.
  • The Moon heads into the assertive, straightforward sign of Aries late today–at 11:42 PM EST.
  • The void Moon occurs from 9:46 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Aries at 11:42 PM

Little Tip For Learning More About your Other Tribe Members

Search on your amino acid rather than your tribe name. All the Tones in your Tribe will come up. I checked it. the posts come up.

If you search on Histidine today, because it’s Yellow Warrior, You’ll see posts for Yellow Warrior 1 through 13 which still apply to you in some way because you are Yellow Warrior. Also make sure you’re getting enough of your tribe amino acid in your diet. Let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday Reading; Questioning the Status Quo is Intelligent

A critical mind is a sign of Fearlessness as long as you actually do something different and help not hinder.

We enter the Yellow Warrior 13-day cycle today 💛, power of intelligence. It never hurts to crack a book or keep learning some other way, your own way. Otherwise you’re easily programmed and want to be told what to do. That takes you over the cliff with everyone else who is mentally lazy. Just sayin’. Nor is it good for humanity since we’re part of a collective. My Yellow 4 Warrior friend Marlin says, “I like that you’re not drinking the koolaid.” No, I don’t, and then some.

You’re smarter than you think you are.

Pulsing are Saturn, Mars, and the asteroid belt ouliving its purpose.

The amplitude is 16.

4D time portal is located at 30 degrees N–60 degrees west in the N. Atlantic near the Bermuda Islands and the infamous triangle. Gee, that must be the Mayan Time Portal. Who would have thought?😋

I had 4Skywalker fellow come in for treatment and specifically tell me there was no such thing as the Bermuda Triangle. Once he got on the table he asked me why I was holistic and criticized me. I get sabotage toxic characters coming to challenge me a lot. It must be karma, especially with them.

The 5GForce is Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed (My sister who I talked to for 2 hours 2 days ago. Excellent family grounding.) Kin 104

I endure in order to target. Transcending awareness I seal the input of flowering with the cosmic tone of pre-sence (PRE-Sense or psychic foreknowledge which the Yellow Seed kin tend to have and Tone 13 people have). I am guided by the power of elegance.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, encouraging the need to connect with our inner world.
  • A First Quarter Moon occurs as the Sun in Sagittarius forms a square with the Moon in Pisces at 9:37 AM EST. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. Shortly after, we become aware of how our actions affect those close to us, perhaps through trial and error. It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also high energy, motivation, and growth.
  • Venus and retrograde Mars are heading into opposition, exact very early tomorrow, pitting wants and desires against one another. Passions run high, and jealousies are possible. Impulsive decisions affect our finances and/or established relationships. We might stir up problems to fulfill a need for excitement if we are not aware of the tendency. Our desires can be difficult to understand–or difficult to satisfy. Brewing relationship issues can come to a head. Venus energy is compromising, but Mars, complicated by its slow pace, is independent and self-directed. Mixed signals can be frustrating and even maddening now.


Tuesday Reading; How do You Transcend Mind?

Feel more, intuit more and don’t overthink. Go 5D cosmic.

The 5gforce today is Red 1 Serpent, kin105;

“I unify in order to survive. Attracting instinct I seal the store of life force with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

We are on a 13~1 pulse today, cosmic to magnetic so vibes can get over dramatic. Stay in your body center.

13asparagine, 13valine, 13tryptophan, 13serine, 1threonine

Earth Changes

ScR is 9. It’s spikey but nothing major

4D Time Portal; 60 degrees N–105 degrees W in N. Saskatuan Canada by Uranium City on the border of the Northern Territories. This is pulsing to the current I Ching Hx25 in the Red Moon portal area off the southern tip of Chile.

Solar System Frequency

We are mediated by JUPITER but pulsing are heavy planets Pluto, asteroid belt Maldek karma, and Mars.

All Zodiac Signs
This is some serious muggle madness today. Go ZEN out of the gate and let the negative vibes slide off of you. Do your mudra!
  • Mercury opposes retrograde Mars and later forms a sextile to stable Saturn. With the Mercury-Mars opposition, there can be tensions related to bottled-up resentment or anger on top of technical problems and issues that seem to slow things down. We can be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions. We may feel pressured to get things done quickly, and the pace is hectic. We can be agitated, competitive, combative, and argumentative, talking over others and/or communicating things that agitate and stir up controversy. Recent nervous tension can reach a release point, and this can be messy at first, but ultimately clears the air. Still, watch for sharp words and errors in judgment. This transit occurs approximately every two years.
  • Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn tonight, and if we’re feeling tense, reasoning things out logically and step by step can be beneficial and even soothing. This aspect promotes a deliberate and efficient approach to the world around us. We see the benefits of organizing, making lists, attending to details, and making sound judgments and decisions. We gravitate toward practical thoughts and conversations. It’s also easier to direct our mental energy into something constructive. This transit helps ground our thinking and expectations. We seek to be mentally prepared, desiring more order in our lives.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:54 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Saturn), until the Moon enters Pisces at 7:16 PM EST.


Monday Reading; White 12 Crystal Wizard

Something has fundamentally changed and shifted today. The vibe feels very different; more resistance in the ether. The elite are trying to control the truth harder and aren’t succeeding because the mindset of millions of people are waking up; especially Brazil and China.

It’s obvious Americans are more deluded and controlled about reality than other countries. We’ve been told we’re so special to manipulate us via the ego. We’ve betrayed ourselves and each other for money and Hollywood. That’s our God in the U.S. What about our kids, families, mates and bodies? Nature is being turned on its head. Eat the young is our motto. It’s very Reptilian I’m sorry to say but we have contracts with that species.

Body Frequency

12Lysine, 12Serine, 12Threonine, 12Valine and 2Isoleucine are pulsing today. This is the end of some karma. Our inverse HF is 17.

Our 5GForce which aligns the dimensions today is White 2 Worldbridger pulsing in occult with our Guide Power, White 12 WB.


“I polarize in order to equalize. Stabilizing opportunity I seal the store of death with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

Earth Frequency

Power is 16. Edgy.

4D White Wizard Time Portal is a Gateway Kin in the S. Atlantic off the South Sandwich Islands in the Indian Ocean. This is just east of the I Ching HX 25 location so the 4D is pulsing to 3D.

Interplanetary Frequency

The Asteroid belt/Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Earth are pulsing today. My radar says that the asteroid belt will be gone soon. Its Dreamspell/mindset/psibank needs to die now so Earth can be FREE to go its own way without living in the shadow of those mistakes. Corey teaches that the blowup was a mistake. I don’t think it was. Something may surface on that. We’ll see. Yesterday I had a strong past life memory of the Luciferian problem on Maldek with the Wizard priests. There was a big difference of opinion.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Today’s Mars-Saturn trine favors discipline, moderation, tradition, and realism. (Guide Power and Hidden Wisdom) This transit stimulates productivity, attention to traditional or tried and true methods, pacing ourselves, and temperance. We feel more directed and purposeful and tend to be thorough in our efforts. This aspect first formed in late September, and it’s now returning with retrograde Mars. We could be reviving a project that involves organizing and building. (That’s exactly what I’m doing)
  • Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus later today, and it may not be easy to integrate our needs for companionship or closeness with our desire for freedom and independence. There is a sense that we can only have one or the other. Temporarily, we don’t feel confident enough to rock the boat, but taming rebelliousness makes sense now. (No.)
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius all day.

Sunday Oracle-Today We Can Dissolve a Layer of Mental Programming and Pulse up to 12 Tomorrow.

Tone 11 is Spectral which means ghost. A ghost is an archetype (symbol) for your light body or etheric mind. It tends to hover above the head, the crown chakra space (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) It releases control and habit, our societal and family programming. It’s easy to do when you just breathe in meditation by yourself. Your light body can emanate through and give you messages that are blocked when you’re always around other people. It’s not healthy to be around people all the time, especially now.

Body Frequency

tRNA; 11 Glutamine, 11threonine, 11glutamine, 11alanine, 3leucine.

We begin a new HF 49 today; Magnetic output to express the intelligence of purpose in 5D. In 3D the I Ching Hx is 25; Innocence, the Unexpected.

The overarching DNA nucleotide we are evolving is CGA Arginine or Blue Eagle. It’s 60 degrees S–90 degrees W on the IV Pacific plate of Earth. It looks like it point to the Red Moon Time Portal Just NW of Antarctica but I don’t know why it points there. The last time we hit Red Moon was Red 7 Moon 4 days ago. Maybe the resonance of Tone 7 in a 13-day cycle is a factor.

The Remedy for balancing our physical alignment is the 5GForce Blue 3 Hand, kin107;

“I activate in order to know. Bonding healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of magic. I am a GAP kin so I spin in 3D for 3 days, crossing over the others spinning”

Earth Frequency

ScR is 14 at 8am
It doesn’t look like it will go much higher by 8pm EST

Solar System Frequency

We are mediated in 4th and 5th density by Mars, Saturn, and Venus.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn until 5:08 PM EST, when it enters Aquarius. Our sense of responsibility is stronger than usual, and we aim for efficiency in most areas of life with the Moon’s transit of Capricorn. This Moon grounds us on the one hand and stimulates our ambitions on the other.
  • With the Moon in Aquarius from 5:08 PM forward, we gravitate to what’s original, inventive, and progressive. We thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences.
  • However, today’s Mercury-Uranus quincunx can point to unclear directions and instructions, lack of receptiveness to practical advice, or mental disorganization to manage. For now, it can be a challenge to gain others’ understanding. We should watch for poorly-considered decisions.
  • The Moon is void from 3:12 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 5:08 PM EST.


Saturday Oracle; the Purpose of Perfection is to Share Influential Wisdom, not to Serve Ego

Here is info. on the Saturn return transit right on cue with the Moon in Capricorn and Earth mediated 10 Human and 10 Hand as well as Planetary Tone 10. This is a mud bath!

Body Holon Evolution

The Yellow 10 Sun ends an evolutionary sequence as a stop codon and as it winds around today, at dusk we start a new sequence with Red 4 Moon methionine. Note that if you go backwards in time 10 tRNA cells it was Nov 24, Yellow 8 Sun as the antipode. Red Moon was in the oracle as well to start a new sequence.

Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, Stop Codon, Glycine and Methionine

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Moon during a New Moon 🌚 so we may have a new project or idea to perfect that we can focus on bc the tone is self-existing.

Humans are workers. That is in sync with the Moon in Capricorn today. ♑️ It’s an EARTH sign and the mediating planet and tone is planetary Earth. 🌎

The 5GForce to remedy any imbalance is kin 109 Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star mediated by 5DVenus.

“I define in order to beautify. Measuring art I seal the store of elegance with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of flowering. I am a GAP kin so I pulse for 3 days in 3D.”

Yellow Human pulses to the left thorax above the navel, the digestive area. Tone 10 pulses to the left wrist JOINT.

Earth Holon Evolution

ScR is 21. It just started up at 9:30am EST. We’ve got more action coming at 2PM EST. This feels like a hard grabbing one. Take it easy.

4D time portal coordinates for Yellow Human; Equator–105 degrees West. West of Galapagos Island off the coast of Equador. This pulses to Hx52 in 3D in N. Russia.

Solar System Holon

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in practical, sensible Capricorn. With this transit, we recognize that reasonable boundaries and rules can reduce worry and chaos. We pay more attention to our long-term goals and responsibilities.
  • Although the Capricorn Moon encourages an appreciation of the tried-and-true or traditional, its trine to Uranus (the antipode is White Wind mediated by Uranus)and the North Node of the Moon suggests we’re somewhat open to different methods. In fact, we can enjoy making small changes that benefit our projects.


Friday Daily Oracle; It’s a Play Day. Time to Bring Magic to Our Holiday For Real

The Prism. Nature gets it right…ALL the time. That’s holism. This is in sync with today and Jupiter loving novelty and diversity. If you know Sag kin they are impossible to pin down.

Body Magic

Today is Blue 9 Solar Monkey. Monkey and Star days are good for sex if you can fit it in. They are mediated by VENUS, the love planet ❤️ and pulse to the area of the body below the navel, all of it, just to the knees. Good stuff if you’re with the right person, which I can’t stress enough.

Speaking of magic, there is such a thing as sex magic that can bond you negatively to a person if performed in shadow. And what is shadow behavior?

  • No love (you feel no passion, bond, adoration or friendship).
  • Usage just for lust (hookup). Lust is good and essential as long as it’s accompanied by love. They are not the same thing folks.
  • Abuse (older person with immature younger person)
  • Power or control as a form of discipline
  • Violence

If you enjoy suffering karma and an inability to see synchronicity in your life go ahead and follow the rest of society down this awful road. There is nothing wrong with celibacy while you get your lightbody aligned. There IS something wrong with celibacy in the context of religion and believing its holy. SEX is holy.

Celibacy is unnatural and unhealthy for an extended time or a lifetime. Humans are made to love one another. Sex needs to be with love folks, like the rest of life. Meditate and pray for clarity. It will be dropped right in front of you. The universe is all over this to help humans become aligned in their body. Sex is a powerful energy and we all need to respect it instead of treating it like defecation; “when ya gotta go ya gotta go.” Not. It will ruin your ascension and your heart.

Life is theater. The lightbody is subtle and can be felt as you pull back the curtain of density or believing that the gravity and magnetism you feel as the pain or suffering in the. body is real. It’s just a time-space vibration. Relax and release the breath and release the tension. It’s an illusion. WHAT IS REAL IS THE EASE OF THE LIGHT-BODY. Let that come to the surface. I believe it starts in the kundalini and the low back.

We are holding feelings and memories in our body of which we are unconscious and we need to let it melt off. Breathe In and out naturally and scan your body for tension. Remember that you have manifested a body probably thousands of times and you’ve come to settle on this one for now. It’s fun creation but it is temporary in its blood, tension, breath, and electricity. It’s purpose is ascension in spirit.

What does every breath of your body love? For me it is my fierce peach of a son and my work (writing and my holistic healthcare office). Start there in getting grounded. Once you feel secure and assured in what you love you will feel secure to let all the rest go that you do not love. Then your body will settle in. But there may be layers of emotion to release first.

Earth Magic 🎩 🪄

ScR is 8. DNA/RNA Forcing

4D time portal; 30 degrees N–150 degrees W in the N. Pacific between Baja, CA and Hawaii.

5D Gforce is Red 5 Overtone Moon-“I empower in order to purify. Commanding flow I seal the process of universal water with the overtone of radiance. I am guided by the power of navigation. I am a G.A.P. kin and pulse for 3days.”

Solar System Magic 🪄 🔮 ✨️ 🛋

3D is sync’d with 5D. VENUS is our mediating planet. Also pulsing are Earth, Neptune, and Mercury in 5D. The Moon in Sag square Neptune is our ANTIPODE; Red 9 Solar Dragon. The playful Sag energy can be thwarted by unfinished business with our Mother and ancestral ties from the past. The past is only coming forward now to be swept away. But it’s good to know what it is first.

All Zodiac Signs
Muggle Madness that can kill the magic if you take it too seriously. Play!
  • Venus forms a semi-square to Pluto this morning and a trine to Chiron this evening. The Venus-Pluto transit can temporarily wind us up. Matters concerned with our affections tend to trouble us. It can be all too tempting to manipulate or control others and situations, leading to unnecessary troubles. (See…mis-creating in 3D) Jealousy or possessiveness can emerge. However, it’s easier to pan out from problem areas as the day progresses–we’re prepared to learn from our fears and insecurities. We may get an opportunity to heal our relationships through openness to learning from one another. It’s a vital time for building trust in relationships and seeing potential in one another–we more readily see the beauty in human imperfection. (Here’s a biggie!!)
  • We also recognize the value of the people, relationships, and pleasures in our lives more clearly. Interacting with others in fresh ways–with more authenticity and sincerity–can benefit us now.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius until 4:19 PM EST. The Moon’s square to Neptune and then Jupiter can stir wistfulness, restlessness, or emotional confusion, and we tend to take a detour from the middle road. Otherwise, the Sagittarius Moon encourages an enthusiastic approach to the day.
  • The Moon moves into industrious Capricorn from 4:19 PM forward, and we effortlessly connect with our ambitions or goals.
  • The void Moon occurs from 2:22 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 4:19 PM EST.


Friday Daily Reading-Yellow 2 Seed on the GAP kin

I Ching Hx for 4 days has been39; Obstruction and obstacles. Be sure to take a look at the Triple Alignment post I did last night. I added to it.

Body frequency

We land in a GAP kin today so the 5D Tzolkin energy of Yellow 2 Seed will pulse today, Saturday, and Sunday. That happens to be right in line with how long our snow squalls will last. This is Synchronicity of weather with our evolving DNA and what we create.

Do you have a stabilizing project or holiday idea you’re pulling together to help target family harmony coming up?

Yellow 2 Polar Seed 💛 Valine

The 5 Gforce is kin 116, Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior

“I dedicate in order to question. Universalizing fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of elegance and beauty.”

For me, the theme and 5gforce pulse on my Grandmother’s funeral who my Mom has recently been talking about. Her birth gateway heads up my inverse harmonic which is often the case with a family member; Red 11 Serpent. Today is also my son’s Hidden Wisdom, so indeed, the idea I have to release this family karma is pulsing hard. It won’t be easy and I’m still planning it. The remedy for karma is dharma or for a curse, forgiveness and right action/goodness. Same thing. If you, or a collection of family members did something wrong or have for a long time, you have to fix it! You have to make what was wrong, right and mean it.

Earth frequency

The frequency is currently about 8 but the app says the power is 30

We’re getting snow squalls and a foot of snow in Grand Rapids.

Location of 4D Time Portal pulsing to 3DHx is 60 degrees South–165 degrees east in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Jupiter which is hand since Venus and Mercury went into Sag yesterday. Sag ruler is Jupiter.

Also pulsing in 5D are Saturn, asteroid belt and Uranus.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Sun forms a sextile to Pluto today, putting us in a renovating spirit. We seek a little more depth from our activities and connections. This influence subtly increases our ambition, determination, and dedication. Making improvements or working toward a personal goal can be successful now. We tend to direct our energy constructively and seek new insight into our lives. It’s a time to discover new ways of looking at problems or life. We feel more vital and enjoy the empowered feeling that results from making changes and improvements. Research might bring rewards. With this transit, we benefit from strategy and perhaps some discretion.
  • With a Virgo Moon all day, it can be satisfying to handle practical matters. We want to be useful and productive, and focusing on details seems the best route to making headway.

Synchronicity. Focus on Jupiter return transit. Today is mediated by Jupiter. At 4:15 he even starts to talk about SEEDS. LOL This happens all the time in this matrix.

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