The Loom of the Maya or G.A.P. Kin Were Given to Us by the Goddess of Fertility Ixchel

I originally posted this in August 2020. The Wizard Tribe, Mayan name Ix, were priestesses or at least led by a priestess Ixchel. She is the Source of the Loom of Maya, the GAP kin. It’s a big deal.

The binary triplet configuration and the crossover polarity happen in the GAP kin in 4D. The galactic activation portals are pulsed and moved by the female.

I had no inspiration today to blog on White 11 Jaguar Magician but then I found out the SOURCE of the Loom of the Maya. I had been working on the Amino Acid analysis of the G.A.P. kin all day and found more alignment. Then I thought, “Any scientist worth their salt will want to know the source of the Loom.”

The Maya, the Dresden Codex, the goddess Ixchel is the Source. They left her image on stone stellae like they did everything else. She is literally in stone. The Source of the Loom of Maya and the Symbol for the Wizard Priest/Priestesses/Magicians is a woman.

In the pictures above you will see her with a serpent on her head (Red Serpent is her analog) or a falcon (Blue Eagle tribe) or a Rabbit (Yellow Star). This finding is in exact synchronicity with the energy today since she is Ix, the Goddess of the Loom of the Maya, White Wizard, Magician.

Her attributes are integrity, heart-knowing, alignment with divine will, magician, shaman, jaguar, night seer, (Blue Night) priestess, torch bearer, and magic.

Theme is White 11 Jaguar, Analog is Red 11 Serpent, Guide Power is itself, Antipode is Yellow 11 Seed and Hidden Wisdom is Blue 3 Hand.

White 3 Worldbridger is her 5GForce

Tone 11 is dissonance, releasing or birthing, liberation (or confinement on earth), dissolving while evolving. Giving birth can feel pretty chaotic as I speak from experience. I used Reiki the whole time and had no meds at all. It was still awful. LOL.

On the left is the actual photograph of DNA taken by Rosalind Franklin (credit was stolen from her by the men) and on the right are the GAP kin or Loom of Maya in Green left on stone stellae thousands of years before anyone had a camera. Gee, how did they know it looked like that?

The intricacies that science and tech think belong to their human technology has all been seen by the seers, intuitives, dreamers, visionary, and shaman long before they ever saw or thought a thing before being birthed by their MOTHER.

Potassium and Sodium

This is where the rubber meets the road and there is no esoteric guessing. This is a fact in the body. I work with anatomical facts as much as I do with intuition. This issue will affect whether or not you can align your telomeres and evolve your RNA to improve your body.

Is this on our Tzolkonic radar or what? It screams GAP kin to me folks, THE SPINE, the CNS, The axis of the eternal present, The Heart. I’ve just followed my intuition and dreams for two days. I didn’t even know what telomeres were.

Potassium and Sodium are electrolyte minerals vitally important to the body. An electrolyte is just as it sounds, electrical. They are minerals that conduct our naturally occurring electricity in the body. If you weren’t busy powering yourself internally you could light up a lightbulb. Truth. Instead, you power up your own heart with electromagnetic energy. You need electrolytes to do that or…else.

My intuition led me to investigate the role kidney and adrenal glands play in electrolyte processing. They sit atop the kidneys. My acupuncturist says I have adrenal fatigue from too much stress. That causes HPB and possibly kidney damage.

The adrenal cortex is an important factor in the control of electrolyte and water balance and in blood pressure homeostasis. Not surprisingly, therefore, hyper- and hyposecretion of one or more of its products has extensive repercussions.

We all need 4700mg of potassium and 1800 mg of sodium daily. Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you this as likely they do not know. They aren’t trained in nutrition sadly. Ideally, you get them in your food and not just as a supplement as they are in their whole natural form in food.

Fast food and canned food are not food. I’m referring to fresh whole foods which are the only way to get all of your nutrients; proteins, complex carbs, and fats. If you’re interested in knowing exactly what nutrients you’re eating so you’re sitting in truth, I use the app. It is perfect and has a huge compendium of foods already in memory but you can create a new food if need be.

The purpose of my focus here is my intuition is telling me our electrolytes in the body, which send ELM energy to the heart, are also responsible for the health of our telomeres. If you are low on either or both potassium or sodium your telomeres will deteriorate and age you, not dissimilar to car coils I suppose. It’s a vulgar analogy.

If you only eat whole foods it’s very likely your sodium will tank. Then add a tsp. of soy sauce to your stirfry. The only way you’ll know is if you track the nutrient-dense food you’re eating. It’s crazy. You will notice that you are getting all of your vitamins in spades but take a look at your sodium. It will be very low if you don’t salt your food or eat snacks or fast food. Too many people say not to eat salt. The fact is, our bodies thrive on salt AND sugar. Your carbs should not be too low either. For instance, if you eat ONLY healthy complex carbs you will barely get enough calories in…seriously. That includes fruit. I had to add granola which has some sugar in it to keep my calories up because I’m losing weight too quickly. That is definitely a thing. Your body thinks it’s dying and your energy drops. Not good.

Track your potassium and sodium as you do the telomeres meditation to reverse aging. They are producing the electricity you need in your body to keep your heart happy and QI moving. A banana is only 400 mg out of the 4700 you need!!. Urban myth on that one.

Galactic Activation Portals – Effect On Earth/Gaia – Disclosure News Italia

This explains things very well. Please read it so you can understand your body changes from a Cosmic perspective, not just what the white coats diagnose. Listen to both and use what you need from them while reading your own vibration.

It is a fact that you can change your own DNA but they don’t even know that yet. They still sit in the old fear and death narrative until they’re told differently by their bosses of fear, profit, and death.

Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table (portion from my book that I just wrote.)

G.A.P. is the acronym for Galactic Activation Portal. They are the center green squares on the Tzolkin Harmonic seen usually in 2D. In 3D they spiral as the DNA double helix and I’m analyzing the patterns from both vantage points in my mind. The definition of G.A.P is the gateway to galactic consciousness; 52 galactic gateways in thirteen sets of paired occult kin called quartets; the sum of the tones of the thirteen quartets is 364, or thirteen moons; as the pattern on the Harmonic index it is known as the “the loom of the 13 moons”. As you can see, it all points to the power of the female in the Tzolkin and on the planet. We are in the throes of balancing female and male power as we speak.

When I speak of the amino acid nucleotides they are the 3-base letter amino acids that govern each Tzolkin Harmonic per the I Ching.

Analysis of the G.A.P. Kin Table

(The table is not included here as it’s too technical)

The consistent movement of each molecule is in an “X” pattern or inverted opposite perpendicular 2D angles. In 3D it is radial. The nucleotides pulse off of one another exactly perpendicular within one harmonic and it does not vary in pattern. Therefore, it could be conjectured that the pulse points on the molecule are anchor points, possibly the sugar ribosome backbone on the DNA molecule, that in the Tzolkin system, are Occult.

An occult relationship in the Tzolkin adds up to 14 as far as the creative tone that precedes the amino acid. It fits in the bottom hidden wisdom position or the tRNA attachment site on the tRNA molecule. In the Tzolkin, this position pulses EXACTLY to the formation of the subconscious mind by the MOTHER so again, it could be surmised that it is at this juncture on the tRNA cell that the mothers’ RNA attaches to the ovum, or the child’s DNA.

I’m not a biologist to know the exact action of the cells during conception. I DO know that the occult number in the Tzolkin is 14 and it pulses exactly to the Mother’s influence on the child all the way through the destiny patterns and in synchronicity with the child’s relationships throughout its life, as far as I’ve observed for 30 years in noting synchronicity of individuals.

This key pattern and relationship with the mother via the tRNA CANNOT be abridged even in lieu of adoption or death. It’s a homing beacon, a GPS if you will between mother and child. It is indeed the most powerful of connections from other dimensions to the manifestation of a human on the earth plane.

What is a GAP Kin or a Galactic Activation Portal in the Tzolkin?

I think it’s literally the backbone of the DNA so it’s part of the binary configuration in 3D or as we see ⁹our body given to us by our parents when we look in the mirror. They are the node points of our LIGHT BODY.

The Dreamspell book says it’s the 52 point gateway to galactic consciousness. It’s our consciousness in our body which is unified with all dimensions. There are 52 galactic gateways in the Tzolkin in thirteen sets of paired occult kin called quartets (BASE PAIRS!). Everything I’ve seen with DNA movement is occult or adds up to 14. These are the green squares in the center of the Tzolkin that correspond to our spine, the axis of the eternal present.

The sum of the tones of the thirteen quartets is 364 or thirteen moons as the pattern on the Harmonic Index. It is known as the loom of the thirteen moons.

The picture on the left shows how the base pairs or GAP kin pull the double helix together. The base pairs are amino acid nucleotides that makes up each harmonic family. In DNA, the sugar involved in making the backbone that the double hexlix spins around is deoxyribose.

The double helix moves by centripetal and centrifugal force. Centripetal force directs an object in an INWARD curved circle like the push go-rounds in the park. Centrifugal force directs an object in an OUTWARD curved circle which just curves it the other way. They are two sides of one coin just like yin-yang-light-dark, the double helix and million other examples. Our world is made up of these two forces acting against each other and in fact, it starts in the womb where the mother and the fetus are competing against each other for survival, literally. I just read an article on it yesterday.

There is nothing romantic about pregnancy if you know the facts. The fetus is a usurper that the mother is allowing to feed off of her. If her body didn’t want to allow that particular fetus to grow she would unconsciously miscarry according to nature. The woman’s body does it automatically if there is a misalignment.

It’s also the case that our closest relations are actually our most immediate rivals. In fact most sexual and physical abuse happens in the birth home. International human trafficking has gotten a lot of attention lately for good reason but why in the world did these kids get away from the attention of their parents to be kidnapped and then trafficked?

Negligence. Unwanted, untended children in families is a big issue that no one talks about and has funded an international slave trade that has brought down governments in the last two years.

Don’t think for one second that sex and unwanted pregnancies are no big deal. In fact, it controls the planet. This is the price women pay for not taking control of their own bodies over the exploits of men and lawmakers. We could!! No one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body and her pregnancy. It’s NATURE! Men can’t possibly monitor nature in a woman’s body. Only she can and she should.

Today is a GAP kin, or Yellow 5 Star. It’s just on the other side of the central column and is a point in the double helix that makes it turn. I conjecture that this is a key DNA point that pulls it into the spiral and makes it turn. In the case of today’s gateway, Yellow 5 Star, the harmonic family it lives in is HF37, it’s kin 148 and the IChing designated Hexagram governing says that nucleotide CAG or Valine is being coded in this harmonic.

Yellow 5 Star is the Theme, Blue 5 Monkey is the analog, Yellow 5 Warrior is the Guide Power, White 5 Mirror is the antipode and Red 9 Skywalker is the Hidden Wisdom.

That means the 5 archetypes of kin 145, 146, 147, and 148 are coding CAG, that specific Valine Codon. But how? Stay tuned. I’m still working on it.

The theme is Yellow Star, Leucine. Asparagine is the analog Blue Monkey, Glutamine is Red Skywalker, the Hidden Wisdom. Histidine is Yellow Warrior, the Guide Power and Tyrosine is White Mirror, the antipode.

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