Mayan Daily Reading-White 11 Spectral Mirror on Tuesday

I am going to add more to this so check back. I’ve had a busy morning. Lisa T.

An awakening to POSSIBILITIES . He’s like Dumbledore. What he talks about here is EXACTLY what is happening to me this morning.

Earth Holon

The frequency is UP to 8.20 at 1:45 EST. The amplitude of that is 24 so things are a bit hot.

The 5 GForce

We land on kin42, White 3 Wind, a fellow refiner in the 5th dimension. Our upper density communication is going to be extra electrifying. That has manifested for me this morning as have all of the other alignments. Let me put it this way. Whatever your heart truly desires and whatever you need IN 3 and 4D is going to start to manifest.

If you are not focused now on your own intentions you will probably leave the planet in the changes which millions will. That’s fine. We are in HIGH MANIFESTATION MODE of the new paradigm. You are either helping create the new way and the self-generated light body or you’re following negative cataclysmists who are CREATING the cataclysm themselves with their own minds. Your choice. I’m not going anywhere. But that’s what I’ve chosen.

I dissolve in order to reflect. Realizing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

The 4D time portal is a SIGNAL Kin. It is 30 degrees south–30 degrees east in South Africa on the east coast. The 4D time portals are REAL but they are spacetime portals. They are not just 3D like the I Ching Hx locations. The two sprocket together by the power of the Tzolkin. Spacetime is REAL but it’s more.

11 Neptune, 3x, 11 Venus challenging and 3 Saturn in subconscious position
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Aquarius and Venus is in Pisces
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we seek variety or mental engagement. We’re communicative, connected, and curious.
  • Venus forms a semi-sextile to Jupiter, and finding a balance between what we want to do and what we think we should do is not straightforward. (Our antipode)
  • We could feel torn between two drives, seeing-sawing between alternatives.
  • It can be difficult to settle on a plan temporarily.


Monday Synchronicity-The Only Way to Manifest is to Perfect Your Synchronicity

We all see people that are on fire succeeding at what they want and others who flounder. The difference is their mental focus and awareness of TIMING and their own Time As A Body.

I’ve also noticed that those who do well in life in the area they wish to be, ARE HEALTHY and fit. They take care of their bodies and vitality and don’t squander it wringing their hands or following other fearsome, not grounded, negative projections about life as though these mouthpieces have the answer for the future lined up for everyone.

Why do people like someone else to tell them what their life will be? Maybe those mouthpieces are paid by an agency with an agenda (military or government)?

On here, I empower people to create their own future and mindset by aligning their frequency. These are just my ideas. You have to self generate your own synchronicity through your thoughts and feelings. We are co-creators with All That Is in full power. As my new friend says, a lion in sheep’s clothing.

3D and 4D Body

Today we enter the last HF65  of the 260-day cycle; Cosmic Matrix, Self-Regulate the Universal Fire of Presence as we move to Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun which MANIFESTS it by channeling galactic center (God) in all of its love and nurture through OUR SUN. The sun is a type of parent whose energy becomes ONE with our bodies. All life would die without the sun. We’re not called to worship it but to HONOR it and all creation (DNA) to which we owe our manifestation in time to EVOLVE.

This is Stage 1-Prehistoric in the Deep Past on the AC timeline strand in our cells, Aboriginal Emergent from the FUTURE to the present. We’ve been here before and are re-membering. Who are the members to join the collective? All kin, all species, all DNA life forms, all parts of our bodies.

We are in IChing 3D Hx 2; The Receptive. This hexagram contains 4D 10Earth, 11Mirror, 12Storm, and 13Sun. It covers the evolution of 3D nucleotide TTT-Phenylalanine for 4 days. The Inverse harmonic is HF1. Today it contains Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed, Our Hidden Wisdom.

Earth Holon

Amplitude is 24 at 6pm EST
The frequency is 7.9 at 6pm EST

Thank you God for our great sun and teach us to be safe in the sun always. May our species and the earth continue to receive its blessings  and honor its cycles now and in future.

Lisa T.

The Mayan symbols for our evolving amino acids today are 10phenylalanine, 10glycine, 10serine, 10isoleucine, and 4valine.

The 5GForce to uplevel in meditation is kin #43, Blue 4 Self-Existing Night.

“I define in order to dream. Measuring intuition I seal the input of abundance with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of self-generation. I am a GAP kin so I spin in 3D for 3Days.

3D and 4D Merge in Astrology and the Mayan Oracle

10Uranus, 10asteroid belt manifested karma, 10Earth, 4Jupiter

In today’s oracle we see the story of imperfection, not perfection. Such is life. I guess that’s my view. I can’t imagine how blowing up Tiamat was meant to be…but apparently it was A LESSON we all needed to learn. It’s a form of denial that they leave the asteroid belt off of local solar system images.

This 4D Time Portal for Red Earth is located at the Equator- 15 degrees West in the mid Atlantic off the coast of Liberia.

All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Aquarius
  • The Moon continues its transit of deliberate Taurus until it heads into Gemini at 3:35 AM EST. We’re moving from wanting to keep things steady to a desire to connect and communicate. The Gemini Moon, lasting until Wednesday afternoon, encourages us to diversify, put our feelers out, and pick up new ideas or tips. We’re more interactive and versatile with this Moon, although we can also be jumpy or inconsistent.
  • With the Moon’s alignment with Mars tonight, we’re excitable, ready for debate, competitive, and courageous. Our thoughts might race, and we can be very quick (possibly too fast) to respond and react.
  • The Moon is void from 12:52 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Gemini at 3:35 AM EST.

From and Time Passages

Sunday Reading-We Lose Fear by Questioning What We Fear.

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior

We all need to be sorted out now and again”. I love the Brits.💜 I find them able to be genuinely positive in troubled times more than Americans. I don’t think people realize how oppressive and programmed our U.S. culture is. The c!@$ is something. We’re going to have to heal from it down the line.

The Mind is the greatest healer. True that.

It seems that in these earth changes there are conflicting pronouncements. Maybe some things just don’t stick to us. Therefore it isn’t true for us. Law of Attraction.

1. Cataclysm and death

2. It’s up to us to change the frequency, to create a collective vibe that allows us to ask that the changes be gradual and not so vast. Raise your frequency, remedy your hindrances and appetites, and Identify your distortions.

3. Abe-Hicks 101; “I promise you, you choose to die or stay here. It’s your choice. If you give over the decision to someone else to choose for you It’s still a choice. There are no victims.”

4. “If you say so.” Whatever comes out of your mouth and you really believe it and feel it, you are creating it. We don’t create for others we create for ourselves and then those we interact with bump into what we’ve created and either come into our vortex or are repelled by it because they don’t hang with you.

5. And then there is common sense like, if you drink poison it’s likely you’re going to die. Most will, some people miraculously don’t!

Which of rhese is true? We hear all of them but you can decide for yourself.

There are universal truths but within those is a ton of space for personal creation and freedom of mind.

Earth Holon

The Earth has a mind and cycle of her own just as the Sun does, but we absolutely interact with her. We are not independent of one another. We are interdependent. People lose their way when they refuse to accept that the planets, the stars, and our sun are SENTIENT. You either get it or you don’t.

I got into it with Alex the other day about A.I./tech, how bad it is for humans. He puts his arms out to his side and says, “Mom, I go outside and check the weather and merge with it and I love technology. I AM the balance.” It was a riot.🤣 Red 12 Earth checking the earth and synchronizing with it and navigating it. That kid is a stitch. I still say A.I. is evil. The kids don’t but they don’t like Musk at all or Twitter, or FB.

People are characters. If you don’t dismiss or judge them based on your bias you can find synchronicity with almost anyone.

Amplitude power is 19 of the frequency which is 7.88.

The 5GForce is Kin 44; Yellow 5 Overtone Seed ruled by Jupiter

“I empower in order to target. Commanding awareness I seal the input of flowering with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of free will.” (Yellow Human is our Guide Power today as well, Tone 9 Solar.)

3D and 4D Synchronize Dimensions-Spacetime

9Saturn, 9Earth, 9Mars, 6asteroid belt
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Aquarius
  • The Sun harmonizes with Mars, energizing us and supporting activity, initiative, and enterprise. Mars was recently retrograde but is now picking up speed after turning direct on the 12th.Today’s Sun-Mars trine helps boost our motivation. (Our antipode White Solar World Bridger mediated by Mars and Tone 9)
  • Energy and vitality are strong. We want to put plans into motion, take the lead, and get busy. Our sense of timing is good, and belief in ourselves comes naturally. This can be a good time to do what we love, follow our passions, or pursue a pleasure more heartily than usual.
  • Mercury’s trine to Uranus reinforces a theme of looking forward. With this mind-opening aspect, we seek answers that aren’t the most obvious, and we can get to some exciting places on a mental level. We’re expressing ourselves in different or unique ways rather than falling back on old habits of thinking and communicating, and it’s successful. Conversations can be gently provocative, leading to new ideas and perspectives. Mercury, too, was recently retrograde, and we might now get answers, solutions, or green lights for delayed projects and pursuits.
  • The Moon is still in Taurus (Earth ruled, our Guide Power Yellow Human mediated by Earth)
  • Saturn, our THEME, is in Aquarius where the Sun is right now.

From, me, and Time Passages

Saturday Reading-We Model Our Minds Like Clay so We Can Live With Integrity

You have got to hear this. Resphigi. The Pines of Rome. The climax is fabulous. It reminds me of Jupiter for some reason.

The frequency is an agitated 8
Amplitude power is 22

The 5GForce is kin45; Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent

“I organize in order to survive. Balancing instinct I seal the store of life force with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Eagle tribe pulses to the left arm and Tone 8 pulses to the left shoulder. The analog is the right Seed arm.

8Jupiter, 8Pluto, 8asteroid belt, 6Mars
All Zodiac Signs
The Ruling Planet in 3D is Uranus. The Mediating planet of Blue Eagle is Jupiter.
  • The Moon continues its transit of stable Taurus all day.
  • This morning, the First Quarter Moon occurs when the Sun in Aquarius forms a square with the Moon in Taurus. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. We become aware of how our actions affect those close to us, perhaps through trial and error. Whatever project or initiative we began around the New Moon is now off the ground, and it may face its first obstacles. It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also high energy, motivation, and growth.
  • However, a Sun-Neptune semi-square can be disorienting. There may be some indecision or listlessness. Our willpower may decrease as we stray from our goals and temporarily lose focus. This aspect serves as a gentle reminder to consider our needs for downtime, fantasy, or spiritual refreshment.


Friday Reading-White 7 Resonant Wizard-Boomerang Circling Energy Today so it Can Feel Intense

Artist is Klimt

The Aries Moon mediating the Guide Power adds to the fun. The Women around us can seem wound up or on a high horse because we land on White Wizard-The Goddess Ixchel. Gender balancing is kicking in. It’s all about setting boundaries on ourselves and in our relationships. Psychic energy is rife for the female principle in all of us. Remember, women have energy of the gods and men have energy of the goddess. Balance the female/male IN YOURSELF so you can be equitable to others.

Body Pulsing

The theme with White Wizard and Red Serpent pulses to our mammalian breasts, otherwise called mammary glands because we give birth and feed our babies as women, or we used to. It needs to continue. Tone 7 is right at the 5th Voice Chakra, the front of the throat, C7 area. Mercury is in Capricorn so we do have some restraint for a bit, but it’s no longer retrograde so hopefully, you’ll say what you mean.

Earth Holon Evolving

Up 39%
The amplitude power is up to 22% s 4;20pm

3D Space and 4D Time Synchronicity

We are mediated by our asteroid belt karma with Mars and Jupiter Guiding and challenging. These are mediated by Mars in sync with the Aries Moon. Maybe, don’t drink too much coffee today and take it easy. Pulsing is Jupiter and the Earth, all Tone 7 circling.

7asteroid belt, 7Mars, 7Jupiter, 7Earth
  • Mercury forms a square to Chiron this morning, which can point to strained, unnatural communications. We can be more sensitive to criticism. We may doubt ourselves when solving problems or learning and expressing ourselves. Ideally, a temporary dip will boost our motivation to improve.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aries until 6:43 PM EST, which can be impatient but enterprising and straightforward energy.
  • The Taurus Moon is an even-tempered position, and we tend to seek comfort, harmony, familiarity, security, and pleasure.
  • The void Moon occurs from 4:02 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus at 6:43 PM EST.
  • Jupiter is in Aries also making the energy focused and direct.
  • Venus and Neptune are in PISCES so Firm but Loving is coming out of us. Boundaries again, which people need.


The 5GForce to Level UP Your Own Frequency

Kin46-White 7 Worldbridger-OUR GUIDE POWER~! I’ve never seen this in the Tzolkin before

“I channel in order to EQUALIZE. Inspiring Opportunity, I seal the store of death/change with the resonant tone of ATTUNEMENT. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

We are guided some very psychic, feminine energy today, women’s intuition. We’ll see who comes forward or who even gets a voice. I doubt she will be in big media. It may just be in a small way such as this blog. IDK

White Wizard Tribe Archetype Ixchel

Mayan Daily Reading-Rhythmic Movement

We move into a new HF64 today with Red 6 Skywalker; Solar output, Express the intelligence of intention as we move toward Yellow 9 Warrior; Intelligence.

We are in Stage III of the Timeline on the CA past to present strand pulsing on MEMORY of the Ancient World, hieratic pristine. This is I Ching Hx23; Splitting Apart.

The inverse Harmonic is HF2 containing today’s Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 8 Star.

The 5GForce is Kin47; Blue 8 Galactic Hand

“I harmonize in order to know. Modeling healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of magic.”

Earth Holon

The frequency is 7.5 and amplitude is 7 so it is below normal.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in assertive, direct Aries. (In sync with our THEME, analog, and Guide Power mediated by Mars, Aries ruler.)
  • However, Venus moves into the sign of Pisces today for a stay until February 20th. (In sync with our Hidden Wisdom Yellow Star mediated by Venus.)
  • This transit brings sweet but sometimes escapist energy to our lives, especially our interactions and relationships.
  • Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although difficult to reach, as there is a longing for something hard to define and satisfy. (I am Venus in Pisces)
  • Borders and boundaries blur under this influence. The shadow side of this position can involve evasiveness and avoidance. Otherwise, it’s a time for increased compassion and greater understanding. We’re opening our minds to different pleasures and pastimes in the weeks ahead.


Also the Axis of the Eternal Present over 33 Vertebra

The 20 Tribes of Time Attributes

Today is Red 6 Skywalker. We are in the WHITE CHROMATIC, a signal kin, 4D time portal located south of the equator. This chromatic are the fingers on the LEFT TRUTH HAND ✋️.


  • Right Fire hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Right Blood Foot 5 toes, 5 clans
  • Left Truth hand 5 fingers, 5 clans
  • Left SKY foot, 5 toes, 5.clans.

THE 20 TRIBES OF TIME ARE DNA AMINO ACID PROTEINS. They are our bodies AS TIME. You heard it here first and I get to ne crazy for it.

This is my paradigm shifting info. that needs to go worldwide for humanity. Our bodies are time itself which gives us massive power over our own lives.

The 20 amino acids control universal attributes for all DNA LIFE FORMS.

  • Dragon is nurturing/birth. Very female
  • Wind is communication/spirit
  • Night is INTUITION/sleeping/dreaming in our little mammal nest.
  • Seed is FOCUS with INTENTION
  • Serpent is SEX/survival/reproduction
  • Worldbridger is CHANGE/death
  • Hand is Accomplishment
  • Star is Beauty/glowing
  • Moon is UNIVERSAL FEELINGS. Humans will always have emotions. No machine has real emotions bc it has no soul.
  • Dog is Christ, LOVE, LOYALTY, The god, dogs.
  • Human is FREEWILL
  • Skywalker is EXPLORATION, Curiosity, PROPHECY. On the move.
  • Wizard is the goddess, RECEPTIVE female, magic, cats.
  • Eagle is VISION
  • Warrior is INTELLIGENCE
  • Earth is SYNCHRONICITY balance between cosmic navigation and Earth nature
  • Mirror is REFLECTION/meditation

These attributes are LIGHT. Their opposites are shadow. Ehat the opposites ARE is debatable and we should do that.

But this is who humans are as time and we will keep evolving because we are ONE with Christ consciousness, the Creator and ruler of our Local Universe, not tech, and not A.I. We use Machines, we will never be machines in order to eliminate the female. That’s the purpose of A.I.; to make the entire system male which means everything will die in violent cataclysm. It’s Luciferian. We are all both female and male ND we need both attributes in balance.

Yellow 5 Overtone Human-Synchronicity Journal for Wednesday 1/24/23

This a good day to get grounded and realize our Earth roots will never be changed. We’re just going to have to go through letting go of heavy tech over time. Evolutionary DNA is the highest technology because it incorporates love and many other spiritual attributes that come through the female mother. Something very sinister has been trying to get rid of that on earth since humans have been here.

We’re at the end of the overtone process in this harmonic. Have you figured out an aspect of your radiance to contribute to the collective? I have.

The 5GForce is Kin48, Yellow 9 Star-

“I pulse in order to beautify. Realizing art I seal the store of elegance with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of flowering.”

Earth Holon-Ionosphere ScR

Our amplitude is still at 24. Frequency is 7.83. It has dropped to 7.6 at 1:30pm EST. It does this before it shoots back up.

3D and 4D Synchronicity in Spacetime

We see the Aquarius Sun in our Antipode as radiant communication. Are we saying something educational and helpful or something to instill more fear?

Uranus, an AIR planet of communication rules Aquarius an air sign in 3D and mediates Red Earth~White Wind. Look at that synchronicity!

The Sun and Taurus are currently in Uranus so the earth, our bodies and our money are in revolution. The bulls aren’t happy with it. They like to sit still and have their way.

Uranus is a transpersonal outer planet that moves slowly and is linked to social patterns and trends, Uranus spends approximately seven years in a sign. And right now, it’s moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus. It first entered the sign of the Bull in May 15, 2018 and will remain there until April 27, 2026.

5Earth, 5Pluto, 5Uranus, 9Mercury. Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, the Stop Codon, Glycine, and the Start Codon Methoonine
All Zodiac Signs
Aquarius Sun rules 3D
  • We seek refreshment or escape with the Pisces Moon until 1:49 PM EST, after which we’re ready for action with an Aries Moon. (Aries isn’t always action. Another astrologers bias about us.)
  • The Moon’s alignment with Jupiter tonight encourages us to embrace our needs for self-direction, self-expression, and initiative. Our moods lift.
  • The Aries Moon also harmonizes with the Aquarius Sun, and while we want to be the first to discover new things with this Moon position, it would benefit us to share time with others. We can enjoy increased clarity derived from a feeling that what we want and need are in harmony.
  • Mercury is in Capricorn. It represents mind, and is a quick-moving planet that spends only two to three weeks in a sign, unless retrograde. With Mercury in Capricorn the mind becomes pragmatic. Everyone’s conversation and the expression of their ideas is more deliberate and aimed at being taken seriously. Your viewpoint becomes more traditional since the mind now tends to value what’s tried and true. (We see this as our Hidden Wisdom with grounding Solar Tone 9 in the subconscious mother position)
  • The Moon is void from 11:12 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aries at 1:49 PM EST


White 3 Electric Dog-Monday Synchronicity Journal-1/23/23

The bottom dropped out of the ScR amplitude at 2pm EST. I couldn’t move. Better soon.😊 it’s 7 now.

Today’s date is an 11 (1+5+5) and Blue 11 Spectral Monkey is the Hidden Wisdom so dissolving magic is afoot. I find people like to be negative more than positive so they create a take-down all the time and think it’s being done TO them when they are doing it themselves with their powerful MINDSET.

It is quite a phenom to watch. I teach and do the opposite which is why I’m mostly ignored. I came to this planet to help not to believe we’d hit a critical mass through aelf-generation. We could though!

This constant talk of a solar flash is completely miscreating. There is nothing imminent. WE CREATE IT WITH OUR MENTAL FOCUS and the prophets teaching it know it. Are they paid to rile people up against the sun? It’s certainly not helping.

So, has the military promised they and their families an underground bunker so they have their asses covered? Colorado Springs must be a special place for underground bunkers for the elite.

WE ARE CO-CREATORS. God is ONE with us. Watch what you give your attention to, feel, think, follow, and believe. It is programming your mind to MANIFEST whatever you focus on. Abe-Hicks 101.

You absolutely can control your focus so build up your body in a positive manner just for starters. The only thing we can control is ourselves which is our contribution to the planet.

The Earth Holon-ScR and the Psi Bank Weather

No sun here at all tells me everything about the Psi Bank. The earth needs her balance back. I’ve never seen it like this in Michigan.

The amplitude is still 39.
The frequency is 8 and nothing is going up. Be good and do good.👍

This is J.C.’s birth gateway and Jose is the Hidden Wisdom. Our timeline is CA, past to present in the ancient world, I Ching Hx 24. So 3 Dog is in a twirling dance with 11 Monkey ∞. It does this daily and especially in your own birth gateway with your inverse harmonic. I just posted on it. However, for individuals it occurs in your entire birth harmonic, not just your birth gateway. Take a look at that. It really determines your sensability in Time.

The 5GForce is White 11 Spectral Dog, Kin 50.

“I DISSOLVE in order TO LOVE. Releasing loyalty I seal the process of heart with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a polar kin. I transport the white galactic spectrum. I am a GAP kin so I spin for 3 solar days.”

In the Tzolkin, you never read that you’re guided by anyone other than your own power doubled. That’s the deal and it has to do with YOUR BODY, your focus, your QI, your choices, your health and your healing. That is THE SAME THING as changing your Mind and Spirit. Your Body IS your Mind and Spirit AS TIME.

3D and 4D Synchronicity-Astrology and the Tzolkin

We are mediated by Mercury in Time but in 3D it will square Saturn a bit, I suppose as some discipline for those that keep habitually creating destructive energy by following instead of focusing themselves on their own business.

3 Mercury, 3 Asteroid Belt, 3Pluto, 11 VENUS
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is now in Aquarius and making it’s revolutionary influence felt everywhere.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 12:37 PM EST, after which it moves through Pisces. We’re more objective with the Aquarius Moon.
  • The Moon hooks into the Venus-Saturn energy, and with a Venus-Saturn parallel, we continue to take our interactions, pleasures, relationships, and money more seriously this morning. (Our Hidden Wisdom Blue 11 Monkey is mediated by VENUS)
  • The Pisces Moon brings on a need to unwind, go with the flow, or accept and forgive. It awakens our need for spiritual refreshment or an escape from everyday life.
  • However, today’s Mercury-Saturn semi-square points to potential delays or miscommunications. We may need to manage some inconveniences in our communications and transit.
  • The Moon is void from 5:21 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Venus), until the Moon enters Pisces at 12:37 PM EST.


Red 2 Polar Moon Synchronicity Journal-Sunday 1/22/23

It is finally snowing here and the earth has turn to cold crystal light.❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️☃️

We enter a new HF63 today; Overtone Process. Formulate your FREE WILL and be RADIANT. The 3D I Ching Hx is 24; Return/The Turning Point.

The Overarch DNA nucleotide is CTT-Leucine

The is Stage III, Ancient World History, Hieratic Pristine on the CA, past to present strand. These were our ancestors who were farmers. It was an agricultural civilization. There was economic and aesthetic UNITY. People hung together back in the day before tech and industrialization from A.I. ambitions had taken over and ruined human relationships with each other, nature, and the earth.

The 5GForce is Blue 12 Monkey, kin 51

“I dedicate in order to play. Universalizing illusion I seal the process of magic with he crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of abundance. I am a GAP kin in the Loom of the 13 Moons so I spin for 3 solar days.”

People who have this 5D birth kin; Madame Blavatsky, Dizzy Gillespie, Stephen King, John Travolta, Augusta Savage. Just Google them if you don’t know who they are. Pretty much all artists of some type.

3D and 4D Synchronicity

2Methionine, 2Aspartic acid, 2Cysteine, 2Tryptophan, 12Glutamic acid

Mercury moving direct mediates today. Just say it to whoever you need to say it to.

Also Neptune, Pluto and 12Earth are pulsing. That 12 Yellow Human pulse in the Hidden Wisdom subconscious position has people making separation from TOXIC family behaviors. Temporary cut offs need to occur to release the past. Just don’t decimate people or judge the older generation just because we are older than you.

Ok, folks, we now have Mercury, Mars and Uranus moving direct…and maybe Jupiter. Move out toxic energy and pivot positive.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and Aquarian ruler, Uranus, stations and turns direct today.
  • Uranus has been retrograde since August 24th, and with its station, Uranian energy hangs heavy in the air this week. As the planet gains speed in the next few weeks, our urge to express our unique selves, take some chances or risks, rebel, listen to our instincts, and stir up change are reawakened or externalized.
  • Mercury forms a semi-square with Venus early today, and there can be minor misunderstandings or indecision. It’s not easy to concentrate or connect with our hearts. There can be irritating disconnects as we either rationalize our feelings or emotionalize our observations.
  • Venus aligns with Saturn later today, however, and we seek clarity. We’re more thoughtful about our attachments and affections.When it comes to finances and relationships, we may need to limit a pleasure or indulgence or sacrifice a material benefit for a spiritual one (or vice versa). Extravagances have a way of catching up with us, and buckling down is necessary. Still, we’re inclined to feel good about making a mature choice now. We may experience a new sense of realism in our relationships. It can also be a time for bonding more strongly with loved ones through the sharing of responsibility, concerns, or dilemmas. We might face reality about our finances, a personal belief, or a love/social matter. A commitment may be made, or there can be a “test” to an existing commitment.


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