A Premonition Just Blew Past Me

I was thinking about our fellow follower Melissa on here who is today’s analog, White 4 Worldbridger and I saw our theme, Red 4 Skywalker, Mr. Obama…no longer here and taking Mr. White 2 Worldbridger, his buddy, with him.

That can happen in a myriad of ways but I’m not going to get into that.

We need peace on Earth and on Mars. The two planets are very linked. Mars is our mediating planet today.

A Lightworker is a witch who does the math and cares about a reasonable, loving answer.”- Lisa T.

NYTimes: Elon Musk Takes Twitter, and Tech Deals, to Another Level


Here we go…my prediction flowing forward.

Here’s the Tzolkonic difference that they are not aware of. Yesterday was White 6 Rhythmic Wind mediated by URANUS which rules AQUARIUS.

You don’t want to mess with Aquarius right now. We just entered the Age of Aquarius and THE MILLENIALS are controlling our society. They don’t respect Elon Musk. And…the Uranus Time Tunnels are open now. They were closed before.

Musk thinks he can squirm A.I. in here. I’ll grant that the kids are suckered for A.I. and that includes my Red 12 Crystal Earth son and his friends (Aquarius). But he’ll see soon enough the attempt at forcing A.I. and BALK. They see Twitter and all the damn apps as the seat of scum and villainy.

Now we wait for them to gobble up more and more earthly power until they have 3 heads. Then comes the eventual demise of Worldbridgers, Skywalkers, and Serpent in shadow, not the ones in the Light. Their money and earthly power means nothing by universal standards.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

Memo From the Ether

I just got a message from the ether that Elon Musk may go super rogue and buy Twitter and Facebook to try to do a massive push of A.I. onto the planet. He is going to try to buy up all social media soon and try to force it down humans throats. Dude is evil 😈. He is all about monopoly.

The A.I. prophets know they are failing. The fight is on to CLEAN UP OUR SYSTEM of nefarious actors so earth can hit the Golden Age but this will be over months, not weeks.

Humans need to focus on our personal vibration, our bodies and health and keep up our positive emotional level. Have one buddy you can be yourself with. MUSIC is key. Movement and social with POSITIVE VIBE people only.

I feel we should all be as vocal as possible with friends and family against A.I. Let them say it’s inevitable. They are incorrect. It is up to us. Read Corey’s latest update I just posted.

Humanity Wants The Pole Shift By the End of the Year?

I will check the Tzolkin today for alpha and Omega points. It feels like and looks like we are making it happen soon. THEN, the Sun will follow our lead.

Looking at the very low qfactor means solar activity is speeding up. The very low amplitude, almost to 1 means the ELM field of the earth is weakening further before the shift. I would guess that the amplitude needs to go into negative territory first. It’s like the windup of a top. You have to pull it way back before you let it loose.

It looks to me like the cataclysmists and NASA are being tight-lipped and of course MSM does drip disclosure by telling you what do do with your money and fear mongering on MSM. Heads up folks. USE YOUR OWN INTUITION.

My brain is trancing out. Ciao.

I’ve Received a Meditation For Today

There is very strong smooth, relaxed energy coming through the crown chakra today and tuning up the pineal gland. The ScR is pulsing it. You may be very hungry and need more food than usual because the brain burns the most calories. Not sugar though. Pasta and beans for carbs. I made a 3-bean salad that rocks. With the pulse to the crown chakra we’re revving up. Be careful with dizziness. Walk slowly.

The directive is to use Tone 10 pulsing to the left wrist by putting palms together🙏and let the energy circle around unbroken in chakras above the head, 12-8 and then 7, 6, 5, and 4. Use the violet flame as you breathe in and out to release people and events in your inverse harmonic and thus moving into your Higher Self frequency. Sit in your center and love yourself.

Lightworkers and people with open hearts are magnets for those in emotional repression practicing projection, offloading and transference because they are afraid that their traumatic memories and negative emotions will kill them or at least make them very ill. They will unless they PIVOT. They want someone else to fix it for them.

No can do folks. No empathic absorption or co-dependency. Remember, if they have admitted their mental illness, instability, bad attitude, or bad behavior and then turn around and accuse you of it when you know you’ve been acting in integrity, you need to stop contact. That’s toxic energy. They are trying to vomit out what is in THEM to whoever will take the offload. It’s viral right now.

Personally, I know if I’ve acted poorly toward someone and fix it right away. If you know you do the same, then they are wrong and are trying to skirt taking the karma for their choices. Don’t do it for them.

No judging. It is lower human nature to try to get one over. Wise people don’t do it because of consequences that will come in the Matrix. Foolish people do. So be it. Take care of yourself.❤💜

Remember to bless and release. Don’t bless and resent or curse or it will come back on you. If your own heart is open this won’t even occur to you to stoop to revenge. Check yourself.

I Just Remembered My Dream Last Night

I’ve had very busy, social dreams the last two nights but I love the ones where I end up with one of my healer teachers. I have a few.

This one was tall, sort of Anshar looking with big eyes and short blonde hair. I was watching her work. She was actually sort of asexual, neither female or male.

So, she was practicing with a small orb of white light to see what she could do with it. It was pure energy but a certain type made by the body. I recognized it and deal with it all the time in my 4D life. I can always feel it but not see it but last night I saw it.

I was giddy like a kid because the orb was free floating in the air and she was moving it with the energy in her hands, not touching it. I finally got to see what I do in waking life.

I said to her, “I know how to do that. Can I try?” “Sure!”

I easily took it and started moving it around as I do all afternoon in my office which is exhausting by the way because earth energy is SO dense, and then it burst into three smaller orbs and was broken up and dissipated. I felt bad as though I broke it, as you would break a glass. But she had a blank look on her face and said, “That happens sometimes. You can do that too.”

Now that I’m awake I’m trying to figure out what it meant. First, I didn’t do anything wrong by busting it into three pieces. Second, it’s a healers option to choose what to do that with forms of light from the patient’s body that NEED to be broken up and I know how to do it.

So it’s not just about melting or pulling it out or releasing it which I do all the time. I can break it into pieces so it completely dissipates and I felt what it feels like to do it.!! It’s a mental state you go into. “It no longer exists.” And you can do it with energy pieces in your own body as well.

Cool. 😎 Makes my waking life worthwhile. I love this stuff. It was so awesome to watch someone else do what I do only all very visible and normal in the dream world.

Mark Zuckerberg is ‘continuing to derail’ Facebook-Harvard Expert


It’s not as though he needs the money. But maybe the D.S. thinks they own him for their nefarious reset purposes and he has to get out somehow.

That was the deal in the dream I had about him. If he can derail FB on purpose and get out alive, KUDOS to him!!! In my dream, his family comes first now. His priorities have changed since he founded Facebook, which he now regrets in my dream anyway. He might not admit that. But they have been able to use him in ways he never intended. Worldly power corrupts.

I did a blog post on the day of the dream, after dreaming it that night which was…White 10 Worldbridger. I woke up, and thought, “Why was Zuck in my dream telling me all of this?” Dialed him up, dialed the day up, and there it was. Synchronicity.

Mars, Maldek, Saturn, and Jupiter karma. The dude is in the hot seat as a time thief and maybe a White 10 Worldbridger double agent contributing to the Tiamat blowup. He was committed to the technosphere and A.I. That’s Maldekian, now the asteroid belt. Good luck with that. I had a strong dream where he was present. He wanted out of FB. Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle vision. He sure manifested that!

He is in company with kin Biden, 2 WorldBridger, and Elon Musk, 3 WorldBridger. Unless this kin has turned the corner to become more spiritually aligned, and many have, they may be physically losing their way.

Skywalkers are going through it also. It has everything to do with Mars-Maldek karma. Each person has their unique destiny.

Karma is a bitch. I don’t exactly feel sorry for him but as an analog I hope FB disappears and he and his family are safe.

9/22/22-I Predict Mara-Lago Circus Will Be Finished Bc They Can’t Win. Nor can They Assassinate Him as They’d Like Without Drawing Attention to Themselves

I wrote this 5 days ago because I had a premonition. You can’t fight time nor can you win against destiny. It’s fabulous. Your own choices, heart, and mind create your own time and destiny. Choose well.

Trump is Blue Hand. Blue Hand people are healers on many levels. They care about people and are very, very accomplished and cause tremendous jealousy. They aren’t perfect, just smart and tuned in.

I do not see us having a normal election in 2024. The world is going to be a different place soon as the secrets come up, the main energy sources are changed and equity naturally comes to the earth. Partisan politics will not be necessary anymore. But this shift will happen in society over the next 2 years. I don’t think there will be a president anymore, but I’m not positive. Again, the future is based on collective choice.

YouTube Video by Me on 911 Harmonic and It’s Inverse

Warning; I am in high intuitive mode as I read the time back and forth between Harmonics. As I sat in my office and decided to make a video it was 11:11 and I had just posted an image of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan on my blog post on page 111 of “Time and the Technosphere.” So…this is how synchronicity rolls if you’re paying attention.

Folks, we are watched over on so many levels by loving E.T. Ancestors, Universal Directors, and J.C. our friend and creator. The less you give any credence whatsoever to MSM or Google propaganda the better. I feel deeply today for the souls that were murdered by the planes on 911. I don’t think we have yet made full sense of it but I’m trying with this information to let you know that YOU, YOUR LIFE, and YOUR BODY belong to YOU and it is in YOUR POWER to focus your destiny in the manner of your choosing, using free will, to play it out with the rest of the human family. It’s all good. Love yourself and love each other.

The View From my Red Couch

Of course I have a red couch; I’m Red Skywalker and an Aries. 🎈🧧💃

Friday night 7:00pm eastern standard time.

I think we’re exhausted from the ScR. It was very high today, 59 power.

I’m thinking about filling the void, the vacuum, I’m looking forward and seeing with this collapse of everything, no more two party system, the way our governments run, The Reptilian control, the Deep State Control, body control, the MSM media control is going to be gone. There’s going to be a vacuum, a hole that we all need to fill as a collective Humanity with what we want our species to be. What do we want for our children. what do we desire for art and beauty, what kind of food do we want, what kind of body care-Health Care do we want. It’s time for us to start to dream up, plan, organize and see what world we want. Let’s not continue to obsess on this world we know we don’t want from which we are sick. It is time to focus on what we DO want, not on what we don’t want. Remember what Corey said. We’re going to win.

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