What did my Oracle say about March 10th when SVB failed? Zuckerberg was the Antipode Challenge that Day.

On March 10, 2023, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failed after a bank run, marking the second-largest bank failure in United States history and the largest since the 2008 financial crisis. It was one of three March 2023 United States bank failures.

Today is March 21, and the bank failures continued, but now they might abate. We’ll see. Time is DNA. Time is our bodies evolving in order to be co-creators. Time is NOT money.

It was Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior mediated by Saturn in time in the Mayan Oracle. Where there is Saturn and Pluto, there is severe discipline and transformation. Capricorn is an earth sign and Blue Hand tribe is mediated by Earth so that’s the context.The gauntlet is thrown down, and people hate boundaries. We have no choice but to respond as rationally as possible, which the banks did, and roll with it. They had everything to lose and so did we.

We were in Blue Hand 13-day cycle, the power of accomplishment. It was the end of Harmonic 9; Planetary output, express the intelligence of manifestation and I had just gotten a tip from my son to watch “The Social Network” on Netflix all about Zuckerberg. It was done by his favorite director so I checked it out. Zuckerberg’s behavior was awful when he was at Harvard. Just watch the movie. AND…HE was the antipode for March 10th, White 10 Planetary World-Bridger, the day SVB crashed. Now this is all coming together.

I had a dream two nights ago where they kept telling me, pay attention to World Bridger. Say what? 13 World Bridger is my analog (support). I never get to stop thinking about World Bridger. I ignored it. Now I see why they said this to me. Zuckerberg, White 10 Worldbridger is the poster child for Silicon Valley tech.

I discussed this with my son, and he thinks too many young guys do these tech start ups and think they are as smart as Zuckerberg, and they aren’t. Thus, all the failures.

The dream I had about him a year ago, ON his gateway was about his deep hurt and fear for his family. He actually wanted tech to crash in my dream. He hated FB and wanted out. So, yes, his behavior in the movie was pretty crappy but he was a baby, like 20, and a fucking genius at dysfunctional, alcoholic, partying Harvard. Keep that in mind as you watch it. I forgive him. I hate FB and want it to go away forever. They banned my holistic biz page during scamdemic. But Zuck and all these A.I. prophets could turn their lives around and live in the light. We all can!

So, this is amazing and big synchronicity. And I’ve had only two people looking at my blog for two weeks. Seems like this blog is crashing too. 2 weeks ago I had 150 views!

Dimensional Sync

10 SATURN 2X, 10Jupiter, 10Mars (Zuckerberg), 4Maldek

Friday, MARCH 10

The sun was in Pisces and the Moon was going into Scorpio in 3D.

The Moon continues its transit of Libra until 7:06 PM EST, when it moves into Scorpio. Mercury and Jupiter form a semi-sextile today, suggesting some inability to settle on a particular idea, opinion, or project. However, we think positively and bounce back quickly from disappointment.

Still, Mercury’s semi-square with Pluto can find us mildly skeptical later today. This influence can excite some tension or mental distress and worry. We tend to obsess over an issue that we can’t control. We’re somewhat mistrustful under this influence, although if we harness the energy and use it for good, we can develop strategies to get to the bottom of a matter.

The void Moon occurs from 6:37 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:06 PM EST.

From cafeastrology.com

THEN, The Yellow 1 Sun Wavespell hit with anomalous auroras at the N. and S. Pole. I posted extensively on it.

And now this…look at his face.


He resents the hell out of the federal government who, on the issue of sex trafficking, are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. And they are scapegoating him.

I have no idea how he manages to implement policies at Meta, so I have no opinion on this article. All I know is the U.S. Federal government used and interfered in the operation of Twitter and FB AGAINST the American people. Musk and Zuck resent it.

My Astral Level Dream

I recommend remembering your dreams as much as possible. They have vital information for your 3D life. Asking to remember them or telling yourself to before you go to sleep might work.

This dream was twelve nights ago between White 13 Worldbriger, my analog, and Blue 1 Hand, my 5gforce so this was pivotal. I had no idea it was coming, nor have I been remembering them lately.

The first three-quarters of the dream was getting rid of a feeling of failure that I’m incapable of jumping through hoops for a lesser man just so I can fit into what society thinks a beautiful woman is supposed to do, feed a man her soul who doesn’t deserve her instead of being single. If what I am is so wrong, why do straight women come to my office all the time and tell me they wish they could be like me? Free.

Because they aren’t willing to pay the price of societal rejection, judgment, and pressure in patriarchy and make their own money instead of being subsidized by a man. Because they are NOT me. That’s why not.

Well, I’m tired all the time, never take vacations, and have no sex because I won’t degrade myself with hookups. Do they want that?

Women use men all the time because most men don’t love, they lust. Gay people use each other too but sometimes love. Lust isn’t love. Friendship is love. That attracts gay men to women and presents another problem.

Here is the dream;

I was in a car on a local road here and for some strange reason, there was no sign. I took a right off-ramp and I didn’t know where it was going or why but I ended up on this extremely strange highway that was geometric cubes. They were sort of cushy, full of air or balloon-like and it was ginormous and colorful, thousands of them. There were a lot of cars and types of roads but it was all slanted downhill and it was very scary cause it went super, super fast was by no means normal. I guess in our dimension it looked like a high-tech road and I was warned in a previous dream that it was being built. I remember now. I believe it was the astral level.

I ended up on a boat with people and we were in some secluded tropical island place. I said, “Oh my God where am I?” There was no map, no idea of where we were, everybody was nice but they had no way to help me bc they weren’t from my home land of earth. But they were people. No biggie. No threat. They weren’t strange at all, like normal E.T.

Then the different symbols start coming. I saw a woman and she looked familiar and I said you know who I am right? She stopped and acknowledged me. “Do you know where we are or how I can get back home so I can get married on time? ” We were supposed to get married at 5 and now it was 7! I said, “Why can’t I see you at home?” when she wasn’t even in my dimension and she said it was because we love each other, I can see her now. It makes you able to see people you wouldn’t otherwise in 4D and 5D. And then she went away. She was nice but not warm at all. So it almost was like she was a guardian angel, somebody I knew. She looked physical, wearing a brown dress, long brown hair, normal woman.

And then I saw a note. I kept getting  phone calls from earth like “Lisa where are you? The pastor and guests and my mate were ready to go. Everybody’s here.” I kept putting on the wrong earrings and my shirt had spots on it and at one point I was in a restaurant and the clothes were messed up and it was just chaos. I had the wrong necklace and earrings. No, I bought different things. The feeling was failure.

Then finally I saw this little note at the bottom, it’s very odd, it didn’t fit into the dream and it was from Harry in code with symbols. Typical. He loves to be cryptic to avoid emotion. It was very mischievous. Scribbles. There was a symbol of an upset cart laughing, and basically it was like he was being mischievous in spirit because he knew how to and was trying to stop me from mating with someone else because he wanted to but he felt like he couldn’t do it with me yet, he couldn’t mate with me, even though part of him wanted to. But he didn’t know what to do so he was gonna stop or sabotage somebody else from getting to me on the astral level. Little shit.

I woke up pissed like I need to email him again and set boundaries. He won’t listen. Let him stew in his bad energy soup of unforgiveness.

So that kind of woke me up to what Harry is about. Goofed up spiritually. That’s all he knows to do is to make trouble with women and thinks it’s fun. He doesn’t know exactly how to be constructive or change himself on his etheric level which is his emotional/mental body, so he’s just mischievous and destructive emotionally it was in code and I saw his name in code.

So the dream made clear to me the difference between the physical body, the etheric emotional mental body, and the astral body and how when we make choices in our etheric emotional mind, it changes the direction we’re gonna go which is our destiny. It’s the wider universe. There’s a cosmic component and I’m doing it myself. But the majority of the journey was spent just feeling like I have been a big failure as far as mating bc I can’t change for a man. It’s not in my personality. I feel that even in my waking life and punished by men bc I won’t hand them my soul for them to have bc they are so empty! I have no control over that. They do.

But the truth of the matter is, the person who is on my astral path is just as off the 3-D path as I am so we’re both trying to get ourselves lined up with our new destiny before we meet each other…I think. I hope. Who knows what the universe intends? I’m human so my vision is limited.

Dreams about Russia

I originally posted this on August 16, 2022. I don’t remember dreaming this and as I said, try to forget it because it’s just busy chatter. My sense now is the NEW TIMELINE is or is being secured in the time portal, Red Serpent.

If that is the case, absolutely no nukes are allowed because the cosmic web is being brought into our dimension as I write, through the Sun. There is no disruption of the cosmic web allowed. Here is the post…

I keep dreaming about Russia at night but want to forget them as soon as I wake up. They’re not negative or positive. I think I’m picking up a lot of spiritual/etheric chatter in the changes. I’ll look into what is going on over there and continue this blog.

All I know is the U.S. POTUS’s obsession with supporting Ukraine against Russia. I know nothing else right now. I’m not dreaming about UFOs as far as I remember. The dreams are busy and I feel there are new openings to the portals over there. That could mean several things. It could also mean that if Russia/Ukraine don’t tone down nuclear talk, the E.T. will stop them. That’s how it rolls now.

This is a strange one;


Upcoming Dimensional Unity for Ascension

I dreamed this so had to draw it. After I realized omega point HF33 was directly pulsing off of Alpha point HF12 and Omega point HF56 I had a vision of the lemniscate connecting all through the center of the Tzolkin on Kin 130; Blue 1 Monkey.

So I analyzed it and saw that;

My drawing below. Look bottom Left at HF30. It contains White 1 Magnetic Mirror which is the mirror archetype which is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement. This is Hx19 called APPROACH… which approaches the mystic column, the center of the Loom of Maya, the spine of the Binary Crossover Polarity and the Binary Triplet Configuration.

The infinity symbol is in the Center of the Tzolkin.
Look down the left hand side to White Mirror. Go over right to the numeral 1. It’s right next to 8 White Mirror in the Mystic Column.

Next we are in the mystic column where there is no electrical charges, no binary movement BUT we have 3D Hx4, Hx13, Hx7, and Hx49 in that column. Interesting that they are 4, 7, 13 and 49 adds up to 13. But HF33 is implicate 5D.

Then we have HF36~Hx33 Omega point at the top starting with Red 11 Dragon. When we get to the bottom of that 20 day cycle run that started with HF36 and the Omega point we hit the Alpha point in HF40~Hx56. That just keeps running into the new 260-day cycle.

  • 3D Hx33~4D HF36-Omega Point. HF 36, 37, 38, and 39 it’s winding back up.
  • 3D Hx56~4D HF40-Alpha Point-Off we go again until we hit…
  • 3D Hx12~4D HF52-Omega Point.

And 5D HF33-No 3D IChing, 5D alpha and omega points pulse together to create Dimensional Unity for Ascension. It’s in our spines, in our bodies.

So for this ancient Tzolkin period, most of the timeline movement is on the left, male assertive side. My guess is that as evolution makes a leap the astronomical lineups and the physics will change markedly as well as our bodies and we’ll probably have a new Tzolkin coming through or brought here by an E.T. species, just as the Maya left this one on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Everything changes all the time. We can count on it.

I Had a Download on HF33 and the Dimensional Pivot Point between 3D and 4D

HF33 is solid green in the center. No IChing Hx.
This is a 2D image of The Tzolkin Harmonic Code that governs SpaceTime.
In 3D it governs ALL DNA in our Local System. The IChing patterns are 3D and the Tzolkin is 4D+. The I Ching are the Trigrams on here.

You can check out PAN-BG.com. or LawofTime .org for more in-depth explanation of the image. The Dreamspell kit is also on Amazon, I believe. My book Time is DNA adds a huge new layer though.

The pivot point is Kin 117 to 144. It consists of 27 days where everything can pivot in a big way and I mean everything. Let’s pray it’s gradual.

For about a week I’ve been receiving prompts about the sprocket between 3D and 4D time to get the timing correct on when we should watch for the the weather fronts or earth changes to occur.

The location of events on Earth will give us a good heads up. From there, we would just need to keep an eye on the Fourth Dimensional time shifts in the Tzolkin. The key starting point is 3D Omega Hexagram 33, which governs Harmonic 36 in the 4D Tzolkin. This IChing Hx is called Retreat. It pulses to HF30, it’s inverse HF.

If you open to page 61 of my book, Time is DNA,” you see it highlighted in blue because HF36 is a big deal. TAA is a stop codon and governs the harmonic. The polarity charges reverse here during kin 141-160. It’s the first 20-day cycle after HF33 and the Mystic Column.

Also, if you turn to page 97 of “Time is DNA,” I highlighted the issue in yellow. This is the only HF with TAA as its nucleotide and it pulses to the alpha point 33:11:1:131, Blue 1 Monkey, which is in HF33. HF36 starts the 8th harmonic run and possibly the 8th weather front, which I posted on. You can search on “8th Weather Front”. On the image below, imagine an infinity symbol or a double helix between Yellow 3 Sun, Blue 1 Monkey, and Red 11 Dragon. The center implicate 4D vortice is Blue 1 Monkey, and 3D is joined to it by Hx19 and Hx33 omega points.

Look down to the bottom row of Yellow Sun and across to 3 Yellow Sun. Then look at the Red Dragon top row right to 11 Dragon. They are Hidden Wisdom to each other are the EXACT pivot point around THE CENTER MYSTIC COLUMN.

The 3D location ON EARTH is 30°S–60°S and 0-45°E longitude, so it looks like the White Mirror Tribe Time portal on the South African Coast-East. This is a signal kin, so it is synchronous that we should look for signals there. The next kin is Blue 2 Storm and the IChing Hx governing HF30 is Hx19. The Blue Storm time Portal is just south of the White Mirror Time portal at 60 degrees south–75 degrees East off of the South Kerguelan Islands south of Australia.

HF14-HF36 moves from one omega point to the other in the calendar. HF 14 starts the White 52-day cycle. HF27 begins the Blue 52-day cycle which ends with HF39 so it runs close to 104 days.

I just saw that at the end of HF30, we have Yellow 3 Sun whose Occult Wisdom is Red 11 Dragon, which is the kin that heads up the 8th harmonic run, kin141. There we have the pivot point. It also looks highly significant to me that HF36 Inverse Harmonic is HF30 which comes right before HF31 which begins the mystic column.

They are each other’s inverse harmonic of course. As I look at these 2 harmonics next to each other in my Tzolkin Book the 5GForces are analog to one another!

Ok, HF30, Kin 118 is White 1 Magnetic Mirror featured in Time is DNA on page 130-133. Please open your books and read those pages slowly. (Ummm, LOOK at that synchronicity. My page numbers MATCH the kin numbers of HF33. NOT intended folks. I just saw it.) This is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement in the Signal Family. The Mirror archetype would be cosmic Tyrosine, free-floating and bioavailable around us.

White 1 Mirror is also called 1Flint, the 5th Sun which we are going into. It was also 1/11/2017 or 1:11 gateway. It was also 11:11 that I saw on my car clock the day Michael Daly (my boyfriend) died, then the synchronicity started fast for me and then his Memorial service happened on White 1 Mirror which my birthday fell on on 4/16/2016! So the Universe was really giving it to me straight. I was supposed to focus on this work and I am.

This whole section of my book, pages 130-133 explains the bipolarity spin that creates the pivot point in our DNA cells, in every cell of our bodies. The formula I came up with is on page 133. I remember doing it with the white board in my bedroom. Please read it slowly and feel free to ask any questions.

We need to pay more attention when we hit Kin 117-144 which is 115 days away; May 30, 2023 which happens to be my Guide Power; Red 13 Cosmic Earth, Big time synchronicity guiding me. It will be an interesting end of Spring over a 27 day period.

Once we hit these kin I will give you a heads up on the daily Reading post.

We All Have to Use Both Legs and feet to Walk But Not Both Arms and Hands For All Activities

I was just meditating before bed (Friday night) and was told that in order to activate the axis of the eternal present, the brain and spinal cord QI that will lead to physical timelessness, we all need to raise the frequency of the upper body above the navel.

When we were kids no one tried to train us to use one leg more than the other leg. We walk with both evenly all the time. That’s why we’re so earth, sex, money clenched. We’re constantly taking in earth energy through our feet.

But we have 4 limbs, not two and we are heavily manipulated to write with ONE hand, usually the right. And not all kids are taught to type or play the piano. If teachers encouraged kids to use both hands to write and draw and in ALL activities, our species would up-level quickly.

The hindrance is that due to our machine focused world and the way we’ve engineered houses, cars, offices, etc. it makes our upper body and brains imbalanced. They are right handed biased.

Whatever the prevailing science is on making people right handed and not ambidextrous is incorrect and unheathy for the evolutionary empowerment of the human species because we need to balance our brains.

Who might push the right-handed narrative? All of our institutions and the media who are currently trying pushing A.I. and trying to turn us into a machine planet.

We also need to use our digestive organs less which means eating less food. The energy the body spends preparing, digesting and eliminating food is too excessive for a lightbody. It causes aging. Eating causes aging!

If we want to ascend past pigs, cows and dogs we need to not only be two-legged standing upright but eating less food, using all four limbs equally and self-generating (tone 4) more inner light.

We Have Confirmation of the Date I Suggested in a Recent Post

The beginning of the 5th Sun as the Maya call it, is 1Flint. In Maya, Flint is the sacrificial knife or Sword. The Sword or blade is an archetype for WHITE MIRROR. It reflects and cuts both ways.

I brought up this issue in a recent post. The date of the Fifth Sun is November 2, 2024 or possibly July 20, 2025, the next time we hit White 1 Mirror which is when GGLN is supposed to be able to cross the boundary into our system and get close to our super stargate to clean up nefarious actors pushing out A.I., as I have said and Corey has said, they can try all they want to push A.I. on earth. It isn’t going to stick.


Take a look at this short video. Especially note the point at 5:33 towards the end. I saw it for the first time today.

White 1 Mirror figures strongly in my Book, “Time is DNA” because my calculations show that 30:18:1:118 is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement. This is White 1 Mirror and has also been a highly synchronistic gateway in my life.

Thus I came up with anequation, also in my book, I call the TSR (Time Science Research) Equation. It’s a little bit complicated but I remember a few years ago doing a combination of rational thinking and channeling to figure it out. It all made sense to me. I was awake and working. It wasn’t like a dream.

Where the Rubber Meets the 3D Road in the Body

So, I just texted with my acupuncturist and friend with whom I have great affinity. He is 4~10 pulse, Blue 4 Eagle~Yellow 4 Seed mediated by Jupiter with White 10 WB hidden wisdom. He shattered his tone 10, left wrist pisiform bone on the left ulnar side of his hand last week and has to get surgery tomorrow.

I’m sitting here having a past life memory with him and Harry, connected by synchronicity, a collision of the past and future. I have the same injury only all of the TISSUE on my right hand and wrist. I have to stop doing manual therapy because of it.

We were trading treatments, manual therapy and acupuncture. Now we’re both laid up in our healing work at the same time. If it wasn’t for him I would not have been introduced to the estim acupen therapy. He is Chinese and we both love Chinese holism.

I feel we were part of making these agreements in past lives with species on Jupiter and Saturn to continue healing work with humans after the blowup.

My hand has been pins and needles for 7 months now, ever since my workout injury on my Red Skywalker Hidden Wisdom gateway May 6th! The next day was Harry’s birthday.

And who is also the Yellow 10 Seed on the 10~4 pulse? Harry. And my other friend is 4~10Yellow Warrior Saturn. The right arm pulses to Yellow Seed. The left arm pulses to Blue Eagle, like wings of a bird.

Jupiter and Saturn rule Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle and Yellow Warrior~Blue Night. They were called Time Thieves by Jose A. but my Skywalker memory after the Tiamat blowup is that we gave them control over 13:20 timing because we could no longer be trusted to keep the Cosmic Web safe from timeline disturbance. So…we gave Jupiter and Saturn control and restriction with 12:60.

That’s why the time tunnels were blocked in the cosmic web between Uranus and Earth. We had to get the timing back on track and it is now even though Corey doesn’t think so.

Never in this local universe was there such a MASSIVE fuckup as the timing mistake made with Tiamat due to Maldekian/Luciferian/Reptilian ambition for POWER.

I may have been partially complicit, I have to meditate on that. But I was more aligned with the White Wizards not the Red Serpent kin. (Dave and Michael).

What I’m sure of is agreeing to the restriction that had to be put on our evolving species of 12:60 once we escaped to Earth. That was an agreement made between Jupiter and Saturn and Earth. The Healers, the Blue Hand~Yellow Human kin knew it had to be this way because the timeline was completely thrown off and we barely survived. Millions died. And as I type, we are in Yellow 1 Human antipode!!

Last night at 2am I was woken wide awake by a strong left hip jolt and “Maldek” loudly in my mind. Idk 🤷‍♀️ It feels like all of this is a huge synchronistic release in my body, my friends bodies, and our minds.

Synchronicity with the analog of Red 1 Magnetic Earth today.

Sunday; Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker. I Know That Person. It’s the Woman on the Right; My Birth Gateway

First published December 27, 2020, before we knew what Covid was, before the March lockdowns and way before the first mRNA vaccine, I had the dream you see below on my gateway.

I endure in order to explore.

Transcending Wakefulness I seal the output of SPACE with the Cosmic Tone of Presence.

I am guided by the power of Navigation.

The Dream Spell #13; 4:13:13:13

13 Glutamine, 13 Threonine, 13 Phenylalanine, 13 Alanine, 1 Leucine

5GForce is Blue 1 Magnetic Hand. I am a Reiki Master and have my hands on people all afternoon.

The essence of this themeplex is SKYBOUND to be sure. It’s also SLEEP focused meaning I do some of my best work when I’m dreaming.

I had a doosy last night and don’t want to talk about it because it had to do with babies, children and vaccines. I hate the evil and lies from the WHO and CDC right now about our bodies. Pure Error.

I didn’t like what I saw in the dream and I was broadcasting for the Lightworkers about the nature of our bodies. That part was very positive and I had support.

I don’t know if it will do any good. Hardly anyone listens to a smart, outspoken female. We’re ignored mostly but I keep writing. The Universe has my back and ALWAYS gives me a heads up from my guides on which way to go in The Matrix.

The analog is cosmic change/death and cosmic opportunity, White 13 World Bridger.

The Guide Power is cosmic synchronicity, Red 13 Earth and navigation in the matrix. I always know which way to go. I’ve got the coordinates, track clues, observe, collect synergy govern the EARTH FORCE, shield, earth keeper, use the crystals for telepathy, am a healer, free and confident. It makes me very popular. NOT! But those of you that read my blog know I care or I wouldn’t keep typing.

The antipode challenge is Blue 13 Cosmic Night. As I said above, strong dreams, strong intuition, abundance, mysterious logical, powerful, conservative (I am!!), thoughtful, organized (very), introspective, deep, strength to endure, and possibility.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 1 Magnetic Star; Magnetic Beauty and Harmony, art and elegance. Well, I’m trying to be wise in all of this but MARS tends to mess up my hair and my attitude. I should use VENUS more and I am. But I refuse to objectify myself just to get one over.

The Galactic Fifth Force Helpers use Blue 1 Magnetic Hand to assist me always. That is my practice that pays the bills. My hands and arms are so magnetic I have to be careful picking things up and touching things or they fly, break or hit the floor. This placement calls for GROUNDING which I’m working on. Blue Hand is in the RIGHT BLOOD FOOT that goes right to the heart. This speaks to Love in the family, and forgiveness which I continually have to work at.

Everyone is different and at different places in their enlightenment. Many of us are unable to follow and to be content we need to live our lives our own way. In that situation there is no point of seeking validation or understanding. We’re not indolent. Only the indolent need to be understood, follow, and be liked. The mass of humanity needs to be understood, follow and be liked and look where we are now! They aren’t achieving much freedom or artistry with that choice. So, I and people like me aren’t hanging there.

The positives of this energy are constant change and variation, guidance from spirit, enlightenment of the body energy and adventure. It’s not for the faint of heart but we always have HELP.

Saturday Reading; We Dissolve Something in Order to Equalize Something Else. China. That’s How Humans Roll

Body Frequency

11Threonine, 11Glutamine, 11Threonine, 11Histine, 3Arginine.

This is a rough gateway. Do something cozy, wrap Christmas presents, watch dumb movies and cook. I’m going to do my best to stay in my own vortex and not read the vibe today.

The 5GForce is White 3 Wizard-Kin94-

“I activate in order to enchant. Bonding receptivity I seal the output of timelessness with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

Earth Frequency

At 7am EST it is 23 but sink to 0 in the upper layers by 8am. However, look at the layer closest to earth. It will continue to peak by 4pm. It’s still fairly low. Nothing major.

4D Time Portal is a Cardinal Kin-30 degrees N–120 degrees E in Shanghai, China. This is the location of the Covid19 lock down protests against the CCP. World Bridger is Change and Death, a moving over to a new paradigm so this particular time portal location is volatile, obviously manifested. Synchronicity


At this link, they’re even using World-Bridger attribute words. The Time Portals are real. Also note that this time portal is right next to Red Serpent Time portal (Russia/China Maldekian karma). In the Tzolkin we move from Tribe 5 (Red Serpent) to Tribe 6 (White Worldbridger), always.


Solar System Frequency

We’re still in chicken soup/beef stew Cancer ♋️ Moon. Good thing because we’re mediated by Spectral MARS, White 11Worldbridger. It has a Halloween feel. Also pulsing in the gateway are Saturn and Jupiter on 4D levels.


Galactic Inbreath~Solar Outbreath, female and male, receptive and assertive. We’re all both sides.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness
  • The Moon spends the day in Cancer, and we’re looking for safety, familiarity, warmth, and sustenance. This transit encourages us to center ourselves and let go of overthinking. We crave a stronger sense of belonging. (within ourselves)
  • The Moon’s harmony with Uranus and the North Node points to a willingness to grow, change, and improve. New ways of getting comfortable or domestic can figure strongly.
  • There a couple of pokey aspects today that can get us going. For one, with a Mercury-Saturn semi-square, there can be delays or miscommunications. (The Mercury retrograde feel yesterday!) We may need to manage some inconveniences in our communications and transit. It’s essential to draw on patience, as minor edits can ultimately benefit us.
  • For another, a Venus-Uranus sesquiquadrate is also in play, and we can feel discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes. It’s best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for change and growth. (These could really create a bad day alongside 11Worldbridger so you’ll need to literally create good things for yourself today and stick to it, head down.)

From cafeastrology.com


Tomorrow is Zelensky’s birth gateway (Ukraine) so there may be news to his benefit. Also, Monday is Yellow 13 Star and I have in my book that I believe it’s the site of a Time Eruption. My laptop motherboard fried a few years ago on that day. Also, It’s 5GForce is Yellow 1 Human which is our 3D Hexagram gateway that is being pulsed on by the 4D time portals in this harmonic. It also ends this 52-day cycle called a Castle so this may be a dramatic finish on the OMEGA POINT in the 260 day cycle. It’s a Stop Codon or an upload to galactic center with regard to our status. It looks to me like you can’t keep humans down. We’re a rowdy bunch that want our freedom all across the world. And we want the truth about our history and ancestors. Damn straight A.I. prophets. Humans don’t usually cooperate very well but when it comes to fighting bullshit control and taking away our freedoms and right to create our lives, we pull together to fight the authorities that I believe, need to exit already. I think humanity will pull through.

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