In breath and Out breath in Meditation

The Mayan Oracle merges with the Chinese I Ching Oracle, which is a good thing. They bridge the dimensions. The I Ching governs 3D, like Western astrology and the Mayan Oracle governs 4D and 5D via the time portals and the Tzolkin.

When it comes to the breath in meditation we have the Galactic in breath coming from the Sun on the right side of the body down to Yellow Sun and Red Dragon who started off our DNA on earth. It is also the YIN energy that initiates and nourishes all life, the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER or Mother Spirit Co-equal with the Creator Son. She holds our enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, and blood MEMORY, the past, or our birth ancestry but also our galactic species ancestry which we see in the 20 Mayan Tribes as our DNA amino acid proteins.

When it comes to the out breath in meditation we have the solar out breath starting with White Dog, love and loyalty, our best friend and companion the Creator Son, The Christ that is the YANG energy that detoxes the error that comes from duality and manifestation into form or Tone 10. That error is destroyed by the energy of Christ’s love alone. The love of Christ doesn’t just erase error, it no longer exists as if it never was. It is the Light for every species in the universe. That is truly Yang and is a real release from physical death. It is inherent in our body.

So the true nature of DNA is timelessness in eternity. This may help your meditation and also balance the genders that are inherent in everyone’s body.


What is the Violet Flame for Healing Our DNA and Programming Our RNA?

I meditate on the violet flame daily for whatever area of my body is suffering. It also works great to put it right into your hands and put your hands on the area. The higher you are attuned in Reiki the better when you’re doing this. I used it over my stressed-out liver yesterday and feel 100% better today. I was shown that the balanced color of the liver is a rainbow translucent color like the inside of an oyster shell. I didn’t know this before. The liver is an absolutely amazing organ that can always regenerate unless you have cirrhosis of the liver caused by heavy alcohol use. That is not reversible.

The violet flame is ancient healing medicine. Here is a link illuminating it. It’s Fifth Dimensional so it comes from your 5GForce or the Fifth density Galactic Force that is synced up with your Mayan Birth Gateway. I posted on it about two years ago knowing that it was time to prep this energy in the body.

The third eye on the forehead, denoting the pineal gland in the midbrain behind the 3rd eye is THE FOCUS right now. It is a stargate and it’s important that you have that spinning upon request. It’s the key to ascension and DNA changes to your body.

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