In our Evolutionary World of Change and Fake Phenom, Synchronicity is the Only Thing that is Real

It is so apparent now looking at our world that most events, people, and reports of events are fake. Our world is full of fake, disingenuous, fatuous people, fake news, manipulated by money and politics invested to spin it a certain way, fake relationships where people proclaim love and respect, pay for a big party, and then split or divorce and hate each other, fake agreements that are hammered out by professionals only to prove to be useless in a court of law because they weren’t done correctly, fake diagnoses by doctors that don’t really know or understand the body and the list goes on. I’m not cynical. I see plenty of the opposite. I’m just not in denial about the fraud and politics.

I just watched a special on the million dollar fake art industry in New York. OMG…the Chinese are able to make extremely good copies of very famous artists whose works sell for millions in the U.S. and fake their signatures on the paintings. The art dealers in New York are supposed to have this strict vetting process that has utterly failed due mostly to political correctness with peers, avarice, greed and very good con artists in the most high end art galleries in New York. It’s really all about image and showing up at art openings looking a certain way and acting a certain way that’s politically correct in New York.

I love great art and I’ll never trust the authenticity of any painting again after seeing this show. The criminal action of the art world in New York, to believe what they want to believe because it will make them millions of dollars, is unbelievable. Yet they get away with it because rich people with money to burn hold certain art as a status symbol, prestige because they aren’t artists, that they know of. If people don’t have their own imagination or artistic ability, or are just lazy, they are clueless about what an artist or musician is up to or what they are about. So it’s very easy to defraud them. It’s truly repulsive, speaking as a musician myself. My mother is a very good painter and sculptor and many people in my family are as well. But nobody has any money. We’re working class, so no matter how smart and talented you are, you don’t exist. That’s our Time is Money world. I wasn’t raised with Time is Money…at all.

People cloak their lives inauthentically every way you turn because of the programming of our society and the fact that most people don’t want to be called weird or be rejected by others. I saw how desperately superficial it was in this show. Couple that with the special on Trump, and it was a double whammy. He is completely inauthentic. What they all had in common was incredible insecurity and needing the affirmation of others as though others were their God. I don’t understand that.

Observed synchronicity is the only thing that is authentic in 3D. When the congruence of space and time cross you have those authentic moments when a soul lesson is possible and you understand something you didn’t before. It’s the reason you were born. The rest is trifle. Something happened that was the real truth and you could feel it. Sometimes there are even split second moments of hearing something said or seeing something that seems inconsequential and you never forget it.

That’s why I keep blogging I guess.

The Frequency of Your Vibration Controls Your Health

The things that affect the 4D frequency of your 3D physical vibration are:

  • Mindset habits, positive and negative
  • Heartset habits positive and negative
  • The Vibration of your water
  • The Vibration of your food and drink and how you feel when eating/drinking it.
  • Electrolyte balance (potassium and sodium). Very big deal.
  • The Quality of your air
  • The Quality of your sleep
  • Meditation/breathing
  • Toxic or non toxic people you are around
  • How well you set boundaries and enjoy doing it.
  • Listening to music
  • The karma/dharma setup of your oracle birth gateway
  • How well you observe or dial up synchronicity

Each of these could fill a book but I can give you examples.

  • I’m at my happiest meditating, sleeping, and dreaming then remembering my dream. Then writing. Then reading. I’m trying to align my antipode Blue 13 Night with Red 13 Skywalker.
  • Blogging-sharing my Red 13 Earth Guide Power which understands cosmic synchronicity.
  • My eyes and brain are clear-Aries Sun rules the head
  • Body is humming-Aries Sun rules physical vitality
  • Listening to classical pianists-Yellow 1 Star hidden wisdom

Least happy;

  • Not enough nature because I live in the city.
  • Getting hit on or hooted at by men when I go outside or walk outside, or at the store, or in my office. The men try to get my attention too much. They’re overshooting bc of ego. Hardly anyone has a shot with me.-EARTH OUT OF GENDER BALANCE.
  • Too much social. I am INFJ
  • Dealing with a very toxic patient. I eventually fire them as my office is sacred space for everyone.
  • Accepting that 13 Cosmic Worldbridger death/change is supporting me? Spirit is still working on me.

Heartset; Addiction as a Shield

Ah, the old days of 2019 when I got 10 likes on a post. LOL! Well, before covid and scamdemic when people were still happy and hanging out IN PERSON with each other. I like this post.

My drug of choice was sugar (top right), particularly cheesecake. Anything can actually be a drug of choice which is your “go-to” when you don’t feel you can deal with the emotions of a bad situation or a toxic vampiric relationship sucking the life force from you or traumatic memories because you don’t know how to put up boundaries or kick the memories in the huevos. People are addicted to all kinds of things, even working out! For instance, no one needs to work out two hours a day, seven days a week and that is extremely unhealthy. The body won’t tolerate it. Sometimes a way out takes some thought and planning and if you’re in survival mode, who has time for thought and planning? Well, that’s what we tell ourselves. Sometimes we say, “I’ll plan it out tomorrow,” and tomorrow means never. Do it now.

Now that I’m on the wagon and eating very healthy, dealing with my feelings, setting boundaries and exercising, I can see how ironic the addiction shield is. In my case, my fat layers were my shield but they didn’t work. I still had men hitting on me. It’s SUCH a myth that men are only attracted to thin women. HUGE freaking lie. It didn’t work and I felt horrible. My husband and then men after him, after my divorce, still wanted my sexual energy and liked me fat layers and all. I must put out an energy I’m not fully aware of yet but I don’t intend to. I am who I am! I have to figure it out.

All of the other addictive substances and activities not done in moderation will hurt your health as well and we know them. So, who needs a shield against an enemy, which could be mate, family, bad job, boss, the IRS, you name it when you’re busy destroying yourself on the other side of the shield??

That is the irony. Most addicts feel like they’re empowering themselves by rebelling, defiantly smoking the cigarette or dab pen 6-10 times a day or anything else. You’re defying yourself! You’re hurting yourself behind the shield you’ve put up supposedly so others can’t get to you. Instead, YOU can’t get to you. It makes no sense and no one cares really if you want to destroy yourself of not. That’s the awful truth of our world. You do have to be your own best friend and it still continues to amaze me how much more I’m ignored the better I do on my own. That’s another irony. I think it’s the pity and rescuing thing. People who need to rescue themselves are addicted to rescuing others and pitying them. If you don’t fit that description, you are not useful to them.

If you really want to resist and be defiant against the machine (family, marriage, church, and state), LOVE YOURSELF, figure out how to make yourself happy, get so hot and so fit that everyone who said they loved you before find themselves deliciously jealous, hating you, trying to cut you down, and not talking to you anymore. You’re too good for them now. No, not really, but they are so down on themselves and you’re not that they have to project that out to stay in denial about their own power to change or willingness to exert themselves to achieve it.

There is nothing wrong with you wanting to improve yourself, in fact, the opposite. Live alone and organize your money so that you can support yourself and pay your bills. Think it through. Have fun with your kids and don’t talk to people that suck who everyone else thinks rock out. That is non-compliant. You don’t need the shield of defense anymore in the form of addiction because you’re right out in front, asserting yourself and picking your battles and hopefully, winning a few. Win the battles with YOURSELF, put that shield down and go after the kind of body and life you want, one day at a time.

It’s Game Over When We Do This.

The rub is at the end when he says “Divinity exists inside you”. Many people DO NOT believe that. They don’t have God’s eyes to see themselves or others because they don’t believe in God. They won’t call themselves an atheist but that’s how they behave as if God isn’t real.

God is not religion. God is Love, spirituality, and nature. The churches tried to kill those but it didn’t work. They tried to shush women’s leadership and intelligence and it didn’t work. They’ve tried to make men sacrificial lambs for war fodder and women sexual objects only and it didn’t work.

You see where this going…we either descend or ascend.

It seems to me, being born in 1963, that musicians and artists have been fighting for this issue for 100 years. And here we are with the chance to create a planet that is about ART, FREEDOM, TRUE EMOTION, authenticity, NATURE, and everything good about humanity. What is our potential? No one can tell the future exactly. We are creating the future day by day by our choices.

This Is It

Kenny Loggins

There’ve been times in my life
I’ve been wonderin’ why
Still, somehow I believed we’d always survive
Now, I’m not so sure
You’re waiting here, one good reason to try
But, what more can I say? What’s left to provide?

Are you gonna wait for a sign, of your miracle?
Stand up and fight

Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
Your back’s to the corner
(This is it)
Don’t be a fool anymore
(This is it)

The waiting is over, no, don’t you run
No way to hide
No time for wonderin’ why
It’s here, the moment is now, about to decide
Let ’em believe
Leave ’em behind
But keep me near in your heart
Know whatever you do, I’m here by your side

For once in your life, here’s your miracle
Stand up and fight

Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
You’re goin’ no further
(This is it)
Until it’s over and done

Oh oh oh oh
(Who makes the choice of how it goes?)
It’s not up to me this time
(You know)
Comes a day in every life

Make no mistake where you are
(This is it)
You’re goin’ no further
(This is it)
Until it’s over and done
(This is it)
One way or another
(This is it)
(No one can tell what the future holds)
(This is it)
Your back’s to the corner
(This is it)
(You make the choice of how it goes)
(This is it)
The waiting is over
(This is it)
(No one can tell what the future holds)
(This is it)
You’re goin’ no further
(This is it)

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Kenneth Clark Loggins / Michael H. McDonald

This Is It lyrics © Gnossos Music / Milk Money Music, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

Heartset; Wounded Men and the Women Who Take Control of Them Instead of Empowering Them


let it kill you.

I guess I thought I might be getting into a rut, defining myself by my work and my private practice but I’m now thinking it’s FAR more important that I focus on that than finding a new mate. I’m not lonely. I love sleeping alone and don’t wax nostalgic over a man stomping up and down my stairs and making noise and a mess in my home. I do like men as lovers (if they know what they’re doing) and friends though so that’s what I was using dating for. The purpose of dating is not for sex and hookups. Sex is no big deal and can be part of it but in no way does it define it, despite the man’s priorities.

But it’s a mess out there. Men are beaten down and have no self-confidence or knowledge to actually date a fine woman. They do hook-ups, sluttily, with women who will let them, risk STDs, decide which woman turns them on the most or reminds him of his ex the most, lets her chain him to a whipping post and hang out in her dog house and call it a relationship. If she looks good hanging on his arm that’s all he needs for his ego. If she gives good head he can tell his buddies at work about it and it’s even better. That’s the state of affairs out there. He doesn’t know what else to do and then she gets to own him at least for a while. It’s truly pitiful.

The princely men, or who I thought were princely men, are slipping through my fingers one by one because they feel they are toads and then act like toads picking up the trollop women. What do I mean? A negative attitude, negative posts on social media, foolish behavior like drinking and driving and driving in a car with someone who has open liquor, smoking, lying, stalking, name-calling, selfishness, promiscuity, and blame. Three of them now. Didn’t I see the red flags? Yes! And thus didn’t go very far with it. I didn’t fall in love. God no. But they all have good traits as well.

Other women who tolerate these men either take advantage of them and use them for sex and a distraction from their own lack of self-determination and intelligence or become their friends. Some of this could be the Pygmalion complex in reverse. Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” was taken in as a cockney trollop and turned into a princess by Professor Henry Higgins. These days, the beaten-down trollop could be Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle would take him in and help him out. Women are far more empowered now. Many men have lost everything, just like many women but the women have people skills so we bounce back better. We also tend to get custody of our children more due to the natural mother-child bond that fathers and their children do not have. Fathers can have a bond to their children but in no way does it compare to the mother and it never will.  I know that’s controversial. The tables are becoming even though.

Many men are very threatened by women who make more money than them, are smart, beautiful and successful. They may then find a woman similar to that who is kinder and more vulnerable and caring and take out his rage and usage on her. He’s a victim, by his own admission and the big, bad powerful woman did it to him. Someone has to pay the price and usually the nice women who are compassionate fall in the trap. She’s the scapegoat. There could be layers of dysfunction and pain on the part of the adult wallowing in said pain. They haven’t gotten help or therapy or taken care of themselves. Maybe there is a good reason that their ex doesn’t want them to have any custody of their children. This could be either the father or the mother. Many women have no business being parents either. There is no way for a civilian to know the situation. The courts and social workers scope it out.

What is the lesson here? Compassion for someone wallowing in physical pain and self-pity can bite you in the ass. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man feeling compassion for a woman who is down and out or a woman feeling compassion for a man who is down and out. They need to save themselves and pay whatever price they need to pay to get back on their feet. And most of all, if they call you a friend, friends don’t lie. Lying is the worst. That’s life.

Heartset; Men Blame Women for Giving in to Sex if the Man Really Wants Connection

How are we supposed to know off the bat that a man is truly interested  in us? He’ll behave like a gentleman and not a horny dog in the alley. He’ll dress nice and take us on a date. The same could be true of a woman. She wants to know who you are not just use you for sex even though you’re throwing yourself at her.

The horny men almost always start it up and expect the woman to control the situation so that a deeper relationship might be possible because the men need bonding more than we do! Women rarely get lonely; men do. Then the man needs to control his sexual compulsion and not blame the woman for the direction it goes. Women just as easily use men for sex if that’s all they’re bringing to the table.

The way nature works; once you start something with a woman we’re going to finish it! Men need to control and FOCUS their sexual fire, like the Sun.

“If a man adores one special flower, he must FOCUS his light in that corner of the garden and breathe. Otherwise, once the sun comes out, all the flowers are going to open. Don’t blame the flower for opening to the Sun. The Sun started it! You can always go behind a cloud or turn to rain! The flower is rooted in the earth and can’t change or move. The Sun can!”

flower garden.jpg

Heartset; Three Types of Heterosexual Relationships

man and woman

The only one of these that is a real relationship is #3. The first two are sexual objectification. But by most people’s standards, #1 is a real relationship and is considered prison by many men but socially increases his status. Really, any man who prefers #2 will say he doesn’t want a relationship with a woman and will slut himself out to a woman handily. I’ve had male friends tell me that if a man is good looking enough, every man prefers #2 and that a loving relationship is absolutely off the table with the likes of any woman. These men are true immature narcissistic misogynists but ever so common. I guess it’s better then that they don’t mate.

I will admit that much of what I’ve observed about female behavior is societal programming for survival. Nevertheless, I’ve watched this for over fifty years and I believe it’s time for us to make a real leap in gender equity and get past the first two objectifying roles I describe.

  1. TERRITORY; A married woman, the mother of his children, a wife. They feign love but it rarely lasts as we all know. They are using each other for security and to raise children. There is no real love, the male mostly behaves as one of the children and the wife functions in the role of mother for everyone. This is typically pretty bad for women and good for men. Women get less healthy and men get healthier is what stats show. The reward is the woman has her children. The woman is still objectified and their sex life can easily become either boring or emotionally abusive and neglectful. This one is the outgrowth of religion.
  2. Hookup; A woman, especially these days, is sanctioned and appreciated by a man as a hook-up, a mistress, a lover, or a prostitute. She then gets roses or money. There is no relationship, no friendship, no respect, no real love at all. There is no emotional or spiritual maturity on the part of either the man or the woman. They’re just using each other for sex. This is defecation sex. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. They both function at the teenager level emotionally, indulging in their lust and not valuing self-control or bonding at all. This one is the outgrowth of the abuses of patriarchy and materialist society.
  3. LOVE; Two emotionally and spiritually mature adults function as equals in all respects and truly love one another. This one is rare but is now possible with the shift in the energies on the planet of late. It also underlies the Twin Flame 11:11 phenom and some soul mates.  They shoot for living from their core self, have dignity, take care of themselves on every level and are monogamous. It’s not a possession, territory or defecation sex. It’s a true love bond chosen freely by both parties. He is a grown man and she is a grown woman, emotionally mature, loving themselves, no longer living in the subconscious family mind but the CONSCIOUS adult mind that is no longer dependent on the immediate family. This one is the outgrowth of Spirituality.

Women who don’t objectify themselves in a monogamous heteronormative domestic servitude relationship or a promiscuous sexual life feeding men’s sex hunger and apparently their own, with no emotional or spiritual involvement from them as an adult male, are punished or ignored. Her only reward for her dignified choice is self-esteem and sitting in her own soul. Likely, her exemplary work paves the way for exponential competition and jealousy from more timid women beaten down by the system. She will somehow be roundly punished socially by the endless followers who think themselves good people but are really skating by instead of doing the right thing and empowering themselves.

#3 is the only real option for people who value love and still believe in it and want to do it. The challenge is that you have to work on yourself and stop expecting your mate or children to make you happy on an emotional/spiritual level. Sexually, yes, it is the adult’s role to satisfy you sexually and vice versa or there isn’t much point unless you’re both asexual. Some people are and have a different motivation for a relationship other than sex. To each his own!



Heartset; Love and Lust are a Two-Way Street

Both women and men love and lust. Women don’t just attract men with their loving relationship skills and men don’t just attract women with their constantly lusty energy. There are plenty of women who no longer believe in love and have just given in to the lust paradigm of hook-ups, use, and throw which is what most men engender. So the women just go along with it having experienced too many men who don’t seem to want to love or don’t know how to. The women are busier making money than teaching the men about feelings or loving them in friendship.

There are also plenty of loving, sensitive men who do want intimacy, bonding, and a monogamous relationship. The key is obviously to find the person who wants the same thing as you. And it’s hard for men to trust women when many women are very bitchy or downright abusive and mean. They don’t take care of themselves and are in no mood to be loving to a man.

It does seem to generally be true that men are very, very comfortable lusting after women and just going forward with that and wishing for the woman to cooperate. It’s also generally true that women are more relational and loving and draw men in with that warmth going forward and wish a man would cooperate with that. The problem is, most women will not just cooperate with pure lust in a relationship with no bonding and most men will not just cooperate with pure loving relational energy in a relationship with bonding. There has to be compromise.

The truth is men sorely, sorely need someone who they can express their deepest feelings with and feel safe; someone who will be their friend with whom they can talk. They need a relationship far more than a woman. That can happen with a kind woman. The truth is women sorely, sorely need hot, great sex that fulfills their physical needs with a man who cares how she physically and emotionally responds to sex. Sex is spiritual to most women! We need a man who will stimulate our lustiness! I have yet to meet a man who really wants to get to know my body and soul sexually. I’ve almost given up. I wonder if men feel the same way about expressing their feelings to a woman without her making fun of him?

I don’t know. What I do know is that a woman’s lusty self needs to be stimulated by a man and a man’s relational self needs to be stimulated by a woman. Then both of them will be more satisfied and turned on.


anima and animus

Heartset; The word “Love” is a prison?


I find loving others to be freedom. There aren’t different kinds of love as love is a unified singularity in the universe.

Love is expressed differently to different people based on social customs. All love has a physical connection and expression with it. We hug our parents and kiss them on the cheek,  maybe hold or rub their hand. Those physical expressions are the same for friends.

They are the same for lovers but Eros is added to it. However, it’s important to have that physical contact in a friendship before sex. It just seems very dysfunctional to me to have sex with someone unless they are your friend first and you’ve loved each other for a while.

Of course, talking, communicating and understanding each other all enter into all of those relationships as well. But it appears to me that men view loving someone, anyone, as a type of prison. I’m mystified. Truly. Love is all there is! Don’t be afraid to say it, do it, feel it,  or live it. It’s the only thing we truly need and absolutely cannot do without.

What we know now is guilt, self-loathing, perfectionism, illness and addiction wear away at your core of self-love. Self-love is being your own best friend, who you are and how you take care of yourself when no one else is around. Treat yourself the way you would your best friend. I do that now and it helps me feel secure in knowing my value in relationships.

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