An Example of Amino Acid Tracking in Your Diet

I put everything I eat daily into It’s a free app. It tracks all the nutrients you need daily. Here are the amino acid proteins that I harp on on this blog. This is where the 3D rubber meets the 4D road of time.

If you don’t EAT your necessary nutrients and electrolytes (potassium, sodium and a bit of sugar) and drink water you will go through your 4D time portal and back into 5D. That would be physical death.

As you can see I’m getting most of what I need. I am going over on my sodium though now because I eat very little sugar as an electrolyte. I have to figure it out.

Glutamine is a derivative of Glutamic Acid ttibes 12 and 13 in synchronicity. The Stop Codon is not an amino acid but Proline is and it is a sub-stop codon hooked to Tryptophan. It’s all very interesting from a Tzolkin perspective.

Asparagine is a derivative of aspartic acid, tribes 10 and 11 in synchronicity.

The sun, time and DNA are basically ONE THING. We’re made of.stardust and the stars and planets were born out of the Sun. She is our mother, literally mother time, not father time. Sheesh.

Are There Amino Acids in Space?

This question hit my mind today because I keep questioning food and our need to eat and eliminate. I find it a bother and humans get all emotionally addicted to food. That’s not helping. What about oxygenarians? They live on air.

We’re always told we have to kill plants (picking them) and animals to get our nutrients but where do plants get their nutrients? Soil. What is the source of the amino acids in the soil? Air and water.

Then why can’t we absorb all the amino acids we need directly from the air and water as plants do? Our roots are our feet and our lungs breathe like a tree. Our skin absorbs everything around us through our pores.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is why we can breathe. We rely on the trees for that process. Humans do the opposite. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide so it’s a symbiotic process.

Recent discoveries include compounds called nucleobases and sugars that are key components of DNA and RNA. The amino acid glycine even has been spotted in outer space in the atmosphere of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Such findings bolster the idea that life could exist elsewhere in the universe.Dec 4, 2020

That’s pretty interesting. What else is flying around out there bioavailable?

I think we make food too big of an issue. The water and air we take in should take precedence. Next time your stomach says “I’m hungry”, drink a 20 oz glass of cold water and do a deep breathing meditation first and see how full you feel.

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