CDC Bought Phone Data to Monitor Americans’ Compliance With Lockdowns, Contracts Show

Kindergarten fascism keeps trying to seep into our evolution. I don’t believe it stands a chance against the universal law of FREEWILL so the CDC can go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done wrong.

Michigan Governor Admits Some COVID-19 Restrictions Didn’t ‘Make a Lot of Sense’

There ya have it. That’s why she sent me an email after I messaged her in April 2020 and told her I was going to open and why. My reason was reasonable. She said go ahead.

I think Michiganders are passive. If you read the article it’s ridiculous what they proposed, likely THE DEMOCRATS in the MI congress pushing her. It didn’t come from her.

I’m from Chicago. We don’t let politicians push us around. We push back. That’s unheard of in MI. You’re supposed to “be nice” here. Sorry, I have a business to run and patients in pain. I’m not playing political footsie with a scamdemic.

Fauci Testimony ‘Not Credible’ in Light of Other Evidence: Lawyers

Dr. Chavez mentioned Dr. Shi Zheng-li in one of his letters to the Feds.

Here is my blog post where Dr.Chavez cited Shi Zheng-Li. I remembered her name correctly from 3 years ago.

Anti-Covid19 v.2

The biggest shot in variation, when it is compared to the first sequence obtained of the virus of COVID-19, with its immediate ancestor, that according to Shi Zheng-Li is the RaTG13 (submitted a posteriori of the COVID-19 first sequence, and which researchers demonstrate that this is a partially made-up sequence (see below), having her deliberately ignored even to cite her previous identical reference called BtCoV/4991 (2016), or even her most recent reference of the same that she put under the name of SARSr-CoV Ra4991 (2019), being very dishonest for her to change in at least three identified times the names of her same sequence, actions that render her highly suspicious, because she hid the rest of the sequence at least during the last four year (having been obtained from excrement in a cave, she says. After a call due to a serious case of miners infected at Yunnan. Nobody knows what was inside at least six miners), but her publishing it until now, after the emergence of a similar virus, makes her highly suspicious, rather than making her look innocent. Who can say that she did not manipulate as well artificially such sequence, or that the CCP Chinese military did not do the same to the other two previous sequences that are also somehow similar to Sars-CoV-2

KRSFIEDLLFNKV-The Covid19 Virus General Sequence

First posted in 2020

abstract technology science concept DNA binary on hi tech blue background

The letters in the title are the single letters that represent the dominant amino acids in the SARS- CV2 virus.We know from Dr. Chavez that the CV2 signature is artificial but the NIH scientists are looking at the natural zoonotic one. I don’t think they are the same. NIH may be lying.

This might be false information again to throw everyone off the track. Remember, they’ve been working on the artificial signature since 2009 and the real questions will be, once the artificial signature is analyzed in light of the Tzolkin how will the vaccine mRNA sequence they have manufactured interact with it? (In 2022 we know that is was deadly which Dr. Chavez predicted)

Since it’s mRNA it can keep mutating. They address that in the link above but not to my satisfaction. This is messenger RNA which is part of the initiation of the RNA sequence.

Q: What determines the mRNA codon?

A: The discussion between the ribosome and the amino acid through the tRNA or transfer RNA which is the Tzolkin Themeplex. They have no clue. My book isn’t out yet.

The tRNA looks like the Tzolkin themeplex and I go into it extensively in my book.

This is 4Leucine∞4Asparigine, 4Valine, 4Tyrosine, 10Glutamine as a tRNA molecule in my opinion. The 3 dimensional image above of the double helix corresponds exactly to the binary triplet configuration I have figured out and have made a huge complex document I’m currently getting into my book that will explain how the G.A.P. kin of the Tzolkin form the ladders that likely are the ribosomes and the double helix may be the sugar backbone. I’m not sure yet. But it all pulses exactly off of the mother’s DNA in the double helix as the Hidden Wisdom or subconscious mind everyday.

It boils down to this. Note that there are 13 Amino Acids in the Sequence the NIH gives us. If only the scientists understood the application of the 13 Tones of Creation it would revolutionize genetics.

I’m breaking down the sequence from the TITLE above

  • White Wizard is K or Lysine – 1st appearance
  • Blue Eagle is R or Arginine
  • Red Serpent is S or Serine
  • Red Earth is F or Phenylalanine
  • Blue Hand is I or Isoleucine These two
  • Yellow Human is E or Glutamic Acid are analog
  • White Dog is D or Aspartic Acid
  • Yellow Star is L or Leucine
  • Yellow Star is L or Leucine
  • Red Earth is F or Phenylalanine
  • Blue Monkey is N or Asparagine
  • White Wizard is L or Lysine—Last appearance
  • Yellow Seed is V or Valine

It turns out this sequence is found in all zoonotic origin coronaviruses and it is very bare bones, no start or stop codons nor the rest of the 20 amino acids.

Zoonotic means we evolved from animals and ARE animals. This is no big news. The big news that they are not specking out is the artificial sequence which I already have. What is the agenda behind the creation of the artificial signature?

Note that the sequence begins with the White Wizard and Ends at #12 with the White Wizard and then is SEEDED into the ground via Valine or the Yellow Seed Tribe.

I may add more to this or I may not. The link above is very long and involved but I’m not sure I trust it.

Lisa T.

Covid Dissenters are Now ok?…according to Bill Maher

I got this from

Too late. He was a yes man and abused intelligent, free people in the U.S, on T.V. Let him apologize to millions of us and kiss our asses and maybe I’ll acknowledge his existence.

I have little patience for followers of orders and traitors after three years of betrayal and control when I, we, millions of us have been right all along.

The lab leak is not the point. It was proven to be an artificial virus in 2020 by Dr. Chavez.

Senate Votes Unanimously to Declassify COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Intelligence

Great! They can be bipartisan on this for political expediency. Both parties will benefit at this juncture so they timed this right for themselves.

Have you searched on Dr. Chavez or covid 19 yet in my search box? The fact that the virus was artificial is old news and the fact that the U.S. government was NOTIFIED that it was, according to lab observation, is old news. They sat on it on purpose.

The political profit agenda has been achieved for Big Pharma, thanks to Congress, with mRNA vax, and scapegoating and punishing China for stepping in and buying our debt when we needed them to. How dare they be in a position to HELP the lame U.S. IN DEBT economy to the tune of trillions of dollars. They must be punished.🫣 China must be seen as weaker than us.

God bless America 🇺🇸 No integrity in our government, bought and sold by corporations and the ICC. No disclosure.

The E.T. are shutting down nukes. So…take the WWIII propaganda card off the table and get busy with full military disclosure.

Steve Kirsch

On masks. Who is going to go down for demanding this crap? I still boycott stores in G.R. that complied and kicked me out for not complying.

There is a price to pay for hurting people when you are incorrect and mandate it.

Mutating the CV2 Virus Intentionally to Increase Infectiousness

They say he’s a Pfizer director but he seems like a hotdog to me. But maybe some corporate people are like that now. IDK.

Biden Administration Still Pushing for Forced Masking ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Damn this is weird…seriously.

My intuition says Biden is a lackey of the Reptilian dominated ICC and the U.S. government has contracts with them to continue to provide slaves for their businesses in the local system.

The masking is only about enforcing slavery. Nothing more. It part of the A.I. agenda.

Gordon Chang on Virus Explosion in China, Xi Jinping Losing Control, and CCP Gearing Up for War

Psycho-cultural impact of the the new solar cycle 25. Remember, HUMAN EVOLUTION changes the Sun. The sun then gears up and responds to the entire collective of the biosphere.

Can we control our own evolution as an individual? You bet! That’s the purpose of this blog and everything I write. It’s epigenetic. Whoever controls your mind controls your time which is your body.

Let’s hope it’s you steering your ship. 💜✌️☝️👍💪🙏. If everyone pivoted we’d be in good shape.

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