Heartset; Who has your back?

If you didn’t need human permission to be born and you don’t need human permission to die, why do you think you need human permission to live your life as you see fit, or at least have a good expansive experience? The same energy that got you here and helps you leave here…HAS you here.

1/13/13 copyright Lisa K. Townsend

CDC Bought Phone Data to Monitor Americans’ Compliance With Lockdowns, Contracts Show


Kindergarten fascism keeps trying to seep into our evolution. I don’t believe it stands a chance against the universal law of FREEWILL so the CDC can go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done wrong.

If you Don’t Have Others Energy and the Media, Who do you Have?

YourSELF. Your body. Breathing in and out, feeling hunger and warmth and cold, the passion of the blood coursing through your veins.

YOU OWN AND RUN YOUR FABULOUS BODY! You are a superpower and your own superhero. Work it.

Make 2 columns down a sheet of paper. “What do I like about Myself? What are my Good points.”

What don’t I like about myself? What do I need to let go of or FIX? OR Forgive??? Ooooo.

Man is GUILT and self-flagellation ever programmed into us. Figure it out. Ruminate on what happened or see a counselor. You may need to apologize to some people and make amends. Just don’t expect them to forgive you or want a friendship. Move on! Do better.

It’s that simple. Go outside. Sit on your porch. Go for a walk. Go buy some healthy food. Just don’t turn on the mind and heart programming screen. Listen to music or work out and stretch.

I used to hate thinking about food. I ate healthy food, fruits, and veggies, then I would pig out on sugar and got very fat. I’m so over it but I know why I did it.

Now I’m a size 14 and going down. I only hurt myself and now I take care of myself. We’ve usually been raised to abuse the substance we abuse so we have permission to abuse it. Everyone else is!

You don’t live for everyone else. Are you going to jump off a cliff if they do? Your life belongs to you and know that IT IS ABSOLUTELY TABOO IN OUR CULTURE TO HONOR, LOVE, AND.TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! It’s called selfish but it’s the opposite. You can’t give or share with anyone from an empty vessel where you never fill your cup. Most of the time, others aren’t going to do it for you.

American culture is sick and all about addiction, materialism, money, slavery, and frankly, Luciferianism. ” Do what you’re told. Do what everyone else is doing.” STOP.

Source is real and in all of our diversity, we are all children of Source and loved. Be yourself and take care of yourself whether or not anyone else is.

It’s just a start…

Michigan Governor Admits Some COVID-19 Restrictions Didn’t ‘Make a Lot of Sense’

There ya have it. That’s why she sent me an email after I messaged her in April 2020 and told her I was going to open and why. My reason was reasonable. She said go ahead.

I think Michiganders are passive. If you read the article it’s ridiculous what they proposed, likely THE DEMOCRATS in the MI congress pushing her. It didn’t come from her.

I’m from Chicago. We don’t let politicians push us around. We push back. That’s unheard of in MI. You’re supposed to “be nice” here. Sorry, I have a business to run and patients in pain. I’m not playing political footsie with a scamdemic.


Fauci Testimony ‘Not Credible’ in Light of Other Evidence: Lawyers


Dr. Chavez mentioned Dr. Shi Zheng-li in one of his letters to the Feds.

Here is my blog post where Dr.Chavez cited Shi Zheng-Li. I remembered her name correctly from 3 years ago.

Anti-Covid19 v.2

The biggest shot in variation, when it is compared to the first sequence obtained of the virus of COVID-19, with its immediate ancestor, that according to Shi Zheng-Li is the RaTG13 (submitted a posteriori of the COVID-19 first sequence, and which researchers demonstrate that this is a partially made-up sequence (see below), having her deliberately ignored even to cite her previous identical reference called BtCoV/4991 (2016), or even her most recent reference of the same that she put under the name of SARSr-CoV Ra4991 (2019), being very dishonest for her to change in at least three identified times the names of her same sequence, actions that render her highly suspicious, because she hid the rest of the sequence at least during the last four year (having been obtained from excrement in a cave, she says. After a call due to a serious case of miners infected at Yunnan. Nobody knows what was inside at least six miners), but her publishing it until now, after the emergence of a similar virus, makes her highly suspicious, rather than making her look innocent. Who can say that she did not manipulate as well artificially such sequence, or that the CCP Chinese military did not do the same to the other two previous sequences that are also somehow similar to Sars-CoV-2

No one has the right to control another’s body or time

In our society at the moment, people seem to be waking up to the fact that only individuals have the right to control their bodies. It’s not your role to approve of others physically and they don’t have to approve of you physically. Conservatives have a hard time with this for some reason and I am a conservative. But I’ve never judged people’s bodies or appearance. Why do they do that?

Having an opinion is one thing, but if you morally judge someone’s body and choices about their body you’re making a mountain of karma for yourself. What goes around comes around.

It seems to be agitating the conservative movement the most as they hone to a natural order that individuals feel they have the right to upset with any technology they wish, that’s possible via mechanistic technology other than natural technology. I’m holistic so I very much dislike mechanistic tech on the body but accord others the right to do what they choose (and regret it later which my patients usually do).

It could be considered an abuse of that artificial technology but the fact is, the right has been as complicit in the abuses of humanity from 320 tech and aerospace companies trying to push A.I. on the planet as the left has…for profit, or because their palms were greased for political advantage. Both sides LOVE money. They agree on that and it defines politics. Trump pushed the production of the much-maligned mRNA vaccine for God’s sake! He was on the front line with that thing. The hypocrisy on both sides is rife!

Since we all agree we are free in our bodies that means we are free in how we use our time as well since the body IS TIME. But what about our responsibility to one another and the collective with these new freedoms?

It’s a choice. The right and the left have to accept FREE WILL. Politicians love to pretend they can control each other and win, and control others which is why I would never run for office. Yet they preach freedom all the time. They’re like really bad parents with kids in the house. Very dysfunctional. There is nothing more dysfunctional right now than the U.S. government. I bet most Americans would agree.🇺🇸

Just leave home and do your own thing. People who love you are going to like you no matter what and if they don’t, you’re better off without them. The center of the universe has your back, not the left or the right.

The Chakras of the Etheric Body are the Light Emanations of 4D TIME

The colors of the tribes of time and the 52-day cycles, red, white, blue, yellow, and (green) are the colors of the chakras. They are also the colors of the aurora lights on the light spectrum.

From a Tzolkin perspective,

  • White kin are refiners and are in affinity with the crown chakra and spirituality.
  • Blue kin are transformers and resonate and communicate at the 5th chakra
  • White kin also resonate at the heart chakra (White Dog) and green light of the auroras.
  • Yellow kin resonate at the solar plexus 3rd chakra and are ripeners or energy and power.
  • The Red kin take care of the 2nd and 1st chakra with passion, feelings, motherhood, the home, sex, THE BODY and we lead and assert our physical presence very well. As we know, the red kin can be overwhelming (Dragon, Serpent, Moon, Skywalker, and Earth). We motivate people to get moving and get their bodies aligned with the Earth. We have to in order to evolve and survive. Real intelligence comes through THE FEET!

All of this are time emanations. Do you see how they are literal coming through the body as a capacitor?

Chakras above the head are white and silver, 3rd eye is violent blue, voice chakra is blue, heart chakra is green, solar plexus is yellow/gold, sacral chakra is orange and 1st chakra is red

Any bodyworker or Reiki practitioner that reads the vibe or frequency of the chakras will tell you it’s literal but at a different frequency. Some see the colors, some get symbols, and some read the feelings. I never see auras because I don’t want to. They change too fast depending on your mood. And they’ve become too new-age novel “read my aura for me” stuff.

People need a full-body session that’s truthful, even though they might get scared and run out of the office because the Lightworker can see their secrets. But we say it with Love, and we’re working with Source or Christ, at least I do. We are like a confessor which in our culture is like a priest or a counselor but I don’t counsel and I certainly don’t portend to absolve people of sin. OMG. After what I saw in the Catholic Church I don’t recommend that.

People are very repressed because of our fake, programmed culture and need to be able to say their truth and let it resonate at the 5th voice chakra, Tone 7 to be empowered! No institution in this culture is behind human empowerment. They use you to make a buck. Lightworkers don’t encourage dependency but self-generation by Source in you. For Lightworkers, this is a spiritual ministry and we are on the front lines.

The etheric body as time IS LIGHT EMANATIONS, like the auroras of Earth which are the light body, chakra emanations of Earth’s body as the Psi Bank which is the Tzolkin, which is time, which is ONE WITH DNA! Clear as mud?

Just ruminate on a 🌈 around your body that is time. Light is time. The earth revolving around the Sun and the clock is not time. Throw it out. It is the old Newtonian idea. It’s 12:60 cataclym thought forms from THE PAST or CA timeline.

We are quantum beings emanating to the upper densities at once with our manifested bodies. Proof? Psychics, Lightworkers who can tune right into your vibe and see who you are and tell you even though we’ve never met you. There are millions of us and we are not evil witches called by superstitious indolent folks stuck in the Victorian past or religion. We are lovers (full of love, not lust), happy, healthy, and full of mirth.

I hope you find one in your area. We are here to help individuals transition who want to during a difficult time on our planet.

Feeling Better Emotionally Comes Directly From Sitting in the Sun

Our connection to our Higher Self from the astral plane up to 13th density comes right into the eyes through the sun. All 13 chakras or our Lightbody are activated by The Sun.

We must absorb sunlight to grow just like plants with photosynthesis. The sun also activates or makes Vitamin D that is already in our bodies. It cures a myriad of ills. We are no different. We need soil, grounding in the earth, water, and sunlight to be mentally and physically balanced. We are natural beings like trees and always will be.

We don’t necessarily need much food at all or social with others especially if they are toxic and projecting, doing transference, and offloading because they are not aware of God in them. I’m sensitive to people who are unloving or using food all the time to feed themselves instead of energy. I start to feel sick or drained around them.

They’re using others in all types of relationships to create a surrogate parent or they unconsciously vampire energy off of others because they don’t know how to create their own. It just creates chaos and is not spiritual at all but childish. We are in a time now where that will have to end if you are to come into your own light body, your Higher Self.

Covid Dissenters are Now ok?…according to Bill Maher

I got this from ascensionworks.tv


Too late. He was a yes man and abused intelligent, free people in the U.S, on T.V. Let him apologize to millions of us and kiss our asses and maybe I’ll acknowledge his existence.

I have little patience for followers of orders and traitors after three years of betrayal and control when I, we, millions of us have been right all along.

The lab leak is not the point. It was proven to be an artificial virus in 2020 by Dr. Chavez.

Senate Votes Unanimously to Declassify COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Leak Intelligence

Great! They can be bipartisan on this for political expediency. Both parties will benefit at this juncture so they timed this right for themselves.

Have you searched on Dr. Chavez or covid 19 yet in my search box? The fact that the virus was artificial is old news and the fact that the U.S. government was NOTIFIED that it was, according to lab observation, is old news. They sat on it on purpose.

The political profit agenda has been achieved for Big Pharma, thanks to Congress, with mRNA vax, and scapegoating and punishing China for stepping in and buying our debt when we needed them to. How dare they be in a position to HELP the lame U.S. IN DEBT economy to the tune of trillions of dollars. They must be punished.🫣 China must be seen as weaker than us.

God bless America 🇺🇸 No integrity in our government, bought and sold by corporations and the ICC. No disclosure.

The E.T. are shutting down nukes. So…take the WWIII propaganda card off the table and get busy with full military disclosure.


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