A Global Pedophile Ring in New Zealand

I posted this months ago, March 16, 2022, before the P.M. resigned. I suggest the two are strongly related. I believe she supported the toxic CV2 Vax as well.



⚡️ 43 New Zealander’s arrested, six children rescued as part of global sex abuse investigation

A global pedophile ring has been uncovered by a New Zealand-led investigation, resulting in 146 children around the world being saved from potential harm.

Known as Operation H, the investigation is the largest of its kind. It uncovered 90,000 account holders sharing more than 1000 images and videos of children being sexually abused.

The operation has contributed to 836 individual investigations in 130 countries, from Azerbaijan to Vanuatu.

So far, 43 New Zealanders have been arrested and charged in connection with the investigation. Some of those cases are still progressing through the courts.

More to come over the following days


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A Personal Example of Sychronicity Yesterday

I was on the phone with my Mom. She brought up ancestry.com which I found to be fun because I would dial up key ancestors and see the synchronicity with current family members. It gives you all their birthdays. It I haven’t been on it for five years.

Meaning, as I’ve said before, family members incarnate into the same harmonic either in this current time or on either the CA or AC timeline that is the two strands of DNA. One goes to the past and one to the future. In every cell of our body is our past and our future! It’s the truth people. I see it in the Tzolkin all the time.

So, my mom starts talking about my two greats Grandmother Luettig and told me she was magical, a Healer, like me. I knew from my previous research that my 4 greats Grandmother Miner was also. I dialed up both of them in the oracle.

Mary Miner is my son’s Guide Power and Grandma Luettig comes right after Alex’s birth gateway; Red 12 Earth. She is White 13 Mirror. So both of these magical women are right on the beam with my awesome son who wants nothing more than to be of service on this planet and help as a social worker. He is very talented with art and music but doesn’t want to go that professional route, like me.They were helpers too, doing what I do. I’m so proud of him and we discuss how to empower and not be dysfunctional with clients. Humans always have an agenda and boundaries are #1.

I was working on Grandma Luettigs profile. Her birthday was April 16th, same as mine! She is Tone 13 also like me. And this was yesterday White 8 Wind. I dialed up her death day in the oracle. It came up WHITE 8 WIND.

That was all the confirmation I needed that she had reached the minds of mom and I, that we needed to research the ancestry of the magical woman and Healers in our family. There may even be a book there.

Mom was born in 1940 so her stories of her life just throw me. It was a completely different society back then. Some good, some bad. Much has improved also. Families knew each other and sat together and shared their lives. I did that with my huge family growing up and marvel at how much I remember those folks when I talk to my mom and sister.

We have a foot in all dimensions followers. Our ancestors from this life and lives on other worlds are with us still, as DNA in our bodies that is still evolving as RNA. That natural evolution is holy and so is THE FAMILY OF ALL LIFE.

Don’t put stuff, money, or tech ahead of sentient life whether it’s in the natural world, humans, or animals. Decide to give of yourself and find your mission maybe by getting to know your ancestors. Maybe you can learn how not to be also. That is a valuable lesson if they went down the wrong path. It’s all good.

Watch “Sure On This Shining Night by Morten Lauridsen” on YouTube

Have a Blessed Winter Solstice. It begins at dusk tonight. May the Sun return to humanity and heal our bodies, souls, our families, our relationships, our earth and our blessed Universe that loves us always.

❤️ Love, Lisa

Sure on this shining night Lyric

James Agee

Sure on this shining night

Of starmade shadows round,

Kindness must watch for me

This side the ground.

The late year lies down the north.

All is healed, all is health.

High summer holds the earth.

Hearts all whole.

Sure on this shining night

I weep for wonder

Wandering far alone

Of shadows on the stars.

The meaning of Noel

A term signifying the holiday season, Noël comes to us from the Latin verb nasci, meaning “to be born.” In the book of Ecclesiastes, the birth of Jesus is called natalis. A variation of this word, nael, made its way into Old French as a reference to the Christmas season and later into Middle English as nowel.

And we are born through our 👨‍🍼, woven on the the Loom of Maya, meaning ILLUSION, to, for a time, become manifest as DNA in a body in this holographic matrix of time. And so did our Creator so he could relate to humans better.

NYTimes: A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity

A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity https://nyti.ms/3fsZ2xa

If diversity was defined by DNA and not surface appearance or gender, humans would see there is very little difference between us, meaning 98% the same genetically. That probably goes for E.T. humanoids as well. They are our E.T. ancestors and love us.

But for some strange reason, maybe our mirror neurons in our brains, earth humans note different appearance and make biased judgments based on that. The N.Y. Times has done it here. The whole media does it, all the time and it’s completely incorrect.

The assumptions about a person’s culture based on appearance are the worst. There are plenty of black people raised very much in the white culture with white values but that depends on class. Poor whites, middle class whites or rich whites? The same can be brought to every single ethnic culture based on economics. Money is the big dividing line in how people are raised and treated, more than culture.

Then consider that many people had parents from two different cultures so they are bi-racial but only appear so. Maybe their parents appear opposite but values and experience are the same culture for them. You must open your mind to real diversity which is INSIDE, not outside.

You get my drift. Don’t make assumptions about people based on APPEARANCE. Especially with humanoids walking the planet, we’re about to get a real lesson in diversity. Meaning, the Andromedan you meet looks completely human, and they do, but then they let you know they were not born in this galaxy…

Earthlings have maybe 10 years to get a basic grip on this.

I’m here to help, and as far as I know I’m an earth human, but patients don’t think so.😉

This is Very Much in line with Red 11 Spectral Dragon-Shocking!

The Catholic Church stole babies and gave them to wealthy families. They lied to the birth mothers and told them the baby was dead or stillborn when it was not. Shocking. But the State and the Church have always cooperated to abuse and subjugate humans, using Christ as a cover. Major karma.

See the NY Times article below. So, this is the embodiment of the Time Thieves. Time is DNA. Stealing children is stealing Time. They stole children and through our societal programming, religion, and media, they have tried to steal our minds, our QI for thousands of years. The Draco. I am shaking my head…

She is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. The article gives her birthday.

According to the birth mothers, nuns who worked in maternity wards took the infants shortly after they were delivered and told the women, who were often unwed or poor, that their children were stillborn. But the babies were not dead: They had been sold, discreetly, to well-off Catholic parents, many of whom could not have families of their own. Under a pile of forged papers, the adoptive families buried the secret of the crime they committed.

The article

Here they use genetic propaganda, completely false to enact these evils. IMO, modern geneticists are still foisting garbage on to people in the name of science, in 2022. There IS NO GENETIC DETERMINISM. Our lives are epigenetic.

But one of the most lasting abuses of the era was borne by children. In the late 1930s and 1940s, Antonio Vallejo-Nájera, a leading psychiatrist in the regime who was trained in Nazi Germany, promoted the idea of a Marxist “red gene” carried by the children of Franco’s left-wing opponents. The gene, he said, might be suppressed by removing children from their mothers and placing them with conservative families. Franco’s men soon began the abductions on a large scale. They targeted children orphaned by Franco’s firing squads and took newborns belonging to women who had given birth in jail as political prisoners. All were sent to be raised by regime loyalists. The era of the “stolen babies” had begun.

The article

Sacred Beginnings | Grand Rapids, MI | Supporting Victims of Trafficking

Go to this website and watch the video. Her book, “When Angels Fight” is available on Amazon.


I just got back from my meeting with the BBB and Leslie King’s name was dropped. She is from Grand Rapids, lives here, and helps women who have been human trafficked. Human trafficking and violence toward women and men in the sex trade is a nationwide problem. As she says on the video, it is a multibillion dollar industry. This is Jeffrey Epstein level evil on which I did a blog post showing how he lingered in the shadow of his birth kin destiny.

This mentality has corrupted bodyworkers, healers and lightworkers in my state and likely all over the country because of the DEGRADATION OF THE HUMAN BODY and our DNA, and who we are as a species. It speaks directly to what I am about and teaching as far as holistic mindset and the Mayan oracle.

She talks about forgiveness, spirituality, and about feeling hugged by Spirit. She FELT IT. God answered her prayer and it took her into rehab. Makes me weep. God is real. Source is real. Synchronicity is REAL.

Our DNA, our time, our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. I’m all about it and I think highly of the human race, not politically correct disdain as many do. Holistic medicine is all about this.

I will be contacting Leslie and will keep you posted. Netflix is making a movie about her story.

A Global Pedophile Ring


⚡️ 43 New Zealander’s arrested, six children rescued as part of global sex abuse investigation

A global paedophile ring has been uncovered by a New Zealand-led investigation, resulting in 146 children around the world being saved from potential harm.

Known as Operation H, the investigation is the largest of its kind. It uncovered 90,000 account holders sharing more than 1000 images and videos of children being sexually abused.

The operation has contributed to 836 individual investigations in 130 countries, from Azerbaijan to Vanuatu.

So far, 43 New Zealanders have been arrested and charged in connection with the investigation. Some of those cases are still progressing through the courts.

More to come over the following days


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Artificial Intelligence vs. Real Intelligence

The difference in percentage of power is measured by the power of the Human soul which A.I. lacks. It has no DNA. It has no blood. Even if it did, men cannot create a human soul and never will be able to.

A woman can literally make a human being with the contribution of a sperm, automatically, with a soul, in her body, which makes her super-human compared to A.I.

It stops there so no contest.


As a Human Collective We Need to Stop Blaming Individuals for Ancestral Crimes in the Past

Time moves within our bodies simultaneously from past to present and future to present depending on your Tzolkin Theme-plex

We need to balance them in the interplanetary Holon with the CA or civilizational advance of past to present timeline embodied in the RNA of tribes 0-9 and AC or aboriginal continuity timeline embodied in tribes 10-19 to increase the strands in our DNA.

The Yellow Sun is O/20 and processes in the Tzolkin down the White Dog or 9.

The timeline then shifts to future back to present and all ten of these tribes are PROPHETIC and need to be listened to to calm THE DIN of constant predominance of THE PAST.

If, as a collective, we keeping talking about, thinking about, and feeling the past we keep it alive in all of it’s trauma. That’s not helping. We’ve got to realize that we can remember and honor it a bit but we need TO CREATE a new future and let these tribes lead us;

  • White Dog kin-create a new future in love and loyalty
  • Blue Monkey kin-create a new future full of free and spontaneous art, no control
  • Yellow Human kin-create a new future where humans are empowered in free will granted to them by the universe. They are no longer slaves to be used by elite.
  • Red Skywalker kin-create a new future where we realize that we are ONE Human race no matter what gender or culture. There is diversity in unity and all are free to explore. Chill out on fear of differences.
  • White Wizard kin-create a new future where we meditate, receive spiritual guidance calmly, uplift our consciousness and respect healers and shamans
  • Blue Eagle kin-create a new future where those with a new vision are listened to. Our Minds are more malleable to change.
  • Yellow Warrior kin-create a new future where it’s realized that raising the level of intelligence in a human being needs to be paramount to support consciousness. Education based on the truth, not secrets and lies takes precedence.
  • Red Earth kin-create a new future where we daily tune into the EARTH or GAIA to be in SYNCHRONICITY with her cycles and the galactic cycles. In this way, we will be part of a galactic collective.
  • White Mirror kin-create a new future that isn’t afraid of it’s own reflection. See yourself in truth not in some romantic fantasy that is a lie.
  • Blue Storm kin-create a future where you SELF-GENERATE from within. Turn off and tune out outside influences and tune into Spirit’s voice. Everyone will know how to do it.

Note that each kin has BOTH CA and AC in their DNA. It’s either your theme or your analog and it’s very important then to note your other 3 positions in your theme-plex to see how they move. Do your best to balance thought on the FUTURE and the PAST in alignment with your theme-plex.

(President Eisenhower 1953-1961) was heavily betrayed by those he trusted to the dark actor E.T.’s after WWII.

FDR was President from 1933-1945 during the war. Then we had Harry Truman from 1945-1953. They were both Democrats getting the Deep State going before Republican Eisenhower came into office. Many dark scenarios were put in place way before Eisenhower was President. We are not individually responsible for the choices of our ancestors and the tRNA sequencing in the Tzolkin theme-plex proves it.

Our family DNA is only in the Hidden Wisdom or Occult partner position. It’s only 20% of our story and it’s our parents, not us. WE ARE NOT OUR PARENTS OR OUR FAMILY! We are children of the Universe or children of God. We need to stop the ancestral guilt and blame simply because it’s not accurate! I’m so very sorry it’s everyone’s HABIT and way of being on this planet but its done. You have control over your own soul, body and mind and that’s ALL you have control over.

Thursday; Evolution of 10 Cysteine (Red 10 Planetary Dragon)

Cysteine is the Theme; Red Dragon and Methionine is the Guide Power; Red Moon. The analog is 10 Tyrosine; White 10 Planetary Mirror. They are related to each other in 3D clenching Amino Acid sequences.

Their real power lies in multidimensional TIME controlled by our MINDS. Red Dragon tribe is blood memory and primordial mother. The alligator is progeny of Red Dragon and they are very good mothers, maybe the best. Remember mammals evolved from reptiles!

Cystathionine β-synthase (CBSis a unique heme- containing enzyme that catalyzes a pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (PLP)-dependent condensation of serine (Red Serpent, Red Dragon’s progeny) and homocysteine to give cystathionine. Synchronicity.

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Methionine, Asparagine, and 4 Stop Codon.

With the Start Codon and the Tone 4 Stop Codon in there, this is a themeplex taking a reading on our birth DNA via our Mother. Tone 4 is self-existing so it applies to each individual and the soul lessons they’ve learned from their mother.

We are in a new Harmonic 26; Cosmic Input; inform the flowering of Presence which speaks to Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed which will end this 4-day cycle. It’s ruled by Jupiter and there is much activity on Jupiter right now so I’m sure this has something to do with it. I posted 2 events on this blog about it.

The 5GForce today is Blue 4 Self-Existing Storm and so this is independent self-generation being tracked in each person. How are you doing with that?

This is a test day. You can tell where you are by what you’d say you’ve learned from your mother no matter what your relationship is to her. We’re not obligated to like our mother’s and many mother’s don’t get along very well with their grown children. But you can’t really do a cut off. The bond is too great and therefore, you do need to keep learning about who you are or want to be as a soul by looking in the mirror of your mother. The analog is White 10 Planetary mirror and there is no stronger planetary mirror than your mother. I think these are the cutest pictures ever.

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