33 Raptor Engines, 33rd Degree Masons and HF33. It ties into my Family.

What do you think this SpaceX synchronicity means in light of the Maya Oracle?


Remember 33rd degree Masons? And HF33 as implicate order in the center of The Maya Harmonic? And Neo’s room 303 in the fake Matrix movies?

While I was in my hometown last week, we drove by the ginormous Masonic Temple on Stephenson St. in Freeport, IL. I went to multiple Community Concerts there as a child with my Mom or my Grandma, all classical music. (Blue 3 Hand and Red 11 Serpent). It was great fun. a few pictures of the Temple are below.

A Masonic Temple or Masonic Hall is, within Freemasonry, the room or edifice where a Masonic Lodge meets. Masonic Temple may also refer to an abstract spiritual goal and the conceptual ritualistic space of a meeting.

The Freeport Mason Temple in Freeport, IL built in 1928

I got to thinking about my family history as I usually do when I go home. First, the Church right across the street on the cornier is the Episcopal Church of Freeport which my voice teacher attended and my Dirksen family relatives attended when they lived in Freeport.

Then there is the fact that the Freeport Organ Company, in Freeport, was started by Richard Wayne Dirksen, my Grandma’s Uncle, married to her Aunt Maude on the Logemann side. They also lived in Freeport until they moved East. The tree connects to the Townsend side. My ancestors were not rich or fancy. I come from farmers that had quite a bit of artistic and musical talent. But we were just regular folks. No status fantasy or elite stuff. My parents nor grandparents, nor any family were social climbers willing to sacrifice their values and integrity for social acceptance or money. No way, no how.

Second, Richard and Aunt Maudes’ son was Wayne Dirksen, the Music presenter for the Mason stronghold in Washington D.C., the Washington National Cathedral featured in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code. Wayne was a liturgist and music composer extraordinaire, the highest level church musician in the nation. He also built the organ in the Cathedral. I couldn’t believe it when I read that section of his book. My grandma grew up with Wayne as kids in Freeport and they were very close and kept in touch via letters. He was her first cousin so my 3rd cousin. My Mom sat next o Wayne at his mom’s funeral.

So, there may be a book here and some Masonic family history I need to research further. How much were the Dirksens involved with building and equipping the Freeport Masonic Temple? If Richard was the organ builder he must have had a hand. And for his son, my cousin to rise to the rank of lead Music Presenter for the Washington National Cathedral, there must have been something special there.

I may have to write a novel.

Washington National Cathedral. It’s Episcopal. Episcopalians came about during the Reformation in PROTEST (Protestants) to the Catholic Church and it’s treatment of the Knights Templar who worked the old routes to the Holy Land in the Middle East. I’ve traced my ancestors back to the Templar Knights.
My cousin, Wayne Dirksen
Red 11 Serpent is my Grandmother. Elon’s Hidden Wisdom is her antipode and his antipode is her Hidden Wisdom. When Elon and I talked we agreed we felt like family. Man our values are different so there must be major karma. Nor have I told you the massive synchronicity that happened 6 months ago and I will not be.

Spaceweather.com for Wednesday-8/9/23

SYNCHRONICITY!! This ginormous solar storm occurred in HF44 headed up by Red 4 Self-Existing Skywalker on 3/22/1940. This harmonic just passed us recently on 7/25/23 around the Mayan New Year. You might want to search on Red 4 Skywalker on here.

The date on the newspaper below is assumed to be the day AFTER the storm so 3/24/40 was Blue 6 Eagle which is the birth gateway of Corey Goode, ruled by Jupiter and one with the Blue Avians. The 5GForce is Red 8 Galactic Serpent. Serine is the DNA nucleotide governing this harmonic so Reptilian influence.

The big deal is this harmonic is the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point in the Tzolkin, which we just hit a few weeks ago. This occurs in the N. Polar Zone, Plate III of Earth, 60-90 degrees N-225-270 degrees East. As we know, history repeats itself and that’s because of the Harmonic. The problems come when time WARPS because people mindsets get stuck in Time is Money and they think this dimension is all there is. They forget about eternity in their bodies and lose touch with the truth in the universe.

Note that the atomic bombs were dropped to end WWII after this, for the first and LAST time in human history. The human contracts with GAIA were broken and the unvierse had to step in which they did with Valiant Thor, an E.T., visiting Eisenhower in the White House. Nobody listened. The Luciferian Cabal was entrenched and pretty much had been since WWI. Nukes are forbidden now and stopped by our Watchers because they harm the cosmic web.

They needed some humans to eat and a starting a war is a good excuse for getting some bodies. That was the motive for the World Wars. Draco Reptilian blood lust alive and well because they are dying off due to infestation of nanites in their bodies. I think it’s too late for them. They will likely be taken out of our DNA sequence. It will be interesting to see what happens to our bodies and reptilian brain when they are gone. I don’t think we have a choice.


THE GREAT SOLAR STORM OF MARCH 1940: This story is shocking. On March 24, 1940, a solar storm hit Earth so hard it made copper wires in the United States crackle with 800 volts of electricity. A New York Times headline declared that a “sunspot tornado” had arrived, playing havoc with any signal that had to travel through metal wires.

“For a few hours it completely disrupted all long-distance communication,” wrote astronomer Seth B. Nicholson in a recap of the event for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Radio announcers seemed to be “talking a language no one could understand.” The New York Times reported that more than a million telephone and teletype messages had been garbled: “Veteran electrical engineers unhesitatingly pronounced it the worst thing of its kind within their memory.”

So why have you never heard of this storm? Even in 1940 it was fairly quickly forgotten. World War II was underway in Europe, and the USA was on the verge of joining. People had other things on their minds.

Modern researchers, however, are paying attention. A team led by Jeffrey Love of the USGS Geomagnetism Program just published a new study of the event in the research journal Space Weather. Their work confirms that it was no ordinary solar storm.

“It was unusually violent,” says Love. “There were very rapid changes in Earth’s magnetic field, and this induced big voltages in long metal wires.” (Because human MINDSET was going the wrong way, toward splitting the atom, starting a very bloody war, and making nuclear bombs, all against previous agreements with the universe allowing humans to settle here after Tiamat. And there ya have it.

Love and colleagues learned about the voltages from old engineering reports. In 1940, the United States was criss-crossed by copper wires hundreds to thousands of miles long. They were not for power distribution; electrical systems were still mostly regional. Instead the wires were used for communications such as telephone calls and telegrams. When the “sunspot tornado” hit Earth, electricity began to move through the system. Technicians jotted down some of the voltages they saw–and the numbers were incredible.

Above: Solar storm voltages in March 1940 (red) vs. the Quebec Blackout of March 1989 (blue)

“Records show 400 V in Minnesota, 750 V in Missouri, and more than 800 V in Massachusetts,” says Love. “These are 10 times greater than long-wire voltages recorded during the Great Quebec Blackout in March 1989.”

What caused the high voltages? Love’s team examined old magnetogram records from the date of the storm and found evidence that two coronal mass ejections CMEs hit Earth only 1.82 hours apart. The double blow rattled Earth’s magnetic field in a complicated way most single CMEs do not.

“This could be a harbinger of things to come,” says Love. Modern studies show that as many as 5 CMEs leave the sun every day during Solar Maximum. With Solar Cycle 25 underway and intensifying, a double hit could definitely happen again.

A similar storm today might not significantly impact communications; we live in the wireless age of cell phones. Electricity is another matter. Modern power systems depend on long wires to shuttle electricity across the country. A repeat of 1940 could interfere with their operations. Love notes that the 1940 voltages exceed NERC power-grid industry benchmarks for 100-year storms. As a result, some modern power grids might not be ready to handle the shock of another 1940 event.

Read Love’s original research here: here.

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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HF45 Spec’d Out; Sat., Sun., Mon., Tuesday Coming UP

Here’s the deal;

  • 3D, 45:17:8:177 Coordinate. 6, 7, 8, 9 is there quite a bit as you add things up
  • 572Hz frequency
  • I Ching 22-GRACE
  • Earth Holon location, 60 degrees S–180 degrees W
  • Stage III, Ancient World History focus on the CA, Past to present strand of our DNA
  • This is a spectral matrix (Tone 11) where we are self-regulating the universal fire of LIBERATION
  • The harmonic begins with Red 8 Galactic Earth. This is Kin 177. On 11/11/22 this was 11:11:11:11. Look at the synchronicity with the alignments with I Ching 22!!

In this HF we have Red 8 Earth, White 9 Mirror, Blue 10 Storm and Yellow 11 Sun. So we are on the left side of the body starting at the left neck, to left eye, to left top of the head over the right top of the head. That’s where the evolution flows in 3D.

The amino acids are phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and a stop codon AS THEMES. Each oracle has a total of 5 amino acids each day. These planets are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Pluto again. These are brain transforming amino acids so as usual, adjust to the Psi Bank ScR.

I have marked, Red 4 Dragon is the 5GForce for Blue 10 Planetary Storm hitting on MONDAY. I also noted that the antipode for that day is Red 10 Planetary Moon that hit on 3/24/23. Now let’s go back to that day. It’s Kin 49 in HF13; This begins the end of everything according to Jose.

This is a switchover pivot point in the harmonic where the binary triplet configuration and binary polarity switch from one side to the other. What does that mean for us? Events and people around us will evince and embody a time reversal, you may have deja vu, the vibes may feel familiar or you may have awareness that you didn’t before. The pulsing goes back and forth all the time between past and future.


Once we hit HF36 we were on the OMEGA END POINT. In HF36 we hit RFK birth oracle, his father, Red 11 Spectral Dragon. This pulses on the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131. Here we see how the DNA really is time passing a torch to the child. It’s not physical DNA but DNA AS TIME. It’s EPIGENETIC, NOT GENETIC. This is an important new idea given to us by Bruce Lipton’s work, White 13 Cosmic Worldbridger, my direct analog, as is Dr. Greer who just spoke at the David Grusch hearing.

We just passed the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point on Red 4 Skywalker 3 days ago when I posted the Spaceweather.com post about the Sun breaking records and the astrophysicists being mystified by what is happening. That was predictable from a TSR perspective; N. Pole, Plate II, 60-90 degrees N. 225-270 degrees E.

We are now at the end of HF44 today,7/28/23 and we just went through a MAJOR real disclosure in the government.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 7/29/23 we hit then next Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point, Plate VI, 60-90degrees S-180-225 degrees East at the S. Pole. We will be in the S. Polar Zone in 4D.

The 5GForce for Monday, Blue 10 Planetary Storm is Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon, the beginning of Infinity, the Central Axis of the Harmonic. This is the space that makes possible the transformational dynamic of the crossover polarity seen on page 32 of Earth Ascending,

Let’s see what events and people come forward but it is still essential that for this thing to come out peacefully, that each person meditate from their center point, open the pineal gland and be sure you know where you are in your grounding and what you want for your life and your place in humanity. That will change how the next 4 days unfold and how the earth fares.

Great Synchronicity

Some of you may know I’ve been without my laptop for a month. 😳🥹 I had key documents on it from this blog. It broke, and I couldn’t open it to turn the computer on to back them up, so they were on the hard drive. I rescued it!! They almost recycled the whole machine.

Short story, the fix it guys broke it further so they GAVE me a new laptop. I picked it out this week, and they opened this “cage” of brand new but opened laptops. This one cost $606.00. He said I think this one is best for you.”. “Yep. That’s our planet number. I’ll take it.” 😆

Every planet in our local universe is on the universe registry with a number, and we are 606. It’s in the urantia book, which I’ve posted on here. urantia.org

We’re not 666, but 606. Humans making yet another mistake trying to interpret universe information.

Synchronicity-3D Lineup. It always merges with the 4D time reading

Summer solstice is June 21 at 11 am

In 4D time, we are mediated by Uranus, Mercury, Earth, and Jupiter. But we just left 4D Saturn alignments and are moving into Neptune frequencies tomorrow and Pluto as we cross the threshold from hx48-49. I Ching in 3D.

All Zodiac Signs
3D is what we think k is real or physical. 4D is time, which IS our bodies. Our world IS time, and we can co tell it with our focus and choices. The upper dimensions are the cosmic web.
  • With today’s longer-term influence–Jupiter’s sextile to Saturn–there can be opportunities to put our plans into motion.We’re balanced in our approach to new endeavors, seeing both the potential benefits and pitfalls, and this improves our judgment. This influence helps to crystallize and lock down lessons learned and initiatives begun recently. It’s a period of constructive accomplishment. We are practical and realistic, and our judgment is especially sound–we derive much satisfaction from practical achievements. We find a good balance between planning and discovering. It’s also a time when we value learning and valid information from trustworthy sources. We respect reasonable, ethical, and sound approaches. The key to harnessing this wonderful energy is identifying and finding pleasure in the simple things that make us happy. Still, there are a couple of picky aspects also in play today.
  • A Mercury-Pluto challenge can complicate communications.
  • The Venus-Neptune minor square might seduce us into believing things we want to believe.While glossing over the more realistic points, details, and flaws of circumstances and people might feel good at the moment, it’s best to hold off on making important purchases or relationship decisions until the veil lifts.

From cafeastrology.com

A Powerful Example of Family Synchronicity

Grandma Harriet (had the dream) far left and her son, my Grandpa standing behind. Uncle Greg standing next to him, My dad and mom with me on Mom’s lap third from the left, Grandma Lucille on the far right standing and sister Laurie on my Aunts lap. (Both of them are Yellow 13 Seed and both of their sons are Yellow 10 Sun! Karma.)

I need to create an app that calculates this for people. But they might be too scared to know the truth. I see that a lot. Or they think it’s magic but it’s just nature. Reiki is the same.

You have to have accurate birth and death dates of all of your family members, especially grandparents. The ancestry apps provide all of that and they have the official records to prove it.

Remember that the past and the future are ONE in your DNA strands and they swirl around the eternal NOW in your body. So when it comes to ancestors, they aren’t just from your past, they can reincarnate as your children or grandchildren or even further out, or around the family tree.

This was precipitated by my Mom sending a text with a copy of the obit of my two great grandmothers which appeared the same day in our local paper in 1931. Then a couple of days ago Mom said, “I have to call you and tell you what I overheard Grandma Harriet say to my Mother when I was a little girl”. Mom was raised on a farm in Orangeville, IL. I was born in Freeport, IL and lived in Chicago in my twenties.

She overheard my Grandmother say, “I had a dream last night and an angel came to me. Me and Clarence (Grandpa, her husband) were in the dream and the angel said, the pendulum will swing to you and then to him.” That was it. She was standing in the kitchen and told my maternal grandmother (Red 11 Serpent who heads up my inverse harmonic) this and mom overheard it.

These are my maternal grandparents, passed on now; Red 13 Serpent and Blue 2 Storm. They were jovial, very social people, well-known in my hometown. They were very disappointed that I didn’t become an opera star. No thanks. I never do what is expected of me. I do what I want to do.

I am on ancestry to research synchronicity so I dialed them right up. These were my 2 greats grandmothers, the mothers of my great grandma and grandpa who were married (Harriet and Clarence Molter).

2 Greats Grandma Luettig

  • B.-4/16/1871 shares my birthday and is 12 Skywalker. She was called a Pow wow doctor and worked on animals.
  • D.-11/11/1931, White 8 Wind. My mother-in-law passed on this gateway also and lived at 1111 Brownwood in G.R. So she lived at 1111 and died ON 1111. And her son, my husband Dave, died on my gateway, 13 Skywalker in 2015, and his memorial was on our anniversary 2/14/16.

2Greats Grandma Schrieber-Molter

  • B.-8/26.1856 as White 12 Dog
  • D.-11/9/1931 on Yellow 6 Sun. Notice they died within 2 days of each other in 1931 so this was the SECOND pendulum swing the angel spoke of in my Grandma’s dream.
  • This is my Great Grandma Harriet’s 5GForce and also my mom’s brother, my Uncle Greg’s birth gateway; YELLOW 6 SUN. Grandma Harriet was the one who had the dream and my Mom’s grandma who she grew up with and was fairly close to. So this was my mom and her brother Greg’s Grandma.

The gist is, both my Great Grandma Harriet and my Uncle Greg were in my Mom’s mind last night when she told me this and sent me the text because TODAY is Yellow 8 Sun, Grandma Harriet’s birth gateway with my UNCLE as the 5GForce…TODAY!

The dimensional pulsing is real and our ancestors are with us in the present. They are in our minds and bodies as our DNA in all dimensions. The dimensional matrix is real and I’ve been tracking it for over 30 years. Nothing surprises me anymore.

The blessing for me is I had tremendous gratitude this morning for the experience and memory as a child of constantly being around scads of family on both sides (Mom and Dad). My extended birth families were vast and when we had family reunions, the Townsends would be hanging from the trees. It was truly a blast. Now at 60, living in a different state, I never really feel alone with those memories and will be going to visit Mom and my sister in Illinois in May. It’s all good.

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