A Personal Example of Sychronicity Yesterday

I was on the phone with my Mom. She brought up ancestry.com which I found to be fun because I would dial up key ancestors and see the synchronicity with current family members. It gives you all their birthdays. It I haven’t been on it for five years.

Meaning, as I’ve said before, family members incarnate into the same harmonic either in this current time or on either the CA or AC timeline that is the two strands of DNA. One goes to the past and one to the future. In every cell of our body is our past and our future! It’s the truth people. I see it in the Tzolkin all the time.

So, my mom starts talking about my two greats Grandmother Luettig and told me she was magical, a Healer, like me. I knew from my previous research that my 4 greats Grandmother Miner was also. I dialed up both of them in the oracle.

Mary Miner is my son’s Guide Power and Grandma Luettig comes right after Alex’s birth gateway; Red 12 Earth. She is White 13 Mirror. So both of these magical women are right on the beam with my awesome son who wants nothing more than to be of service on this planet and help as a social worker. He is very talented with art and music but doesn’t want to go that professional route, like me.They were helpers too, doing what I do. I’m so proud of him and we discuss how to empower and not be dysfunctional with clients. Humans always have an agenda and boundaries are #1.

I was working on Grandma Luettigs profile. Her birthday was April 16th, same as mine! She is Tone 13 also like me. And this was yesterday White 8 Wind. I dialed up her death day in the oracle. It came up WHITE 8 WIND.

That was all the confirmation I needed that she had reached the minds of mom and I, that we needed to research the ancestry of the magical woman and Healers in our family. There may even be a book there.

Mom was born in 1940 so her stories of her life just throw me. It was a completely different society back then. Some good, some bad. Much has improved also. Families knew each other and sat together and shared their lives. I did that with my huge family growing up and marvel at how much I remember those folks when I talk to my mom and sister.

We have a foot in all dimensions followers. Our ancestors from this life and lives on other worlds are with us still, as DNA in our bodies that is still evolving as RNA. That natural evolution is holy and so is THE FAMILY OF ALL LIFE.

Don’t put stuff, money, or tech ahead of sentient life whether it’s in the natural world, humans, or animals. Decide to give of yourself and find your mission maybe by getting to know your ancestors. Maybe you can learn how not to be also. That is a valuable lesson if they went down the wrong path. It’s all good.

Epigenetics With Bruce Lipton

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December 2022

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives & Seekers Everywhere,

Evolution in Process

Reading the news, surfing the Web, or looking out your window, you will observe that civilization is in a world of crises: From economic collapse to environmental decay, from social and political upheaval to climate change, from hunger, poverty, war, to even a global pandemic. The bigger issue, hiding in the shadow is that humans have precipitated the planet’s 6th Mass Extinction, an event that includes the collapse of civilization. NASA research has acknowledged that industrial civilization is facing an “irreversible” collapse” within the next couple of decades.
Crisis Ignites Evolution!
If today’s headlines make you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you, from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. The fact is that civilization is currently, simply unsustainable. Survival requires a radical change in global culture, hence the current chaos as the today’s civilization is dissolving and a new one is forming.
A pattern that has shaped ten thousand years of civilization’s evolution, from ancient Animism to Polytheism, to Monotheism, and to today’s world of Scientific Materialism, is described in Spontaneous Evolution, reveals that the rise and fall of civilizations are based on how a culture values the realms of matter and energy (spirituality). The higher on the chart a civilization is placed, the more it emphasizes spirituality. In contrast, the lower position on the chart represents the greater emphasis a culture places on the material realm.

image1The important value of the balance of matter and energy is expressed in culture’s positioned on the 50/50 midline. For example, 10,000 years ago, Animists, for example, the Native Americans, perceived that everything made from matter was also made of spirit, be it a blade of grass, a tree, a rain drop, or a human. In the 1700’s, the Age of Enlightenment led to Deism, the philosophy of the Founding Fathers of the United States, including Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, was modeled on the Native American culture emphasizing peace and harmony.
Hopefully, you can project the character of the next phase of our evolution … a return to the midline and the manifestation of global peace and harmony. An interesting fact is that as we approach this midline, there is currently a major “tug of war” between the polar views of religion and science as they butt heads in their effort to control the fate of civilization’s immanent evolutionary upheaval. History reveals that planetary peace will come about when the two realms of matter and spirit once again come into balance; a philosophy held by Indigenous people who perceived of Earth as a Garden and they as gardeners.
I hope you enjoy this month’s video, a play on early Apple TV ads comparing Macintosh to PC’s, which emphasizes the harmony between modern Science and Religion. YES … There is a beautiful Light at the end of the tunnel!
Wishing YOU a Holiday Season filled with Love and Joy.
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Bruce’s Spotlight

Years of lecturing around this beautiful planet have provided me an opportunity to encounter wonderful Cultural Creatives that are helping to bring harmony into the world. Each month, I want to honor these cultural creatives by sharing with you the gifts they have shared with me.This holiday season, I’d like to introduce you to Lara J. Day and her 13 Holy Nights Oracle Deck. Lara’s mission is to take the over-commercialized winter holidays back from the makers of materialism and to return the true magic of the solstice season to humanity. Instead of being swept away in the yearly avalanche of commercialism and materialism this beautiful practice support us in slowing down and tuning in; reconnecting us to our own inner light…to the mystery and magic of that something greater.

Please visit this WEBSITE to learn more bout the 13 Holy Nights journey.

Featuring Bruce

The Future Humans Podcast In this conversation with Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman, Bruce explains how we can’t build a sustainable civilization from the one that is causing the sixth mass extinction, and how the transition to becoming a “butterfly civilization” requires a major shift in consciousness from mental victimhood to owning our power as creators. He further explains how a change in consciousness is the foundation of evolution. Continue watching till the end to learn about conscious parenting and the importance of empowering our children for the necessary shifts in consciousness and our ’spontaneous evolution.’ Listen HEREConnection, Beliefs, & Healing with Bruce and David – New 4-Part Streaming Series!

I am very excited to announce this new video series that I created with my friend and colleague, Dr. David Hanscom. This series will provide a greater understanding of the basis of life and how we respond to ongoing challenges. This knowledge provides deeper insight into the nature of chronic disease and clears a pathway for disease prevention and healing solutions.

The set of lessons connected to each video will deepen your knowledge of how your brain is influenced by your environment. By learning the skills to process your unconscious survival responses and understanding how to nurture joy, you will not only heal but move into a new realm of consciousness and thrive.

Learn more about the series HERE and purchase the series HERE.

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Twitter Deviated From Longstanding Policy to Justify Trump Ban, Part 4 of ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals


The plot thickens. There are levels of minions and each level thinks it’s all powerful. From lowest to highest level…

  • MSM that prove useful to control MIND slavery
  • Corporate Healthcare, Big Pharma and HealthInsurance that prove useful to control THE BODY.
  • Corporate Food Supply that prove useful to denigrate the quality of food so that humans are planned obsolescence. Everything on media is thin young people.
  • Corporate heads that prove useful to control oil, gas, and coal ENERGY slavery.
  • Government and Military Leaders to control INFORMATION or the narrative.
  • The Catholic Church to create SOUL SLAVERY to their rules since they run heaven and hell. Time thieves extraordinaire with their lame ass Gregorian B.S.
  • Leaders of Government or those who run for leaders of governments to control MONEY.

That is 7 levels but they go up to 10 or more, but concerning Trump, he is also a minion to be used which is possible bc of his greed. Admitedly, he has said he loves money. Time is money to him. He is not a savior either imo. They hook you by telling your subconscious mind that a parent figure will save you. You are your own parent as an adult.

What we see now is each contrived LEVEL, one at a time, being brought down to be REWORKED as part of the plan to force A.I. onto humans, mostly via the young people and their tech addiction. The old people are just supposed to die off and stop talking.

Universal Law and Source have the Truth in place, in DNA, and I’ve posted the values on here 1000 times. Free will, self generation and more based on the 13 Tones of Creation. Each person HAS TO DO IT in their own mind, body and soul or they won’t activate. Corey says the same thing.

I can get to the other upper levels of controls later but I already allude to it on here. Those we consider powerful on Earth are minions and part of the problem.

Get moving, eat whole foods, GET HAPPY, pivot your mind and claim your passion. As a collective we have the deciding vote on what the future of humanity will be. They do not and they know it.

WE ARE THE REAL INTELLIGENCE WITH OUR DNA, OUR FLESH, AND OUR BLOOD THAT THEY TEACH IS WEAK. We are not weak. Humans have evolved to a sacred destiny with GOD IN US as natural creatures. Love wins.

Senate Votes to End COVID Emergency; Biden Says He’ll Veto If House Passes

Biden refuses to end the CV2 emergency so he can keep the mRNA vaccine mandate in his trick bag should he need mass control.

Senate Votes to End COVID Emergency; Biden Says He’ll Veto If House Passes https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/senate-votes-to-end-covid-emergency-biden-says-hell-veto-if-house-passes_4866916.html?utm_source=andshare

12:60 Rules our Institutions and The Sciences. It’s Patriarchy. It’s incorrect Math and Not in Alignment with 13:20.

“Our DNA is manifested and grown in utero by our Mother on the Loom of Maya and it’s coordinate is 13:20. It’s a fact of nature. If we refuse to accept it, we will end a portion of the species and the Earth Changes will be more difficult than they need to be.”

Lisa T.-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Institutions of government, Church, State, and Academia are still patriarchal. Women and children are to be objectified and used for the purposes of men at all costs. We are not protected or loved. 12:60 creates dependency and blame.

Think of every single Tone of CREATION. 12:60 in shadow spins up the opposite; mis-creating.

  • Magnetic Tone 1-No bond. No magnetism
  • Polar Tone 2-Unlevel, no stability. One side and one gender dominates
  • Electric Tone 3-Too many electrons in the body makes the body too dense. We need protons, neutrons, and 5D energy added to bring the light body forward so there is 3D clenching onto illusory manifestation.
  • Tone 4 Self-Existing-There is no Love of the Higher Self which Christ taught. There is only lower self, doormat crucifixion and sacrifice. He wasn’t teaching sacrifice with his crucifixion. He was personally yielding to a situation he chose. He didn’t ask us to be crucified.
  • Tone 5-Radiant. Dull instead, boring, redundant, in shadow
  • Tone 6-Rhythmic. Ill sense of timing, no sweet beat, no music. Drum machines in other words
  • Tone 7-Resonant. No resonance, no sharing, no circulation. Recluse energy. Lockdowns. Fear. Anti-social.
  • Tone 8-Galactic. There is no inhabited galaxy. There are no E.T. or UFO’s. Denial of THE TRUTH of the inhabited universe and our ancestry to dis-empower us. There are millions of species.
  • Tone 9-Solar. Solar forcing, eyes on the sun, the Sun is in charge and it’s MALE. It’s also blind and in error.
  • Tone 10-Manifestation. No manifested LOVE. No more children. Women no longer want to have a baby or have breasts. They’re cutting them off. Men want the woman’s body for himself as his food. No children to compete with. The only manifestation is what the man needs and loves. It’s Draco Reptian agenda bc they made bad decisions in the past desiring 3D power more than love.
  • Tone 11-Spectral. There is no liberation or free will. Earth is a prison/slave planet run by Elon Musk and McDonalds.
  • Tone 12-Crystal. The crystals at the center of the Earth are ignored. Their teaching about sharing, meditation, communing are silent on the surface.
  • Tone 13-Cosmic. We are banned from the cosmic web and the news from the Universal Circuits because the elite men have to play with the nuclear bombs that look like a penis. Have you seen the garden in N. Korea? https://www.wandering-traveler.com/penis-park-korea/
Haesingdang Penis Park…Seriously.
It’s a good thing the entire freaking planet is a pussy park; ALL of creation.

Andromeda | Debbie Solaris

This is are very cool site. Andromedans are human.

Andromedan women will never compromise their free will and freedom, to the point where they would rather die than be subjugated to the restrictions and control of a patriarchal society.  (Sounds familiar)

Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific and technological endeavors. Most Andromedans and even Andromedan starseeds tend to be quite adept at technology, even on Earth. Many of them work in computer and technical fields and quite a few choose to be doctors or scientists. However, I know quite a few Andromedan starseeds who are gifted in alternative healing (usually energy healing) and some who are creative in the arts and music.


Scientists Have Finished Sequencing the Human Genome. Again. – ExtremeTech

“Scientists Have Finished Sequencing the Human Genome. Again. – ExtremeTech” https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/333647-scientists-have-finished-sequencing-the-human-genome-again

No, they haven’t. They’ve hardly begun.

They say “again”…because they keep making the same mistakes over and over because of their dogma and ego and never change their premise. It’s insane which is why sickcare is insane. Of course, they would lose their funding if they departed from their unimaginative narrative.

They don’t understand the body. They treat us like a side of beef, a car, or a robot. They wish we were robots which is totally creepy. No thanks.

The genome is sequenced by the Tzolkin and it is precise. They use nucleotide AAA in the article as an example which is pretty straightforward in the harmonic because it’s HF1 and HF65 as the inverse, it’s not a G.A.P. kin and doesn’t function in the binary triplet configuration nor is it an omega or alpha point.

AAA is Lysine-White Wizard timelessness. The harmonic consists of:

  • 1Cysteine, 1Tyrosine, 1Cysteine, 1Asparagine, 13 Stop Codon, and then for sequencing you can spin that out to the tRNA gateway for 1 Tyrosine, 1 Cysteine, 1Asparagine, and 13 Stop Codon so you have a line of 25 molecules in total just for the first one.
  • 2Glycine, 2Phenylanine, 2Lysine, 2Glutamic Acid, 12 Tryptophan and spin that tRNA out so that you have 25 molecules.
  • Then do that again for the third and fourth gateways and you have 100 molecules to sequence in precise order and direction according to Tzolkonics JUST for AAA.

But you have to figure in the inverse harmonic also because of polarity, positive and negative movement of the electrons and proton. So add in HF65 which is TTT-Phenylalanine and you have 100 more molecules. That’s 200 amino acid molecules to analyze and that’s not even all the patterns!

I haven’t fully figured out their relevance yet but there are far more cosmic patterns to be found because WE are cosmic. And, given that TIME is DNA we need the physicists to chime in. But the microbiologists are very far from where I am. We’re barely in the same neighborhood, except for Dr. Chavez. He totally understood what I was doing and complimented me on it. It would be amazing if even posthumously they figure out what I am doing because they are 3D clenched. I’ll probably be dead before they get it. Fine.

One Step Closer to a Potential Genetic Catastrophe

Make me want to hurl.


In a recent paper from Lund University in Malmo, Sweden, Markus Alden, is the first to describe with his team of investigators reverse transcription of mRNA from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2, developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. The world is scrambling to understand the findings and what they mean to the large number of unquestioning souls who have taken one of the four genetic vaccines (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca).

In brief, the mRNA was introduced into a hepatic cell line, and the assembly of base pairs of DNA for a portion of the mRNA was demonstrated, and then this code was subsequently found in the nucleus. The liver cell line is important since the liver is where a large number of circulatory proteins are produced, such as albumin and blood clotting factors.

(full article here (https://www.americaoutloud.com/one-step-closer-to-a-potential-genetic-catastrophe/))

Melinda Gates Divorce From Bill; Comments on “Gene Therapy” and Our Bodies as well as Epstein

This is a 9 minute video. The issue of manipulating our DNA underpins all major societal events right now including child sex trafficking.


New study provides first evidence of non-random mutations in DNA

By Harry Baker published 1 day ago

The study does show that these genetic alterations are more complex than scientists previously believed.

Harry Baker


In fact, scientists have known for a long time that mutations are not random. They just couldn’t figure out the patterns as I have and were probably afraid to lose their funding because they couldn’t prove they were not random. So they stuck to the traditional narrative. They need to read my book and get busy proving the mutation patterns, and be sure to give me credit to add one more female to science contribution if my hypothesis can be turned into a theory.

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