Heartset; Who has your back?

If you didn’t need human permission to be born and you don’t need human permission to die, why do you think you need human permission to live your life as you see fit, or at least have a good expansive experience? The same energy that got you here and helps you leave here…HAS you here.

1/13/13 copyright Lisa K. Townsend

Impatience with Evolution in Natural Time…

gets us, life, into trouble. Synchronicity must be maintained in time, the past, and the future so that all life forms have an opportunity to come into their chosen alignment and be part of the whole collective.

The Creator wishes that not one speck of potential original thought be lost just because a section of clever humans thought it would be fun to break the speed limit, ignore time, enact a better plan, and run over those going slower. DNA blood evolution calls for patience and takes time because it loves all of life.

A.I. is an offense, an insult, an affront to love, patience, and the collective in all of its unique potential. It and its creators think it has a better idea and casts aside those walking instead of sprinting to some imaginary finish line where they can just dump the slow others off because they are not as fast. Are you as fast and loving as Source? Should they dump you off because you aren’t perfect?

No. Stop.

All life forms are welcome in this creation at whatever speed they go and however their brain works.

If you are not natural, full of vlood or some other DNA liquid, and are not evolving naturally in time, and you can’t feel timeless in your body as your brain speeds up and slows down, you are fake. That means you are not real and don’t exist.

If you are fake and have no blood and no soul yearning for love and connection with life, you are not real and don’t belong on this evolving sphere.

This is the real deal on earth, in the trenches of time, and it will never be any different because love takes time.

Of Course They Want to alter the human genome

But 12:60 isn’t going to work anymore. We are epigenetic, not genetic.

A Powerful Example of Family Synchronicity

Grandma Harriet (had the dream) far left and her son, my Grandpa standing behind. Uncle Greg standing next to him, My dad and mom with me on Mom’s lap third from the left, Grandma Lucille on the far right standing and sister Laurie on my Aunts lap. (Both of them are Yellow 13 Seed and both of their sons are Yellow 10 Sun! Karma.)

I need to create an app that calculates this for people. But they might be too scared to know the truth. I see that a lot. Or they think it’s magic but it’s just nature. Reiki is the same.

You have to have accurate birth and death dates of all of your family members, especially grandparents. The ancestry apps provide all of that and they have the official records to prove it.

Remember that the past and the future are ONE in your DNA strands and they swirl around the eternal NOW in your body. So when it comes to ancestors, they aren’t just from your past, they can reincarnate as your children or grandchildren or even further out, or around the family tree.

This was precipitated by my Mom sending a text with a copy of the obit of my two great grandmothers which appeared the same day in our local paper in 1931. Then a couple of days ago Mom said, “I have to call you and tell you what I overheard Grandma Harriet say to my Mother when I was a little girl”. Mom was raised on a farm in Orangeville, IL. I was born in Freeport, IL and lived in Chicago in my twenties.

She overheard my Grandmother say, “I had a dream last night and an angel came to me. Me and Clarence (Grandpa, her husband) were in the dream and the angel said, the pendulum will swing to you and then to him.” That was it. She was standing in the kitchen and told my maternal grandmother (Red 11 Serpent who heads up my inverse harmonic) this and mom overheard it.

These are my maternal grandparents, passed on now; Red 13 Serpent and Blue 2 Storm. They were jovial, very social people, well-known in my hometown. They were very disappointed that I didn’t become an opera star. No thanks. I never do what is expected of me. I do what I want to do.

I am on ancestry to research synchronicity so I dialed them right up. These were my 2 greats grandmothers, the mothers of my great grandma and grandpa who were married (Harriet and Clarence Molter).

2 Greats Grandma Luettig

  • B.-4/16/1871 shares my birthday and is 12 Skywalker. She was called a Pow wow doctor and worked on animals.
  • D.-11/11/1931, White 8 Wind. My mother-in-law passed on this gateway also and lived at 1111 Brownwood in G.R. So she lived at 1111 and died ON 1111. And her son, my husband Dave, died on my gateway, 13 Skywalker in 2015, and his memorial was on our anniversary 2/14/16.

2Greats Grandma Schrieber-Molter

  • B.-8/26.1856 as White 12 Dog
  • D.-11/9/1931 on Yellow 6 Sun. Notice they died within 2 days of each other in 1931 so this was the SECOND pendulum swing the angel spoke of in my Grandma’s dream.
  • This is my Great Grandma Harriet’s 5GForce and also my mom’s brother, my Uncle Greg’s birth gateway; YELLOW 6 SUN. Grandma Harriet was the one who had the dream and my Mom’s grandma who she grew up with and was fairly close to. So this was my mom and her brother Greg’s Grandma.

The gist is, both my Great Grandma Harriet and my Uncle Greg were in my Mom’s mind last night when she told me this and sent me the text because TODAY is Yellow 8 Sun, Grandma Harriet’s birth gateway with my UNCLE as the 5GForce…TODAY!

The dimensional pulsing is real and our ancestors are with us in the present. They are in our minds and bodies as our DNA in all dimensions. The dimensional matrix is real and I’ve been tracking it for over 30 years. Nothing surprises me anymore.

The blessing for me is I had tremendous gratitude this morning for the experience and memory as a child of constantly being around scads of family on both sides (Mom and Dad). My extended birth families were vast and when we had family reunions, the Townsends would be hanging from the trees. It was truly a blast. Now at 60, living in a different state, I never really feel alone with those memories and will be going to visit Mom and my sister in Illinois in May. It’s all good.

5D, 4D, and 3D BODY

The light body

You may notice I’m delineating more on the daily post what is pulsing in Spirit, Mind, and Body, which functions as ONE in unity at the same time. Some of what I post may be heady, but when it comes to the body and your consciousness, there is nothing complicated about it.

3D pulsing is illuminated in astrology as fire, earth, air, and water, the 10 planets, and the 4 directions. Then those aspects have relationships to each other such as sextile, squared, trine, conjunct and so forth based on geometry, also very 3D. Astrology is one with astronomy, but scientists don’t tend to believe in consciousness, feelings, or empowerment. Scientists tend to be like bankers; 3D clenchers with talisman and time is money reductionism. This is the conscious mind that keeps people locked in money, sex, security, and stuff. It tends to manifest at the low back and down to the feet.

Astrologers are tuned in, esoteric, intuitive, psychic, and pretty cool. I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve studied it all my life and dig astronomy. They also lean to psychology with cultural bias, IMO. Most astrologers aren’t eccentric artists. They are very down to earth and are not generally intellectuals.

4D is the focus on this blog obviously, Time is DNA and the Mayan Oracle, and all of my work merged with the IChing oracle. The 4D body is well known by Reiki and Lightworkers. We’ve been around as long as astrologers, thousands of years, but the Mayan Oracle via Jose Arguelles dates to 1990. My perspective is very new, and most don’t get it. The Tzolkin illuminates the etheric body as the light aura emitted by the body as time like the Psi Bank is the auroras emitted as the mind of the earth as time. They are the same colors as well as the 52-day cycles, the tribes which are the amino acids that evolve as manifested DNA, the colors of the 🌈 and the auroras. This is the subconscious mind and is focused in the 2nd chakra as feelings.

The 4D Etheric time body is feelings based on ruminating about the past or the future, the 2 strands of the DNA in your trillion cells. It literally manifests your 3D body and everything that goes on IN IT, your health. Obviously, you are the only one in charge of what you silently think and feel all day unless you watch TV continually. Then the T.V. is literally programming your TIME which is your Body, which is your perspective on your past and your future. People get sick and die because of those habitual negative feelings gs at the bottom of the chart. I start at 250 and go up, never down.

5D is the CNS or brain and spine in the body but goes out through the crown chakra. It is the Axis of the Eternal Present or Timelessness and tunes you in to your Astral Body. This is where you are when you are asleep. It is the unconscious mind. When I tune into it it begins a natural rocking motion or lightly spinning motion in the body. It’s not difficult. I just close my eyes and focus on my pineal gland and it spins. If it’s not open you can have a practitioner help you open it. Sometimes that thing is like a disco ball if the frequencies of the earth are off the charts. Then you have to lay down and get a grip. Your pineal gland in the mid brain is a star gate. You can use it to remote view or do wakeful dreaming but you must do it with your own intention or it’s like walking out your front door without doing a protective mudra. Anyone off the street can try to get in your etheric space, like having the news on. The other problem is a parent or relative that has died, that you were very emotionally tied to, and you haven’t let go of them. That is an entity attachment and not healthy at all. It’s one thing to have a passed on friend visit for five minutes but they should not be around all the time or they are interfering with your destiny and time in the body. It will make you ill. Tell them to go! A Reiki Master can help also. But disembodied people are no different than embodied people. Tell them to leave you alone and by universal law they have to leave you alone.

The colors mix. They aren’t just one layer. The body is ONE whole so your first chakra can run gold if you are consciously running it. And your crown can run red if you’re very angry or have to physically defend yourself.

Timeweather for Thursday 2/24/2023

We begin a new HF13 today, Red 10 Planetary Moon, the power of universal feelings on Earth. The music below is very passionate and beautiful. This is a cosmic process; formulate the free will of presence as we move toward Yellow 13 Cosmic Human by Sunday.

We land in I Ching24; RETURN, TURNING POINT in our manifestation. In Time we are in Stage III, the Ancient World, Hieratic Pristine on the CA strand of our DNA, past to present.


7.43 is a very low frequency with a decent amplitude of 28. It’s chilling people out for now. The idea for ascension is less emotion and more focused thought for yourself from your heart center. Not selfish ego but self-love and loving others.

3D and 4D Sync

Pluto mediates Yellow Sun~Blue Storm (our antipode today) and Aquarius mediates Red Earth (our guide power today) ~White Wind

10Mercury 2x, 10Uranus, 10Pluto, 4Earth
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun, Moon and 3 other planets are in Aries today
  • Pluto moves into Aquarius today. It will transit the sign until June 11, 2023, and later from January 20, 2024, until September 1, 2024, and again from November 19, 2024, to March 8, 2043, at which point it will weave in and out of Aquarius and Pisces. While Pluto flirts with Aquarius in 2023, it won’t consistently transit the sign until late 2024. In all, Pluto will spend between 19 and 20 years in Aquarius. We take social structures and politics especially seriously and seek major reform in these areas. Unusual, intense, or dramatic happenings are possible with friends and networks. During this long-term cycle, we will likely confront issues of control and power related to individuality, equality, friendships, and group associations. We can be on a quest to distinguish ourselves for our progressiveness, scientific minds, ideals, humanitarianism, or unique qualities. It’s also a time when we seek to change and overhaul society through science, inventions, and the mind/ideas.
  • Today’s Mars-Jupiter quintile can stimulate our motivation to produce, act, grow, and improve. We’re excited to make our own luck. We are very resourceful and can find much to look forward to under this influence.
  • The Moon continues its transit of innovative Aries until 2:42 PM EDT, after which it moves through grounded Taurus.
  • The Moon is void from 1:14 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Mars), until the Moon enters Taurus at 2:42 PM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

5gforce for Meditation

I define in order to play. Measuring illusion I seal the process of magic with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.-Kin251, Blue 4 Monkey

Time is Art

I think this young musician is Beethoven reincarnated or Rachmaninov himself. He is all of 21 years old from Russia. I spent my childhood attending very affordable community concerts with music like this.

Be sure and listen to his amazing Toccata encore. You can tell he’s so exceptional, it’s hard for him to take his bows alone.

Timeweather for Wednesday, 3/22/23

We are at the end of HF12. Have we remembered that it creates elegance to focus on our intention and manifest it? Elegance is preferable to ugliness.

The 5GForce for Meditation

I empower in order to influence. Commanding wisdom I seal the process of free will with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of universal fire.

Kin252; Yellow 5 Human


All good.
9Venus, 9Venus, 9Jupiter, 9Neptune, 5MARS
All Zodiac Signs
The sun, Moon, and Mercury are in Aries
  • The Aries Moon is direct and action-oriented. With a new moon in the sign just behind us, we want to start fresh and new. (We see all of our Aries placements in the hidden wisdom Skywalker position exerting on our sub conscious)
  • Early today, a Sun-Uranus semi-square can stir some restlessness that may seem too generalized to put to productive use. We may want to shake things up, make changes, and break the routine. However, we could also be tense if there are unexpected schedule changes or if we’re not in touch with what we need to change. It’s better to keep things simple.
  • Today’s Mercury-Venus semi-sextile can serve to subtly contrast a logical and playful approach. With this influence, it’s too easy to say things we don’t mean or feel. However, while we may not be especially focused, we’re adaptable and making an effort to understand one another. (Our theme is mediated by Venus)

From cafeastrology.com

Timeweather in 3-4D and 5D for 3/21/23; Physical, Etheric, and Astral Body

Your body is all of these as ONE. Humans have a physical body as earth, an etheric body as time, and an astral body as eternity. They are all literal bodies vibrating at different frequencies. Literal doesn’t just mean physical. We all need to let that go. Cell phone signals and the internet are invisible and they are literal, not in a healthy way, and so are our signals which could be healthy if we’d tune into our power source.

Your astral body pulses through your crown chakra from the base of your spine through your brain and further up. Your etheric body, pulses as time in a time bubble as far as your arms will outstretch, up and around.

Your physical body gifted by your mother, has created your limbs to move your vision (arms) and to ground into the earth 🌎 to manifest your intent as movement. (legs)

The low back is simple; sex, food, and money down to the soles of the feet and giving and receiving energy in reciprocation with the earth as we walk. ARE YOU MINDFUL AND MEDITATIVE AS YOU WALK? You need to be if you want to be safe during the earth changes. Listen to your intuition as you walk.

5GForce for Meditation

I organize in order to explore. Balancing wakefulness I seal the output of space with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 253, Red 6 Skywalker

Sun, New Moon, Mercury, and Chiron are in Aries, so Red Skywalker and White World Briger kin are likely turning over a new leaf at the Spring Equinox. They might not say anything just yet, though, because no one wants to hear about our positive hope and initiative despite brick walls in our current societal climate. Thus, we have to re-tool.

Blue Hand is Red Skywalker’s 5th density gforce from implicate order, and Skywalker is mediated by Mars. So these astronomical lineups today with Mars mediating are in synchronicity with all of that.

The astrology here mentions Aries plenty but not MARS (Maldek), our ruler.

8Earth, 8Venus, 8Uranus, 6Maldek. This is the birth gateway of Adolph Hitler (in shadow), Charlie Rose, Georgia O’Keefe, and John Scofield.
All Zodiac Signs
  • Jupiter forms a semi-square with Saturn today, and when we think in big terms, or if we have the urge to expand, we confront obstacles or need to face reality. The Re-structuring of our lives and business goals is now in order. There is no “easy fix” just now – we need to keep working hard and can make good progress, even if there are fits and starts. It’s best to breathe new life into old plans rather than strike out with a new one altogether. We should watch for over-extension, which can lead to frustration.
  • This is the final of three transits, with the other two perfections having occurred July 21st, 2022 and September 21st, 2022.
  • A new moon occurs in the first degree of Aries (and the zodiac) today at 1:23 PM EDT, presenting the ultimate of fresh starts. In the week ahead, it’s a good time to try something new and innovative and go at it enthusiastically and confidently. We’re discovering our personal courage. It’s a strong cycle under which to re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves. With this potent Aries energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives.
  • Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and thus, a new moon in Aries is especially ripe with opportunity for new beginnings. We might consider acting on a constructive impulse, following a hunch, or taking a risk. Aries learns through experience and action, and we might treat ourselves to a bit of adventure during this cycle. It’s also a good cycle for discovering the benefits of authentically expressing ourselves as we are without putting on airs.
  • This New Moon’s alignment with Mercury adds a mental, communicative theme to this fresh start. And Mercury is in Aries.
  • Mars, the ruler of Aries, forms an out-of-sign square to the lunation (the Moon)and while we’re ready to work hard and pace ourselves, we can be impulsive or premature.
  • The Moon is void from 11:58 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aries at 12:02 PM EDT (a very brief void-of-course period).

From cafeastrology.com


Timeweather for Friday, 3/17/23


I perfect to evolve. Producing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of the life force.

Kin 257, Red 10Planetary Earth

The Celts knew what was up with The goddess and found her an equal to the god. They have much in common with the White Wizard Tribe from Maldek, the Mayan goddess Ixchel whose archetype was a rabbit. The Irish use it as well. And thank you for the potatoes! They are VERY nutritious, healthy food. Don’t let anyone talk you out of potatoes. They are loaded with potassium which none of us get enough of. This music is close my heart.

Patrick was not a canonized Catholic saint. He was British, from a wealthy English family, and was enslaved by some Irish traders who attacked his estate. But the Scottish, English, Irish, and German are practically the same cultures and were all earth based before 12:60 got to them. Everyone back then was pagan or earth honoring and the Catholics were working them over to convert. Patrick did and then went to Ireland as a missionary. He let the pagans keep their symbols and one of them became the Celtic cross with the sun behind it.

The first one has a circle or sun in front and in the back. The second blue one is the original, before the Irish went green. The third one is how we see most now with one open circle in back. The fourth one is interesting. Because all 4 arms are equal in length it is wastika which is an ancient pagan symbol for life and represents the number 4. Most world cultures bent the arms left which means a symbol for life and the Nazis bent the arms right as a symbol for death. The lesson is, humans in particular cultures take any symbol, change it, and make it mean what they want it to mean. It’s art and it mutates. The last one, with arms bent is appropriated by most world cultures. The 4-armed cross is an extremely ancient symbol all over the world representing earth and the 4 directions.

Earth Holon

The frequency is quite low at 7.51 but starting to rise with Blue Storm as the G.P.

Interplanetary Holon

4 Saturn Night, 4 Saturn Warrior, 4 Pluto Storm, 4 Mars Skywalker, 10 Neptune Mirror.
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces ♓️ The Moon is in Aquarius.
  • The superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs today, and ideas and realizations now are pivotal. This Mercury-Sun alignment offers us a nice window of opportunity to see our goals. It can stimulate an epiphany, illumination of a matter, or a clearing of the air. We are sharp, communicative, and open at this time, and what we say or write now has a strong impact. An idea or plan can come to full bloom.
  • Venus forms a sextile to Saturn this evening, encouraging a considered, practical approach, particularly in our social lives. (Our theme is mediated by Saturn)
  • It’s a grounding influence that helps stabilize our affections. We place a higher value on security, steadiness, and loyalty. This transit boosts the appeal of the ordinary and reliable–we appreciate longstanding alliances or tried-and-true pleasures. We are more responsible with others and with our feelings and affections. Our judgment is sound, and we’re a little more conservative with money under this influence. We can enjoy planning and organizing. (10~4 pulse, but this isn’t very gracious or intuitive. This is a very repressed frequency. So be it.)
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:13 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 10:25 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

Timeweather for Wednesday-3/15/23

Better sit down with your ☕️ for this one.

We land on the pulse of 2~12 crystal tone for the collective in Red 2 Polar Dragon. I just posted what I woke up to at 4;30 am. Ya never know what you got out of bed for other than work, which for me is patients in the afternoon. My mornings are always busy analyzing the matrix for the 2 people that follow me. 😆

We enter a new HF11 today; Overtone input, inform the flowering of radiance as we move to Yellow 5 Seed over four days. Our solar date adds up to 5 which is the overtone; synchronicity.

This is IChing Hx 57; SUN, the gentle. The penetrating wind. Wow is that exact if you saw my spaceweather.com post yesterday. You have to keep up!

The alignment with the Sun and Mercury, we just did a turnabout with the Yellow 1 Sun~Yellow 13 Sun 5gforce so the pulse went from kin 260 to kin 40 and the beginning of the Yellow Sun 13-day cycle. It was a significant upload to Galactic Center regarding our status. Then the CME and the solar wind hit in 3D.

We are on the AC strand, the DEEP FUTURE, Stage VII posthistory, WHILE WE SIT IN OUR BODIES centered in our CNS, brain, and spinal cord. Please visualize a “Groundhog Day” the movie kind of deal, in your body awareness. We sit in the eternal present where it doesn’t change. It’s our etheric 4D mind in Time that is 4D DNA and perceives illusory change like a movie so we grow in our soul. We are remembering and forgetting daily, but love from an open heart always.

5gforce-for meditation-uplevel your mind to the astral level. Service to others.

You don’t have to like or agree with others to just be good to them. This isn’t Twitter where people don’t understand basic sandbox behavior. I hope Twitter gets banned. It’s bad for humanity.

I dedicate myself to catalyzing. Universalizing energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of magic.

Kin 259

Earth/Body Holon

I Ching 57 is 30°N–90°E in alignment with the 4D Time portal for Red Dragon which is 30°N–30°E keeping in mind that the area covering the Time Portal is 20:64. The time portal is a smaller spot WITHIN the 3D Hexagram area but, you see my point. The coordinates for the 4D Time portal are EXACT. It’s near Cairo, Egypt which is in AFRICA. As I’ve posted for 3 days now, Africa’s environment is cataclysmic right now.

3D and 4D Sync

Major synchronicity between mediating 4D NEPTUNE and THE SUN’s annual conjunction. 👌 WOW! I’m sayin’.

2Neptune Dragon, 2Neptune Mirror, 2MARS Skywalker, 2 Venus Monkey, and 12 Pluto Sun. Perfect🥰
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Capricorn.
  • The Sun aligns with Neptune today. With this yearly conjunction, we find meaning (which is synchronicity) in our experiences more readily than usual.
  • We’re tuned in, inspired, and charitable. With this combination, we can be extremely sensitive to the moods and undercurrents around us. We make judgments intuitively and instinctually. We might resist defining our actions and goals; instead, we seek alternate ways of connecting with our dreams. Our morals may be flexible as we tend to stretch our usual boundaries.
  • This transit stimulates and enhances spiritual awareness. It’s a generally good time to connect with our dreams, ideals, and romantic or spiritual selves.
  • Still, the Sun and Mercury are heading toward a square to Mars, and tension is building. Discontent with current situations can be pronounced. (sync with our 4D guide power Red 2 Polar Skywalker)
  • The Moon is void from 4:50 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Venus), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 8:06 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

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