Mercury Retrograde 2022

Why does it feel like it’s happening already? Maybe this is a powerful OMEGA ending point today in our sequencing.

Looking at page 77 of Time is DNA, Hx12, which we just entered; 10S is +, 11T is +, 12I is +, and 13L is +. What gives? No negative polarity electrons which MOVES things. Hmm. Thus the standstill. That’s what protons and neutrons do to matter. Halts them. Getting zapped with electrons moves energy into MANIFESTATION. So, here we are on a Tone 10 manifestation vibe and it’s all positive polarity; the opposite.

From what I see happening in the human community, more and more people are fed up with the status quo and are taking action. This is a good thing but it feels frustrated. The CCP is falling apart and there are calls for the U.S. to step in. That makes no sense to me. The Senate is now 50-50 with the defection of the Federal AZ senator. Yesterday, because Warnock won it was 51-49. That majority lasted one day, and Brazil is erupting.

As the end of 2022 draws nearer, we need to prepare ourselves for the year’s fourth and final Mercury retrograde. This powerful planet of communication is going to retrograde between 22 December to 18 January 2023. Be warned, the effects of this phenomenon will continue until 7 February 2023.

Thursday Reading-Yellow 9 Solar Seed Valine. Full Moon Today

Attributes are; Empowerment, Focus, Setting Intention and Becoming Aware, All Genders, and All Cultures including E.T. Species.

DNA Evolution-All Life in Our System

9Valine, 9Arginine, 9Stop Codon, 9Lysine and 5Phenylalanine.

Mayan symbols; Seed, Eagle, Sun, Wizard, and Earth

Planets pulsing are Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt and Uranus

5gforce to uplevel to 5D is kin96, Yellow 5 Overtone Warrior.

“I empower in order to question. Commanding fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of flowering.”

ScR-Measurement of the Magnetosphere

It has been staying at 13. Good round number. It appears flat though in the 2 lower layers closest to earth. 🌎

4D time portal is 60 degrees S–165 degrees East in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

This is also the current 3D Hexagram location so, synchronicity in all dimensions.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we’re playing with ideas and making plans. This Moon encourages a connected, communicative approach to our lives.
  • With a Uranus-Juno transit, we’re open to change. We might leverage our ability to lead and inspire. This can be a time of dynamic, positive group activities and friendly energy in our relationships. We can be together and give one another space simultaneously, accepting and respecting individuality. Interactions are fresh, progressive, and inspiring.


The Effort to Be Free is Politics

There is no freedom without the truth. That’s why political activism doesn’t work. It spins people’s wheels so they never really find empowerment which is in their body mind.

Politics and journalism are based on lies for the gain of money and power and that is not a conspiracy theory. It’s based on untold human graves, suffering and abuse at the hands of state governments all over the world. Any politician who supports the status quo is in shadow. Same for the media who are 100% bought and paid for biased.

There is a great price to pay for seeing what you want to see instead of the truth and the politicians and the media know exactly how to tell you just what you want to hear.

The White Coats Have Given Over Their Healing Power to The State

The bill would put physicians at risk of losing their licenses and being charged with unprofessional conduct for asking questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and recommending alternative treatments.

The article

Since when is the healing power of the light body governed by “licenses” from the state and their uneducated opinion on a healers conduct when they don’t know the first thing about it?

They are politicians. They are the lowest life form on the planet and at every turn show their obecense to shadow, money, illusion, abuse of power and A.I. Since when do they have a relationship with the Universe or believe in any of it?

They believe in USING the human body, not helping it and this is where the white coat alignment with state and the black market health insurance industry, because of THEIR OWN GREED, has hijacked the human mind and body.

Do the angels really compromise with the devil? Can A.I. really co exist with nature? We all keep compromising to see if they save their own souls before they destroy ours. Why?

People Don’t Care About What is Rationally Accurate. They Care About What They Like and Call It Accurate

I’ve learned much from being a bodyworker and writer for 23 years. I’ve stubbornly done my research and educate people about how their body, mind and emotions work only to be mostly ignored because I’m not telling them what they want to hear but what they need to hear.

But I don’t mind because I’m planting an accurate seed that will germinate in evolution, likely posthumously.

I like that people are little egos and see themselves as the center of their universe because they are. It is God in them. It is the early version of god’s and goddesses. So when we judge another person as lame, weak, egotistical or lost it hurts us, not them.

Think of a small child. They are naturally joyful, playful and ebullient. They don’t think about things but just exist at the center of their vortex. That’s Source in us.

Then children learn about error or wrong doing, like throwing their toy at their sisters head and hurting her vs. sharing and playing harmoniously. There is still right and wrong and adults are also still accepting that fact. I tend to work at that level to balance things. What is correct and incorrect. I find it does help to be correct.

But we always return to our natural Selves, our egos, warts and all, some more than others.

I happen to feel that for me, the less I sit in my child ego self and give of gifts the more fun I have. The problem there is, when one child sees another child with a pile of toys they get jealous and toxic. That’s why I keep to myself. But I see that seeking abundance is a healthy ego trait. Who the heck thinks pursuing poverty and lack is healthy? Not. Sounds like a bad religion, not in line with an abundant universe at all. So, seek abundance in you, in others and share.

12:60 Rules our Institutions and The Sciences. It’s Patriarchy. It’s incorrect Math and Not in Alignment with 13:20.

“Our DNA is manifested and grown in utero by our Mother on the Loom of Maya and it’s coordinate is 13:20. It’s a fact of nature. If we refuse to accept it, we will end a portion of the species and the Earth Changes will be more difficult than they need to be.”

Lisa T.-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Institutions of government, Church, State, and Academia are still patriarchal. Women and children are to be objectified and used for the purposes of men at all costs. We are not protected or loved. 12:60 creates dependency and blame.

Think of every single Tone of CREATION. 12:60 in shadow spins up the opposite; mis-creating.

  • Magnetic Tone 1-No bond. No magnetism
  • Polar Tone 2-Unlevel, no stability. One side and one gender dominates
  • Electric Tone 3-Too many electrons in the body makes the body too dense. We need protons, neutrons, and 5D energy added to bring the light body forward so there is 3D clenching onto illusory manifestation.
  • Tone 4 Self-Existing-There is no Love of the Higher Self which Christ taught. There is only lower self, doormat crucifixion and sacrifice. He wasn’t teaching sacrifice with his crucifixion. He was personally yielding to a situation he chose. He didn’t ask us to be crucified.
  • Tone 5-Radiant. Dull instead, boring, redundant, in shadow
  • Tone 6-Rhythmic. Ill sense of timing, no sweet beat, no music. Drum machines in other words
  • Tone 7-Resonant. No resonance, no sharing, no circulation. Recluse energy. Lockdowns. Fear. Anti-social.
  • Tone 8-Galactic. There is no inhabited galaxy. There are no E.T. or UFO’s. Denial of THE TRUTH of the inhabited universe and our ancestry to dis-empower us. There are millions of species.
  • Tone 9-Solar. Solar forcing, eyes on the sun, the Sun is in charge and it’s MALE. It’s also blind and in error.
  • Tone 10-Manifestation. No manifested LOVE. No more children. Women no longer want to have a baby or have breasts. They’re cutting them off. Men want the woman’s body for himself as his food. No children to compete with. The only manifestation is what the man needs and loves. It’s Draco Reptian agenda bc they made bad decisions in the past desiring 3D power more than love.
  • Tone 11-Spectral. There is no liberation or free will. Earth is a prison/slave planet run by Elon Musk and McDonalds.
  • Tone 12-Crystal. The crystals at the center of the Earth are ignored. Their teaching about sharing, meditation, communing are silent on the surface.
  • Tone 13-Cosmic. We are banned from the cosmic web and the news from the Universal Circuits because the elite men have to play with the nuclear bombs that look like a penis. Have you seen the garden in N. Korea?
Haesingdang Penis Park…Seriously.
It’s a good thing the entire freaking planet is a pussy park; ALL of creation.

I’ve Received a Meditation For Today

There is very strong smooth, relaxed energy coming through the crown chakra today and tuning up the pineal gland. The ScR is pulsing it. You may be very hungry and need more food than usual because the brain burns the most calories. Not sugar though. Pasta and beans for carbs. I made a 3-bean salad that rocks. With the pulse to the crown chakra we’re revving up. Be careful with dizziness. Walk slowly.

The directive is to use Tone 10 pulsing to the left wrist by putting palms together🙏and let the energy circle around unbroken in chakras above the head, 12-8 and then 7, 6, 5, and 4. Use the violet flame as you breathe in and out to release people and events in your inverse harmonic and thus moving into your Higher Self frequency. Sit in your center and love yourself.

Lightworkers and people with open hearts are magnets for those in emotional repression practicing projection, offloading and transference because they are afraid that their traumatic memories and negative emotions will kill them or at least make them very ill. They will unless they PIVOT. They want someone else to fix it for them.

No can do folks. No empathic absorption or co-dependency. Remember, if they have admitted their mental illness, instability, bad attitude, or bad behavior and then turn around and accuse you of it when you know you’ve been acting in integrity, you need to stop contact. That’s toxic energy. They are trying to vomit out what is in THEM to whoever will take the offload. It’s viral right now.

Personally, I know if I’ve acted poorly toward someone and fix it right away. If you know you do the same, then they are wrong and are trying to skirt taking the karma for their choices. Don’t do it for them.

No judging. It is lower human nature to try to get one over. Wise people don’t do it because of consequences that will come in the Matrix. Foolish people do. So be it. Take care of yourself.❤💜

Remember to bless and release. Don’t bless and resent or curse or it will come back on you. If your own heart is open this won’t even occur to you to stoop to revenge. Check yourself.

NYTimes: Voters See Democracy in Peril, but Saving It Isn’t a Priority

This MINDSET is going to create the solar flash. Human apathy about free will and self-existing action with integrity is self-destructive. That is if this poll is correct. It could be propaganda.

U.S. coastlines are most likely going to be gone. It won’t be the Sun’s fault. It just follows our evolutionary orders, which for now are set by MSM.

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