Time is DNA (All life). DNA is Mass which is mostly Frequency (of all Life). DNA creates Gravity which is that Frequency. So Time creates Gravity.-Ed Level Advanced

This came to me intuitively at 3am, when I tend to get my best insights during those Delta waves.

When you put that “ism” on the end it’s in a box with sexism, racism, materialism, spiritualism, ageism, and cultism which are based in opinion, gossip, memes, feelings and thus dogma.

The internet, when I enter “Time creates gravity”

No, time dilation does NOT cause gravity. The simplest way to understand this is recognize that time dilation is a relative phenomenon, dependent on an observer’s state of motion and their position relative to masses, while gravity is an objective phenomenon all observers will agree upon.” Nov 14, 2017


WOW. Very severe and mandating agreement on everything being reality.

I didn’t say time dilation and I didn’t say cause. I said time, by itself, MAKES, not causes. When you make something it’s literal 3D. Women MAKE babies, literally. When you cause something, you just think it or nudge it with a thing. That’s all guys do is cause something. They make a mess and noise but they don’t make a baby. They cause a baby. This is the height of mechanical indolence. This is why so much of science is wrong.

Time dilation is the difference in elapsed time as measured by two clocks, either due to a relative velocity between them or due to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations. When unspecified, “time dilation” usually refers to the effect due to velocity.”Wikipedia

They don’t know what time is. No one does. Their minds are still in the time of Newtonian Mechanics in the year 2023. Newton’s ideas were formed 1643-1727, the 17th century. The earth rotates and then it rotates around the sun. That’s time to them.

The fact that Time creates gravity will change E=mc2 because Energy = Gravity x the speed of light2.

Gravity is the SUM of all DNA as Mass moving in spacetime. The fun piece is that all mass is 99% frequency or empty space. It’s not dense. It’s just moving at phenomenal speeds because of MIND.

5:15PM on Friday

Now I’m looking at some physics notes from Jack Sarfatti, Physicist on X.

  • UAP’s use warp drive or control of the spacetime continuum (gravity field) with small amounts of energy using energized resonant artificial meta materials in macro quantum coherent “Frolich condensate” phases. This is a straightforward application of Einstein’s 1915 gravity field equation connecting the gravity field Guv to the stress-energy tensor Tuv of an applied electromagnetic inside the specially designed meta-material fuselage. Fröhlich condensates are classified into 3 types:
  • weak condensates in which profound effects on chemical kinetics are possible,
  • strong condensates in which an extremely large amount of energy is channeled into one vibrational mode, and
  • coherent condensates in which this energy is placed in a single quantum state.- Mar 17, 2009

On the right is the tensor describing the matter and energy density — the source of the gravitational field. The equation shows that spacetime geometry equals mass-energy density when adjusted with the proper units and numerical constants.Oct 4, 2015

But Einstein looked at space and time and saw a single dynamic stage — spacetime — on which matter and energy strutted, generating sound and fury, signifying gravity.

The article below

Time is DNA says exactly the same thing but I hadn’t read Einstein. The Maya suggested it all to me in the Harmonic, and Jose Arguelles.

Honestly, Einstein’s work was always common sense to me. I’ve always understood E=mc2 and it actually caused me to ask more questions, especially about the true nature of mass which is answered by Fritjof Capra in the Tao of Physics. And it was answered by my hands on 23,000 people in my office.

Most people still don’t process that what appears dense and feels dense on this planet is simply spinning at mind-boggling speeds like 60,000 mps with MIND intention. Why? Because our Creator gave all creation the ability to create ITSELF and to create new things. Self-Existing Tone 4 and Earth are ruled by 4. That’s the purpose of life. Not money. We’re creators. But on X, they call Creators-MONEY. I already posted that you can’t have it both ways. Time is money or time is art. There is nothing wrong with making a living with art, but that’s not the focus or you can’t create. No response. They live for money. There is no art on any social media.

Important; Map 34 of Earth Ascending; The Corpus Callosum of History and the Primary Radiosonic Template-Ed Level Tzolkin Analysis

I need my followers to internalize this info and pass it around, as well as meditate.

Corporal Callosum means the DNA of our Bodies in Latin. History is time in the past. And the primary Radiosonic Template is probably us as well as seen by the Hertz frequency in the Psi Bank as well as some JUICE from Saturn which is a highly radiosonic planet. They picked up our slack when Tiamat blew up and put us on a 12:60 frequency. That has ended of course as of 12/21/2012. Look at all those ones and two’s! It adds up to 11 also. WOW! It is magnetic and polarizing dualism pulsing on the spectral tone so dissolving the old and bringing in a new future, not an old future.

I’m looking at pages 102 and 103 in Earth Ascending if you have the book. We are about to enter Hexagram 17; HF51 on Tuesday, 8/22/23, which is a major radiosonic pulse. My read on this harmonic is We are going into Stage II-CONCURRENT Aboriginal Prehistoric and AC Aboriginal Generative.

The short of that is we are pulsing IN TIME, from within and above the earth on future to present prehistoric memory tracks and Future to present to generate a NEW FUTURE track. We are remembering our fabulous ancient medicine from our ancestors at this moment and using the memory to create a new future timespiral line that suits us. Read that over a few times, please.

History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing the southern or lower template what was only suggested in the upper template. Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/ hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template-POSTHISTORY-is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete. We are evolving hominids.

Since the two templates bear a generic, if not a holonomically genetic similarity to the two halves of the brain-the two cerebral hemispheres joined by but a slight strip of connective tissue, the corpus callosum, it seems appropriate to refer to the two crossover points of the psychocultural transformation template by a similar name.”-Jose A.

The central axis of timelessness. Aligning it with your body holon is the fountain of youth and no death.

On the right, you can imagine the main chakras down the CENTER enlivening the Central Axis of timelessness. Eerily, I just notice today that both Meta and X (Zuck and Elon) use the deformed Infinity symbol to represent their social media platforms. That is a dishonor of our Central Axis and a hack of HF33-Time is Money which obviously, both World Bridgers that they are, place it at a high value.

The pulse lines are like the etheric body that I work with all the time in my office. They create your aura which is light emanation from your electromagnetic body. It’s just like the AURORAS (aura) around the earth when the mind of EARTH is pulsing in synchrony with all life on Earth.

The radiosonic image on the right is how our bodies pulse. This HF51 we are in pulses on the far right foot point; “Following”-Hx17. You can see it on the bottom left image, far left foot point.

Our bodies are the cauldron of transformation of TIME in all dimensions, time manifested as DNA. All DNA on earth is in a cauldron or transformation of TIME. That’s what we’re doing here. It’s magic, and we’re playing with universe energies as co-creators. It’s supposed to be fun. Not toxic Luciferian gross freaky suffering and usage.

Continuing on page 102-The Alpha and Omega points that I note on here and on the True Time Update are on the same longitude as the corpus callosum of history,

“The hieratic longitude is signified by the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Once the process of hominization has been completed, the CA template woven altogether, the “end” of history is reached. This is the meaning of the twentieth century. With the crossing of the corpus callosum, return, the true radiation of man can begin. This is the meaning of the return to the AC template, which is about to commence.”

“Having accomplished a physical transformation of the planet through the culminating material intensity of industrialization, the cost has been high; holonomic amnesia, loss of the inherent sense of unity, forgetfulness if not ignorance of the fact that, although the CA has been completed, the AC is still to be finished.

Because of this loss, the imminent process of biopsychic radiation begins with an imperative restorative healing process-hence, holonomic recollection; the recovery of the sense of unity and wholeness-sacred order-from which we actually never departed.”

How to Read the Schumann Resonance

The ScR has changed in the last year. It’s leveled up steadily to alpha Hz daily instead of 7.83 theta. It usually goes as high as 8.50. The human race needs to collectively get up to 9.00 by the end of the year, IMO.

We’re not intelligent enough to create healthy boundaries on AI and Luciferian governments until we’re smarter and less emotional. We have big decisions to make. It doesn’t help that on all social media platforms the negative whiners, political screamers, and superficials dominate because they bring in more ad revenue. People who meditate and live holistic lives definitely need to have communities. It seems like X would like get us off the main threads because we are the minority.

At the top are the time zones in Russia and my local EST. They are 11 hours ahead of Michigan.
  • The top spectrogram is a simple compilation of both amplitude and frequency for those who don’t want to read a graph. However, it only shows changes. It doesn’t show what is happening in the moment at all. So, on my posts, I defer to the frequency graph first and the amplitude of the frequency, which is SOUND.
  • Amplitude level is on the left side of the graph. The date is on top. The time is on the bottom. O is midnight, the numbers go forward every 2 hours, 12 is noon and it goes into the night.
  • At midnight, the gateway clicks the time sprocket to the new day or gateway, and the time changes, which is the tRNA amino acid sequence in the trillion cells of all DNA. It’s evolution in our bodies, NOT THE CLOCK. Nature programs us via the sun, NOT MACHINES. Here we have the cause of the time warp.
  • The higher the amplitude, the stronger the frequency is zapping our brains and putting us to sleep. It’s like ScR sickness. Your immune system is taxed if you’re older bc your brain came onto the planet in theta Hz. The young kids came onto earth ready for Alpha Hz, so they’re smarter.
  • The frequency is the level of Hz ELM also on the left, date on top, and time on the bottom. The daily average is 8.20.
  • The QFactor has to do with ELM in the lower cavities of the earth. The gist is, if it’s flat it’s not positive. It’s it’s moving up and down and more dynamic its a good thing.
  • The Schumann resonance is very vast above the earth, 4 layers and create the Auroras. Those light are the color spectrum of the Tzolkin.

HF45 Spec’d Out; Sat., Sun., Mon., Tuesday Coming UP

Here’s the deal;

  • 3D, 45:17:8:177 Coordinate. 6, 7, 8, 9 is there quite a bit as you add things up
  • 572Hz frequency
  • I Ching 22-GRACE
  • Earth Holon location, 60 degrees S–180 degrees W
  • Stage III, Ancient World History focus on the CA, Past to present strand of our DNA
  • This is a spectral matrix (Tone 11) where we are self-regulating the universal fire of LIBERATION
  • The harmonic begins with Red 8 Galactic Earth. This is Kin 177. On 11/11/22 this was 11:11:11:11. Look at the synchronicity with the alignments with I Ching 22!!

In this HF we have Red 8 Earth, White 9 Mirror, Blue 10 Storm and Yellow 11 Sun. So we are on the left side of the body starting at the left neck, to left eye, to left top of the head over the right top of the head. That’s where the evolution flows in 3D.

The amino acids are phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan and a stop codon AS THEMES. Each oracle has a total of 5 amino acids each day. These planets are Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Pluto again. These are brain transforming amino acids so as usual, adjust to the Psi Bank ScR.

I have marked, Red 4 Dragon is the 5GForce for Blue 10 Planetary Storm hitting on MONDAY. I also noted that the antipode for that day is Red 10 Planetary Moon that hit on 3/24/23. Now let’s go back to that day. It’s Kin 49 in HF13; This begins the end of everything according to Jose.

This is a switchover pivot point in the harmonic where the binary triplet configuration and binary polarity switch from one side to the other. What does that mean for us? Events and people around us will evince and embody a time reversal, you may have deja vu, the vibes may feel familiar or you may have awareness that you didn’t before. The pulsing goes back and forth all the time between past and future.


Once we hit HF36 we were on the OMEGA END POINT. In HF36 we hit RFK birth oracle, his father, Red 11 Spectral Dragon. This pulses on the ALPHA POINT 33:11:1:131. Here we see how the DNA really is time passing a torch to the child. It’s not physical DNA but DNA AS TIME. It’s EPIGENETIC, NOT GENETIC. This is an important new idea given to us by Bruce Lipton’s work, White 13 Cosmic Worldbridger, my direct analog, as is Dr. Greer who just spoke at the David Grusch hearing.

We just passed the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point on Red 4 Skywalker 3 days ago when I posted the Spaceweather.com post about the Sun breaking records and the astrophysicists being mystified by what is happening. That was predictable from a TSR perspective; N. Pole, Plate II, 60-90 degrees N. 225-270 degrees E.

We are now at the end of HF44 today,7/28/23 and we just went through a MAJOR real disclosure in the government.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 7/29/23 we hit then next Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point, Plate VI, 60-90degrees S-180-225 degrees East at the S. Pole. We will be in the S. Polar Zone in 4D.

The 5GForce for Monday, Blue 10 Planetary Storm is Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon, the beginning of Infinity, the Central Axis of the Harmonic. This is the space that makes possible the transformational dynamic of the crossover polarity seen on page 32 of Earth Ascending,

Let’s see what events and people come forward but it is still essential that for this thing to come out peacefully, that each person meditate from their center point, open the pineal gland and be sure you know where you are in your grounding and what you want for your life and your place in humanity. That will change how the next 4 days unfold and how the earth fares.

Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end as the key to gender balance-Ed Level Gender Ed

I woke straight awake at 1am with these thoughts about the Mayan New Year vibration. White 5 Radiant Wizard will set the tone from July26, 2023 to July 25, 2024.

J.C. said, “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” -Matthew 20:16

In the Tzolkin Harmonic, the alpha and omega points to pulsing on the DNA sequencing are pivotal, literally. In the harmonic, THERE IS NO LINEAR ALPHA AND OMEGA. It’s the lemniscate, the number 8, the infinity symbol POINTING US TO THE AXIS OF THE ETERNAL PRESENT in the body as the CNS, brain, and spinal cord.

Women and men swap their alpha and omega roles by pivoting in the lemniscate, via the DNA strands, past, and future. In the center is infinity FOR BOTH, female and male.

On the Mayan intergalactic star map, we have alpha female galaxy and omega male galaxy. That doesn’t mean alpha and beta, leader and then weaker, A >>>>>B. That’s dumb linear thinking. The universe functions on an infinite DNA spiral represented by the GAP kin in the middle of the harmonic.

This next year is going to be about gender balance of opportunity for female and male. The issue will really start to be resolved.

The Category Cloud on the Homepage is Changing

I’m busy getting the educational levels set up on the posts and password protected before I put them in the cart for purchase. They are;

  • Ed Level 1-The basic matrix, Tzolkin, True Time info. There are many more of these posts than others.
  • Ed Level 2-Going deeper into it
  • Ed Level 3-Getting more complex
  • Advanced Level-More complex ideas
  • Epigenetics Level-for those who are ready to be done with genetic materialism which was thrown out years ago. Time is DNA is epigenetic. All of Bruce Lipton’s work is epigenetic. You’ll need to do more reading. It’s empowerment and taking responsibility for the fact that your own evolution is completely within your own hands. We are not prisoners of our birth family. But…the subconscious mind is huge, programmed by the mother in utero.
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis Level-is my taking apart Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles as well as his other books and Mayan archeological study and making sense of True Time. I took those off and will put them back on the blog, password protected. I don’t want AI to just steal the information.

There are 2500 posts on this blog and most are free. Check out the category cloud. Some of Ed Level 1 are free also. Note the new categories of “True Time Update” which are free if I posted them a week or two ago, “Education”, and “Ed Level 1”

Thank you for your support.

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