Synchronicity between The Mayan Oracle and the Schumann Resonance

The daily Oracle themeplex changes frequency with the sun. It’s almost like a 4-arm sundial. The True Time Update oracle is mimicked in the Schumann Resonance which is tracking the Tzolkin and then sound turns to light in the Auroras. The median frequency of the ScR is 7.83 but it fluctuates based on the collective human minds on earth between 7.5 and 8.5. Now it goes up to 8.20 daily. I believe it would be good if it got up to 9.0 by the end of 2023 but for our minds to uplift that much, we would need full disclosure instead of lies from the government. Of course, it is of no profit to them if our collective minds uplift because then we would not be their slaves.

The theme and its analog take us through our sleep, midnight to dawn in the unconscious delta brain wave state. Tonight, we sleep under the frequency of theme and analog. At twilight and then sunrise we begin our Guide power and alpha brain waves for all people and infrequently for some people, beta brain waves start.

At high noon we could up level to a higher hertz level of alpha up to 13 but not many people reach that. Some individuals may but the collective won’t, so the ScR will remain level at 8.0Hz. The frequency of the antipode begins at Noon and we’re all working. In the afternoon, very brilliant types, usually introvert, will be in beta or gamma brain waves. They would be considered freaks by the alpha normies and have very high IQ’s. They stay away from muggles. It could be dangerous. Elon Musk, Mr. Asperberger Bipolar inventor has created the cybertruck to use to guard against attack. It’s bullet proof and glass shatter proof. That thing is crazy but so is San Francisco, the headquarters of

 The sun takes us to sunset and then dusk as we move to the Hidden Wisdom. The sun sets but it is still a bit light. That is dusk; a full thirty minutes past sunset and likely we are still ideally in theta brain waves. You can tell by how you feel. If you’re centered in your vortex, you’re in theta. If you’re annoyed with co-workers, the public and your family you are still in low alpha hz, maybe.

We can feel the frequency change once dusk is past, it’s fully dark and we’re moving toward theta, pre-sleep, get into bed and slowly go into the great D-Wave delta state.

Note that the timing of dusk changes with the seasons. There is quite a bit of Tzolkonic geomancy that goes along with this. I’ll get more into it in future blogs.

The short of it is, our DNA can up level quicker if we are aware of these frequency changes with the change in the sunlight, the solar cycle. Couple that with water and muscle strengthening or at least blood circulation and the other frequency changes I suggested and we’re good to go with planetary changes in 13:20 frequency.

How to Read the Schumann Resonance

The ScR has changed in the last year. It’s leveled up steadily to alpha Hz daily instead of 7.83 theta. It usually goes as high as 8.50. The human race needs to collectively get up to 9.00 by the end of the year, IMO.

We’re not intelligent enough to create healthy boundaries on AI and Luciferian governments until we’re smarter and less emotional. We have big decisions to make. It doesn’t help that on all social media platforms the negative whiners, political screamers, and superficials dominate because they bring in more ad revenue. People who meditate and live holistic lives definitely need to have communities. It seems like X would like get us off the main threads because we are the minority.

At the top are the time zones in Russia and my local EST. They are 11 hours ahead of Michigan.
  • The top spectrogram is a simple compilation of both amplitude and frequency for those who don’t want to read a graph. However, it only shows changes. It doesn’t show what is happening in the moment at all. So, on my posts, I defer to the frequency graph first and the amplitude of the frequency, which is SOUND.
  • Amplitude level is on the left side of the graph. The date is on top. The time is on the bottom. O is midnight, the numbers go forward every 2 hours, 12 is noon and it goes into the night.
  • At midnight, the gateway clicks the time sprocket to the new day or gateway, and the time changes, which is the tRNA amino acid sequence in the trillion cells of all DNA. It’s evolution in our bodies, NOT THE CLOCK. Nature programs us via the sun, NOT MACHINES. Here we have the cause of the time warp.
  • The higher the amplitude, the stronger the frequency is zapping our brains and putting us to sleep. It’s like ScR sickness. Your immune system is taxed if you’re older bc your brain came onto the planet in theta Hz. The young kids came onto earth ready for Alpha Hz, so they’re smarter.
  • The frequency is the level of Hz ELM also on the left, date on top, and time on the bottom. The daily average is 8.20.
  • The QFactor has to do with ELM in the lower cavities of the earth. The gist is, if it’s flat it’s not positive. It’s it’s moving up and down and more dynamic its a good thing.
  • The Schumann resonance is very vast above the earth, 4 layers and create the Auroras. Those light are the color spectrum of the Tzolkin.

What Is Schumann Resonance and How It Is Connected to Human Consciousness

Learning Mind



Schumann resonance consciousness

The Schumann resonance may not only affect the earth, but it can also align or implement changes in human consciousness.

The Schumann resonance – It’s called the heartbeat of mother earth by some and the earth’s vibration by others – is actually a frequency. It’s the measurement of 7.83 Hz or the electromagnetic frequency of our planet, to be exact.

This energy can increase or decrease at times, and many think it affects our consciousness. Is this true? Well, let’s take a look at the facts we know first.

Understanding the Schumann resonance

It starts with electrical storms – these are more than just spectacles and frightening events. An electrical storm generates lightning, which creates electromagnetic energy.

This energy, circling as a wave between the ionosphere and the earth, bumps into itself amplifying frequencies and turning them into resonant waves. The discovery of these resonant waves was made in 1952 by W.O. Schumann, a German physicist, hence where the Schumann resonance gets its name.

In simpler terms, we don’t live on the earth, we live inside it – in a cavity of sorts. This cavity is created by the connection of the surface of the earth to the ionosphere that surrounds our planet. Everything within that area, namely energies and frequencies, can be influential to the earth’s inhabitants.

Mother earth’s natural energies

Although the frequency can spike up or down, the Schumann resonance primarily levels off at this same measurement…until recently. Lately, frequencies have been lingering around 8.5 Hz, and even as high as 16 Hz.

Even at a stable measurement of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann resonance is thought to have a great effect on humans and animals. We surmise that these spikes in frequency can have an even greater effect, wouldn’t you say?

There are factors that cause the fluctuation of the Schumann resonance. Influencers such as seasonal changes, solar flares, and electronic interference can alter the frequency at any given time.

The recent increase in the average frequency could also be the result of an increase in human activity, maybe even the increase in human brain wave activity.

Schumann resonance and the human mind

Studies show that this phenomenon may indeed affect human consciousness. As I mentioned before, solar flares may contribute to spikes in frequencies as well. The recent increase in measurements may not only be a result of an increase in human brain activity or disruption but can also be the cause of altered brain activity.

We already know that increases in electromagnetic frequencies do affect satellites and power grids, so is it possible that we are being influenced as well? Basically, it’s a connection we’ve yet to fully understand. However, signs do point to “yes”.

Viacheslav Krylov, The Russian Academy of Sciences

Krylov suggests that the Schumann resonance may not only affect telecommunications services but can also affect melatonin influencing biological functions such as the circadian rhythm of both animals and humans. Not only does melatonin regulate sleeping patterns, but also regulates blood pressure and reproduction too.

Some of the worst influences could even include cancer or neurological diseases which can lead to death.

Krylov believes that human consciousness is affected simply because SR frequencies occur in the same range as human brain wave frequencies, precisely where theta and alpha brain waves intersect. And after all, everything we do is done within this area of electromagnetic influence.

The tuned oscillator example

The Schumann resonance may be better understood when examining matching vibrations. When a system of oscillators is tuned, one oscillator will affect the other.

When one starts to vibrate, the other will eventually vibrate at the same frequency. Now, remember the fact that our brain waves.

This creates “entrainment” or “kindling”. The word kindling refers to the matching of neurons across the brain creating synchronicity. This is the same effect that successful meditation has on our minds.

We are in a coherent consciousness, vibrating softly at the same level. With all this being said, meditation keeps our coupling with the Schumann resonance or the fluctuating frequency of the earth.

“Ample anthropological evidence shows that humans have intuitively synchronized with the planetary resonance throughout human history and back into the mists of time.”

-Psychobiologist, Richard Allen Miller

Many cultures implement vibrational techniques in hopes of synchronizing with the frequencies of the Schumann resonance, or the ‘heartbeat of mother earth’.

They believe that these frequencies can heal the body and mind as energies connect. Even in the ebb and flow of these energies, high blood pressure is reduced and depression is somehow alleviated.

Some think synchronizing with these energies can lead us to enlightenment or awakening. It’s true, with the ever-increasing frequencies of the Schumann resonance, we could be evolving into higher consciousness.

Our connected frequencies

The earth has music for those who listen.

The earth has music for those who listen.
-George Santayana

What we know about our conscious connection with the Schuman resonance is complex. While we know we are influenced by the electromagnetic field, we still have much to learn.

Considering what we know now, I think evolution will be greatly affected by the circling frequencies of the Schumann resonance, increasing activities of the brain and possibly healing aspects of our consciousness previously damaged by negative energies. The future will help us understand more about our relationship with our planet, and the frequencies we share.



What is the QFactor in the ScR? Ours is spiking today

Click to access 20120000051.pdf

It might be a synchronicity that Q is the letter symbol representing Glutamine, a most fundamental amino acid protein that makes our bodies. The Maya called it Ben or Reed. We call it Red Skywalker.

The Q-factor is commonly defined as the ratio of the accumulated field power to the power lost in the oscillation period. The Q-factors for Schumann resonances are ~5 and provide estimates of wave propagation conditions in the cavity.

It’s a dimensionless parameter that indicates the energy loss of a system as it oscillates at its resonant frequency. The higher the Q factor, the less energy is lost, and the more stable and efficient the system becomes.

What is field power? The amplitude level of sound

What is the oscillation period? The amount of time and level that the hertz level of sound is moving. Schumann resonances are the principal background in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 3 Hz through 60 Hz, and appear as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.83 Hz (fundamental), 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 Hz.

Wave propagation is the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere that acts as a closed, although variable-sized wave guide.

The cavity is where the wave propagation happens between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere around the earth.

The gist of higher QFactor as we see happening today at Noon, pretty soon, here, is we have a stabilization of a frequency. I’ve been saying that we need to stabilize during the day into a low Alpha Hz and we are doing that. The normal Hz is not longer Theta, it’s Alpha which means our collective DNA brain is getting more intelligent.

True Time Update; Red 7 Resonant Earth, 6/19/23-Last month

Today is 7/13/23, and I’m going to show this to you again. This is when Twitter blew up on my feed, and I had 1200 hits on this blog. It was just a hit n’ run. They didn’t come back. That’s how fear is. Fickle.‐——-‐—‐–‐—————


We have 3 big things hitting today;

ScR magnestosphere disturbance, New Moon pulse, Summer Solstice/ Sun moving into Cancer ♋️, and the last harmonic of the central column in the Tzolkin or count of days/people. A kin is a day AND a person.

This is ALL a natural evolutionary phase which I’ve been following for 33 years. Synchronicity in time is real and it tends to manifest in the birth family. The earth has gone through major changes many times before in 4.5 billion years, but now humans are here growing up. Frankly, it appears to me that the other species of animals and plants, as well as ocean life, generally dig humans. We like each other and have mixed in well with the web of life. Good bonding! Let’s continue!

There are 20 Mayan symbols for the DNA amino acids of all life. These symbols have been artistically interpreted over time. The original Mayan depiction of the tribes of time, amino acids is on this blog. Humans are artists and we create different perspectives.

We enter HF35 today, the last harmonic of the central column. Each column is 20 days and there are 13 so there are 260 days that sync EXACTLY with the 365 day solar year. It’s all explained in my book “Time is DNA”. 3D life, what we call “real”, and 4D Time are ONE at all times, and with the larger grand universe. Our bodies are ELM stations to absorb and transmit all of it as we make choices and knock around.

HF35 is a planetary matrix whose purpose is to self-regulate the universal fire of manifestation. (OUR BODIES). To achieve that, today, we hone to evolution of the tRNA in all of our trillion cells focused on phenylalanine, glycine, methionine, isoleucine, and valine. This is I Ching49; Revolution/Molting.

I will be putting all of this in an app so that you can input any date and see the synchronicity. You can also use an app if you have an iphone. The app for android is currently being amended I believe. The one I use is but it says the website is under construction. You can no longer download the app.

The work I do hails from Jose Arguelles and his book Earth Ascending where he confirms that the Tribes of time are amino acid proteins, the building blocks of all life and all DNA. It’s a complicated book that most people can’t understand at all. I do and I’ve pulled it apart and analyzed it. I’ve posted on it quite a bit on here. Dr. Fernando Chavez also confirmed it and it’s in my book “Time is DNA”. Both men are from South America and then lived in the United States.

5GForce Meditation

I channel in order to dream. Inspiring intuition, I seal the input of abundance with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of vision.

Kin163, Blue 9 Solar Night,The Dreamspell

I have spent countless hours analyzing the book Earth Ascending for my followers. There is no way I can nutshell it or bring it down to a simple level. Suffice to say, if you look at Map43, the Psi Bank Flow key WHICH IS THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE MONITORING THE EARTH’S MAGNETOSPHERE, Today, we just hit HF35, Red 7 Earth and we are in the throes of the end of “the way things have been”. I’ll be specific.

  1. The earth will remain
  2. The human race will remain
  3. The governments all over the world will be reorganized
  4. We will finally have disclosure of the military secrets and U.S secrets for the last 200 years.
  5. The Vatican archive secrets will likely be opened
  6. Our bodies/mind, same thing will continue to be put through the grinder to ASCEND and IMPROVE
  7. We do NOT need any more cults
  8. Ego based humans with a closed heart will continue to aggressively project their own mind-body-spirit lineup onto others and insist they agree. Ignore it. We are each free to be who we are and live as we need to live.
  9. My work here is education based on research and personal experience from the last 33 years. You can take it or leave it. I don’t rely on people agreeing or disagreeing with me for my mission to be felt.

ScR Through the Roof on Amplitude

This is another review of 6/18/23.

Folks. WE are doing this. GGLN nor any Galactic Federation is doing this to us. That narrative needs to stop. We’re in charge of evolving our own DNA forward collectively.


We are slowly coming into the next harmonic. I said earlier that we are still in the central column of timelessness.

APPARENTLY, to the Solar Kine who respond via the sun, we are ready to do some kind of DNA uplevel, but it won’t be drastic at this very low frequency.

I say give 8 billion people 4 days, and our brains will be on the same page. I’d like to see a steady 8.10hz and higher from now on for ALL humans on earth going forward.

No more 7.83 as normal.

True Time Update for Monday morning, 6/19/23 8am in Michigan

Posting again on 7/13/23 so you can jog your memory.


Today is major Time pivot in the the Mayan Oracle; Red 7 Resonant Earth. Because it’s resonant, the frequency is boomeranging.

There are almost 700 views on this page already at 8:30 am. Happy reading! I’ve written 2500 blog posts since 2013, and 500 of them are on my other laptop.

Pay attention to your heart rate today and keep the caffeine down. Breathe. These are some serious adjustments to our bodies.

See the explanation below.


These are the last 4 days in the Axis of Timelessness, all pulsing to the top of the body-head, left side. Water, rest, low food, pray-meditate.

I’ve never seen the ELM background look like that either, but I believe it’s caused by the amplitude. It’s coming from deep in the earth.

We still have a situation of a frequency lower than I’ve seen it, 7.39 and an amplitude OF that frequency as high as I’ve ever seen it so the collective DNA mind field of earth wants to get on with the rest of the changes going forward but bring as many along as possible. This may go on for 4-8 days. It depends on our collective focus on our own bodies and lives and keep the static noise and aggressive tactics at bay.

My research also indicates that hypothetically, the SUN responds to the earth and the rest of the local planets, much like a parent. The baby monitor is on in the nursery, so to speak. We really are loved dearly as a new parent does their growing child!

Trust yourself, God, the universe that our mind-body-spirit is maturing is so that we can know what FREEDOM, free will, free speech, all that we live can be real if we get our minds and bodies within our OWN CONTROL. But we need to be more patient and intelligent to be better than we’ve been.

It will not be done for us because we have free will. It is a universal value that will not be abridged, and I won’t discuss it. With free will, we have karma and dharma as time itself, which is our body, our life, so no one gets off of any hook.

On FRIDAY, we hit Red 11 Dragon, and we’re back in 3-4D energies with all of the duality, meaning we face what our choices have been going forward.

I will post more in a bit.

True Time Update for Monday, 8Asparagine, 7/3/23

We are mediated by Venus in 4D Time, so we’re supposed to play and enjoy ourselves. Today and tomorrow are holidays for most people. The full moon in Capricorn, however, is in sync with the galactic tone 8 of integrity, so some of us will be working.

The 5gforce for 20 minutes of meditation (if you really want your superpower to shine)

I organize in order to purify. Balancing flow I seal the process of universal water with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a galactic activation portal.

Kin149, Red 6 Rhythmic Moon

ScR Magnetosphere Psi Bank affecting our brain/heart

Straight into 8.06 alpha hz level at a very low amp. I hope this rises to 8.20 today. I believe these are plasma (DNA) ionic (+, -) frequencies from the solar wind being amplified by the electromagnetic (ELM) field of the magnetosphere.

3D Earth Life, manifested

  • A full moon occurs in Capricorn today at 7:39 AM EDT, reminding us that we can’t ignore our commitments to the outside world. We must take care of our responsibilities, attend to business, act maturely, and take charge.
  • This Full Moon in Capricorn connects with Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus, (our guide power and hidden wisdom in 4D time), suggesting solid, practical ideas associated with our realizations and epiphanies.
  • It’s a time of turning points and events that nudge us to balance our commitment to our careers and families.
  • The Moon is in practical, responsible, earthy Capricorn all day. We are more willing to commit and find more value in security and stability in our relationships. For the most part, we are patient and fair with one another as the day advances.


True Time Update for Sunday, 7Dog, 7/2/23, Kin 150

The synchronicity in SpacetimeXT or 3D and 4D

The frequency is alpha hz as usual now, and a fairly low 14 amps. I expect the frequency to rise and amps to stay low today, basically making us smarter.
This is tone 7 Resonant today and an enigma in the Tzolkin because the 5th dimensional forces exerted on each evolving amino acid are either itself or each other.

We have the theme 7 White Dog aspartic acid as itself for the 5gforce. 7 Red Moon methionine with 7 Blue Monkey asparagine are each other’s gforce, and the guide power, 7White Wind glycine has White 7 Mirror for it’s gforce.

5gforce is the fifth dimension al galactic force that spurs evolution from a different frequency. It is still one with 3 and 4D, but it brings a different flavor and feel to our 3D body. It also changes the earth and thus the weather.

When governments get shrill about climate change and they try to convince us to stop procreating or even be here because we are a virus on the planet, it’s a psyop for fear and control of us to foist AI and less empowerment on the human species. They are avoiding coughing up the military secrets regarding what our ET ancestors have left here for us to vastly improve civilization and quality of life. They lose all profit from gas, oil, and coal, so they have to try to make us feel guilty for existing.

There is always change in the climate and in humans as we evolve!

3D Human Astrology

  • Venus forms a square to Uranus today, presenting a potential challenge or struggle. (The Hidden Wisdom to the guide power, bottom and top square)
  • Values and tastes may clash, and social activities could suffer. We can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. It’s possible that impulsive attractions to people or material goods can lead us astray. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are possible themes in our relationships. It may be best to hold off on decision-making regarding finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. We might also feel some discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes, and a change may be satisfying now. It’s probably best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for growth and a change of pace.
  • The Moon is void from 9:34 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Neptune), until the Moon enters Capricorn at 1:21 PM EDT.


True Time Update for 6/21/23, Blue 9 Solar Storm, 9Tryptophan-7am in MI

We are starting out quite high today both in frequency and amplitude of the frequency. Please note that amplitude indicates SOUND. Electromagnetic energy waveforms make sound.

This is in full synchronicity with the Tzolkin, count of days/people, and tones of creation.

The ScR is monitoring the PSI BANK, the mind of earth as the sacred count of time. It merges exactly as the Haab, the solar calendar, and IChing and the multidimensional spacetime harmonic of evolution left for us by the Maya.


Q factors of the Schumann resonances are the factors which represent the sharpness of resonances of the earth ionosphere cavity. (and thus human brains, so you want to know this.) The earth as the lower boundary of the cavity can be recognized as a perfect conductor, while the ionosphere as an upper boundary is a leaky wall which has finite conductivities. for Wednesday

CME TO STRIKE VENUS AND MARS: A CME launched into space by yesterday’s X-flare (described below) may not strike Earth, however, it will hit Venus and Mars, according to a NASA model. The strike on Venus (June 22nd) will probably erode a small amount of the planet’s upper atmosphere, while the strike on Mars (June 25th) could spark auroras visible to MAVEN and other Mars-orbiting satellites.

X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE AND CME: New sunspot AR3341 erupted on June 20th, producing an X1.1-class solar flare (1709 UT). NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash:

Radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere. This caused a deep shortwave radio blackout over North America: map. Aviators and ham radio operators may have noticed loss of signal at frequencies below 30 MHz for as much as 20 minutes after the flare.

SOHO coronagraphs have since detected a CME. It is the fan-shaped cloud expanding away from the sun’s southeastern limb (8 o’clock position):

The CME’s expansion velocity exceeds 1000 km/s (2.2 million mph), according to Type II radio bursts detected by the US Air Force. It’s a fast mover that should deliver a potent blow to whatever it hits.

Earth is probably not in the strike zone, although a glancing blow may be possible on June 22nd or 23rd. Confirmation awaits modeling by NOAA forecasters. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

Do X Class Solar Flares affect the ScR?


It has been shown that an increase in the resonant frequency is proportional on the average to the logarithm of the X-ray radiation intensity to the power of 1.7. The magnitude of changes in the cavity frequency is related with the corresponding changes in the characteristic “magnetic” height of the conductivity profile of the lower ionosphere and compared with the results of the independent analysis performed by measuring VLF radio signals.

Article-“The Effect of Solar Flares on the ScR from Harvard Univ.…60..186S/abstract

This is even more nerdy/techy.

3D Astrology, in line with the I Ching and 4D Tzolkin lineup;

All Zodiac Signs
The sun is now in ♋️ Cancer
  • The Sun moves into Cancer today, marking the solstice. Until July 22nd, we are self-protective and insular. Our attention turns to our nests–our families, homes, base of operations, and anything that makes us feel safe and secure. Nurturing and caring for loved ones and pet projects become a sharper focus. We’re more invested in our personal lives in the month ahead.
  • This morning, before the Sun leaves Gemini, it forms a quincunx to Pluto, which can complicate decision-making. An adjustment may be necessary before we feel we’re moving forward. (100% sync with Blue 9 Torm mediated by PLUTO In 4D)
  • There may be a power shift or a setback that has us feeling temporarily out of sorts or powerless, prompting us to make changes. We might need to let something go to further our psychological growth.
  • However, as the day advances, Mercury forms a sextile to Mars, and then Chiron (Mars and Chiron are heading toward a trine aspect), and our minds engage. (100% sync with our antipose Red 9 Moon mediated by Mercury).
  • We want to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or debate. We are exceptionally alert, resourceful, and aware. There is enthusiasm in our conversations and excitement about our interests and discoveries. We approach problems holistically, and our problem-solving skills run high.
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