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I need to keep pondering these synchronicities. I’m not used to this high level of sync between spacetime weather, 3 and 4D since week tired solar cycle 25. Please check back.

A SOLAR RADIO BURST AT NIGHT: Something rare and strange happened last month. On Feb. 23rd, growing sunspot AR3234 produced an M-class solar flare. It was nearly midnight in Florida when the explosion occurred, so you’d expect no one there to notice. On the contrary, in the community of High Springs, FL, amateur radio astronomer Dave Typinski recorded a strong shortwave radio burst.

You CAN see the sun at midnight in Florida… sometimes,” says Typinski. (Yellow Sun was our Hidden Wisdom at Midnight on this day going into White 9 Solar Wind)This is what his instruments recorded while the flare was underway:

2/23/23 (look at that date!)
8Neptune 2x, 8Maldek, 8Venus, 6Pluto Stop Codon
2/24/23 9Uranus 2x, 9Neptune, 9Earth, 5Pluto, tryptophan, proline
Noospheric Earth Time or 3 and 4D Sync. The Noosphere is the Ionosphere

A double wave of static washed over Florida, filling the radio spectrum with noise at all frequencies below 25 MHz. “The Sun was 69° below the horizon when this happened,” he marvels.

How is this possible? The entire body of our planet was blocking the event from Typinski’s antenna. It’s called “antipodal focusing.” (Our 4D antipode was Blue 8 Galactic Monkey mediated by Venus at the time)

First postulated by Marconi more than 100 years ago, antipodal focusing is a mode of radio propagation in which a signal starts out on one side of the planet, gets trapped between Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, and travels to the opposite hemisphere. Waves converging at the antipode can create a surprisingly strong signal. (That’s ALWAYS the case in 4D Time. The antipode challenge in time is just as strong as every other pulse-Lisa T.)

Right: This diagram from a declassified US shows the basic geometry of antipodal focusing. (Why was is classified in the first place?-Lisa T.)

This is the second or maybe third midnight solar radio burst I’ve seen in ten years, but it’s by far the strongest,” says Typinski. “The previous events happened at the height of Solar Cycle 24. They’re quite rare.”

Pause: Yes, solar flares can produce radio signals. Typinski’s midnight burst was a “Type V,” caused by streams of electrons shooting through the sun’s atmosphere in the aftermath of the flare. Plasma waves rippling away from the streams emitted intense bursts of natural radio static. The burst was first observed in broad daylight at the Learmonth Solar Observatory in Australia, then it curved around Earth to reach Typinski.

Above: An example of antipodal focusing of seismic waves caused by the Chicxulub asteroid impact. The geometry is the same as for radio waves. [more].

“This propagation mode was used during the Cold War,” notes Typinski. “The U.S. would park a SIGINT ship in the south Pacific to grab signals from the Eastern Bloc. The Soviets probably did the same thing, parking in the southern Indian ocean.”

Turns out, this method of spying works for radio astronomers, too. Would you like to record an event like this? NASA’s Radio JOVE program makes it easy. Off-the-shelf radio telescope kits allow even novices to monitor radio outbursts from the sun, which are becoming more frequent as Solar Cycle 25 intensifies.

(Nice. The mainstream guys at NOAA and NASA getting a salary don’t want to risk being whistleblowers of everything they know and see so they want civilians to take the heat and do DISCLOSURE. Figures. Let the FBI or CIA come after us. We’re just collateral damage.)

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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ScR Is High and We Almost have a New Moon

This is a setup for insomnia, anxiety, and over emotional behavior. In addition, tomorrow is the vernal Equinox for spring, and Sun and Mercury enter Aries ♈️ .

I recommend Passionflower tincture, 3mg melatonin, or Indica  gummies to go to sleep.😴

This is a high amplitude. Don’t take it seriously. Kind of like Trump looking for publicity. Way too much adolescent drama.

Timeweather for Sunday, 3/19/23

We enter a new HF12 today, I Ching26; The taming power of the great/Potent Energy. Solar Store. Remember the elegance of intention as we move to Yellow 9 Solar Star in 4 days. We are on the CA strand, past to the present, for 4 days, unless you meditate in your body center and self-generate from your brain and spinal cord, the CNS, the Axis of the Eternal Present, at which time you are constantly in your god/goddess self and not dominated by the past or the future, just the present. This is where the balance is between male and female. There is no patriarchy or matriarchy in truth which means there’s no Democrat or Republican. The two parties are no longer pertinent. The truth is balance right in the center. That’s what we’ve evolved to be in God.

This harmonic moves through Serpent, World Bridger, Hand and Star, down the right male side of the body until it turns around at the feet. There are 72 days until HF30/Hx19 when we have a chance to pivot to reflecting God in Us from Implicate order instead of always reflecting the past and the future of our ancestors. White 1 Mirror is in HF30.

Tomorrow the Sun moves in Aries, ruled by Mars in in affinity with Red Skywalker and White World Bridger

ScR-The Psi Bank is Ramping Up

The 5GForce for Meditation for Ascension in Consciousness

I harmonize in order to create. Modeling mind, I seal the output of vision with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of self-generation.

Kin255-Blue 8 Eagle

3D and 4D Sync-Astrology and Time Oracle

Kin 45; 6Maldek Serine, 6Maldek Lysine, 6Maldek Serine, 6Jupiter Arginine, 8Saturn Histidine
  • Mercury enters Aries today, and until April 3rd, this Mercury cycle can feel refreshingly decisive and forward-looking. It can certainly be a time when we’re a bit impatient or terse, but it can feel good not to dwell or spend too much time arriving at conclusions in the weeks ahead. We’re less concerned with objective viewpoints and explanations during this cycle and more interested in reaching a decision quickly. We want to pioneer and innovate or be the first ones with the idea. It’s time to speak more spontaneously and directly with the planet of communication in bold and assertive Aries.
  • Mercury’s semi-square to Uranus today can be a little too tense, however. We’re mentally excited but distractable. This transit adds minor erratic elements to the day, particularly in our communications, thought processes, and outlook. We may be rushing to complete something, share an idea, or communicate, but things may end up half-done if we’re impatient. We are bored with routine, which can signify that we need some mental refreshment.
  • The Moon is void from 6:33 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Mars), until the Moon enters Pisces at 11:12 AM EDT.

From for 3/16/23-see below

The auroras ARE the Tzolk’in or Mayan count of time. Time is light emanations that manifest as DNA by changing frequency, and light has its SOURCE in sound or The Tones of Creation. I haven’t finished that book yet.😊 The auroras are the etheric body of Earth’s light body just as the human aura is the light emanation of human chakras. The earth and humans are analogous and inseparable in every respect, actually. It’s an intimate relationship and a loving one from the earth to us but we don’t usually reciprocate but should.

Huge synchronicity here which I wondered about as I flipped my Tzolkin BOOK from the front to the very back yesterday. What did it mean that THE FIFTH DENSITY GFORCES were at the very end of the 260-day cycle, flipped, all the way to the other side?

So, Yellow 1 Sun, kin 40 2 days ago, has the 5gforce of KIN260, and Red 2 Dragon, yesterday, has the 5gforce of kin259 and so forth as time spirals in on itself in its natural RADIAL manner.

It means that in duality frequency, time goes in two directions, future, and past, with 2 strands, AC and CA. It doesn’t have to but where we are in our evolution we need duality and resistance to grow. With this new solar cycle 25, the ELM of the Sun has flipped, and so are the planets reversing and so is time. No worries as long as you are sitting in your center, the CNS, the axis of the eternal present. If not, your mind will spin out. You must stay IN YOUR OWN BODY CENTER!

CME IMPACT SPARKS NORTHERN *AND* SOUTHERN LIGHTS: A CME struck Earth’s magnetic field yesterday, March 15th. The impact was so strong, it sparked auroras over both ends of our planet. First, the south:

“Red auroras lit up the skies above Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand,” reports photographer Mike White. “A strong glow persisted for an hour or so on the southern horizon with occasional periods of bright rays extending upwards.”

Second, the north:

Roman Banas photographed these red auroras near Bydgoszcz, Poland, almost 18,000 km away yet remarkably similar to the display in New Zealand. “You could see the rays with the naked eye,” says Banas. “It was strongest around midnight.”

This is the time of year when Northern and Southern Lights can be seen at the same time. We’re only days away from the March equinox. Nearly equal amounts of darkness allow sky watchers in both hemispheres equal opportunity to witness auroras. The lights themselves are caused by exactly the same physics: Particles from the sun hit Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing air to glow red and green regardless of latitude.

The CME that struck Earth on March 15th was hurled into space by the eruption of a magnetic filament on the sun almost 4 days earlier. Its arrival sparked a series of alternating G1 and G2-class geomagnetic storms throughout the day. Subscribers to our Space Weather Alert service received instant text messages when the CME arrived and when the ensuring storms developed.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery
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Understanding the Binary Triplet Configuration as the Foundation of Evolution on Earth

I’m posting this again for your review. Maybe it would help to realize that the layout and patterns of the earth are one with your body. They are analogous, both have weather and seasons and are psychic, meaning MIND controlled which is etheric, which is TIME. Don’t 3D clench on this with your jaw. No talismans.

Psi Bank is the magnetosphere, the mind of Earth. Psy chic is the intuitive mind of humans. Psi means mind but psyche means Intuition in Greek. Look it up.

Earth Ascending Page 37, Map 4 by Jose Arguelles

This is a graphic of the earth’s psi bank Matrix generated as a Binary resonance of Earth’s Radiation Belts. Side by side you can see it in our DNA double helix and the earth’s binary structure. Note the + and – and tags on the earth radiation belts which interact inward to outward as the Psi Bank; Earth’s conscious Mind. You’re not going to hear that from any scientist.

The darker inward line circles the earth. Then we have;

  1. Earth’s atmosphere
  2. The positive Galactic Proton Belt
  3. The Psi Bank Matrix as Solar-Galactic Binary Resonance Field (Like the Interplanetary Holon I post)
  4. The Negative Solar Electron Belt. There is a Magnetopause (Magnetosphere) all the way around the outside of this belt. The Magnetosphere is the ELM around Earth
  5. The Shock Front

Bear with me here. This merges with astronomy-physics posts and it includes the illumination of the BODY HOLON VIA DNA EVOLUTION and the EARTH HOLON via geomancy.

The inner belt, consisting of trapped positive cosmic radiation, protons, and the outer of trapped negative solar radiation, electrons, provides the binary field for the rudimentary psi bank matrix. The positive/negative polarities of both radiation and psi belts are sensitized to the north/south poles of the geomagnetic (gravitational) field. The simple helical structure of the psi bank matrix as the bio psychic resonance field of planet earth is obviously attuned to or resonant with the primary double helix configuration governing the operation of the genetic code. This is to be expected since the spectrum of the bio psychic resonance fields runs the gamut from the most simple cellular organism to the most refined levels of mental activity.”-Earth ascending pg. 36

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth.


The science of astronomy and physics is not yet holistic. It’s funny to me when I see a wonderful discovery that is pulsing holistically and they use 3D clenching, materialistic verbiage in the article because they don’t want to sound esoteric which is not considered scientific. Geomancy and shamanism are the basis of earth sciences, including astrology. They are the parents of the children.

Science amounts to the eradication of anything ancient or earth-based even if the math shores it up. It’s scientific ego. Their priority is funding, not the truth. They may change soon under the pressure of the truth demanded by the public. They’ve borrowed from holism for years without giving it any credit. It’s similar to what they’ve done to women. It’s not profitable. Modern science is Time is Money based. Please remember that as you read modern science.

The next level up, which is coming on the leading edge is Time is DNA, Time is Art, Time is us if our movement achieves leadership. I need to have more than 1400 followers so share this blog, please. 🙂

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