Bruce Lipton, My Direct Analog, Hit This One OUT of the Ballpark.

Watch it slowly, digest what he’s saying, think about what you’ve learned on this blog. This is a must watch.

Dogma is religious persuasion. Figures. Hypothesis is more accurate.

Bruce is White 13 Cosmic World Bridger. They are super intelligent, tuned in, all about empowerment, outspoken, with hearts of gold.

Based on my research there is much more to this as you know. Not only are we the masters of our DNA but because DNA is Time we are masters of our own time. Jose used to say, “Whoever owns your mind owns your time.” Tone 4 Self-Existing is a call to create your own vortex and control your time which just translates to controlling your own body since your body is DNA. And what is your body? Your body is ONE with your mind and spirit. That’s what the Mind, Body, Spirit movement is about. The use of your time and your mind are within your choice and THAT CHOICE, that action, changes…your DNA.

Then there is the fact that, I’ve found, in the tRNA Tzolkin Theme-plex your birth DNA is only one fifth of your genetic programming (your mother in the hidden wisdom position). The other four fifths is from stellar species in our local universe. So there is much more to flow here and hopefully, my book will help.

Also, 10% of our DNA comes from viruses! We each have our own reverse transciptase in all of our cells including the telomeres. It’s epigenetic. We can control it.

Bruce does not know who I am nor anything about my book yet but he will.

Watch “CLIMATE FRAUDS | Experts on the Hook” on YouTube

It’s not long. We have to challenge the fake science, the fake government, the fake healthcare system, the fake media and fake financial system.

It figures men would say that destructive, foolish humans replace THE POWER OF OUR SUN to affect our planet. What’s ironic is that they refuse to CREDIT…HUMANS WITH CONSTRUCTIVE… POWER TO TAKE CARE OF OUR PLANET AND OUR OWN BODIES.

This crap makes my blood boil. This planet is for the LIFE on it, given to us by our Sun and Source, the One Infinite Creator. It’s not for the f….g hubris of men, their clever academics that lie about the history of the human race and our planet or their f….. money. Time is art, not time is money. God speed the end of their time on our planet and keep us safe from their destructive ways.

Wednesday Daily Reading; We are in HF33

Jose Arguelles is the founder of Earth Day as we enter HF33, the gateway to implicate order. Major synchronicity. Theme is Red 12 Crystal Moon.

Red 12 Crystal Moon is the Theme which is dedication to sealing the process of Universal Water. 12 is Cooperation. Today is about purification and universalizing flow in the the Mystic Column in HF33. These next four days are about lining up the DNA in all life on the planet to be purified so it can ascend and join the Universal stream. We are guided by the power of birth.

The analog is White 12 Crystal Dog

The Guide Power is Red 12 Crystal Dragon-cooperative nurturing

The antipode is Blue 12 Crystal Storm-cooperative self-generation or self-responsibility

The Hidden Wisdom is 2 Polarizing Glutamic Acid of Yellow 2 Human. Indeed, humans are being separated into two groups on the planet; those that want to ascend WITH the earth and those that are scared to death of CHANGE and will end up leaving. It’s a choice. Everything changes all the time. The 5GForce is 2 Polarizing Asparagine or Blue 2 Monkey.

The 5 Gforce upleveling the Theme is Blue 2 Polar Monkey, Kin 171; It clinches dualism for now, in our bodies.

“I polarize in order to play. Stabilizing illusion, I seal the process of magic with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of abundance”

Earth Day is April 22, 2021

This needs to be the theme of Earth Day 2021 imo.

The climate would come into balance within a WEEK if the government would release all of the E.T. Tech we have underground. But that would bring gas, oil, coal and all the filthy energy to it’s knees. So they are blocking it and putting out false climate data. The S.O. posts challenge much of it but he is not taking into account the Stellar Species role on our planet either. I don’t believe the situation is as dire as he contends. Neither is all of the science correct. We just need FULL DISCLOSURE of everything they’ve got and NO FAKE EVENTS. Use your intuition folks.

Re-Program; Does Resistance Work?


I might be digging into the oracles foundation for 10,000 years.

No, wait, 20,000 years…or

How old are the human species?

6 million years, our ancestors-approximate. 200,000 years, modern humans

Well, the earth is…4.5 billion years old and we have the DNA from every living thing in our cells that ALLOWED itself to evolve on the Earth before we did.

Every living thing, every plant, worm, insect, animal, and cell that came before us flowed with the soil, the water, the mud, the detritus, the sludge, the fire, and ice…it just….was.

and it allowed itself to be on the earth, working synergistically together, no wrangling or fists, it allowed itself to be what it was because it didn’t have a mirror…to EXAMINE….and think…”What…do….I….think?”

We are a moaning, creaking tower of human thinking.  Towering human intellects decide that resistance is the most constructive course and I’m on the wrong side of the pond or the field if I see it differently.

Maybe human thinking is overrated if it cannot LET the living thing NEXT TO IT JUST BE WHAT IT IS.  These Red people are just confused.  They don’t understand.  Wow, how unacceptable and new for a human being to not understand.  They are evil because they are scared and don’t understand?  You’ve never been scared and not understood something? You’re a THINKER and you always understand everything!

Not everybody thinks all the time.  Some people feel, sense, and intuit all the time. People do different things.

Can I please, just be a blade of grass, or a quiescent pool diving deep because I now have gills?

I’ve decided it makes more sense to devolve so I can stop thinking.

When I think, then I decide to resist…breathing, seeing, feeling, intuiting, knowing-everything that ALLOWED NATURE and it’s cooperation to harmonize before I existed, my thinking is just better.  Not.

Because human beings think so much they’ve stopped feeling so much and knowing so much so that now they are this thing call civilized and think they’ll do civil disobedience to procrastinate jumping into the crystal water and having fun, knowing what they want…

they want their gills back.

My oracle said, “Human resistance works!  Look at this example”  And when I go back millions of years to the beginning of evolution, I was able to take a nap in peace next to a frog.

(The frog is an ancient species, far older than humans, as are many animals and plants.)


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