Earth’s inner-core rotation is reversing! | Nature Geoscience (the nerdy Link is below)

This rotation has been inferred from temporal changes between repeated seismic (earthquake) waves that should traverse the same path through the inner core. Here we analyze repeated seismic waves from the early 1990s and show that all of the paths that previously showed significant temporal changes have exhibited little change over the past decade. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused.

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South Sandwich Islands doublets going back to 1964 seem to be associated with a gradual turning-back of the inner core as a part of an approximately seven-decade oscillation, with another turning point in the early 1970s. This multidecadal periodicity coincides with changes in several other geophysical observations, especially the length of day and magnetic field. These observations provide evidence for dynamic interactions between the Earth’s layers, from the deepest interior to the surface, potentially due to gravitational coupling and the exchange of angular momentum from the core and mantle to the surface.

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The South Sandwich Island is the White Wizard Time Portal, the Tiamatian Goddesses, Ixchel. It’s a Gateway Kin; 60°S–15°W in the South Atlantic off of the South Sandwich Islands!

The simultaneous disappearance of the inner-core waveform temporal change along all paths in the recent decade (Figs. 2 and 3 and Extended Data Figs. 1–3) and the consistent pattern of the ddt measurements (Fig. 4 and Extended Data Fig. 4) strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.

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Without the science terms, this sounds very esoteric. But it says, “THE DATA strongly suggest a rigid body rotation of the inner core.” And OUR information is that the inner core is a CRYSTAL. I haven’t heard that from them yet. I believe they say it’s hot iron ore. ?

This article is 17 pages long and very nerdy. I love it but you might not.

Multidecadal variation of the Earth’s inner-core rotation

In geometry, a dodecahedron or duodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces. The most familiar dodecahedron is the regular dodecahedron with regular pentagons as faces, which is a Platonic solid. There are also three regular star dodecahedra, which are constructed as stellations of the convex form. Wikipedia

Number of faces: 12 (12:60 SPACE) The I Ching

Number of edges: 30

Number of vertices: 20 (13:20) Points in 4D time on our timelines Tzolkonic

Volume: (15+7×√5)/4 × a³

Properties: convex, face transitive

World record: 25.24 seconds

Shapes with similar faces: Pentagonal prism, Pentagonal pyramid (5)–txaGEe5TmtsYeCtr0R2pkcXuM6prj0831e0SH8hucy1VrODco3cpPL4LZe03pNbCokJToVnBHLK0Ql7dn96thB_HT3DWh_0YQ%3D%3D&

Space Climate Engineering of Sunlight

They’re blocking sunlight. It’s not for the Earth’s benefit. It’s to try to control our minds. They make stuff up all the time to justify how much they manipulate us for their profit.

More monkey business.

Amplitude power is 24 at 5:15pm EST

Hello Solar Cycle 25 from the National Weather Service

Proof…from the Federal National Weather Service. All the U.S. local weather stations should be educating people about this so the hysteria and propaganda cannot seed on the internet.

The climate has been changing for 14 billion years. It’s natural evolution and regular humans are not the cause of it. 320 energy and aerospace companies might be though with their weather and A.I. satellites manipulating us and the earth for profit!

News Around NOAA

National Program

Hello Solar Cycle 25 > News Around NOAA > Hello Solar Cycle 25

Solar minimum – the period when the sun is least active – as seen by the Solar Ultraviolet Imager aboard GOES-East on Dec. 15, 2019. We are now in Solar Cycle 25. Credit: NOAA.

Artist’s rendering of NOAA’s Space Weather Follow-On L-1 observatory. Credit: NOAA

Analysis determines we are in Solar Cycle 25

September 15, 2020 – The solar minimum between Solar Cycle 24 and 25 – the period when the sun is least active – happened in December 2019, when the 13-month smoothed sunspot number fell to 1.8, according to the Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel, co-chaired by NOAA and NASA. We are now in Solar Cycle 25 with peak sunspot activity expected in 2025, the panel said.

Solar Cycle 24 was average in length, at 11 years, and had the 4th-smallest intensity since regular record keeping began with Solar Cycle 1 in 1755. It was also the weakest cycle in 100 years. Solar maximum occurred in April 2014 with sunspots peaking at 114 for the solar cycle, well below average, which is 179.

Solar Cycle 24’s progression was unusual. The Sun’s Northern Hemisphere led the sunspot cycle, peaking over two years ahead of the Southern Hemisphere sunspot peak. This resulted in solar maximum having fewer sunspots than if the two hemispheres were in phase.

Solar Cycle 25
For the past eight months, activity on the sun has steadily increased, indicating we transitioned to Solar Cycle 25. Solar Cycle 25 is forecast to be a fairly weak cycle, the same strength as cycle 24. Solar maximum is expected in July 2025, with a peak of 115 sunspots.

“How quickly solar activity rises is an indicator on how strong the solar cycle will be,” said Doug Biesecker, Ph.D., panel co-chair and a solar physicist at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. “Although we’ve seen a steady increase in sunspot activity this year, it is slow.”

The panel has high confidence that Solar Cycle 25 will break the trend of weakening solar activity seen over the past four cycles. “We predict the decline in solar cycle amplitude, seen from cycles 21 through 24, has come to an end,” said Lisa Upton, Ph.D., panel co-chair and solar physicist with Space Systems Research Corp. “There is no indication we are approaching a Maunder-type minimum in solar activity.”


So solar activity is going to increase. That would go along with the end of the Mayan 26,000 year cycle on December 21, 2012 as well as commencing with solar maximum 10 years later in 2022.

The last solar cycle, 11+11 was 1999. The first half was solar minimum and we just finished the second half of it so we now enter solar maximum. 🧐. Pay attention but do not freak out.

Sunday Frequencies-Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle Arginine


It is the shamanic, geomantic way of acquiring knowledge and it is older than the human race which is only 1 million years old approximate. Shamanic, geomantic skills are at least as old as the earth, 14 BILLION years.

The Psi Bank are the Tones of Creation1-13-literally.

Cosmic Change and opportunity are the Hidden Wisdom today. Do you wish everything would stay the same and you can remain in your old habits and never grow? Earth will never be like that. We are an evolutionary decimal planet of constant change. The more humans try to control things the more dissonant the collective frequencies get. We’re supposed to flow with nature.

The Earth Frequencies are pushing us again to wake up. My patients were very emotionally negative about their families after the holiday. Maybe people are finally starting to deal with subconscious trauma instead of wallowing in addiction and self-destructive actions that make them sick 😫. Thus the continual clouds in MI. Our minds and feelings directly affect our bodies and the earth energies!

Updated at 1 pm EST
The Amplitudes are headed upward also.

3D Solar System to 4D Time

The 5gforce to ascend 3 and 4D spacetime, which is real as a holographic projection, is kin 65; Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. “I endure in order to survive. Transcending instinct I seal the store of life force with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of universal water. ” (Red 13 Moon)

This is a Stage VI Harmonic pulsing to the Modern World and current history. We are on the CA strand, past to present in the Z.O.T. The inverse HF is 7 with the Hidden Wisdom; White 13 Cosmic WB.

1Jupiter, 1Jupiter, 1Jupiter, 1asteroid belt, 13Mars. Arginine, Valine, Arginine, Serine, and Threonine.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance and spends about one year in each sign. With Jupiter in Aries, and especially in the beginning of this one-year period, there is fortunate opportunity for those who demonstrate leadership ability. This is a positive time for any self-directed activity, a time when everyone is more inclined to show courage. You can benefit by just taking a risk and being confident!

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, and we’re cheerful and open-hearted.
  • With retrograde Mercury trine Uranus today, creative ideas come readily. It can be a time to return to a recent plan or problem for further thought or insight. Conversations and musings can be unique, leading to new ideas and perspectives. We might seek out topics, news, and discussions that lift us above minor problems and free our thinking today.


Amino Acid Corner

Amino acids are proteins. Every one of your billion of cells is a type of protein with electromagnetic negative and positive charge. We are a little QI machine is a body spacesuit. The energy that makes you feel the way you do is SUBTLE. It’s your feelings and thoughts. Be mindful. Your body is picking it all up. Speak nicely to your body at all times and to yourself.

Today’s evolving amino acid is Arginine in sync with the other A.A.’s I named in the oracle.

This amino acid is a building block that helps create proteins. It stimulates the release of insulin and gets rid of ammonia. Most importantly, the body uses arginine to make nitric oxide. Children need arginine to help them grow and develop. In adults, it helps improves blood flow, heals wounds, and repair damaged tissue. The good news is that arginine is found in many foods, so it is easy to increase your intake when your body needs more.

ScR is up 11%

I’m so dizzy I can barely stand. The time on that rise is 1 am EST but we’re getting hit with something now. Probably the X class solar flare from yesterday per

No sun in Michigan for 3 weeks. I hope by now you have your consciousness attuned so you can feel the truth about earth changes in your body. You can rely on your own knowing.

The X-class solar flare today facing Earth DID affect us per the Schumann Resonance today. The scientists and talking heads continue to ignore the changes in the Psi Bank and the larger Cosmic Cycles. Follow the male hoarde with a cute face and a low, authoritative voice at your own risk. It’s mesmerizing isn’t it?

Frequency is 8
The Amplitude is 6 right now but going up to 18 on all 4 earth layers tonight.

We are still in the FULL MOON Cycle. Take care of brain, eyes, water, light. They also ignore the lunar cycles and astrology.

CHANCE OF FLARES TODAY: NOAA forecasters say there is a 20% chance of X-class solar flares today. If it happens, it will probably come from sunspot AR3182, now turning to tace Earth:

AR3182 has already produced X-class events on Jan. 3rd and Jan 6th, so another one would be in character. Of equal interest is sunspot AR3181, which has doubled in size in the past 24 hours and is now directly facing Earth. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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FULL WOLF MOON: There was a full Moon last night, and according to folklore it has a special name: The Wolf Moon. Dr. Tony Phillips watched it rise from the back of a dog sled in California’s Eastern Sierra:

“I forgot my headlamp at home,” he says. “No problem. The Wolf Moon provided all the illumination we needed. Watching the huskies’s moon shadows race across the snow was a magical experience.”

Younger Dryas – The Last Cataclysm on Earth

10,800 was the date of the last Apocalypse on earth. Geologists know that for a fact but they don’t apply it to much archeology or talk about it.

So in 180 years we hit the 13,000 year cycle point that WE know is correct. It’s not a 12,000 year cycle.

They believe a comet or comets started it which the ancients interpreted as a Serpent in the sky so that effigy is found all over the world.

12,800 years ago from today was when the world ice age began from Aquarius and Pisces Constellations.

So we’re looking at 2200 A.D., 180 years in the future for the next one, the time of our grandchildren when they will need to prepare ahead and build high tech underground living spaces to survive it. It’s not far off but in my opinion, not imminent in our lifetime. Nor did Graham Hancock say that. He did say Head’s Up! Absolutely go to my post yesterday on his Netflix documentary. It is fabulous. I learned most of this from him. He is Yellow 4 Warrior. The c+×÷= and the MSM scientists hate him. Feather in his cap!🥳🧐

Apparently, when it hits, it changes the planet in a matter of two weeks.

I’m Receiving a Channel Via Remote Viewing

This is an extension of what Michael, my fiance who died in 2016, came to me about yesterday. He was Red 1 Serpent and one of the good Reptilian fully in human form. But his physique was big, strong and smart like them.

He told me it was kind of fierce and conflictual in our sector but gave no specifics. I was eating lunch just now and saw it.

We are quickly embedding the future to present AC timeline into the cosmic web that switched over on October 5th, not long ago. In order to fully clean the past or the karma and the c%^&* out of our sector, along with the BS A.I. threat, Tiamat/Maldek’s Dreamspell holding the asteroid belt in orbit has to be swept away.

The GGLN and the Guardians want to do it but the Reptilians are concerned about what will happen to their minds since it is so heavily tied to the past and its mistakes with the planet blowing up plus Luciferian A.I. and the nanites in their bodies. A Dreamspell is A COLLECTIVE MINDSET around a planet with all of its memories and values and history. It is its magnetosphere just like 🌎. We are a collective, always. 🙏

It’s being adjudicated right now but the ICC and Orion group are threatening war over it, understandably. And…there are many Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin currently on earth who will also feel it. Actually all the RED TRIBES will. I feel it acutely being Red.

It’s hard to let go of our stormy past but humanity has to move forward. That asteroid belt needs to go, like a dead body sitting there too long! That dust needs to be blown away and buried.

But will it destabilize the OUTER PLANETS whose atmospheres already have the time disturbance affecting them. I post it on here often bc NASA keeps posting on it.

I don’t know. I feel this in my body.

This is what my Red Serpent Michael looked like. That man was fierce. Computer programmer and so into tech. Typical Maldekian. H1N1 took him.

The “triple alignment” makes world mapping history – Big Think

Earth Body 3D

This is 50 degrees N and 2 degrees W.

This is very close to the Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal where all evolving DNA information on the planet is uploaded to Galactic Center, NW of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic. I interpret this amazing alignment as a CALIBRATION of Earth to the Universal Circuits. We are no longer in quarantine because of toxic vibes. The c$%^& and A.I. are being thrown to the curb and kept out because that’s what the bulk of sentient DNA on the Planet wants. Blessed Be.

The time portal is 60 degrees N, 15 degrees W.

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