A Tzolkonic Description of the movement of the Sunspots in their Cyclical Periodicity

The Sunspots generate the auroras. The Psi Bank is monitored as emanations from Galactic Center, pulsed through Our Sun and then onto the 2 top layers of the Psi Bank (The Collective MIND of DNA) THAT IS THE TZOLKIN. Because of these cosmic cycles we can map the evolution of our DNA daily through the harmonic as the binary triplet configuration around the GAP kin, the Loom of Maya, our DNA from our mother’s that Is TIME, IS the EARTH, IS our bodies, IS the cosmos. Mind-Body-Spirit. Time is real because Mind is real.

Watch out for science media that says Time is an Illusion. They are saying that we don’t count and it’s dis-empowering. We totally count. They have an agenda and it’s not a good one. Mind, Spirit, Intention, and Feelings are LITERAL or you wouldn’t have a Body to knock around in. You created it with the cooperation of your parents because you intended it. Magic! Take care of yourself.

Among the Maya north of the equator the tool developed for recording the binary pulsation of the sunspots was the SACRED CALENDAR with its cycle of thirteen units repeated twenty time for a total of 260 days. (13:20) Sixteen of these Tzolkin cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one major binary sunspot cycle to complete itself.

I’m very sorry but no one else has this cycle timing correct. The Maya are at the top. I’ll just keep posting no matter what. Let the chips fall where they will.

The true nature of the Sun and Our Psi Bank According to the Maya. Map 30

As you look at the image on the right the pulse of the Tzolkin 4D harmonics to the 3D I Ching Hexagrams is;

  • Hx54-HF22 at the tropics
  • Hx12-HF52 at the tropics
  • Hx43-HF2 at the tropics
  • Hx21-HF53 at the tropics
  • Hx11-HF14 in the arctic North
  • Hx53-HF44 in the arctic North
  • Hx22-HF45 in the arctic South
  • Hx44-HF3 in the arctic South

I will include this dynamic on my daily posts as we hit the Harmonic and see what occurs psycho-culturally and in the biosphere.

“What is immediately striking is the the total movement of the sunspots as a perfect MIRROR of the COSMIC DYNAMIC, the binary crossover polarity pattern. Moving in binary pairs, beginning at the thirty-degree latitudes north and south of the solar equator, one spot is positively charged, the other negatively. Over a period that averages 11.3 years, these two binary spots slowly pulse inward until they meet at the solar equator. When this occurs there is a jump, the polarity is switched, and the spots, now in opposite place, begin their movement at thirty degrees north and south through another approximately 11.3 year cycle.

Though the complete cycle is about 22.6 years, it is at the 11.3 year crossover polarity points that the effects of the sunspots attain maximum effect in the earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere (as I post in the ScR reading daily). As the cycle runs its course, the outer radiation belt becomes saturated with negative solar electrons. Corresponding to the moment of crossover polarity, the over-saturated outer belt rains solar radiation down upon the earth. The most visible effect of this unique solar terrerrestrial synchronization is the manifestation of the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis in the vicinity of the north and south magnetic poles respectively.

Earth Ascending, page94-Map30

Translated into terrestrial terms, the 11.3 year sunspot cycle reversal represents a leap from the tropic/hieratic leaf to the arctic/shamanic zone. Psycho-culturally this event correspond to an infusion of shamanic AC currents into the temperate zones in exchange for a rush of hieratic CA current. Through such an exchange, amounting to a bio-psychic aurora, although it may go undetected, we do have resonant clues for where such occurrence might have been monitored and regulated in the earlier stage of history when knowledge through attunement was still a dominant mode.

The more I look at this and study it from all angles, it appears to me that the Source of OUR SUN are the Tzolkin TONES OF CREATION, 1-13. Light comes from sound. It’s a physics fact. The Sun’s light is powered by the Cosmic Tones. And what might the Source of Sound be?

Source is Galactic Center. Any science that does not express itself in a full understanding of COSMIC PATTERNS is not one to follow folks. We live in a Grand Universe, not just on a little planet with it’s little records over the past few hundred years in our little solar system.

The Maya left a record of Cosmic Cycles here and humans would be wise to listen to those of us who study it in this culture of fear-mongering and technology that can change the weather to their liking to manipulate us, and they do, for now.

Map 34 in Earth Ascending

I’m still researching rhis post. Do check back. I had to pack Christmas away today.

I can tell you that IChing Hx 16 and 17, 47-50 figure prominently in the Cosmic changes to earth per Jose in Earth Ascending. I have the harmonics they pulse on figured out so we can have a heads up.

  • Hexagram 16 pulses on HF58
  • Hexagram 17 pulses on HF51
  • Hexagram 47 pulses on HF21
  • Hexagram 48 pulses on HF13
  • Hexagram 49 pulses on HF35
  • Hexagram 50 pulses on HF7

On page 102 of Earth Ascending Jose says that evolutionary patterns in the Tzolkin are all about psychocultural transformation. History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing in the southern or lower template, what was oly suggested in the upper template.

“Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template–post-history–is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete.

Earth Ascending page 102

“In the context of modern theistic evolution, “hominization” refers to the theory that there was a point at which a population of hominids who had (or may have) evolved by a process of evolution acquired souls and thus (with their descendants) became fully human in theological terms.”

I find that definition wanting as one needs to define “a soul”, as though you have to be good enough or intelligent enough to have a soul.

Map 34

This is another depiction of Psi Bank by Jose, the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, the Van Allen belts, the Mind of Earth, the mind of Collective DNA. It is tracked by the Schumann Resonance every day on this blog.

If you look closely you’ll see the pattern is created by drawing lines that go from one hexagram to the other in numerical order in the magic square of 8. In that square, every line of hexagrams with their number, vertical and horizontal, add to 260.

He is showing us the radiosonic sound pattern created by the hexagrams in the earth and in our bodies which is one with our minds.

CORPUS Callosum is written in the center. What does your corpus callosum do in your brain?

The two hemispheres in your brain are connected by a thick bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum that ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.

It is OUR mind. The patterns are illuminated in the Chinese I Ching in 3D physical body, in the Mayan Tzolkin in 4D Time and in the 5D cosmic web which some call the Mind of God. We’re simply an idea in God’s Mind. All manifested DNA are just ideas in God’s Mind. Everything we see around d us is a projection of Mind and Time.

This was 2012-2013. The Sun’s Magnetic Field Flipped. Watch the Video.


The asteroid belt
Our local neighborhood. The asteroid belt isn’t in the picture. Denial

THE SUN, not earth, flips its magnetic field every 11 years. 11:11 represents the solar minimum and then the solar maximum which people in our community keep talking about. But the sun doesn’t go dark and flip the earth’s magnetic North every 22 years, or Solar Maximum. We’re supposedly at the end of a 13,000, 26,000-year cycle although the guys keep incorrectly saying 12,000 and 24,000. So where are we then? I go by The Tzolkin and the I Ching. The smartest people on the planet say that the Maya are the expert Time Keepers so end of discussion.

What is the correlation between the EARTH pole shift and the solar FLASH when the sun goes dark and Corey says we’re all going to die? It’s a good thing he’s not God.

2012 + 11 = 2023. This year should be interesting.

We’re in a spectral process harmonic. That must be why my brain is ruminating on this.

I’m Receiving a Channel Via Remote Viewing

This is an extension of what Michael, my fiance who died in 2016, came to me about yesterday. He was Red 1 Serpent and one of the good Reptilian fully in human form. But his physique was big, strong and smart like them.

He told me it was kind of fierce and conflictual in our sector but gave no specifics. I was eating lunch just now and saw it.

We are quickly embedding the future to present AC timeline into the cosmic web that switched over on October 5th, not long ago. In order to fully clean the past or the karma and the c%^&* out of our sector, along with the BS A.I. threat, Tiamat/Maldek’s Dreamspell holding the asteroid belt in orbit has to be swept away.

The GGLN and the Guardians want to do it but the Reptilians are concerned about what will happen to their minds since it is so heavily tied to the past and its mistakes with the planet blowing up plus Luciferian A.I. and the nanites in their bodies. A Dreamspell is A COLLECTIVE MINDSET around a planet with all of its memories and values and history. It is its magnetosphere just like 🌎. We are a collective, always. 🙏

It’s being adjudicated right now but the ICC and Orion group are threatening war over it, understandably. And…there are many Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin currently on earth who will also feel it. Actually all the RED TRIBES will. I feel it acutely being Red.

It’s hard to let go of our stormy past but humanity has to move forward. That asteroid belt needs to go, like a dead body sitting there too long! That dust needs to be blown away and buried.

But will it destabilize the OUTER PLANETS whose atmospheres already have the time disturbance affecting them. I post it on here often bc NASA keeps posting on it.

I don’t know. I feel this in my body.

This is what my Red Serpent Michael looked like. That man was fierce. Computer programmer and so into tech. Typical Maldekian. H1N1 took him.

The “triple alignment” makes world mapping history – Big Think

Earth Body 3D


This is 50 degrees N and 2 degrees W.

This is very close to the Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal where all evolving DNA information on the planet is uploaded to Galactic Center, NW of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic. I interpret this amazing alignment as a CALIBRATION of Earth to the Universal Circuits. We are no longer in quarantine because of toxic vibes. The c$%^& and A.I. are being thrown to the curb and kept out because that’s what the bulk of sentient DNA on the Planet wants. Blessed Be.

The time portal is 60 degrees N, 15 degrees W.

Set Your Intention on 11/11/22 at 11:11am Tomorrow, Friday.


You need to meditate in a quiet spot for a few minutes at the very least. This is 11:11:11:11 so the manifestation piece from 4 is important. I would use it on your body!

This can also be seen as 44 or 8. OR 22 + 6 = 28 because 2022 is also a 6. 11/11/2022 =10 which is also a 1. You can either add digits or numerals to see the different vibrations. 28 is also a 10 and a 1.

In 5D we have Red 8 Galactic Earth for further synchronicity with 3D 8 synchronicity.

In addition, because the 5D Mayan Oracle syncs exactly with the 3D I Ching, we have Hexagram 22 covering the region of the planet at 60 degrees south, 180 degrees west. This is located in the South Polar zone of ROOT transmission kin so MORE GROUNDING with intention with integrity to level up your personal synchronicity. It’s quadruple synchronicity tomorrow.

All 4 Mayan 4D Time portals in harmonic 45 intersect to inform 3D Earth Hx22 of the timeline status. If you look at Earth’s 4D Holon, they are Core, Signal, Gateway kin pulsing to South Polar zone Hx 22. Then at the end of the harmonic, they upload all of our info. to Galactic Center on none other than…YELLOW 11 Spectral Sun which is Monday. We seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the spectral tone of INTENTION. I’m tellin’ ya folks, do not squander this one. AND, we will immediately see shadow action and choices through mainstream media and politics right away to know who is on the beam and who is not.

The Tzolkin Harmomic is the Earth’s COSMIC CLOCK pulsing its truth in time to all DNA on earth whether they like it or not. We live in a DNA collective, the web of life.

I don’t advise you squander any mindset on emotional addiction, habitual focus on politics, T.V. MSM or social media. Those are all vibrational garbage. That’s a one way ticket off the planet if you don’t like taking responsibility for your own mindset and heartset.

The Earth Holon Moves One way in Space and Another way in Time-4D

I’m researching the earth holon and its cosmic movement and events from a Tzolkonic standpoint. Most people know by now that scientists, like religionists, are wrong about the nature of life, now, where we find ourselves. They’re functioning in the past most of the time.

In Earth Ascending, Jose calls it the geochronological flow. Meaning, earth and time flow together to evolve all DNA. Also, earth and time flowed together to create civilizations all over the world while having no contact with each other.

This is a symptom of living in a holonomic field and is low-level, 4D movement. The I Ching oracle regulates it with the DNA nucleotides that we see as a 6 line hexagram. We are not dealing with upper-density Tzolkin flow at this point.

We call it space-weather but it is much more than that, very potent, AND…our own thoughts and feelings as a collective have a direct contribution to the Psi Bank or the Earth’s mind/brain. Your mindset not only affects your own body and those around you but the earth and the local system in which we live holonomically.

I’m studying Section III of Earth Ascending if you have the book. It’s page 65.

This complex transformative life-form, humans, are uniquely endowed with self reflective consciousness that is ultimately a purposive development and conscious growth established in the simple but infinitely capable crossover dynamic of DNA. Thus we can begin to unravel the fabric of history in an orderly manner and show it to be, in all actuality, an organic function of the total planetary holonomic recollection process. (memory)

Earth Ascending, page 65

The story of the emergence of humans, the bio-psychic factor on this planet must be seen in the totality of the fields in which it occurs; the terrestrial/geomagnetic/gravitational/and the celestial/electromagnetic. In the context of the resonant field model, history is the process by which man transforms nature.

Then he speaks about the planetization of human consciousness. He says it takes us beyond history so that there will be a future.

I wonder if we’re now going past what Jose understood; remaining in a state of perpetual centeredness IN THE BODY, ON THE EARTH? The eternal now is neither past nor future. I think that may be the only way the planet will be administrated by us and A. I. banned forever. When we jump-start our consciousness we also affect the consciousness of Earth. On earth, human culture is ONE amidst thousands of different cultures from different countries. This is big unification point for the establishment of the eternal now.

When we speak of human culture we need to define what is a common need and common feeling among all humanity.

  • Water and food
  • Sanitation
  • Fresh air
  • Warmth or cooling for the body
  • Love and affection/sex
  • Friendship
  • Art and music
  • Time in nature
  • Some form of money, trade, or barter

These are basic yet can be a potent language between people who do not speak the same verbal language. Offering and sharing any of these items with those in need speaks volumes. It’s the common language of humanity. Better yet, teach them or help them build a system so they can do it on their own.

The Reverse, Backward Movement of the Harmonic in the Psi Bank

What you see above are 8 Tzolkin Harmonics, 4 facing up, 4 facing down but diagonal from each other. Look at the ones on the bottom. Red 1 Dragon, kin#1 is in the bottom right. If you turned it right side up it would look just like the top harmonics. This shows how they are processed through the Psi bank like computer code. This is from Earth Ascending page 149.

It’s a type of mirroring in synchronicity with today’s theme-plex; White 11 Spectral mirror. I started on this idea yesterday wondering about what was really happening with mRNA reverse transcriptase that Bruce Lipton was talking about in his video that I posted a few days ago. Listen to it again. He says that the DNA Dogma taught that the DNA only moved in one direction. That’s not the case once you understand mRNA reverse transcriptase and that speaks DIRECTLY to Tzolkonic Movement and current epigenetic claims of being able to program your own DNA by going backward. Or, as I’m suggesting in my book based on research, past to present or future to present AS TIME. Nobody knows that yet but us. Earth Ascending was written before anyone understood epigenetics; 1984.

You can see the backward movement in this image. The bottom four harmonics are upside down. That’s a #20 along the left side and #13 across the top; 20 tribes of time or 20 A.A. and 13 Tones of Creation.

I’m studying this in alignment with three locations on the ribosome of the double helix that is added to the A.A. sequence; A site, P site, and E site. Once the RNA picks a site it’s copied into the helicase BACKWARD as fast as a jet plane. It’s shown in a couple videos I have and I’ve posted it on here before. The scientists have seen the actual movement but they don’t know what causes it…of course.

Then it goes to the mysterious Kinetochore where eventually it’s turned into a chromosome and then a nuclear pore with a nuclear membrane that breaks apart. I’ve watched the process several times.

Back to the ribosome; it comes from the mRNA (messenger RNA which is being utilized by the CV2 vaccine makers to program our RNA with god knows what). The mRNA moves like a computer program through the ribosome, through a few more steps, until it’s turned into tRNA or transfer RNA.

What are the three types of mRNA?

  • mRNA (messenger RNA): Produced during transcription.
  • rRNA (ribosomal RNA): Together with proteins, composes the ribosome, the organelles that are the site of protein synthesis.
  • tRNA (transfer RNA): Brings the correct amino acid to the ribosome during translation.

Once again, it seems to me the Tzolkin Harmonic Theme-plex is the tRNA that brings the correct amino acid to the ribosome during translation. Of course all of this is in dynamic evolution though and is never exactly the same so that’s where the patterns I’ve observed come in such as the occult partner (your mother’s DNA) and the alpha and omega point placement. It’s not simple. In addition, the function of the G.A. P. kin are epic. That’s in the book as well.

I hate to tell the scientists this but none of it can be controlled. 98% of evolution is beyond any human or stellar species control. People experiment with it but I for one am not convinced that’s terribly wise. It depends on what they’re doing. Natural evolution is not the same, by far, as genetic experimentation on different species.

My point is, the reverse transcriptase happens through the mRNA whose action is in synchronicity with the movement of the harmonic in the Psi Bank or ELM Van Allen Belts around the earth.

13:20 Perception of Earth

First look at Jose’s perception of the earth and read what he has to say.

Pg. 39, Map 5 of Earth ASCENDING. Read the image on the right. The human body and our Minds, thought and emotions affect the earth. Our DNA is ONE with the Earth’s DNA. IMPORTANT! Our DNA is TIME as the EARTH’s DNA is TIME.

“The geomantic flowchart corresponds to the primary geomantic perception, heaven above, earth below, and man in between. As we have seen, these three designations correspond respectively to the electromagnetic, gravitational, and biopsychic fields of the primary resonant field model. The geomantic flowchart emphasize this three-part relationship as an organismic cycle revolving about the central axis which divides the model into two halves; man and weather.

As the two volatile variables between heaven and earth, man and the weather comprise a unique binary relationship, the mutual interaction of which has long been a recognized foundation of all systems of geomancy. More generally, the weather or left-hand side of the geomantic flowchart represents the total spectrum of the phenomenal world known to man, the so-called objective world. The right-hand side, representing the bio-psychic spectrum of internal and external sensations as well as all psychic impulses, corresponds to the so-called subjective world of mind. The totality of these two halves with all of their mutual correspondences, comprises the binary structure of nature and the holonomic model of knowing.

The facing model of a holonomic topocosm with evolved psi bank rings depicts a consciously harmonized planetary field structure, the primal model of which is represented by the geomantic flowchart. The horizontal rings represent the motions of the planet IN TIME–the gravitational field–while the vertical rings correspond to the cumulative articulations of the different psycho-cultural stages in the planet’s evolution toward a consciously harmonized condition. The lotus, from which emerges this planet with noosphere, to use de Chardin’s phrase, is the age-old symbol of purity and awakened intelligence.”-Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 38.

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