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Declassified Australian Government Documents on UFOs Deserve Everyone’s Attention —

The link to the FULL article is below.

“Yes folks, most of those abduction memories you’ve been having were Nazis from Antarctica trying to broaden their gene pool after a few too many decades of mating with uncles and cousins under the Antarctic ice. It seems their chins were getting too pointy, their faces too narrow, and autosomal recessive diseases too common, so they went sneaking out at night in triangular gravity propulsion vehicles to paralyze and mate with the rest of humanity. Rumor has it they were also getting tired of blond hair. Who knew that could happen?”

Declassified Australian Government Documents on UFOs Deserve Everyone’s Attention —

First Peer-reviewed Paper on UFO Materials

I’m not sure any of this is accurate or sincere. See what you think. Academia tends to hold up c!@#$ narrative.

Maybe he is a SPIN artist for the disclosure narrative to keep it in their control. I haven’t finished watching it yet but they are already admitting they care about what other people think. And there is plenty of male ego being thrown around. No intuition here. These people love their paycheck and reputation and spent their lives not taking risks.

It seems to me we’re too often unwilling to admit that UFOs could be both nuts-and-bolts machines from another planet AND ethereal paranormal things from another dimension, OR neither of these, but simply the least popular view: UFOs are machines created by humans on Earth (with or without non-human help), capable of altering human perceptions.

First Peer-reviewed Paper on UFO Materials

Michael Salla Interview of Clones and Black Navy Ops at Diego Garcia

Greys and Insectoid are acting nefarious…to be expected. Not all Insectoid E.T. are bad. Praying Mantis are not. The U.S. Navy has a black ops program that is involved with human trafficking.

He talks about the E.T. soul splitting technology that allows clones to be made. It reminds me of Voldemort’s borcruxes in Harry Potter. It’s ancient dark magic that our U.S. military uses; Luciferian.

Also remember that the ancient light magic is the mother protecting her child. That was in the movie also.

Mother’s can do soul retrieval for their child also since the child’s soul is one with her DNA in the Loom of the 13 Moons. They aren’t going to win as long as mother’s have children. It’s the unbreakable bond of the goddess. All life comes through the female from Galactic Center.

Ixcel, The Priestess of the Maldekian White Wizard tribe. White 3 Wizard is the Guide Power today for White 3 Dog.

What People Believe “UFOs” Are In 2023: Four Main Categories

Great article from Conscious Evolution.

I’m a Deep Diver as far as category. I’ve been researching and working with the Maya in meditation and otherwise for 33 years as quantum physics and intuition. I have written one book specifically pertaining to the Tzolkin and three others on other topics.

I have not had a current, direct experience with a UAP because I’ve asked not to. It wouldn’t phase me. I find humans to be odd enough. Psychic and healing work is extremely easy for me but I don’t really want any more special skills right now.

I came to earth to be immersed in human life and family and feel I’ve had many lifetimes doing cosmic work with many different galactic species and politics.

I’m interested in earth politics but want little to do with the current GGLN because of the Tiamat fiasco, allowing Jupiter and Saturn to institute 12:60 coordinates for GGLN reasons that I don’t 100% dispute. The timelines and all DNA species need to settle it themselves.

Corey Goode on a Fight for Timelines Between Reptilians-Insectoids and Higher Dimensional Beings Regarding Spiritual Ascension or Technological Ascension


Newest YT upload from Corey!

‘Ascension Chronicles: Spheres of Influence’ Graphic Novel Pre-Sales @ A Galactic Temporal War Between Advanced and Ethnically Diverse ETs play on Earth leading up to a solar event that locks in a set timeline.

A young boy is brought into A Secret Space Program and ends up serving a role similar to the story of Enoch as he meets with advanced Extra-Terrestrials and Higher Dimensional Beings who are battling over timelines in a Galactic conflict with Reptillian and Insectoid Races that worship an Artificial Intelligence God. It is a battle between a ‘spiritual ascension’ and a ‘technological ascension’ that is playing out in multiple timelines and realities. Join in on the Metaphysical MATRIX story based on the real-life testimony of Corey Goode.

List of Humanoids; E.T. Some Live on Earth

Source is the Extraterrestrial Species Almanac by Craig Campobasso

The Human E.T., who look human for the most part are:

  • Agarthan
  • Altarian
  • Andromedan
  • Angelic Corp
  • Antarians
  • Anunnaki-Very bad humans influenced by the Draco and A.I. (Some Red Serpent kin)
  • Apunians
  • Arcturians
  • Arians (I am an Aries). Blood type B
  • Cassiopeians
  • Ceitans
  • Celestials
  • Clarions (I am partly as a Red Skywalker)
  • Clones
  • Created Beings (Valiant Thor)
  • Cyclops (Does not look human)
  • Cygnus Alphans
  • Digital Immortals (they are human from the Mira system but are hairless and sexless)
  • Eridaneans
  • The Guardians (They’ve been on earth for 30 million years)
  • Itipurians (Interesting kin. I think many young people are this kin, new to the planet)
  • Klermers
  • Koldashans
  • The Lady of Light (Mother Mary and many other names)
  • Lyrans (I suspect Uranus kin came from Lyra so Red Earth~White Wind)
  • The Melchizedeks
  • Men in Black (Unknown origin and not good. They may be a hybrid but have human in them)
  • Original Human Orions. They aligned with the Draco before they turned to the dark side. Then their magic turned into the dark arts with them. Long story. Star Wars.)
  • Alcyone Pleiadians
  • Pleiadians
  • Renegade Pleiadians (Very bad, but human)
  • Procyonans
  • Proxima Centaurians
  • Sagittarians; Jupiter, so Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle kin)
  • Blue Sirians
  • Human Sirians
  • Titan Sirians-very powerful evolved humans
  • Solar Light Beings
  • Soulzars
  • Super angels
  • Synthetics-Biological, A.I. with an evil twist. Nevertheless, biological
  • Ummites
  • Vegans-Blood type A or A recessive
  • Venusians
  • Watchers

Which one are you? They have pictures. Get the book.

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