NASA is wrong or lying when that organization says there is no evidence that ET has reached Earth.

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NASA is wrong or lying when that organization says there is no evidence that ET has reached Earth.

This analysis of metal spheres formed during the break-up and melting of an Interstellar Orion-type ET Probe (Brandenburg’s interpretation of evidence) containing a nuclear-powered energy source did not brake as it entered Earth’s atmosphere in 2014. NORAD tracked it and said it travelled much faster than a meteorite flying at terminal velocity.  It apparently broke up and melted one KM above the Pacific Ocean. The Navy successfully put down a magnetic dredge to pick up metal fragments, which were analyzed by a government lab and shared with Avi Loeb, who shared the analysis with John Brandenburg.

John has published a paper (in press) on that analysis and notes the metal sphere was challenging due to its Aluminum, Titanium, Iron, and Beryllium composition. The alloy resembled the technology used in spacecraft and aircraft landing gear.  The sphere also contained Uranium, Thorium, and Lithium, indicating the presence of a non-natural nuclear reactor.  Due to the absence of Nickel (Iron meteorites typically contain significant amounts of Nickel), and Iron isotopes not found in our Solar System, this metal has been linked to a high-tech spacecraft or probe coming to Earth to possibly inspect our planet for intelligent life.

This is a very big discovery, more important than Oumuamua.  NASA can no longer claim that evidence for ET has not reached Earth.


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Dr Jack Sarfatti: Conscious Drones, Trump indictment, Ukraine, Nuclear War and Post Quantum Physics

The Great Race: Physics, Paranormal, Time Travel, UFOs

I do not have time to try to decode this. What is the bottom line on Brandenburg’s allegations?

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Dear Colleagues, here is what was published this morning

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John Brandenburg

Mainstream UAP Disclosures – Reality VS Our UFO Religions & Entertainmen…

This is really important, up to date info from Corey on what’s coming next with David Grusch testimony and 30 more whistleblowers.

The caution is not to spin it into your own narrative to agree with your social group. I see this constantly with humans. They don’t care about facts as much as they do fitting into their group.

I’m sure it applies to my info, too. Most people don’t trust themselves. They keep listening to others first, and it creates a huge mess.

UAP Hearing in Congress Today

You need to listen to all of this. Be advised, this is DISCLOSURE from within the system, within the government, secretive for 100 years, controlled for profit by Ufology people on Xcorp who cooperate with anyone in government or corporate and always partial truth. Greer and Salla fall into this group.

Corey Goode is an insider, grassroots, and in Earth ALLIANCE. These military guys have been on the front line for 75 years or more, whistleblowing, giving the details in the thousands, telling the full truth, and it’s all documented. Veterans are never respected by our government. They are collateral damage. I hang with Earth Alliance.

Bill Wood, Navy Asset to Top Secret White Hats-Project Looking Glass

February 25, 2021, is the date on this.

Bob is Red 7 Resonant Skywalker

As you get further into the video he talks about convergence of timelines on Mayan predicted date Dec. 21, 2012. That’s us folks. We know all about it. I was working on this project.

It doesn’t sound to me like they understand the Harmonic Index movement at all because they follow current science. They use no intuition. Just listen for yourself. Bill starts at 12:30

The link works at bitcbute no matter what it says on the tab.

Alaskan Volcano eruption draws ET helpers to the area

Probably stabilizing the White Dog time portal.

Corey Goode’s comments on David Grusch Whistleblower

It’s good. As I said earlier, when Grusch first came out, none of what he said was new. Corey and David’s whistleblowers came out 10 years before and told us this and more.

Grusch was a disclosure staged Hollywood deal prepped for Congress. The narrative being to keep the negative view of ET and a war going that is false and unnecessary.

Keep in mind, and tell your friends, there is a big difference between the Earth Alliance who are the White Hats, not fake, not Hollywood, not pandering to politics, not c_)(*. They are thousands of whistleblowers over the years who are mostly military and they tell the truth.

The c+_)( tends to be Ufology folks, they tend to be on TwitterX, trying to push something or psyop something for the government to manipulate the masses regarding UFO/ET.

Real Disclosure

“Top 25 Alien Encounters: UFO Case Files Exposed”

I just rented it on Amazon Prime. It was very straightforward, a documentary of cases that have not been talked about.

Nixon took his friend actor Jackie Gleason to a classified area and showed him a ship and alien bodies.

Walter Cronkite witnessed a UFO shut down a missile being tested, as I’ve said on here, is the policy now.

A highly documented case in Brazil

And more…

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office

There is a Twitter hashtag #ufotwitter citing AARO as an office of the U.S. Defense Dept.; the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

It seems anachronistic to me but maybe it will go forward.

What We Know About the Flying Objects Shot Down Over North America

We’re not going back to the way it was. We are not going back.”

Harry Petsanis, Yellow 10 Seed on the phone yesterday.

Look at the map. Which time portals are these folks? White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human diagonal LINE, the HF that we’re in right now that pulses to HF33.

  • 60°N–165°E White Dog Portal
  • 30°N–150°W Blue Monkey Portal
  • Equator–105°West Yellow Human Portal

These are 4D TIME PORTALS, not 3D, but the Chinese are the source of the I CHING through Fu Xi. They understand time to some extent but probably not like our U.S. military or the Germans in particular. They are all cooperating, I believe.

They are trying to disrupt our Helpers from securing the new time spiral THAT IS IN OUR FAVOR.

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