U.S. Space Force General Warns Space, the Final Frontier, Is First Theater of 21st Century Combat


This is disclosure on Red 2 Polar Dragon. Synchronicity. There aren’t just satellites out there and everyone knows it. The Orion Groups still bother.

We’re guided by the power of Space; Red Skywalker.

The 18,000-member United States Space Command, a unified all-service command under the Department of Defense (DOD), and the 8,600-member United States Space Force, the eighth U.S. military branch established in December 2019, are the nation’s space-keepers.

Space Command and Space Force are charged with ensuring the security of global satellite communications, “space domain awareness,” offensive and defensive “space control effects,” and digital positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services that are all critical for military command-and-control operations in outer space and on Earth.

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The United States is spearheading a global attempt “to establish norms of responsible behavior” to guide how nations conduct business in space, he said, noting the DOD has published a proposed ‘Tenets of Space Behavior’ and the United States has signed onto the seven-nation Coalition Space Operations Initiative that recognizes “we have to behave a certain way if we want a safe, sustainable space domain.”

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They conduct business in space! That’s the ICC supposedly based on Jupiter in the interior. You never hear Biden or Dems talking about Space Force because he is c@$%^ and in league with the ICC against Earth Alliance.

This also sounds like a delineation of the Earth Alliance which includes all countries EXCEPT Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t have allies in those countries. Trump made nice with Putin and N. Korea and broke tradition because the TRUE enemy is the ICC, The International Corporate Conglomerate overseen by the GGLN. The U.S. c×÷=/ are in their pocket. Unless you are an insider it’s hard to know friends from enemies.

House Passes Bill to Prohibit Collusion Between Federal Government, Big Tech to Censor Lawful Speech


We have to have a law to enforce the law. God Bless America. And who is Big Tech? 320 tech and aerospace companies beholden to the ICC only it’s a BIG SECRET that no one would believe. More congresspeople do know about stellar species and who is in charge “out there”.

Real Disclosure

“Top 25 Alien Encounters: UFO Case Files Exposed”

I just rented it on Amazon Prime. It was very straightforward, a documentary of cases that have not been talked about.

Nixon took his friend actor Jackie Gleason to a classified area and showed him a ship and alien bodies.

Walter Cronkite witnessed a UFO shut down a missile being tested, as I’ve said on here, is the policy now.

A highly documented case in Brazil

And more…

Intuitive Categories

Blue Avian and Anshar
A Tall White
Supposedly these guys run the planet; The Raptors. That’s not the sports team but it makes you wonder if the people that named the sports team have some intel! Imagine one talking to you. I can, but, ya know, I’m different. Reptiles are more nurturing than mammals. Just sayin’ We descended from them.

Ichanged the name of category E.T. or Extra Terrestrials to Stellar Species because according to The Cosmic Secret documentary, that’s what they prefer to be called. If you think about it, how would you like to be called Extra Human. You are human, not “extra” and you are from the region called Michigan and your name is… So I should be called Lisa from Grand Rapids, MI. Then I put my right hand in the air like all good Michiganders because we are the mitten state and point to the pinky side of my hand. “I am here.” LOL.

They are also from a stellar region, like a state or planet and their name is… As Corey Goode said, they’re just people and most of them look like us. AND, many of them live here on this terrestrial planet either among us or underground or in a mountain. It’s their home too so they aren’t “extra” on earth. Many of them got here before we did!

There is STELLAR SPECIES a main category and stellar species under DISCLOSURE main heading.

Ascension is Just Evolution Which is Nature

I just watched The Cosmic Secret again. There were pieces I missed.

We need to chill with the end of the cycle. Apocalypse means the great revealing. We are all children of God. Any secrets that have been withheld will come forward.

I feel we need to REMAIN in our community of choice where we feel safe and loved. Be ethical in your community. Be a Lightworker wherever you are. Get training if you need to BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, honor yourself, and see each person as a child of God.

I know I post on gender inequity a lot and I believe there are a few men out there who can deal with their feelings and be connected to their soul, I just haven’t met one yet. But I do believe they are out there.

In my holistic practice, I can’t help the fact that the women who come in have suffered, been punched, been disrespected and used, and more, and my work and example as an independent single woman give them hope. I don’t need a man…for anything. It’s up to each woman to stand on her own feet and refuse to be victimized by the patriarchal system. Same for the men. It’s the same system oppressing all of humanity. I see that.

I’ve also had male patients who were vets or hurt in work accidents or were hurt in prison! This is a rough planet and my patients all have stories. I minister to each one of them equally, for 23 years now. Everyone gets Reiki. Everyone can feel it. It’s real.

Do take a look at this movie again. It’s fascinating how our perception can change in 4 years. I think it’s dated 2019!

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says Aliens Prevented A Nuclear War On Earth | IFLScience

Please read the article first.


The last paragraph of this is pretty insulting to Edgar Mitchell. What are ya gonna do with short-sighted, indolent 3D clenchers who probably believe the earth is flat and the universe uninhabited because it can’t sink into into their pea brain?

But a bazillion high-ranking scientists come out in the last 3 years against masking, mRNA vaccines, and lockdowns, and were CORRECT, but because it didn’t fit most people’s social agenda or social calendar they hauled off and wailed on those of us that were more intelligent and don’t get a kick out of the specter of millions of people dying from big pharma greed and government corruption from an mRNA vaccine.

Beast mode.

Edgar Mitchell was correct, told the truth, and deserves an apology from the writer and respect. People who are wrong, weak, and scared are not going to hijack the truth on Earth any longer. Take a flying leap, for the sake of humanity and the cosmic web. Writer Jonathon Callaghan, you owe Edgar Mitchell a public apology.

The stellar species are shutting down nukes and our astronauts tell the truth whether anyone likes it or not. End of story.

Oh look, there’s a stellar person behind her! Wait, YouTube edits that kind of thing out because it isn’t scientific.

All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office

There is a Twitter hashtag #ufotwitter citing AARO as an office of the U.S. Defense Dept.; the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office.


It seems anachronistic to me but maybe it will go forward.


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