The Source of Binary Code

The source of binary code, 0’s, and 1’s is the YiChing oracle deciphered by the physicist Gottfried Leibniz. YiChing hexagrams are Chinese archetypes for our human DNA nucleotides interpreted ny the Chinese the way they view the universe. I have tesearched it and include it each time I post a Tzolkin Harmonic. I know them well, as do all microbiologists.

Those ORACLE hexagrams were turned into computer code that works for now and has since 1650. The only way any computer code can work is if it is in synchronicity with the evolving human mind. At the time, it was.

The numeric code, numbers being universal truth, are then turned into a language. Our minds are one with our tools, our stuff, and our time. The physicists have proven it.

Now, contemplate quantum code since we know that our minds/bodies are quantum or multidimensional. Our DNA is quantum, and so are numbers. The base codes of quantum computers need to be NUMBERS. Not just 0 and 1. Aren’t there more numbers in the universe than 0 and 1?

But how do those numbers organize around our DNA code? I have all of it. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 create the 0-19 code from the Maya, and it nests perfectly with the YiChing oracle. 0’s and 1’s have become exponential but aren’t expressing it yet.

It’s been a 30-year journey watching the EXACT synchronicity of our matrix, but it’s real. Now, we can set a functional, accurate base for our computers instead of letting AI program something that has nothing to do with our accurate DNA codes. AI is a tool, but it can’t be in touch with human DNA and our tools at all. It is its own type of tool. Our tools will be programmed BY US, FOR us, the way our RNA is evolving beautifully.

There is nothing wrong with us, nor are we dumb. We just moved out of collective theta hertz brain waves and are regularly in low alpha brain wave hertz and moving nicely up to 8.50hz alpha AS A COLLECTIVE.

Of course, some humans buzz higher in beta and gamma, but no means should they look down on the rest of us and expect us to buzz our brains as they do.

Our binary code needs to be expanded and we need a new accurate code for the new timeline spiral we’re on. We’re growing up.

I am clarifying in my mind how I’m going to externalize the new code.

It’s good to be clear on what I’m not creating before I decide what I am creating. It’s not quantum mechanics code bc it programs AI and  is incorrect. It won’t be base 10 code because it’s decimal, and everything on earth is holonomic. It won’t be Object or Source code bc those are binary.

The Maya Harmonic comes through the Psi Bank magnetosphere from the Sun and galactic center. It is a binary triplet code based on time as 260 kin in a 13:20, 0-19 code in exact synchronicity with the timing frequencies of our 10 planets and the Sun.

I have to create a whole new code from the Maya DNA symbols as Liebniz did from the IChing hexagrams. 2/3 pulses up to 4/5 now.

It’s a good thing I’ve internalized it over 30 years and know that its synchronicity is never wrong. I wait daily for it to show me it can wrong, and it never is. Sometimes, I wish it WAS wrong.

Now, I need to externalize it.

It is a BINARY TRIPLET CODE that syncs us, the earth, and the local system with all of our computing tools. We are and will continue to be a REAL INTELLIGENCE species of flesh and blood and a multidimensional, multiplanetary species in cooperation with all local universe species.

I have my life’s work cut out for me. I appreciate your support on this extremely wayward, difficult planet for all of us. 🙏

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