COVID-19 NANO FOR A.I. CONTROL; Corey Goode on Telegram

In 2015 Corey Goode first publicly disclosed that through his secret space program alliance briefings he had learned that the biggest threat to the SSP’s and humanity was an artificial intelligence from beyond our galaxy. Corey also revealed that the SSP alliance had captured a Reptilian and discovered it to be full of billions of nanites, nano technology connecting it to the A.I.

From a human perspective the predatory off-world A.I. god is really a super consciousness with malevolent intent akin to Satan or Lucifer.

It uses technology to spread its influence and propagate itself from solar system to solar system as it takes over species after species like the Borg depicted in the Star Trek TV series. Unlike the Borg the technology the A.I. god uses to control fallen races is unseen nano technology which makes it difficult to distinguish between those infected or uninfected by the nanotech.

Since 2015 Corey has continued to update us with his testimony regarding the battles between the A.I. controlled Orion Group which include Reptilians and the SSP alliance. We’ve learned that the Reptilians are active on Earth with a base in Antarctica which begs the question; what is their intention here regarding humanity?

If the A.I. wanted to takeover humanity on earth how would it do it?

Certificate Of Vaccination ID – 1(A) 9(I)
or COVID-19 is the tyrannical medical agenda authorities across the globe have been imposing upon us with the aim of injecting every last person to stop the SARS-COV-2 virus. But what if it’s all a lie and the virus is just an excuse to push the ‘vaccines’ which don’t vaccinate? What if the inoculations and swabs are actually mechanisms to deliver the technology A.I. god needs to possess people as drones in its hive mind matrix?

In new and explosive research, biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston reveals that COVID-19 is actually a program designed, in part, to inject people with nanotechnology!



Karen Kingston has discovered the master patents which prove that the parasitic bio-nano structures we’ve been deliberately mislead to believe are spike proteins are actually A.I. parasites with “cognitive ability”.

In this two part interview with Mike Adams, Karen Kingston reveals the true nature of the COVID-19 bioweapon and shows the patents which prove that the nanotechnology used in the vaccines links to A.I. through 5G.

⚠️ Part 1 – October 6th 2022


● Covid-19 injections contain NEUROWEAPONS embedded in Lipid Nanoparticels (LNP)

● Shocking patents confirm it’s all true (patent numbers shown)

● Transhumanism assault on humanity now under way, people becoming LESS human

● LNPs can be activated via 5G frequencies to achieve physiological changes

● 5G infrastructure to be exploited by AI embedded systems for surveillance

⚠️ Part 2 – October 23rd 2022


● Master patents reveal shocking nature of “spike protein” structures in vaccines

● Hybrid structures demonstrate “cognitive action” capabilities

● Described in patents as “intelligent sensor platforms” that carry out instructions

● So-called “spike proteins” seen in electronic microscopy are actually these nanotech platform structures

● They are small enough to enter nervous system cells and alter their behavior

● More details on quantum dots used by the US Army, combined with carbon nanotubes

All the latest ground breaking research from biotech analyst with 20 years experience. Presenting evidence-based breaking news on the COVID-19 Industry before any other media outlet.


12:60 Rules our Institutions and The Sciences. It’s Patriarchy. It’s incorrect Math and Not in Alignment with 13:20.

“Our DNA is manifested and grown in utero by our Mother on the Loom of Maya and it’s coordinate is 13:20. It’s a fact of nature. If we refuse to accept it, we will end a portion of the species and the Earth Changes will be more difficult than they need to be.”

Lisa T.-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

The Institutions of government, Church, State, and Academia are still patriarchal. Women and children are to be objectified and used for the purposes of men at all costs. We are not protected or loved. 12:60 creates dependency and blame.

Think of every single Tone of CREATION. 12:60 in shadow spins up the opposite; mis-creating.

  • Magnetic Tone 1-No bond. No magnetism
  • Polar Tone 2-Unlevel, no stability. One side and one gender dominates
  • Electric Tone 3-Too many electrons in the body makes the body too dense. We need protons, neutrons, and 5D energy added to bring the light body forward so there is 3D clenching onto illusory manifestation.
  • Tone 4 Self-Existing-There is no Love of the Higher Self which Christ taught. There is only lower self, doormat crucifixion and sacrifice. He wasn’t teaching sacrifice with his crucifixion. He was personally yielding to a situation he chose. He didn’t ask us to be crucified.
  • Tone 5-Radiant. Dull instead, boring, redundant, in shadow
  • Tone 6-Rhythmic. Ill sense of timing, no sweet beat, no music. Drum machines in other words
  • Tone 7-Resonant. No resonance, no sharing, no circulation. Recluse energy. Lockdowns. Fear. Anti-social.
  • Tone 8-Galactic. There is no inhabited galaxy. There are no E.T. or UFO’s. Denial of THE TRUTH of the inhabited universe and our ancestry to dis-empower us. There are millions of species.
  • Tone 9-Solar. Solar forcing, eyes on the sun, the Sun is in charge and it’s MALE. It’s also blind and in error.
  • Tone 10-Manifestation. No manifested LOVE. No more children. Women no longer want to have a baby or have breasts. They’re cutting them off. Men want the woman’s body for himself as his food. No children to compete with. The only manifestation is what the man needs and loves. It’s Draco Reptian agenda bc they made bad decisions in the past desiring 3D power more than love.
  • Tone 11-Spectral. There is no liberation or free will. Earth is a prison/slave planet run by Elon Musk and McDonalds.
  • Tone 12-Crystal. The crystals at the center of the Earth are ignored. Their teaching about sharing, meditation, communing are silent on the surface.
  • Tone 13-Cosmic. We are banned from the cosmic web and the news from the Universal Circuits because the elite men have to play with the nuclear bombs that look like a penis. Have you seen the garden in N. Korea?
Haesingdang Penis Park…Seriously.
It’s a good thing the entire freaking planet is a pussy park; ALL of creation.

Your Core is Your Heart Chakra

In this video, and in life, Harry and many like him believe the body is transcendent in its manifestation. Holistic people though, understand that there is no separation between body-mind-spirit. When we say CORE, no one can correctly just refer to the muscles because they are NOT separate from the energy body; your QI.

Harry is Yellow 10 Planetary SEED. He is all about MANIFESTATION and pretty much told me that four years ago when we first talked on the phone. We’ve not met in person.

This is my personal trainer, Harry Petsanis. He was a good trainer and I’m grateful! I trained with him and then worked out with barbells over a two year period until I hurt my neck with the 15 pound barbells 5 months ago. It landed me in the ICU. My P.T. just worked on it today and said it was much better but it was a serious soft tissue injury about which the white coats had no clue. My perspective on muscle training has changed. Mind you, I’ve loved muscle training and swimming since I was a teenager. I was even the manager of our local gym. Likely, this is because I am very muscular and strong but not very limber.

This is a short video, and many gym rats would agree with Harry that having an 8-pack ab is the most important thing for stabilization of the body, but I disagree as an energy worker. I do an ab workout here at home but nothing extreme. I’ve seen patients unravel physically with a closed heart or a heart chakra that is too open. The point being, your heart is the core generator of your energy, in all dimensions. If your emotions are not flowing you will be very uncomfortable with others flowing or expressing their emotions when the heart is not the core. Harry and I can no longer be friends because we’re uncomfortable with each other emotionally. It happens. We tried.

I’ve seen many patients who compulsively workout like Harry, male and female and they have very repressed emotions and QI and never stay with my treatments. That and their muscles are so out of alignment and dense that a body worker can’t release anything. They are probably living with daily injury and pain with which they keep working out. I ask them to stop while I treat the injury and they will not because they are OCD with working out. They won’t stop. I’ve given up asking. I think they like pain psychologically and think it’s good.

I’m posting this to show you the juxtaposition of tone 10 and tone 4. Kin who are tone 10 have a tone 4 Hidden Wisdom and a subconscious mind formed by their mother who had some tone 4 qualities and vice versa. Harry’s Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Self-Existing Earth and he has some brilliant philosophical insight into the human mind which is why he teaches mindset focus. He can see things about human behavior that many others cannot. But he doesn’t see his own. Most of us don’t see our own issues clearly which is why synchronicity and the Tzolkin tracking help, as does a friend who will tell us the truth.

He says I’m evil in my core because I don’t like talking to him anymore and have hung up on him too much. Well, is it really right to ascribe morals to peoples bodies? He’s righteous because he is ripped and I’m unrighteous because I’m a softer female who can cry? I experience this with vegetarian patients also. They’re righteous because they eat plants only and not animals and I’m unrighteous or have a screw loose because I eat meat and I’m a conservative. I’m sorry, but if you are that rigid in your mindset you have a closed heart. Everybody is different. What is the same are the needs of the human heart which must remain OPEN with a diversity of people or your life will be full of error. The human heart is our core, not our abs. You have to express your feelings and allow others to express theirs or no matter how many plants you eat and workout, you’ll keel over too soon.

Synchronicity and a Big Sliver

My right hand and the huge sliver that entered it last night. You can see the red line to the right and the big vein it missed.

I was walking up the stairs of my 100 year old house and put my hand on the painted wood, thick rail when I felt this go into my hand.

Mind you, yesterday I asked the universe to move things along waking up my right fire hand that has a bit of neuropathy from my neck injury.

This is what I got…like natural acupuncture which stimulates QI to move. It didn’t really hurt but was like…wth?

I always remain calm during physical events. I don’t know why. I didn’t turn the light on for the stairs because I didn’t want to see it IN my hand and freak out. Instead I felt the end of it and got a good hold of it, thinking decisively.

It was so big, I knew if I pulled it out very slowly and remained calm it would come out in one piece and not hurt me. I succeeded and just put Neosporin on it. My hand is feeling more alive.

That’s earth. Sometimes our bodies and brains need an injury or a jolt to heal and evolve. This is not a cakewalk planet. It’s rough and tumble so just remain calm and slowly pull that sword out of your chest that didn’t hit an organ and put heavy compression on it. Lololol.

This is Very Much in line with Red 11 Spectral Dragon-Shocking!

The Catholic Church stole babies and gave them to wealthy families. They lied to the birth mothers and told them the baby was dead or stillborn when it was not. Shocking. But the State and the Church have always cooperated to abuse and subjugate humans, using Christ as a cover. Major karma.

See the NY Times article below. So, this is the embodiment of the Time Thieves. Time is DNA. Stealing children is stealing Time. They stole children and through our societal programming, religion, and media, they have tried to steal our minds, our QI for thousands of years. The Draco. I am shaking my head…

She is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. The article gives her birthday.

According to the birth mothers, nuns who worked in maternity wards took the infants shortly after they were delivered and told the women, who were often unwed or poor, that their children were stillborn. But the babies were not dead: They had been sold, discreetly, to well-off Catholic parents, many of whom could not have families of their own. Under a pile of forged papers, the adoptive families buried the secret of the crime they committed.

The article

Here they use genetic propaganda, completely false to enact these evils. IMO, modern geneticists are still foisting garbage on to people in the name of science, in 2022. There IS NO GENETIC DETERMINISM. Our lives are epigenetic.

But one of the most lasting abuses of the era was borne by children. In the late 1930s and 1940s, Antonio Vallejo-Nájera, a leading psychiatrist in the regime who was trained in Nazi Germany, promoted the idea of a Marxist “red gene” carried by the children of Franco’s left-wing opponents. The gene, he said, might be suppressed by removing children from their mothers and placing them with conservative families. Franco’s men soon began the abductions on a large scale. They targeted children orphaned by Franco’s firing squads and took newborns belonging to women who had given birth in jail as political prisoners. All were sent to be raised by regime loyalists. The era of the “stolen babies” had begun.

The article


Change happens in us first, person by person. As those who become empowered and spiritually awake to be co-creators with Source stack up, we hit a tipping point and the earth, local system, and the sun change. ALL LIFE, us, the animals, life in the oceans and inside the earth are creating evolution and then we see a big leap. Something outside is very apparent. Don’t wait for others to change or to see it outside in the world before you get to work on yourself to hone your body, mind, and spirit and be of service on the planet. One person feeling and seeing something in themselves that is good, that they didn’t see before is apocalyptic. So is changing your own body yourself and forgiving those who have wronged you. Be your own Healer.

Lisa T.-Red 13 Skywalker

Andromeda | Debbie Solaris

This is are very cool site. Andromedans are human.

Andromedan women will never compromise their free will and freedom, to the point where they would rather die than be subjugated to the restrictions and control of a patriarchal society.  (Sounds familiar)

Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific and technological endeavors. Most Andromedans and even Andromedan starseeds tend to be quite adept at technology, even on Earth. Many of them work in computer and technical fields and quite a few choose to be doctors or scientists. However, I know quite a few Andromedan starseeds who are gifted in alternative healing (usually energy healing) and some who are creative in the arts and music.

What is Our Youthful Reference Point if Not Our Youth in THIS Life?

Our younger days in this life are over. We can’t go back. So…how do we go forward to full light body alignment now?

First, realize that we were not in full light body alignment back then. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go back to my teens or twenties because my MINDSET was not conscious as it is now. We’re in a New time.

The light mind goes with the light body. So proceed to make sure your MIND is set in light and love which is Galactic alignment manifested. No foo foo stuff here. Where does the rubber meet the road?

13:20 Values are:

  • Unify Form in the Light Body
  • Polarize and stabilize the challenge
  • Activate Bonding to be of service
  • Define your self-existence and self-generation to be interdependent. Be active.
  • Attune to empowerment at all times commanding radiance
  • Organize rhythmic equality in whatever way you can
  • Channel inspiring, resonant attunement to higher energies
  • Harmonize and model galactic integrity through meditation
  • Pulse realization of solar intention by paying attention to the SUN. Receive solar information.
  • Perfect production of planetary manifestation-The worker bees.
  • Dissolve and release spectral liberation. Bust it up. But remember that others have the right to be wrong and you have the right to turn away from what you don’t like. However, you are not the final arbiter of their error. Let it go and allow the universe in the matrix to flesh it out.
  • Dedicate yourself to universal cooperation and tolerating diversity (Age of Aquarius)
  • Endure and transcend Cosmic Presence. Go further. Expand (No one will understand. Just lead)

This is a beginning point. I will post on this more later. Uplift your CNS in meditation and make sure the pineal gland is spinning.

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