3D-4D-5D. THEY ARE ONE. This is easy. They are one and the dimensions are ONE. Quantum physics and holistic health are saying the same thing.

Earth-time-eternity. All one. We are in the flesh which IS time, which is eternal. The eternal moment is now and now never ends. That’s why time is said to fly. As soon as you think of the past moment or the next future moment you are still in now. Now never ends!! We talk about yesterday and tomorrow but they never actually leave or arrive. It’s an illusion.

Now is eternal, time is eternal, mind is eternal, the body is eternal and it’s all that way Now. Rest in it. Forgive yourself and everyone their error. This life is a dualistic mirage. Chill, breathe and love your body. It is sacred. Everything you learn in the body you cannot learn if you give it up to death.

I’m Receiving a Channel Via Remote Viewing

This is an extension of what Michael, my fiance who died in 2016, came to me about yesterday. He was Red 1 Serpent and one of the good Reptilian fully in human form. But his physique was big, strong and smart like them.

He told me it was kind of fierce and conflictual in our sector but gave no specifics. I was eating lunch just now and saw it.

We are quickly embedding the future to present AC timeline into the cosmic web that switched over on October 5th, not long ago. In order to fully clean the past or the karma and the c%^&* out of our sector, along with the BS A.I. threat, Tiamat/Maldek’s Dreamspell holding the asteroid belt in orbit has to be swept away.

The GGLN and the Guardians want to do it but the Reptilians are concerned about what will happen to their minds since it is so heavily tied to the past and its mistakes with the planet blowing up plus Luciferian A.I. and the nanites in their bodies. A Dreamspell is A COLLECTIVE MINDSET around a planet with all of its memories and values and history. It is its magnetosphere just like 🌎. We are a collective, always. 🙏

It’s being adjudicated right now but the ICC and Orion group are threatening war over it, understandably. And…there are many Red Serpent and Red Dragon kin currently on earth who will also feel it. Actually all the RED TRIBES will. I feel it acutely being Red.

It’s hard to let go of our stormy past but humanity has to move forward. That asteroid belt needs to go, like a dead body sitting there too long! That dust needs to be blown away and buried.

But will it destabilize the OUTER PLANETS whose atmospheres already have the time disturbance affecting them. I post it on here often bc NASA keeps posting on it.

I don’t know. I feel this in my body.

This is what my Red Serpent Michael looked like. That man was fierce. Computer programmer and so into tech. Typical Maldekian. H1N1 took him.

The White Coats Have Given Over Their Healing Power to The State

The bill would put physicians at risk of losing their licenses and being charged with unprofessional conduct for asking questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and recommending alternative treatments.

The article

Since when is the healing power of the light body governed by “licenses” from the state and their uneducated opinion on a healers conduct when they don’t know the first thing about it?

They are politicians. They are the lowest life form on the planet and at every turn show their obecense to shadow, money, illusion, abuse of power and A.I. Since when do they have a relationship with the Universe or believe in any of it?

They believe in USING the human body, not helping it and this is where the white coat alignment with state and the black market health insurance industry, because of THEIR OWN GREED, has hijacked the human mind and body.

Do the angels really compromise with the devil? Can A.I. really co exist with nature? We all keep compromising to see if they save their own souls before they destroy ours. Why?

11/11/22 is Coming up Next Week. It is Four Elevens, not just Two. HF33 Will Become Unhacked! Implicate Order Will Come Through

It is unbelievable synchronicity that the governing 3D I Ching hexagram for this 5D Tzolkin harmonic is 22; Grace. It is a week from today on Friday. You heard it here first. Please share this with your friends and send them to this site. Look at the link below. This Hx is also about Love seeded by the White Dog Wavespell. More synchronicity. Please read all the info. in the link about the trigram.

Also, be mindful of the fact that while the trigram pulses on a section of Earth for 4 days it also controls one amino acid nucleotide in our DNA. It’s not like the Tzolkin day that evolves 5 pieces of tRNA each day in 5D to total 20 evolutionary pulses at the end of the harmonic…in your light body. It controls your ELM energy, your natural electrons/protons that make you visible because you intended to manifest for this adventure. Your mother wove you in her womb. It’s sacred. The Loom of Maya is magic.

11/11 and the 5th Dimension

The number 11 also grants us access to the 5th dimension, where time and space are constraints that don’t exist. On 11/11, we experience 5D energy in the form of synchronicity, alignment, and acceleration. You might experience that “right place at the right time” kind of feeling – the reassurance from realms beyond (but they are right here-Lisa T.) that you’re on the right path and everything you’re seeking is seeking you in return. When 11/11 comes around, pay attention and actively tap into the 5th dimension.

The article

11/11/22 will bring 11:11 11:11, quadruple 11:11 manifestation and magic. Note that in the Tzolkin we have 3:11:11:11 in HF3 as Blue 11 Monkey 🐒, our visionary Jose’s gateway. But this day coming up is more.

11/11 is a day that’s incredibly potent for manifestation – one of the most powerful of the year. It’s a day when we’re reminded that our guides are always near, supporting us on the path to our deepest desires and dreams.

The article
Red 8 Galactic Earth phenylalanine on 11/11/22. RED EARTH IS SYNCHRONICITY AND 8 IS DOUBLE MANIFESTATION.

In the tarot, the number 1 corresponds with The Magician, a card representing creation, beginnings, willpower, and leadership. The Magician uses all of his tools – both physical and spiritual – to manifest his dreams. He corresponds with Mercury, the messenger of the gods, and makes things happen in divine timing. The number 11 is The Magician’s power doubled, and it symbolizes manifestation – our dreams coming into physical reality.

The article

Next week it’s going to be quadrupled! Use it wisely, in light, truth, and integrity.

Jose says we’re Electromagnetic CAPACITORS on the planet

Indeed, we’re full of electricity. When I use my battery charged Acupen on patients, I have to have my hand on their body and hold the pen with the other hand to complete the circuit. If I take my hand off their body, the electricity stops. The Chinese know all this and have for over 10,000 years. Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Acupen therapy and Chinese herbs are the best. Don’t tell the white coats we’re more than just a body. It might harsh their Pharma buzz. To be fair, they just aren’t trained very well in the actual way the body works.


  1. a device used to store an electric charge, consisting of one or more pairs of conductors separated by an insulator.

This explains our collective impact on the Schumann Resonance. When they say they’re measuring lightning strikes all over the planet, they are measuring all the ELM energy on the planet. All DNA INTERNALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY creates ELM, electromagnetic energy as QI. We create enough in our own bodies to power a light bulb, at least, but instead we are using it ourselves instead of giving it to a light bulb. So is all of creation. The noosphere is the Psi Bank.

Manifesto for the Noosphere (excerpt)

We are the capacitators of the noosphere, the diffuse mental field around the planet, whether we know it or not. 

Like the “dreamtime” known to our aboriginal ancestors, the noosphere is the collective unconscious impelled into conscious awareness by the crucible of history. The super-subtle telepathic medium in which we live — whether knowingly or not — and which orchestrates the whole of our reality is the noosphere. Throughout our history, human beings acted as agents of the noosphere, bringing about this epochal transition but without awareness of this process or the consciousness that our tribal and individual actions would eventually lead to a new state of collective planetary wholeness. Humanity is now going through its final preparation to enter, as a harmonized collective, into this new conscious dreamtime.

In speaking of it as an entry into a new dreamtime, we are casting the Noosphere into the psycho-mythic framework of a planetary emergence myth. In such myths of the Hopi, the people are warned and given signs to take action in preparation for the wiping away of the old world and emergence into the new creation of the next world. This concept is applicable to the Noosphere as a planetary rite of passage. From the Hopi perspective, such a change is the emergence from the fourth into the fifth world, and in the Aztec-Mexican mythos, from the fifth sun of change into the sixth sun of consciousness.

As the medium through which a galactic order of evolutionary intelligence interacts with and ultimately transforms the material processes and organic expressions of the Earth, the noosphere is not restricted to a limited rationality or a linear either/or meaning. Instead, once we align with the noosphere, we will perceive and know radially. We will experience everything as multiple sets of correspondences that link everything to everything else in a synchronically harmonized multidimensional universe.

Opening to the noosphere, we avail ourselves of the thinking layers of cosmic civilization. The highly advanced telepathic intelligence communicated through the noosphere resonates different dimensions of meaning according to daily codes of synchronicity; the most fundamental of these is encoded as the 13-moon/28-day calendar. Synchronized being and simultaneous knowing are the chief qualities and characteristics of the shift into the noospheric phase of evolution.

This new system of knowing and consciousness channeled through the noosphere will provide the basis of an advanced knowledge and a psycho-technology making use of our psychic capabilities. This knowledge will displace all the separatist fictions that now bind us to an ongoing conflict of self and nature. In 2012, we initiate the new paradigm of synchronization; in 2013 and beyond, we access the Noosphere to implement a transformation of the Earth. This phase of implementation begins the epoch of the Noosphere, the long-awaited “mind shift.”

The shift into a noospheric state of being represents a collective focusing and unification of human consciousness hitherto undreamed. Synchronizing ourselves in ever-greater circles of harmony, we will become a new species — Homo noosphericus. Creative peace will be inherent in our new self-perception and developing awareness of the universe in which we find ourselves. The problems we face today will dissolve in the light of a consciousness operating according to a unified planetary program. Spiritually interconnected and acting with a truly planetary and galactic perspective, we will dance to the greater rhythms of the cosmic Supermind. Art will become our way of life.”

Manifesto for the Noosphere is not only a work of genius but a vital guide to making the shift from the biosphere to the noosphere, the next stage in the evolution of Earth consciousness. Argüelles integrates the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, and the Mayans with Russia scientists’ “cosmism,” looking at issues of planetary and universal evolution as a function of the emergence of “living intellectual matter,” synchronized by cosmic mind. This is a work of immense importance and encouragement for us all.”
—Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

JOSÉ ARGÜELLES (1939–2011),  was the founder of Planet Art Network and the Foundation for the Law of Time.  He held a Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago and taught at numerous colleges, including Princeton University, the University of California, Davis, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Evergreen State College. José was the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987 and he gained international acclaim that same year with his book The Mayan Factor, which introduced the concept of a transformative 2012 to the mass consciousness. He was the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.

In 2009 José convened the First Noosphere World Forum, a series of synchronized bioregional congresses, and won the Nicholas Roerich Peace Medallion in 2010, the highest award of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace, Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations for lifetime effort in promoting peace through culture. He was an honorary member of the Club of Budapest.

Your Core is Your Heart Chakra

In this video, and in life, Harry and many like him believe the body is transcendent in its manifestation. Holistic people though, understand that there is no separation between body-mind-spirit. When we say CORE, no one can correctly just refer to the muscles because they are NOT separate from the energy body; your QI.

Harry is Yellow 10 Planetary SEED. He is all about MANIFESTATION and pretty much told me that four years ago when we first talked on the phone. We’ve not met in person.

This is my personal trainer, Harry Petsanis. He was a good trainer and I’m grateful! I trained with him and then worked out with barbells over a two year period until I hurt my neck with the 15 pound barbells 5 months ago. It landed me in the ICU. My P.T. just worked on it today and said it was much better but it was a serious soft tissue injury about which the white coats had no clue. My perspective on muscle training has changed. Mind you, I’ve loved muscle training and swimming since I was a teenager. I was even the manager of our local gym. Likely, this is because I am very muscular and strong but not very limber.

This is a short video, and many gym rats would agree with Harry that having an 8-pack ab is the most important thing for stabilization of the body, but I disagree as an energy worker. I do an ab workout here at home but nothing extreme. I’ve seen patients unravel physically with a closed heart or a heart chakra that is too open. The point being, your heart is the core generator of your energy, in all dimensions. If your emotions are not flowing you will be very uncomfortable with others flowing or expressing their emotions when the heart is not the core. Harry and I can no longer be friends because we’re uncomfortable with each other emotionally. It happens. We tried.

I’ve seen many patients who compulsively workout like Harry, male and female and they have very repressed emotions and QI and never stay with my treatments. That and their muscles are so out of alignment and dense that a body worker can’t release anything. They are probably living with daily injury and pain with which they keep working out. I ask them to stop while I treat the injury and they will not because they are OCD with working out. They won’t stop. I’ve given up asking. I think they like pain psychologically and think it’s good.

I’m posting this to show you the juxtaposition of tone 10 and tone 4. Kin who are tone 10 have a tone 4 Hidden Wisdom and a subconscious mind formed by their mother who had some tone 4 qualities and vice versa. Harry’s Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Self-Existing Earth and he has some brilliant philosophical insight into the human mind which is why he teaches mindset focus. He can see things about human behavior that many others cannot. But he doesn’t see his own. Most of us don’t see our own issues clearly which is why synchronicity and the Tzolkin tracking help, as does a friend who will tell us the truth.

He says I’m evil in my core because I don’t like talking to him anymore and have hung up on him too much. Well, is it really right to ascribe morals to peoples bodies? He’s righteous because he is ripped and I’m unrighteous because I’m a softer female who can cry? I experience this with vegetarian patients also. They’re righteous because they eat plants only and not animals and I’m unrighteous or have a screw loose because I eat meat and I’m a conservative. I’m sorry, but if you are that rigid in your mindset you have a closed heart. Everybody is different. What is the same are the needs of the human heart which must remain OPEN with a diversity of people or your life will be full of error. The human heart is our core, not our abs. You have to express your feelings and allow others to express theirs or no matter how many plants you eat and workout, you’ll keel over too soon.

Andromeda | Debbie Solaris

This is are very cool site. Andromedans are human.

Andromedan women will never compromise their free will and freedom, to the point where they would rather die than be subjugated to the restrictions and control of a patriarchal society.  (Sounds familiar)

Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific and technological endeavors. Most Andromedans and even Andromedan starseeds tend to be quite adept at technology, even on Earth. Many of them work in computer and technical fields and quite a few choose to be doctors or scientists. However, I know quite a few Andromedan starseeds who are gifted in alternative healing (usually energy healing) and some who are creative in the arts and music.

What is Our Youthful Reference Point if Not Our Youth in THIS Life?

Our younger days in this life are over. We can’t go back. So…how do we go forward to full light body alignment now?

First, realize that we were not in full light body alignment back then. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go back to my teens or twenties because my MINDSET was not conscious as it is now. We’re in a New time.

The light mind goes with the light body. So proceed to make sure your MIND is set in light and love which is Galactic alignment manifested. No foo foo stuff here. Where does the rubber meet the road?

13:20 Values are:

  • Unify Form in the Light Body
  • Polarize and stabilize the challenge
  • Activate Bonding to be of service
  • Define your self-existence and self-generation to be interdependent. Be active.
  • Attune to empowerment at all times commanding radiance
  • Organize rhythmic equality in whatever way you can
  • Channel inspiring, resonant attunement to higher energies
  • Harmonize and model galactic integrity through meditation
  • Pulse realization of solar intention by paying attention to the SUN. Receive solar information.
  • Perfect production of planetary manifestation-The worker bees.
  • Dissolve and release spectral liberation. Bust it up. But remember that others have the right to be wrong and you have the right to turn away from what you don’t like. However, you are not the final arbiter of their error. Let it go and allow the universe in the matrix to flesh it out.
  • Dedicate yourself to universal cooperation and tolerating diversity (Age of Aquarius)
  • Endure and transcend Cosmic Presence. Go further. Expand (No one will understand. Just lead)

This is a beginning point. I will post on this more later. Uplift your CNS in meditation and make sure the pineal gland is spinning.

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