5D, 4D, and 3D BODY

The light body

You may notice I’m delineating more on the daily post what is pulsing in Spirit, Mind, and Body, which functions as ONE in unity at the same time. Some of what I post may be heady, but when it comes to the body and your consciousness, there is nothing complicated about it.

3D pulsing is illuminated in astrology as fire, earth, air, and water, the 10 planets, and the 4 directions. Then those aspects have relationships to each other such as sextile, squared, trine, conjunct and so forth based on geometry, also very 3D. Astrology is one with astronomy, but scientists don’t tend to believe in consciousness, feelings, or empowerment. Scientists tend to be like bankers; 3D clenchers with talisman and time is money reductionism. This is the conscious mind that keeps people locked in money, sex, security, and stuff. It tends to manifest at the low back and down to the feet.

Astrologers are tuned in, esoteric, intuitive, psychic, and pretty cool. I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve studied it all my life and dig astronomy. They also lean to psychology with cultural bias, IMO. Most astrologers aren’t eccentric artists. They are very down to earth and are not generally intellectuals.

4D is the focus on this blog obviously, Time is DNA and the Mayan Oracle, and all of my work merged with the IChing oracle. The 4D body is well known by Reiki and Lightworkers. We’ve been around as long as astrologers, thousands of years, but the Mayan Oracle via Jose Arguelles dates to 1990. My perspective is very new, and most don’t get it. The Tzolkin illuminates the etheric body as the light aura emitted by the body as time like the Psi Bank is the auroras emitted as the mind of the earth as time. They are the same colors as well as the 52-day cycles, the tribes which are the amino acids that evolve as manifested DNA, the colors of the 🌈 and the auroras. This is the subconscious mind and is focused in the 2nd chakra as feelings.

The 4D Etheric time body is feelings based on ruminating about the past or the future, the 2 strands of the DNA in your trillion cells. It literally manifests your 3D body and everything that goes on IN IT, your health. Obviously, you are the only one in charge of what you silently think and feel all day unless you watch TV continually. Then the T.V. is literally programming your TIME which is your Body, which is your perspective on your past and your future. People get sick and die because of those habitual negative feelings gs at the bottom of the chart. I start at 250 and go up, never down.

5D is the CNS or brain and spine in the body but goes out through the crown chakra. It is the Axis of the Eternal Present or Timelessness and tunes you in to your Astral Body. This is where you are when you are asleep. It is the unconscious mind. When I tune into it it begins a natural rocking motion or lightly spinning motion in the body. It’s not difficult. I just close my eyes and focus on my pineal gland and it spins. If it’s not open you can have a practitioner help you open it. Sometimes that thing is like a disco ball if the frequencies of the earth are off the charts. Then you have to lay down and get a grip. Your pineal gland in the mid brain is a star gate. You can use it to remote view or do wakeful dreaming but you must do it with your own intention or it’s like walking out your front door without doing a protective mudra. Anyone off the street can try to get in your etheric space, like having the news on. The other problem is a parent or relative that has died, that you were very emotionally tied to, and you haven’t let go of them. That is an entity attachment and not healthy at all. It’s one thing to have a passed on friend visit for five minutes but they should not be around all the time or they are interfering with your destiny and time in the body. It will make you ill. Tell them to go! A Reiki Master can help also. But disembodied people are no different than embodied people. Tell them to leave you alone and by universal law they have to leave you alone.

The colors mix. They aren’t just one layer. The body is ONE whole so your first chakra can run gold if you are consciously running it. And your crown can run red if you’re very angry or have to physically defend yourself.

The Chakras of the Etheric Body are the Light Emanations of 4D TIME

The colors of the tribes of time and the 52-day cycles, red, white, blue, yellow, and (green) are the colors of the chakras. They are also the colors of the aurora lights on the light spectrum.

From a Tzolkin perspective,

  • White kin are refiners and are in affinity with the crown chakra and spirituality.
  • Blue kin are transformers and resonate and communicate at the 5th chakra
  • White kin also resonate at the heart chakra (White Dog) and green light of the auroras.
  • Yellow kin resonate at the solar plexus 3rd chakra and are ripeners or energy and power.
  • The Red kin take care of the 2nd and 1st chakra with passion, feelings, motherhood, the home, sex, THE BODY and we lead and assert our physical presence very well. As we know, the red kin can be overwhelming (Dragon, Serpent, Moon, Skywalker, and Earth). We motivate people to get moving and get their bodies aligned with the Earth. We have to in order to evolve and survive. Real intelligence comes through THE FEET!

All of this are time emanations. Do you see how they are literal coming through the body as a capacitor?

Chakras above the head are white and silver, 3rd eye is violent blue, voice chakra is blue, heart chakra is green, solar plexus is yellow/gold, sacral chakra is orange and 1st chakra is red

Any bodyworker or Reiki practitioner that reads the vibe or frequency of the chakras will tell you it’s literal but at a different frequency. Some see the colors, some get symbols, and some read the feelings. I never see auras because I don’t want to. They change too fast depending on your mood. And they’ve become too new-age novel “read my aura for me” stuff.

People need a full-body session that’s truthful, even though they might get scared and run out of the office because the Lightworker can see their secrets. But we say it with Love, and we’re working with Source or Christ, at least I do. We are like a confessor which in our culture is like a priest or a counselor but I don’t counsel and I certainly don’t portend to absolve people of sin. OMG. After what I saw in the Catholic Church I don’t recommend that.

People are very repressed because of our fake, programmed culture and need to be able to say their truth and let it resonate at the 5th voice chakra, Tone 7 to be empowered! No institution in this culture is behind human empowerment. They use you to make a buck. Lightworkers don’t encourage dependency but self-generation by Source in you. For Lightworkers, this is a spiritual ministry and we are on the front lines.

The etheric body as time IS LIGHT EMANATIONS, like the auroras of Earth which are the light body, chakra emanations of Earth’s body as the Psi Bank which is the Tzolkin, which is time, which is ONE WITH DNA! Clear as mud?

Just ruminate on a 🌈 around your body that is time. Light is time. The earth revolving around the Sun and the clock is not time. Throw it out. It is the old Newtonian idea. It’s 12:60 cataclym thought forms from THE PAST or CA timeline.

We are quantum beings emanating to the upper densities at once with our manifested bodies. Proof? Psychics, Lightworkers who can tune right into your vibe and see who you are and tell you even though we’ve never met you. There are millions of us and we are not evil witches called by superstitious indolent folks stuck in the Victorian past or religion. We are lovers (full of love, not lust), happy, healthy, and full of mirth.

I hope you find one in your area. We are here to help individuals transition who want to during a difficult time on our planet.

Literally Folks…Back From the Dead

This is a nightmare. Don’t let them bury you for at least 5 days after you’re pronounced dead because you may not be.

He saw his ex-girlfriends.🤣 I almost fell off the couch laughing. I wonder who would greet me? There are quite a few over there from my life.

This is a very cool story.


Map 34 in Earth Ascending

I’m still researching rhis post. Do check back. I had to pack Christmas away today.

I can tell you that IChing Hx 16 and 17, 47-50 figure prominently in the Cosmic changes to earth per Jose in Earth Ascending. I have the harmonics they pulse on figured out so we can have a heads up.

  • Hexagram 16 pulses on HF58
  • Hexagram 17 pulses on HF51
  • Hexagram 47 pulses on HF21
  • Hexagram 48 pulses on HF13
  • Hexagram 49 pulses on HF35
  • Hexagram 50 pulses on HF7

On page 102 of Earth Ascending Jose says that evolutionary patterns in the Tzolkin are all about psychocultural transformation. History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing in the southern or lower template, what was oly suggested in the upper template.

“Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template–post-history–is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete.

Earth Ascending page 102

“In the context of modern theistic evolution, “hominization” refers to the theory that there was a point at which a population of hominids who had (or may have) evolved by a process of evolution acquired souls and thus (with their descendants) became fully human in theological terms.”

I find that definition wanting as one needs to define “a soul”, as though you have to be good enough or intelligent enough to have a soul.

Map 34

This is another depiction of Psi Bank by Jose, the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, the Van Allen belts, the Mind of Earth, the mind of Collective DNA. It is tracked by the Schumann Resonance every day on this blog.

If you look closely you’ll see the pattern is created by drawing lines that go from one hexagram to the other in numerical order in the magic square of 8. In that square, every line of hexagrams with their number, vertical and horizontal, add to 260.

He is showing us the radiosonic sound pattern created by the hexagrams in the earth and in our bodies which is one with our minds.

CORPUS Callosum is written in the center. What does your corpus callosum do in your brain?

The two hemispheres in your brain are connected by a thick bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum that ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.

It is OUR mind. The patterns are illuminated in the Chinese I Ching in 3D physical body, in the Mayan Tzolkin in 4D Time and in the 5D cosmic web which some call the Mind of God. We’re simply an idea in God’s Mind. All manifested DNA are just ideas in God’s Mind. Everything we see around d us is a projection of Mind and Time.

We All Have to Use Both Legs and feet to Walk But Not Both Arms and Hands For All Activities

I was just meditating before bed (Friday night) and was told that in order to activate the axis of the eternal present, the brain and spinal cord QI that will lead to physical timelessness, we all need to raise the frequency of the upper body above the navel.

When we were kids no one tried to train us to use one leg more than the other leg. We walk with both evenly all the time. That’s why we’re so earth, sex, money clenched. We’re constantly taking in earth energy through our feet.

But we have 4 limbs, not two and we are heavily manipulated to write with ONE hand, usually the right. And not all kids are taught to type or play the piano. If teachers encouraged kids to use both hands to write and draw and in ALL activities, our species would up-level quickly.

The hindrance is that due to our machine focused world and the way we’ve engineered houses, cars, offices, etc. it makes our upper body and brains imbalanced. They are right handed biased.

Whatever the prevailing science is on making people right handed and not ambidextrous is incorrect and unheathy for the evolutionary empowerment of the human species because we need to balance our brains.

Who might push the right-handed narrative? All of our institutions and the media who are currently trying pushing A.I. and trying to turn us into a machine planet.

We also need to use our digestive organs less which means eating less food. The energy the body spends preparing, digesting and eliminating food is too excessive for a lightbody. It causes aging. Eating causes aging!

If we want to ascend past pigs, cows and dogs we need to not only be two-legged standing upright but eating less food, using all four limbs equally and self-generating (tone 4) more inner light.

Friday Frequencies-We’re at a Standstill in Order to Survive. It Feels Like We’re Frozen. Weird Vibe.

We don’t need much food. Running high lightbody energy which I do, I only eat when my brain says I have to. It starts to glitch if I don’t. I don’t have stomach hunger signal and if I do it’s easy to ignore by drinking water.

I’m a brainiac and the brain burns most of our calories. Google it. That’s why I eat. People who don’t think much really need little food and if you do eat, you’ll gain.

There is an odd balance for each individual that is based on metabolism, size of your body, and lifestyle. These boxes about calories, weight, carbs and protein aren’t one size fits all. It’s maddening.

We enter a new HF 52 today, Cosmic Store; Remember the elegance of presence. Ehat does that mean in this harmonic in stagnation in physical. It’s really bugging me today and Red 10 Skywalker is guiding which is manifested SPACE. I want to figure out my body. We all need to! I’m obsessed with my body being what I want it to be yet honor It’s evolution with humanity, which is sacred. Our ancestry is common and the anatomy of our bodies unifies us in a most beautiful 😍 way. But our lightbody is individual.

This is I Ching 12; Standstill/Stagnation; DNA nucleotide TGA a Stop Codon. It is also an OMEGA (end) point by the time we hit the end of the harmonic at Yellow 13 Cosmic Star.


ScR is 7

DNA Frequency

Red 10 Serpent Serine~White 10 Wizard Lysine, Red 10 Skywalker Glutamine, Blue 10 Eagle Arginine, Yellow 4 Warrior Histidine (Graham Hancock synchronicity today)

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle, kin 95.

“I define in order to create. Measuring mind, I seal the output of vision with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of magic. I am a polar kin. I convert the blue galactic spectrum.”

This kin is Bill Evans and Morton Lauridsen, two of the most brilliant musicians to walk the planet in our era.

The 3D Hexagram is the Equator–270 degrees East (90 degrees West as the planet curves)-close to the Yellow Human Time Portal near Galapagos Island.

The 4D Time Portal is 60 degrees N–75 degrees E in Northern Russia

Solar System Frequencies

Out solar.system planets are in the middle between the amino acid tribes they mediate. Memorize this image. The right side is feminine the left side male. This is also our body.

Maldek asteroid belt is our mediating planet today.

All Zodiac Signs
  • A Venus-Jupiter square this morning can exaggerate or expand our affections, and this state of mind can lead to overdoing and overstating our feelings. However, if we keep this in check, it can be helpful for entertaining new ideas and approaches related to pleasure, money, and love. Because this aspect forms in the final degree of the signs, it’s particularly important to watch for snap decision-making in these areas.
  • Tonight, Venus enters Capricorn for a stay until January 2nd. During this time, we are more likely to form connections with people who support our ambitions. We value enduring relationships, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously and could take our time warming up to others.
  • The Moon enters Cancer early today and is warm, encompassing, and protective.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:15 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Cancer at 2:50 AM EST.

From cafeastrology.com


3D-4D-5D. THEY ARE ONE. This is easy. They are one and the dimensions are ONE. Quantum physics and holistic health are saying the same thing.

Earth-time-eternity. All one. We are in the flesh which IS time, which is eternal. The eternal moment is now and now never ends. That’s why time is said to fly. As soon as you think of the past moment or the next future moment you are still in now. Now never ends!! We talk about yesterday and tomorrow but they never actually leave or arrive. It’s an illusion.

Now is eternal, time is eternal, mind is eternal, the body is eternal and it’s all that way Now. Rest in it. Forgive yourself and everyone their error. This life is a dualistic mirage. Chill, breathe and love your body. It is sacred. Everything you learn in the body you cannot learn if you give it up to death.

History is = (equal to) The Earth, as A Day is = a Person (DNA)

If you read what Jose said in my previous post you will start to infer it. Once again, he never actually said it and no one has actually said what I’ve said; “Time is DNA”. And then I show why in my book.

It should change the face of physics and healthcare. Think about it. Ultimately, timelessness is the reality in the body once you realize the dimensions are ONE. Quantum physics already knows this. Then why isn’t it part of our groupthink? Greed. Planned obsolescence of humans. Many industries need us to die to make a buck.

If time is one, and it is, then we are one unified whole and timeless as well. That’s why J.C. could literally say, “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”. Tell that to the white coats who say things like, “You damaged your organs. You can’t heal.” so they keep selling you their snake oil Rx. Well, the Holy Spirit or Great Spirit, or Mother Spirit or God, are eternal and timeless. If it is in us, then so are we. The ancients have said that forever.

Don’t overthink it. Just accept that you are A LIGHTBODY with flesh and I’ll accept it too. We’re all working on it. You’ll feel yourself once you meditate and spend time alone. Forget what others think. They’re on the road to death and illness and accept it as natural. Wrong. Talk about a destructive groupthink.

It’s only on earth. No other species in the universe believes or lives that. It’s the toxic compression of earth in the time warp, religion and state, money garbage. Free yourself. Breathe.

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