The Nature of the Van Allen Belts

I posted on this yesterday, and I want to make sure you understand that the Schumann Resonance readings are from the Van Allen Belts.

The existence and phenomenon of the belts are not hypothetical. They are proven fact. NASA sent up probes 10 years ago, and I posted the videos yesterday on what they found.

It’s pretty interesting that, similar to the proven E.T. phenom, this is a controlled narrative, so they can shape it according to their desired programming.

The ScR shows that there are four layers to the belts, not three.

FI-The top line-Today, right now at 3:40pm EST it’s is 8.26hz

F2-The 2nd line from the top, right now it is 14.20Hz

F3-The 3rd line from the top, right now it is 20.04Hz

F4-The 4th line from the top, right now it is 25.90Hz

I believe the top line is the line closest to the earth picking up the collective hertz level of our collective DNA mind. So it’s good at the moment. We’re humming at 8.26Hz.

Their observations are incomplete because the belts have to be Red, White, Blue, and Yellow in that order. The inner belt should be the Central 52-day cycle or GREEN.

If you look at the videos, the INNER BELT or the top one of the Schumann Resonance is Red at 1000-8000 miles above the earth. That makes sense. Red comes first.

Then they are missing or not seeing the White, Blue, and Yellow Belts which would be layers 2, 3, and 4 or they are in a different order on the video. At least to colors are the right colors.

It looks like the outer belt at 12-25,000 miles is Blue which would be our transforming tribes. There could be another yellow one even higher out that the Van Allen Probes aren’t detecting.

As these flow over one another they create time, the harmonic, the auroras and our daily movement.

Note that the further we get from earth, which would be a flux between Yellow ripening kin and the Green Central Core, the one that stands still and doesn’t move which they say on the video, the hertz level goes way up. Those hertz levels in 20-25 hertz are Beta brain hertz. So, as you look at all four layers of the magnetosphere, these are VERY THERAPEUTIC brain wave levels that are being sustained by us and for us. The bulk of 8 billion people on earth right now are finally, DAILY in alpha brain wave hertz. We will be there until we hit 12.00hz BETA. I’ve said on here already that AI should not be a tool until our brain waves are higher. I said 10hz before and now I feel 12.00 is safer.

There are already a few humans who are ripe for crucifixion by the theta and alpha folks who run Beta and Gamma and are trying to help humanity. It’s usually a lost or tragic duty but we are generally here inventing things that can be used later and hated on right now when the bulk or humans are smarter. So be it.

30–80 Hz

The gamma rhythm, a relatively high frequency (30–80 Hz) component of these fluctuations, has received a great deal of attention. Gamma is modulated by sensory input and internal processes such as working memory and attention.Apr 12, 2011

Frequency bandFrequencyBrain states
Gamma (γ)>35 HzConcentration
Beta (β)12–35 HzAnxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed
Alpha (α)8–12 HzVery relaxed, passive attention
Theta (θ)4–8 HzDeeply relaxed, inward focused
Delta (δ)0.5–4 HzSleep
Brain Waves

Consciousness is Always Awake Even When we sleep

There is a different level of wakefulness now at Beta brain wave level. Sleep is good, but I feel like the dream of life is just going between different brain waves levels. We can control them ourselves with practice.

Timelessness is essentially the opposite. It’s all time in manifestation and we sit between brain wave levels that keep us in time, but it isn’t necessary. We choose to be here manifested.

I remember my dreams every night, but today, there’s a time distortion. Things are changing.

As soon as I wake up, the day flies away, and I have to go back to sleep almost to the point where they are no different.

Brain states are all merging into one. I wonder what it means? Maybe this is the beginning of the light body.

Neuralink – Insider

Elon has to come clean on this, OR get educated about what our brains can already do naturally. We don’t NEED an A.I. brain chip, and 99% of humans on the planet don’t want it.

If he agreed to have it outside the body, we could develop a REAL INTELLIGENCE propelled prototype that would help train humans to focus their minds for navigation of a craft or anything mechanical. It would just be a training device BECAUSE WE CAN DO IT ON OUR OWN naturally with our own minds. We just have to learn how.

He is going to have to compromise. Humans are already extraordinary, given training and a chance. We do not need FAKE.

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