Literally Folks…Back From the Dead

This is a nightmare. Don’t let them bury you for at least 5 days after you’re pronounced dead because you may not be.

He saw his ex-girlfriends.🤣 I almost fell off the couch laughing. I wonder who would greet me? There are quite a few over there from my life.

This is a very cool story.

Be Careful if You Care More About Your Image and the Way You Appear Than Your Truth

The way the body holds it gravitas, it’s gravity, it’s high rate of QI spin that creates weight, is Truth. Your truth has no morals. Your truth is whatever is true for you; what you think, believe and feel and what you want. It’s being aware of your destiny and choosing how it plays out.

It doesn’t mean it aligns with universal truth or law but the universe tolerates all people and it’s always in flux. It is evolutionary also. This tends to be lost on humans because of past errors clouding their vision.

If you’re not sitting in your center of gravity in your body and breath, you are open to predators that are sitting in their gravitas, in shadow. They know and want their truth to be shadow and they are working it. People who are lost, fake, superficial or unaware are easy pickings for those who have a focused mindset one way or the other.

This speaks to sobriety. Nobody who is serious about manifesting their destiny wants to go into mindlessness using a substance sitting in a pub. Alcohol is the most common of course. Sugar/food is second.

Commit to one side or the other to have control of your frequency; light or shadow. You are allowed to choose! There is no judgment but there is karma of course for light and for shadow. The ability to see synchronicity though is available to anyone no matter which way they go.

Synchronicity is nature, not morals. There is no morality in nature. It is what it is. This is a huge truth that no one can control. Evolution is a messy business.

Map 34 in Earth Ascending

I’m still researching rhis post. Do check back. I had to pack Christmas away today.

I can tell you that IChing Hx 16 and 17, 47-50 figure prominently in the Cosmic changes to earth per Jose in Earth Ascending. I have the harmonics they pulse on figured out so we can have a heads up.

  • Hexagram 16 pulses on HF58
  • Hexagram 17 pulses on HF51
  • Hexagram 47 pulses on HF21
  • Hexagram 48 pulses on HF13
  • Hexagram 49 pulses on HF35
  • Hexagram 50 pulses on HF7

On page 102 of Earth Ascending Jose says that evolutionary patterns in the Tzolkin are all about psychocultural transformation. History represents a break away from the primal pattern, completing in the southern or lower template, what was oly suggested in the upper template.

“Remembering that the spread of civilization and the process of history are actually descriptive of the radiation of man/hominization of the planet, we see that the return to the primary template–post-history–is the inevitable evolutionary stage that occurs once hominization is complete.

Earth Ascending page 102

“In the context of modern theistic evolution, “hominization” refers to the theory that there was a point at which a population of hominids who had (or may have) evolved by a process of evolution acquired souls and thus (with their descendants) became fully human in theological terms.”

I find that definition wanting as one needs to define “a soul”, as though you have to be good enough or intelligent enough to have a soul.

Map 34

This is another depiction of Psi Bank by Jose, the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, the Van Allen belts, the Mind of Earth, the mind of Collective DNA. It is tracked by the Schumann Resonance every day on this blog.

If you look closely you’ll see the pattern is created by drawing lines that go from one hexagram to the other in numerical order in the magic square of 8. In that square, every line of hexagrams with their number, vertical and horizontal, add to 260.

He is showing us the radiosonic sound pattern created by the hexagrams in the earth and in our bodies which is one with our minds.

CORPUS Callosum is written in the center. What does your corpus callosum do in your brain?

The two hemispheres in your brain are connected by a thick bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum that ensures both sides of the brain can communicate and send signals to each other.

It is OUR mind. The patterns are illuminated in the Chinese I Ching in 3D physical body, in the Mayan Tzolkin in 4D Time and in the 5D cosmic web which some call the Mind of God. We’re simply an idea in God’s Mind. All manifested DNA are just ideas in God’s Mind. Everything we see around d us is a projection of Mind and Time.

We All Have to Use Both Legs and feet to Walk But Not Both Arms and Hands For All Activities

I was just meditating before bed (Friday night) and was told that in order to activate the axis of the eternal present, the brain and spinal cord QI that will lead to physical timelessness, we all need to raise the frequency of the upper body above the navel.

When we were kids no one tried to train us to use one leg more than the other leg. We walk with both evenly all the time. That’s why we’re so earth, sex, money clenched. We’re constantly taking in earth energy through our feet.

But we have 4 limbs, not two and we are heavily manipulated to write with ONE hand, usually the right. And not all kids are taught to type or play the piano. If teachers encouraged kids to use both hands to write and draw and in ALL activities, our species would up-level quickly.

The hindrance is that due to our machine focused world and the way we’ve engineered houses, cars, offices, etc. it makes our upper body and brains imbalanced. They are right handed biased.

Whatever the prevailing science is on making people right handed and not ambidextrous is incorrect and unheathy for the evolutionary empowerment of the human species because we need to balance our brains.

Who might push the right-handed narrative? All of our institutions and the media who are currently trying pushing A.I. and trying to turn us into a machine planet.

We also need to use our digestive organs less which means eating less food. The energy the body spends preparing, digesting and eliminating food is too excessive for a lightbody. It causes aging. Eating causes aging!

If we want to ascend past pigs, cows and dogs we need to not only be two-legged standing upright but eating less food, using all four limbs equally and self-generating (tone 4) more inner light.

An Example of Amino Acid Tracking

I put everything I eat daily into It’s a free app. It tracks all the nutrients you need daily. Here are the amino acid proteins that I harp on on this blog. This is where the 3D rubber meets the 4D road of time.

If you don’t EAT your necessary nutrients and electrolytes (potassium, sodium and a bit of sugar) and drink water you will go through your 4D time portal and back into 5D. That would be physical death.

As you can see I’m getting most of what I need. I am going over on my sodium though now because I eat very little sugar as an electrolyte. I have to figure it out.

Glutamine is a derivative of Glutamic Acid ttibes 12 and 13 in synchronicity. The Stop Codon is not an amino acid but Proline is and it is a sub-stop codon hooked to Tryptophan. It’s all very interesting from a Tzolkin perspective.

Asparagine is a derivative of aspartic acid, tribes 10 and 11 in synchronicity.

The sun, time and DNA are basically ONE THING. We’re made of.stardust and the stars and planets were born out of the Sun. She is our mother, literally mother time, not father time. Sheesh.

I Actually Agree With Harry on This 100%

Harry was my personal trainer for about 2 years. I hurt my neck working out 1 day before he made this video on May 6, 2022, during my Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 1 Star.

This is totally in alignment with Time is DNA. We are in charge of our time in the body and our condition is completely controlled by us. We can take our power and accountability for our lives being what they are.

It is PLAY in the holographic matrix. It’s Venus loving beauty which is part of art. Time is art. The body is art. Time is Art and thus Time is DNA because the body is DNA.

Art is play and a projection. We’re not supposed to attach to it and believe it’s literal and puff up our ego. We’re here to teach and help. It’s just a dimensional projection to help us grow as co-creators to see what we can make. Then let it go or it will become dangerous. Focus your mindset and heartset and your body will absorb it.

His Sun and Venus are in Taurus and he is Yellow 10 Planetary Seed so Harry can seem superficial and egotistical, as well as intimidating. He is not to me because I know him. And he has been kind to me. We were friends for 4 years. I think he’s funny and eccentric, when we’re not fighting.

That’s the tone 4 end. They are self-existing recluse and anti-social. I totally get that. Tone 13 is the same.

He is a perfect example of manifesting what he views as perfection but realizing none of us is perfect.

I pursue perfection in my office and view my patients as clay. They are in pain because their energy, mindset, habits and emotions are misaligned. I address the whole picture and hold them accountable for their piece.

Our DNA is Programmed by our Dharma and Karma in Time

This was originally posted in 2021.

This is in synchronicity with the lemniscate that unites your Theme at Birth with its analog. One is on the CA strand or the past and the other is on the AC strand or the future. You are always working out and living in the past, present, and future as a whole. That is time and is 4 dimensions united.

The infinty symbol represents the absolute energy synergy between the right and left sides of the body. This needs to be the foundation of all healthcare. Whatever is happening on one side, it’s happening on the other NO MATTER HOW IT FEELS TO YOU. Your body is ONE WHOLE PIECE, top to bottom, right to left.

The good we have done, how much we have loved and first been good to ourselves and consequently others puts us in touch with our Higher Self and our stash of dharma. The people we have loved and been good to may return to you in this life and be supportive and maybe adoring. However, there is always a choice. It’s not true that just because you love someone they will return that love.

Being spiritually asleep, 4D clenched, tuned out to the Universe, in love with money, sex, vanity, and earthy power, using others to lie and scheme, and believing we only turn to worm food at the end of our lives is creating karma. The people you have mistreated or used will come back to you to even the score or start some new drama, usually addiction.

The first 10 Mayan tribes are on the karma or CA strand. I believe this means you’ve come to the planet to begin your lessons by working through your karma. YOUR ANALOG is the key to supporting your journey to get your dharma going so study it well and work it. For instance, if you are in the Red Dragon tribe, the meditation of White Mirror is your key to releasing negative memory, stress with family, or your mother. The tone will affect those attributes. In my case, I was born Red Skywalker on the AC or solar prophetic dharma outbreath. But my analog is 13 Worldbridger, cosmic death, and change on the karmic side. I already worked through it, I just needed to remember that I did in this body in order to achieve my mission. Indeed, there was death and change all around me until I was 52 but I used my Skywalker Dharma to walk through it and remember on a cosmic level. Now I can leave a body of inspiring work on the planet. Whoever picks up, or doesn’t so be it. I did my job.

The second 10 Mayan tribes are on the AC strand or Aboriginal Continuity meaning the future can help continue the present in a positive, dharmic manner. We just have to remember our past and present by tuning in to the Dreamtime.

Dharma-The AC strand of Every DNA Cell in Your Light Body

This is your destiny future moving into the present. Dharma is seen in detail in the entire birth theme-plex harmonic spun out, meaning 20 kin. It can actually be spun out further to the ancillary analog kin. An individual’s dharma can also be seen in detail in the North node Sabian symbol interpretation of your natal birth chart.

Karma-The CA Strand, Civilizational Advance, of Every DNA Cell in Your Physical Body

This is the past moving into the present. Karma can be seen in detail in the entire inverse birth harmonic spun out to 20 kin. An individual’s karma can also be seen in detail in the South Node Sabian Symbol interpretation of your natal birth chart.

Being in a body your mother gave you, and thus in time, gives you the opportunity to use it wisely…or not.

Twitter Deviated From Longstanding Policy to Justify Trump Ban, Part 4 of ‘Twitter Files’ Reveals

The plot thickens. There are levels of minions and each level thinks it’s all powerful. From lowest to highest level…

  • MSM that prove useful to control MIND slavery
  • Corporate Healthcare, Big Pharma and HealthInsurance that prove useful to control THE BODY.
  • Corporate Food Supply that prove useful to denigrate the quality of food so that humans are planned obsolescence. Everything on media is thin young people.
  • Corporate heads that prove useful to control oil, gas, and coal ENERGY slavery.
  • Government and Military Leaders to control INFORMATION or the narrative.
  • The Catholic Church to create SOUL SLAVERY to their rules since they run heaven and hell. Time thieves extraordinaire with their lame ass Gregorian B.S.
  • Leaders of Government or those who run for leaders of governments to control MONEY.

That is 7 levels but they go up to 10 or more, but concerning Trump, he is also a minion to be used which is possible bc of his greed. Admitedly, he has said he loves money. Time is money to him. He is not a savior either imo. They hook you by telling your subconscious mind that a parent figure will save you. You are your own parent as an adult.

What we see now is each contrived LEVEL, one at a time, being brought down to be REWORKED as part of the plan to force A.I. onto humans, mostly via the young people and their tech addiction. The old people are just supposed to die off and stop talking.

Universal Law and Source have the Truth in place, in DNA, and I’ve posted the values on here 1000 times. Free will, self generation and more based on the 13 Tones of Creation. Each person HAS TO DO IT in their own mind, body and soul or they won’t activate. Corey says the same thing.

I can get to the other upper levels of controls later but I already allude to it on here. Those we consider powerful on Earth are minions and part of the problem.

Get moving, eat whole foods, GET HAPPY, pivot your mind and claim your passion. As a collective we have the deciding vote on what the future of humanity will be. They do not and they know it.

WE ARE THE REAL INTELLIGENCE WITH OUR DNA, OUR FLESH, AND OUR BLOOD THAT THEY TEACH IS WEAK. We are not weak. Humans have evolved to a sacred destiny with GOD IN US as natural creatures. Love wins.

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