You can still purchase other Ed Level Posts on here

They require a password and $13.20 payment to my Venmo-Lisa-Townsend-38. Email me at, and I will email back the password. This is a low fee for good information.

Just type in a heading from this list to see the titles.

  • Ed Level 1-Basic Mayan info according to my analysis
  • Ed Level 2-Takes more brain cells
  • Ed Level 3-and more
  • Advanced and Epigenetics-braniac level
  • Tzolkin Analysis-if you have a passion for time and the body or Jose Arguelles you’ll dig it.
  • Gender Ed-easy. For women trying to clarify and become more independent.
  • Power Body-easy-for empowerment and health, according to the Tzolkin, not mainstream. Holistic
  • Prose-Easy. My writing, which I did before I got into the Maya. Some of it is spicy.
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