How to Attempt to block AI CCbot and Chatgbt

Stated Copyrights on WordPress

That means they should have provided an AI blocking system for its writers. They didn’t. I can try this below.

If your site has already been crawled (It has already been visited by chatgbt) then it’s likely already included in multiple datasets.

Nevertheless, by blocking Common Crawl it’s possible to opt out your website content from being included in new datasets sourced from newer Common Crawl datasets.

This is what I meant at the very beginning of the article when I wrote that the process is “neither straightforward nor guaranteed to work.”

The CCBot User-Agent string is:


Add the following to your robots.txt file to block the Common Crawl bot:

User-agent: CCBot
Disallow: /

An additional way to confirm if a CCBot user agent is legit is that it crawls from Amazon AWS IP addresses.

Authenticity With other Bloggers

I actually READ you folks posts before I hit like and I don’t hit like if I didn’t like it or it wasn’t my thing.

No one is obligated to like my posts. I know most don’t understand what I’m talking about. BUT…you could seek out and read my 3000 posts on the oracle and study more. Understanding synchronicity could save your life.

I ask that you not like my posts if you haven’t read them. Authenticity. Tell the truth please 🙏 . It’s all about individual empowerment so we can each contribute to the diverse COLLECTIVE without expectations. Be secure in yourself without needing the approval of others.

Please be Patient With My Morning Daily Post

I have dreams or downloads at night, and I have to process them. I basically live the life of a medium or psychic in “these times”. It’s been very strong with patients in my office.

I can’t comply with your employers needing you to be to be at work by 8am or earlier, and so you have to see the post before work. That’s just oppressive.

My life doesn’t work like that. I’m awake at 5 a.m., sometimes processing the days posts in my head, and then they come forth even into the evening.

You honestly need to just get on my blog when you can to catch up. Some of it is important.

Love and gratitude to all my followers who do their best to process my info. Don’t hesitate to get in the comments and ask questions.


The “Like” Star on Here

It’s a blue star in a little white rectangular box at the end of the blog. I would appreciate some more likes on here as motivation to keep writing. Otherwise I suppose I could stop and no one would notice except for three loyal followers.

Do you really want to be left with Ben and Corey, NOAA and NASA and the MSM for updates on earth changes and evolution? Plus they’re all men giving only a male perspective. 🙄

You Can Search on Magnetic Tone 1 or Tone 1 or Any Other Tone

If you want to know more about your Creative Tone or someone else’s you can search on that two different ways as well. I just did it and post came up chronologically correct when I searched on “Magnetic Tone 1”. You’ll get older post if you search on “Tone 1”.

We begin a new 13-day cycle today so the vibe of Tone 1 is distinct. For one, the ScR is going up again which it hasn’t done for 3-4 months.

There Will End Up Being 675 Daily Reading Posts

I’m almost done categorizing. The most accurate way to search on diverse information on your tribe is to type in your amino acid. I’m noticing that Word Press isn’t computing “Red 8 Moon” very well, and not the edits to the images I’ve made, even though I’ve categorized and tagged it properly.

So, for instance, if you are Red Moon (today) or interested in Red Moon, search on Methionine and you should see posts from 2020 until now. I only have 60 posts to go. I’ve bothered to keep these for your benefit so you can see how the changing tones change the day for your tribe. It’s worth knowing. You are affected by all 13 tones on your tribe day.

If you were born Yellow Sun or Red Moon you begin and end RNA sequences for the entire human race. You are a different kind of kin, mediated by Pluto and Mercury, very fluctuating, communication oriented planets. Mercury remains mysterious to me.

  • Yellow Sun-Stop Codon
  • Red Dragon-Cysteine
  • White Wind-Glycine
  • Blue Night-Alanine
  • Yellow Seed-Valine
  • Red Serpent-Serine
  • White World Bridger-Threonine
  • Blue Hand-Isoleucine
  • Yellow Star-Leucine
  • Red Moon-Methionine (Start Codon)
  • White Dog-Aspartic Acid
  • Blue Monkey-Asparagine
  • Yellow Human-Glutamic Acid
  • Red Skywalker-Glutamine
  • White Wizard-Lysine
  • Blue Eagle-Arganine
  • Yellow Warrior-Histidine
  • Red Earth-Phenylalanine
  • White Mirror-Tyrosine
  • Blue Storm-Tryptophan-Sub Stop Codon (just type in the A.A.)
  • Proline-Sub Stop Codon (not a tribe but I’ve blogged on it)

There are Two New Categories that have Popped up for Searching

The Covid 19 category is super informative, scientific, Dr. Chavez focused, an interesting timeline review, and extremely depressing for me to look at. I had to stop.

I’m convinced this has been about injecting humans with nanotech, not a virus. Although according to Corey, the purpose of virsuses is to mutate our RNA. In the Urantia Book they say they regret that evolutionary decision.

Simply, there is a lot of money to be made by the c@#$% by working with the ICC to cram A.I. down our throats. They will signally fail.

And the guys who did the interview today on Collective Evolution need to be told that scamdemic has been hatched by the c$%^& since 2009.

The second category is Michael Salla. I’m pretty sure he is on the right side of things, partially.

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