Today’s Update from Pars Kutay. Lot’s of Mayan References

This is from November 2020!! and once again, a searching follower of my blog found it.

This is a GREAT post pulling things together. I blog so much daily that again, I forgot about it. Thank you folks for sifting through my extensive writing and bringing it back to the surface. 🙏🤗

22:22 PORTAL IS NOW OPEN-From Pars Kutay

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energies of Photon-Plasma Light Codes – captured by Gretchen R Gusky

I’ve been getting grieving patients who are holding on to the past. This is exactly right about letting go.- Lisa T.

The Reset Button for the SWIFT SHIFT in Consciousness Has Been Pushed!

We are to Experience a Quickening of the Process. . . Dissolution of the old energy patterns. . . simultaneously with the 5D LIGHT Matrix Emerging. (5gforce)

The Activation of our LIGHT BODY enters a NEW PHASE.

The Merging of our Physical. . . Astral. . . Emotional. . . and Mental Bodies is occurring. . . as the SOUL takes its place in the Driver’s Seat.

We come into Full Alignment with the DIVINE WHOLENESS that We are by Allowing the SOUL to BE Anchored into our NOW REALITY and Guide us.

One way of easing this process is by FREEING our SELVES from the illusion of separation such as losing Loved Ones. . . lack of resources. . . and other old programs which may have led to suffering.

It is Time for us to Remember our ESSENCE; ONENESS. . . LOVE. . . ABUNDANCE. . . and JOY. As We Remember this more and more. . . We trigger Within US the LIGHT CODES which Activate HIGHER Levels of Consciousness, pulling US UP. . . Uplifting our BEing into the next dimension. . . and Stage of our SOUL Evolution.

Pars Kutay

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Pars Kutay Is Spot On Again

I’ve been resting all day, my immune system taking over because I worked deeply into some injured low back muscle yesterday and can hardly move. Now I know how my patients feel. Dopamine has taken over my brain.

So I was noticing that I was making a list in my head of all the things and people I used to go to to feel better; certain men I dated…meh…Magnum Bars…no too sweet…baking or cupcakes…no, too sweet…Starbucks, no, too expensive and not that great. Prime Video good series binge…not really.

Jazz, yes, I will always love that, espresso and dark chocolate, one particular fellow…maybe. Sushi happiness, meditation is like water and breathing, I rely on it. Working out and laughing with my son. And of course writing.

So many people and things I used to love have utterly left me and I just don’t care anymore. No affinity. How about you? Then Spirit told me to look up Pars. SYNCHRONICITY.

The increasing Presence of HIGH Frequency LIGHT ENERGY and the Fact that people are Spiritually Waking Up is causing many Beliefs. . . Traditions. . . Societal Rules. . . and Laws to Crumble and Dissolve into their own NOThingness because All that has Formed and Held them in place is the BElief in them.

Most things, We will BE Happy to see CHANGE or DISAPPEAR, but a few things that We Enjoy may also fall away.

Never forget that anything REAL Never dissolves or permanently disappears for Reality is HELD Infinitely in place by DIVINE Law.

Some things We have Loved and may BE feeling sad to see go will Re-Appear in NEW and Better forms.

For example many of us are finding that We NO Longer seem to have anything in common with people We once felt very close to.

Some entertainments. . . TV shows. . . books. . . etc.. . . NO Longer Hold our attention as they once did or have BEgun to feel boring and uninteresting.

Favourite foods may NO Longer Agree or seem to have NO Taste. We will NOT BE needing as much material food because as We Spiritually Evolve We are Fed more with ENERGY.

These Experiences are taking place because We have Evolved and are NO Longer Energetically in Alignment with many of the things that up to NOW have been a large part of our lives.

We Trust and Allow the process Dear Ones. . . both Within and without.

TRUST that there is a DIVINE PLAN unfolding that CANNOT Be Stopped or Delayed by Human Thinking or Activities.

ONE with God SOURCE is a Majority.

Many of us are finding that We prefer to stay quiet and away from the hubbub of the outer world at this time and that is fine.

Others of us may BE Guided to take actions of some sort and that is fine as well as long as We Trust and Allow our intuition to Guide us.

Much is Happening in the outer world and is going to continue Happening for a while yet.

Our job as a Light Worker is to Hold the LIGHT at all times and in all situations knowing that our Consciousness imbued with LIGHT is with us wherever We go.

Some around us will feel this LIGHT and BE Attracted while others may feel it and BE repelled but this is NOT our concern.

Everyone’s Journey is their own Personal Journey and it is Never the Responsibility of Another to Heal. . . Change. . . Fix. . . or Save them UNLESS They Reach Out.

Never attempt to change the thinking of another for contrary to what many believe. . . this is NOT Spiritual work but rather the expression of a belief in separation–that some people are Not one with SOURCE and need us to enlighten them.

The person We attempt to Enlighten may actually BE very Evolved and Experiencing a Chosen Lifestyle / Lesson / Experience.

WE Honour the Free Will choices of all unless We are asked for Guidance or information at which time We can Lovingly tell them what We know or observe.

Because We who resonate with these messages are Spiritually Awake and Aware. . . our work at this point is simply to Acknowledge the DIVINITY of every Person and Life form We See. . . Interact with. . . Read. . . or Think About.

Most of us have already Evolved BEyond feeling a need to fix others because We KNOW that in Reality everyone is already perfectly ONE with SOURCE and We NO Longer judge by appearances.

CHANGE is Upon the World Dear Ones. . . it is NOT coming. . . It Has Arrived.

WE are going to Witness the Dissolving of many Beliefs within our Present Systems of Education. . . Science. . . Medicine. . . Law. . . Religion. . . etc. Concepts and Beliefs that have been accepted as Being High Intellectual Truth.

This will Create Outcries and Resistance from Intellectual Communities. . . Human minds Who BElieve that Present Facts and Information Represent the HIGHEST Reality.

WE Stand back and Observe the world from that safe and secure place of LIGHT Within our Hearts Knowing that NO Thing can make us less that Who and What WE Already DIVINELY Are.

Let’s BE the LIGHT… See the LIGHT. . . and Live the LIGHT for WE Are the LIGHT.

Within DIVINE LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

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Pars Kutay Speaks

Earth is NOW going on a Cascade Ascent (Ascension) through the levels of the Quantum State.

It is clearing the planet of low-frequency vibrations and tunes it to HIGHER Ultrasonic Tones. This causes aches to Earth and in everybody as a signal of CHANGES.

There is a rapid Influx of LIGHT and ENERGIES from Creation contributing to vast CHANGE on the planet. This CHANGE is a requisite for Ascension.

There is a Delightfully Positive FUTURE Coming Our Way. Some are Feeling the Building Energies of FREEDOM and the HIGHER Dimensional Consciousness of the Fifth Dimension.

This can require the Need to SHIFT and Let Go of lower consciousness energies. There is much to BE determined still as the process continues.

It is BE-ing created in the process. When Vacuums occur… they need to BE Filled with Other ENERGIES and that is What’s Happening NOW.

The Other Energies are HIGHER LOVE … NOT fear… JOY… HAPPINESS… PEACE… ABUNDANCE… and Well-BEing. This is our FUTURE and it is appropriate to CLAIM it daily as part of our routine. (Lisa; This has to be consciously done as it is not there to grab right now.)

WE Anchor in more of our I AM Presence… our GOD SELF. Deeply connect with the Creative SOURCE. WE find that place in our Hearts that needs the LOVE and Reassurance. WE Fill the Vacuum.

Our Consciousness is Rising. Humanity is seeking Solace from the Spirit Within.

Attempting to hold onto the old will NO Longer serve us. This is The Great Awakening.That which served us in the material world will BEcome less significant.

WE have an Amazing FUTURE to look forward to where WE will BE able to Manifest anything WE Need.

It will BE far Better than anything that We have had to which We were attached previously.

Wishing you PEACE where there is sorrow… HEALING… LOVE where there is fear…

Understanding and Compassion for our SELVES and Others… Strength… Courage… Awareness… Laughter… and LIGHT Heartedness.

WE Stretch our Minds so We KNOW that WE will get through this and it will all have been Worth It!

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: The New Earth – Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies… of Noordhoek Beach, South Africa… captured by Steven Joffe

The Latest Post from Pars Kutay

This coincides with the New Moon in Leo…The Lion. Great Synchronicity.

Pars Kutay 1 day ago


We are in the Planetary New Year and the LIONS GATE PORTAL. This is that Time in the Sacred Year when We BEgin a NEW CYCLE of Time and Creation.

At this Time… Sirius rises in the Morning Sky… conjunct to our Sun… and for this creative moment our Planet has two Suns… a White/Gold Sun… and a Blue Sun (Sirius).

In this Magical Energy the Planet also aligns with the Lions Gate in the Constellation of Leo (8th August) and the Royal Star Regulus… also known as the “Heart of the Lion”, which ushers in a NEW CYCLE and Timeline for Earth.

This year… We have been under Great Pressure to raise our Personal Frequency and Accelerate our Evolution so that We can Commence our NEW CYCLE at the HIGHEST Frequency possible for NEW EARTH.

This is to enable us to step into the NEW EARTH Reality and Fully Activate our New Earth Human… Human Angelic Template in our DNA.

This will enable us to detach from the lower levels of chaos on the lower timeline… and to live in a Reality of Peaceful and Loving Community as a NEW EARTH Human.

Over the past years… We have raised our Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension of LIGHT… released layers of accumulated negative energy and Reactivated our original Human Angelic Template with Great Success.

The 3rd Dimensional Human was a Being with 7 active Chakras who needed to meditate to access the SOUL and HIGHER SELF which were “above” the Human body.

The 5th Dimensional New Earth Human is a Multi-Dimensional Being of 13 active Chakras which includes a direct connection to the SOUL… HIGHER SELF and the Solar… Galactic… and Cosmic Aspects of SELF.

The main indication of our Ascension to this State is our Awareness of Solar Movements and Energies as We will “feel” within our LIGHT Bodies and our Physical Bodies the flows of PLASMA and Solar LIGHT CODES as they pervade Earth’s atmosphere in the Sun’s ongoing conversation with the Earth.

We will Receive the Diamond LIGHT CODES and Integrate them in a Conscious and Joyful way.

We will BEcome Aware of our Galactic Heritage and our personal connection to the Stars.

In this LIONS GATE transit… We will BEcome Aware of the Stellar and Galactic Masters of LIGHT… such as the Royal Lions… and the Angelic BEings… such as the Elohim… who work with us to Accomplish the Birthing of the NEW EARTH.

The NEW EARTH HUman Angel is a Heart centred BEing. Unlike the “older version” of Humanity… which was centered in the Mind / Solar Plexus… NEW EARTH HUmans operate from the Heart.

This means that the Heart is the Centre of BALANCE and the connection point for the SOUL and HIGHER SELF.

All decisions and choices in the NEW EARTH are made from the Heart.

We make these choices through Feeling… Intuition… and Deep Inherent Wisdom… rather than by the directions of the rational mind.

The mind may provide information… but its purpose is NOT to make choices and decisions. These are made at a Deeper level by the HEART and SOUL.

The basis of All Choices and Decisions in the NEW EARTH is LOVE.

There will BE NO fear and control in the NEW EARTH… but simply the Flow of LOVE and Creation… as WE Evolve and Grow through our ongoing Creations.

The NEW EARTH HUman sees Nature as Sacred and Respects the original purpose of the Earth as a Sacred Planet and a Garden for the JOY of the Galaxy and All its BEings.

The NEW EARTH HUman Angels are Keepers of the Sacred Planetary Garden and are also Galactic Shamans.

They work with the Elementals and the Nature Spirits to create a Paradise HOME for All living BEings sent here by Prime Creator and the Elohim Angels.

A Galactic Shaman respects Nature and works with Nature… Knowing and Feeling at the same time his or her Solar and Galactic Connections and Responsibilities.

At this LIONS GATE of 2021… Beloved Family… many of us who were previously feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” or “unmotivated” will STEP UP to our NEW Responsibilities on the Planet.

WE will BEcome HUman Angels and Galactic Shamans… WE will guide people and do ceremonies to Honour the Emerging NEW EARTH.

WE will BEcome Leaders who will gently Guide and Support our communities through the Earth Changes and Transitions to the NEW EARTH Consciousness.

The LIONS GATE will provide the Tsunami of HIGH Frequency ENERGY that will Activate these Transformations and Lift us into the NEW EARTH HIGHER Timeline.

WE are well prepared… Beloved Ones… it will BE quite an Experience to BE of Service for the HIGHEST and the GREATEST Good of All Concerned!

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

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Synchronicity; A Post from Pars Kutay on

Pars Kutay 2 hours ago

Synchronicity Is the Result of Unity Consciousness

Synchronicity Guides our every movement and thought… for We are within the Unity Consciousness that prevails in our Universe.

And once within this Frequency of Consciousness… We have access to all thoughts and information that exist within this Wave Band.

This is the Path that is opening to all of us. It is this Path that… if We follow it… will lead us into Emergence with All of our Brothers and Sisters of Hollow Earth… and All Life in the Universe.

Once We are within Unity Consciousness… All falls into place… as We are in Synchronicity with All Life everywhere in the Universe—not just on Earth.

This is how opportunity comes to us… “out of the blue”.

Well… the “blue” is the Universe… and once our path becomes known to “All”… “All” is at our beck and call to arrange the instances and occurrences and resources We need to complete our Mission on Earth.

So We are ONE with All That Is.

And as the incoming Energies flow and integrate within us… our connection with Life will increase… until We BEcome fully connected—resulting in Unity Consciousness.

Once this occurs… MAGIC BECOMES COMMONPLACE, as our life absorbs the Magic of BEing connected again to All Life… everywhere.

And We suddenly find our SELVES in the Arms of the CREATIVE SOURCE — Fully Secure and Fully Protected.

This is where the intense Energies… BE-ing directed to us Right NOW from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.

Within Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Art: Sea of Tranquility by Limitless Mind Games

From Our Friend Pars Kutay

From Lisa;

I feel like our local system is SO off this morning. There is a power vacuum and people who are very negative habitually are LOST and their vibes are going nowhere.

Ringing and pain in the ears is indicative of frequency change. Keep drinking loads of water. Lemon clears the liver unless you’re mucking it up daily.

Best thing to do today is do your own happy ritual and keep away from people. Sit in your own vortex and spin up intentions. I’m so tired of people staying asleep to spiritual movement. I want nothing to do with it and will do my best to ignore it.

Here is Pars…

“Interstellar sources are Communicating that COSMIC SHIFT is Accelerating. . .and the Whole Universe is going through a Phase Transition into the NEW COSMIC Cycle.

So what We are about to experience is NOT only the Galactic Super Wave. . .but a COSMIC SHIFT on the scale NEVER experienced since the Creation of the Universe.

WE Are currently Shifting from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure Bodies.

The other thing that is Happening Right NOW as a result of all the things that We are moving through… is that our Ears are taking another Step into CHANGE.

Some of us will Hear Ringing that will go on and on and on and on. Take it as a Vibrational Imprint for it simply means that We are Vibrating in Harmonics with a NEW Alternate Reality which is very close to ours.

WE Are always Hearing the Sound of the Universe… that High-Pitched Ringing in our Ears. Simply that WE All Evolving and doing so at Unprecedented Rates.

These CHANGES are interpreted by our Physical Senses and can have the appearance of coming out of Nowhere for No reason.

There will BE Commonalities and also differences in how these CHANGES are interpreted by our Physical Senses.

What We are BEginning to Realize is that even what Constitutes Normal is CHANGING. Indeed there may NEVER BE a Normal Again.

But perhaps the Most Important thing to Remember from All of this information is to STAY OUT of FEAR. WE Seek Advice and Reassurance from our HIGHER SELVES at All Times.

WE KNOW that WE Are always Supported and Unconditionally LOVED!


Within the Sacred LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

From Pars Kutay. He Left FB and is on MEWE. It does not censor.



Q and Team have designed the Evergreen operation to awaken Humanity en Mass and to let them face the reality of sheer evil committed by forces that tyrannized them and changed their perception of truth. It clearly is showing the world who are involved in this crime against humanity, while breaking up the entire Deep State-infrastructure of trafficking rings.

This operation blocked the Suez Canal for maximum public attention. It was planned not only to break up the global monetary system, but also to end the Deep State power-structure, and even more to show the populace their illegal children, organs, nuclear weapons, and drug trafficking activities.

The symbolic phrase: “We shall see where the ship runs aground” signifies the end of humanity’s nightmare. The Evergreen container vessel is the bombshell that must awake mankind enMasse, when the videos are shown of children and women trafficked and freed from containers. Then, people will understand what has happened already during hundreds if not thousands of years. To satisfy their Satanic cults, with among others, the scarification of young children to Satan, as they believe to maintain their authority over planet Earth.

This operation is a White Head false flag. The vessel called ‘Ever Given,’ is partly owned by the Clinton Foundation, why HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton is written on its bow, and another major owner is Walmart.

Over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of the shipping containers by US Navy Seals, in collaboration with the Russians, sources say. The Navy Seals also found Weapons of Mass Destruction on the ten story high vessel – which were believed to start a war in the Middle East.

Many other ships that were blocked in the Suez Canal last week were also inspected and consequently discovered to be carrying weapons – also believed to be used to start a fresh war in the Middle-East. In order to reclaim the Deep State power control over planet Earth, under the Biden administration. Most of the weaponry was bound for Mossad to be given to Muslims by Israel.

The Human traffickers were arrested and their cartels busted – causing them losses of critical income worldwide. As result, this Operation was said the DS lost 400 million $ an hour, that still pales in comparison to what those children were undergoing.

The cargo, consisting about 20.000 containers has been carefully inspected, and off loaded into other vessels for further transport. The ones containing children, women, weapons of mass destruction, drugs, and uranium, en route to Rotterdam and Baltimore, are confiscated, and will be recorded on video to be shared all over the world to awakening the masses.

It is not likely the MSM will report these findings and/or show parts of the videos, leaving the public questioning about the truth the media provides? And that could mean the end of the cabal controlled media domain. New sources and outlets will emerge, with real journalism, reporting uncensored Facts and Truths.

The populace will see and understand the crime against humanity in real time and are soon informed about the fake pandemic too. They will understand the mass bribery of hospitals and doctors to keep them in the virus plot.

The container ship is as high as a 10 story building, with a length of 400 metres, and a width of 65 metres. It is still anchored in Greater Bitter Lake to be released after payment of US$ 1 billion is made for occurred damages to the Sues Canal Authority.

This Evergreen operation is brilliant in its simplicity, logistics and efficiency. Especially intended to awaken the masses from their profound inanity. If the media doesn’t report soon about the children freed from the containers, the public will be shocked to learn why the MSM did not report about it.

Of course, this malpractice by the Deep State cabal was known long ago and could have been dealt with in other ways without a Suez Canal blockade. But when maximum impact is required, genius is the only solution. An operation that kills several birds with one stone!

If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help them Awaken and Prepare.

The BEST is Yet to COME!

The Victory of the LIGHT!

~ 💜 ~

Photo: Stairway To Heaven – photographer unknown

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